Posted on: January 17, 2019

While there is no doubt doing real estate can be highly profitable, it can also be unforgiving without proper guidance and the right mentor. That’s what today’s guest learned the hard way. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past now for Brandy Pollack.

Brandy is a phenomenal and inspirational wholesaler from Miami, Florida. While his real estate journey has not always been smooth sailing, he’s now getting exceptional results. And while his success can be attributed to several factors, two of the key things that have contributed to his success was getting the right mentors and delegating.

If you are ready to take your wholesaling business to the next level, you can’t afford to miss today’s episode. Brandy gets candid about his journey, the challenges he encountered and how he overcame them, and the things that have made a world of difference in his business.

So many gold nuggets, wisdom, inspiration, and tips in today’s episode, you better have a pen and paper handy!

Key Takeaways

  • How he got into real estate
  • Why choosing the right mentors from the very beginning is crucial
  • The fears he had when he lost almost everything
  • The importance of finding and creating your niche
  • Things he was struggling with which made him decide to join Next Level Wholesaling
  • How he got into wholesaling
  • What Todd said that resonated with him
  • What the 4 Cs of growth are
  • How he is growing and expanding his team
  • Why delegating tasks is an integral key to wholesaling success
  • Book he recommends to listeners


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Episode Transcription

Todd: Welcome to this special edition of the next level wholesaling podcast. Now today we’ve got a very, very special guest, Brandy Pollock, out of Miami, Florida, I believe, or South Florida who is absolutely crushing it in his market. He’s going to talk about his journey starting I think before a pre real estate investor to now where he’s in his market actually scaling and growing his team.
And I know that you’re going to love today’s episode because Randy is very real. He’s very raw, he’s very authentic, but most of all he’s getting some exceptional results in his business and that’s why we asked him to be on the podcast today and I just love his energy. He’s going to transfer that, hopefully from him over to you and inspire you to take action and hopefully you can take something from your business and implement right away.
So Brandy, welcome to the podcast. Thank you very much. Todd, how you doing today? I’m doing awesome. Pumped up. I know we had a little conversation beforehand. Oh, we’re going to save most of it from the podcast. We’re going to jump right into what, tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into real estate Brandy.

Brandy: Okay, so a little bit about my background. I graduated college, didn’t really know what I was going to do. Got involved in a family business, completely unrelated and got involved in children’s wear manufacturing in central and South America. Had in my previous life up until 2006 I was … had nothing to do with real estate whatsoever. Had a unfortunate situation happen to me in South America. Came back and I said, “okay, I’m getting involved in real estate.” I had a friend of mine who was doing mortgages and he’s like, “all right, come on, let’s get involved.”
Unfortunately, as you can imagine, I got my mortgage license December 28th, 2006-

Speaker 6: Oh that’s a doozy.

Brandy: Entering into the absolute worst time that anybody could ever get involved in the history of like probably the last 50 years. So that being said, I got my PhD in the school of hard knocks. I like to say that you’re always to have a mentor. It all depends, some people say, “Oh the… I don’t want that kind of coaching. I don’t want this kind of coaching.” Whenever you start something new, you’re going to be following somebody.
And unfortunately the somebody who I followed didn’t do the best for me. So I like to say that make the right decision from the beginning and choose the right people who you want to learn from because it’s going to shorten your trip a lot.

Todd: Okay, so tell us … actually I’m interested in this, about your bloody experience. So maybe it wasn’t, I’m interested this year … what happened in 2006 right?-

Brandy: Bloody, bloodies, bloody. So I got involved. I actually tried to get involved in probates, which would have been a great way, but unfortunately everybody’s in for instant gratification. And the mentor slash partner that I was working with, I took too much credence in what I thought they knew.
And in fact of what they really knew and I got involved, I was all over the board. We were buying pre-construction condos at high prices. The smart business would have been … we were doing fix and flips. So the smart business would have been start small and scale.
She got me involved in $1.2 million homes on the water. It was … when I tell you I literally took the entire year between 2006 to middle to end of 2007 all I did was buy houses. I did not know how to sell a house, not one house that we ever purchased was sold. So a bloodbath Todd.

Todd: Well you’re talking about buying, you’re telling us all the front of the story. So what happened? I mean the market crashed-

Brandy: The market crashed. We were sitting there holding the bag. We had properties that were so upside down. The only hope we had, we’re foreclosing.

Todd: So did the bank take everything back?

Brandy: Banks took everything back. It was a long drawn out situation. I’d like to say that I’ve rebounded from a 400 credit score to an 840 credit score.

Todd: Nice. So let me ask you this, cause this is part of the podcast, it’s going to take us on a totally different direction. Okay. Let’s talk about fear for a moment. So, Brandy and I think I can ask you this because you’re so real and raw. The short time I’ve spent with you in our car ride together. Tell us a little bit about the fears that you were going through as you were losing everything.

Brandy: So the fears were basically, what am I going to do, what’s next? How am I going to rebound and where am I going to end up? Because I saw everything on the decline and then it was like, “okay, now what?” So like I said, 2006, end of 2006 2007 the only thing you could hope to do at that point was function into doing loan modifications.
I had my mortgage license and you couldn’t sell a house. Nobody could qualify for a house. There was nobody buying mortgages at that point. So then it was, what am I going to do? What is next? I have two kids, I have a wife and we got to get the show rolling. So started doing loan modifications from the loan modifications I … here’s the greatest thing, and I love real estate investors association meetings because you can go to them and it’s not really who you are, it’s what you’re projecting.
And I walked into a meeting, I had no business, I was in the worst time of my life and I literally walked into, I think it was my second meeting and walked in and said, I have more money to lend. I don’t know what to do with it. How can … somebody help me lend this hard money?

Todd: Okay, and?

Brandy: From there I completely got into this crazy niche market where down here in South Florida, there’s a large Haitian community. So I met a Haitian realtor who had all kinds of buyers that led me from one situation to another. And then finally in like 2009 when the dust had settled in 2009 into 2010, I got involved with a Haitian realtor. He and I joined forces. My problems were big.
He made my problems look five times worse. So, at your worst when you can get together with somebody else and you guys can work together and make something happen. Great things can happen. So from dust to … we were helping fix and flippers find buyers.
I would do the mortgage, my Haitian cohort, my partner, he would find the buyer and we started one at a time, little by little helping guys who are actually doing the fix and flips at that time because we weren’t in any position to do them ourselves and then from one thing to another, we were doing business. Things were starting to roll and then we started doing the fix and flips ourselves.

Todd: So talk a little bit about your bottom. Can you tell us about the … at your worst. Where were you mentally and financially?

Brandy: Okay. Financially I was 1.5 million in the hole. Mentally, I had just come out of one business that ran its course. I got into a new business that blew up on me before I even had a chance to make a dollar.
Like I said, I got my PhD in the school of hard knocks, so I was 1.5 million in the hole. And then it was like, okay, now let’s get into survivor mode. Now how are we going to make things happen? And that’s when I just took the bull by the horns. I walked into that meeting and I said, “I got to find the niche.” Everything is about creating that niche and finding it and I was able to make it happen at my lowest.

Todd: Have you seen a Batman the dark Knight?

Brandy: I saw portions of it.

Todd: So there’s a great scene by the way, and I’ll have our marketing team actually paste that video into the blog posts, the notes here. But what I love it, there’s a scene in there where Batman, he’s in jail. And he’s away from Gotham and he’s at at rock bottom, right?
He’s trying to escape out of this rock, wall slash dungeon. And they keep on talking about him rising from the ashes. And so I just love to hear stories where people … 1.5 million in the hole. People talk about having no money, but you had no money in you were $1.5 million in the hole. But what you did have, was something that we call be do have.
So everything that you were, who you were, that was still you. And so when you project that and you went to that meeting … but I’m so excited to hear that because you still knew who you were. And you showed up to that first meeting, found a partner, found people, and I’m sure this lifted you up. So I’m dying to hear the rest of the story. So you started off with the-

Brandy: So, started off … I was a mortgage broker and I got with a realtor and we were finding buyers for a fix and flippers who had just been able to get properties and they had just started.
So we had no money to even buy our own property and we were just trying to make commissions. And then one thing led to another, the realtor and I, we found a lender who would … listen to, here is a great one, 15% interest, five points and a 10% kicker when we sold it. How’s that for you?

Todd: So you lent it or you borrowed it?

Brandy: No, we borrowed it. That was our first five fix and flips when we were both, we had no credit. We had nothing to work with. That was the terms that we worked with. And you know what? One deal at a time. Then two deals, three deals. We got our feet on the ground and then what I did was that happened for, I would say by like 2012 to right around 2012 I got away from the Haitian guy who I had been working with who was a super guy, he and I basically just, we wanted to go in different directions.
I wanted to do more of real estate. He got into the medical field and I just started to do the fix and flips on my own. Always thinking of the niche where I always want to be in a niche where it’s something that I can go deep into. So what I then found was there was a few hedge funds who were down here in South Florida. They were buying properties, so I met their acquisition specialists and it got to a point where I was getting properties from REO brokers.
I had set up a situations where I was just getting fed properties and then the day I would close on my property, my purchase, I would get a purchase for sale from the hedge fund where I was already selling it to them. I was doing Turnkeys basically when Turnkeys had … there really wasn’t much of turnkey because there weren’t too many investors buying, so I did that for like two, three years.
I just kept on selling them as many properties as possible and just kept on moving, kept on moving, saw the market change. The hedge fund actually was no longer buying because the numbers at that point, they weren’t working, so just kept on fixing and flipping, fixing and flipping. I did no marketing whatsoever until January of 2018. So I actually did … everything was word of mouth and everything was referral from when I started with the Haitian guy in 2009 up until 2017.

Todd: Okay, so let’s get in the meat and potatoes. So how did you get into wholesaling and fixing and flipping? What was the … once you had your partnership, let’s get right into that. I mean what flew you into direct marketing and…

Brandy: Okay, so once I … the fix and flip, I saw what we were doing for others and my partner and I, we looked at each other and we were like, “listen, we, we can do this for ourselves.” So that’s when I stopped basically doing mortgages for others and I was doing … I started with the fix and flips. At the end of 2017 I saw the market was shifting.
It was more difficult to pick up Oreos. It just wasn’t going to happen. I had done a few wholesales through the years. I had a mentor who is a big wholesaler down here and we were … I would do like two or three I guess a year, but it was nothing that I focused on. So I said to myself and I had a partner at the beginning of 2018 and we both said, “okay, let’s get into wholesaling and then we can still do some of the fix and flips on a cherry pick basis. So got into direct mail from the beginning.

Todd: Okay. So let’s talk about your journey now into next level. All right? So your doing deals. Let’s talk about some of the pain points. Because everyone loves to talk about the big checks and throw them on Facebook, which is awesome by the way. I want to congratulate ourselves and pump each other up and I think that’s really, really important to celebrate.
But let’s talk about some of the stuff that people don’t talk about. What were some of the things that you were struggling with that made you decide to join next level? Or maybe something that wanted to take you to the next level?

Brandy: Okay, so I went to the Asheville wholesaling summit, which I have to say was one of the best, best productions, best … It was just this grand mastermind because there were so many good people there and he really wasn’t a mastermind. It was just a collection of really good people. I went there really not knowing much.
I had spoken with Derek about possibly joining the tribe, but it just wasn’t something that I really thought I was there because I was doing more business at the time. So when you got on stage, it was like you basically were sitting there talking to me and once you got off stage I was like, “I got to go meet Mr Todd Toback,” because he was just speaking to me. I didn’t even know there was anybody else in the audience at that time.
So I was … unfortunately when you’re a one man show, you’re a bad delegator, you want to do everything yourself and you can only sit in so many seats with those seats not being able to be fulfilled. And I realized it and I knew that I needed to find a way to scale, grow and next level was the way for me.

Todd: So let me talk about this because Brandy, one of the things that I see in you, is you have a personality type that we call a massive single source producer. A massive single source producer where I could drop you in any situation, and you’re going to go nuts and find a way to make money. That’s just my perception of you. Am I right?

Brandy: You hit it on the head.

Todd: Right, so one of the challenges we get around people and we want to hire people and sometimes they don’t move at our speed and we’re like, “that’s it. Forget this, I’m out of here.” I’m going back to the old way, but obviously, you join next level.
Let’s talk about the actual pain points. I want people to listen. So, when I was talking to you, and remember we’re talking to people maybe who were in your same spot. What was I saying that was resonating? So let’s talk about some of those things.

Brandy: I remember taking notes. I even have the notes from your presentation. It was something of like, if you want to go or hold on, because I have it right here and I want to actually read the notes that I took while I was sitting there listening to you.
What got you here won’t get you there. Where are you going? Right there? What got you here won’t get you there. Where are you going? And I said to myself, “where am I going? What are we doing and how am I going to get there?”

Todd: Okay. So now you’re at a spot, you joined next level, you realize you can’t do anything yourself. So tell us a little bit about how you’re growing your team right now and expanding.

Brandy: Right. So, basically when I went to Asheville, I had an assistant and that was it. It was me and assistant. I was handling everything with marketing. I was handling all the live calls, I was the acquisitions’ manager, the accountant, the lead manager.
I was everything. And my assistant was there just doing everything she could with me. Follow up, she was making phone calls, putting contracts together, things of that nature. So when I came back from Asheville, I actually had split with my, another partner of mine that we had started the venture at the beginning of 2018. We had split in July.
So at that point I moved into a new office the beginning of November. And from that point I got involved with the Brent Daniels and TTP at the same time. I want to give a shout out to him. Incredible course. Anybody out there who’s listening to this, if you have any desire to learn cold calling, don’t do anything on Facebook, don’t listen to anybody who’s telling you this, that the other thing, TTP, all the way.
So I built a TTP team. I have my admin who’s been with me from the whole time. I have a leads manager. And what I did was I transferred one of the TTP callers into my acquisitions manager. So right now-

Todd: Nice.

Brandy: Right. So right now I’ve got five callers and acquisitions manager, a leads manager, and my admin assistant.

Todd: Okay. So now this has changed things.You were a man show and now you’ve got this slew of leads. You’ve got the acquisition manager man, and this is my favorite transition in all of real estate.
The transition from the single source producer to then hiring the acquisitions manager. I don’t even know how this is … we haven’t really talked in detail about this. So I’m dying to know. It’s one thing to hire cold callers, but tell us about the transfer of the acquisitions manager.

Brandy: Okay. So when I had my interviews, it was an incredible … the information that next level gives, that TTP gives. It’s so Turnkey that the information brought in really good people. So I use the information that you had for ads. I use what Brent had supplied, and I just, I got some really good people. And the moment that I met the first caller who came to me for the interview.
I said, “okay, we’re going to start calling. And I know that you’re going to, you’re going to work with this for a little while. But the moment that I’m ready to make you my acquisitions manager, you’re going to come right into it.” And to be honest with you, she’s basically been with me in the acquisition side. This … we’re going on like two weeks right now and I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t be happier. What did they say in traction? Getting off the vine?

Todd: Letting go of the vine.

Brandy: There you go. Letting-

Todd: Letting go of the vine. So have you … has she locked up a deal yet herself?

Brandy: She’s got multiple deals that are in play right now that we’re just waiting on-

Todd: The contracts?

Brandy: On contracts, yes. And there’s … yes, we got a lot going on right now. The lead flow is more than than I expected and that’s a great thing.

Todd: So now that your hands are off, do you feel … tell us a little bit about the feeling that you have.

Brandy: Well, to be honest, it’s difficult. There’s pain in that as well because when you’re a single producer and you’ve always been involved, letting go of the vine, it’s tough. But the best thing that I did was, I basically said to myself, “there’s only one way to do this. And it’s jumped right into it.”
So I went away on December 30th and basically, was out of the office from December 30th until yesterday afternoon. And my team was working and doing everything without me being on top of them.

Todd: That’s awesome. You know, one of the things that I’ve used as a little bit of a skill is saying, you know what? I’m going to let this go and what happens is going to happen.

Brandy: Right?

Todd: Right. And that’s the only way.

Brandy: Listen, you can always pick up the pieces afterwards, but if you don’t give it a shot, you’ll never know what’s on the other side.

Todd: Oh, that’s so awesome. One of the things that Dan Sullivan talks about, which I love, is the four stages of growth, but they’re four CS and the first C is commitment to do something. So you made a commitment to get out of that acquisition’s role to not be a single source producer, but be a multiple source producer.
But the second thing is, and this where most people, I think most people want to hire somebody to replace them. But we have the fear. Fear of I’m going to lose money. Fear, they’re not going to close deals. Fear of this person is going to become my competition.
Fear that they’re not going to do it the way that I wanted. So that’s where the second C comes in. And that’s courage. That’s acting in spite of fear. Cause we’re all going to have fear, right? But the courage is to surpass that. And the third is competence.
Competence is when you actually then learn the skill. We’ve learned the skill and now you know how to train people and you see it. Thank you by the way, coach Brandy. You understand it. And then only then, then only then do you get the confidence.
And I think everybody wants the confidence before they commit and before they have the courage. And before that they have the competence or the capability. But it just doesn’t work that way. And so that’s why they call it growth. It’s hard so-

Brandy: I’ll even get … let me give a caveat to that. So I took Brent Daniels up on his offer of coming out to Phoenix and working with him for a day and I flew out there and it was incredible. I met with him, I reviewed everything that I had been doing where I was going, where the business was going and he has on his door right there, the four CS in writing.
And I said to him, I said, “you know what? When I come back to Miami after I get my first deal locked up, I’m going to make some posters and I’m going to send you a poster of the four Cs.” And I actually put it together and I have one that I made for you as well Todd that I’m going to be sending out to you as a thank you.

Todd: Oh that is awesome. That is awesome. I watched that Dan Sullivan video all the time and it’s really funny cause I just joined their 10x program, which I’m really, really, really excited about. But thank you by the way. I look forward-

Brandy: Yes, yes you’ll be getting it in the mail.

Todd: Okay, so let’s talk about, by the way, when I do get that, I’ll be sure to do a Facebook live and a shout out. So tell us a little bit about what’s next. I mean you’ve got the cold college, you’ve got the acquisition manager, there’s heat on the floor. You see the next-

Brandy: There’s heat on the floor. Yes-

Todd: What’s next?.

Brandy: Okay, so what’s next is, this is what I was doing. I’ve been sending out direct mail and then what I did was I have good data. I took that data and I basically, I’m stacking. So I took the data, I sent out the mail, I skip traced it, and now we’re calling, we’re mailing.
I was speaking, not speaking, but on Facebook I had told somebody that I … we found somebody through a cold calling. I went out to meet him. He had one property that I went to go see. And then when I got back to his house, because I had been running around with him for like an hour or so, building rapport, just trying to see how we could do more business. I walk in and on his counter he’s got my mail is sitting there.

Todd: That is awesome, multiple touches.

Brandy: Multiple touches, multiple touches. So yes, so right now I’m doing the direct mail, but my focus where I’m really hammering it is in the callers and I’ve only been doing this literally going on two months in the calling. And the lead flow is just, it’s exciting. I actually, after our podcast right now, I have an appointment to go meet a guy who wants to sell me five properties, who I met through my direct mail, but then who is my now acquisitions manager, she actually called him and it just, one thing led to another and I’m going to five deals when I hang up the phone with you.

Todd: That is awesome.

Brandy: Yes. And here’s another thing that I wrote down. So basically, okay, so what I’m … the way I look at wholesaling, it’s about solving problems. When I left the Asheville wholesaling inc summit, I was just writing down quotes that you were saying that Cody had said that Tom had said.
And it’s just, it’s about massive imperfect action. Assume motivation, dig deep, get certain. It’s not all about the price. And for me it’s solving problems. Wholesaling is about solving problems. The more value that we can bring, the bigger the problem solved, the more we’re able to earn.

Todd: Okay, so let’s talk about this for one second. So now you’ve got the people here. You’re working … you’re going to lock up five deals, that’s looks like a possible big pay day. Let’s talk about even the next level.So where do you see yourself now in 18 months? So we’ve got the full feeling of [inaudible 00:25:00]

Brandy: It’s … listen I’ve got chills while I’m sitting here looking at my myself. When you asked me where do I see myself in 18 months, I have chills because it’s incredible. Where this is going to go, I don’t really know, but I’ve got big dreams and if you don’t dream big enough then it’s not going to be good. So, I get chills thinking about where I’m going to be in 18 months.I’m-

Todd: I sense energy.

Brandy: You asking me that is, it’s creating energy.

Todd: So what I’m going to do for you, my challenge to you is to set a 90 day target. Okay? Because this is … the crazy thing is someone’s like, “where do you see yourself in five years?” Right?

Brandy: Right.

Todd: Sometimes I hate that question. Because if you’re in a certain mode, if you’re hustling and you’re stuck in the clouds, a lot of times you can’t see what’s ahead. Your mind is spinning and spinning and spinning. You’re going here, right there and everywhere. And so sometimes what you have to do is set one 90 day target. And you become something new in those 90 days.
And then you get, boom, that’s the next 90 and the next 90 days you become something even better. And then the next 90 days you become something better. And you could never see that version of yourself five years from now unless you just focus that one step ahead for 90 days.
And so I’m really glad because now I know, obviously you see this one step ahead. I can tell you that for me, when I was doing acquisitions, I could not think straight. I’m thinking like deal to deal, the deal, check to check, the check, the check.
Now we focus on, okay, what was the profitability this month? What does this look like? How do we retain, how do we attract, how do we get better returns on our marketing? And when you’re not delegating, you do not have time to deal with any of that stuff.

Brandy: Correct.

Todd: So Brandy, I am really, really excited for your growth and your future. I love your energy. Parting words, advice for anyone? Share. Give me a closing statement, my man.

Brandy: Okay, I’ve got a few. Let me share a book. Okay? So there was a book. I just, literally it gives me the chills. David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me.

Todd: Okay. David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me.

Brandy: Can’t Hurt Me. He says … I don’t know if anybody knows about David Goggins. Do you know about David Goggins?

Todd: No, I don’t.

Brandy: Okay, so it’s just an incredible story. He’s an ex Navy seal. All I can say is get the book, Can’t Hurt Me. And he says some things in there that are just so inspiring. And one of them was, “listen, don’t do the easy things, the easy things, anybody can do. Triple down on your weaknesses.”
So when he said triple down on your weaknesses, my weakness was letting go of the vine, my weakness was delegating and I said to myself, “listen, it’s easy for me to do all the work, but if I’m going to get to that next level and be where I want to go, I’ve got to let go. And I just got to let the process work and trust the process.” And I do trust the process.

Todd: So really he said triple down your weaknesses by delegating. Right? So it sounds like … go ahead-

Brandy: I took the delegation side cause my weakness was the delegating. He said triple down on your weaknesses, on anything that it is you’re doing in your business, in your life, in anything. It was basically about getting hard, getting real, and making things happen that you probably were a little afraid to do.

Todd: Right. Yes.

Brandy: Another, quote from him. Be uncommon amongst uncommon people. How’s that-

Todd: Be uncommon amongst uncommon-

Brandy: Uncommon people-

Todd: So I take that as being the top 1% of the 1%.

Brandy: That’s it. It sets yourself apart. It’s make yourself that uncommon person amongst the people who you’re already considering uncommon.

Todd: Great word, Brandy. Thank you so much for being on the podcast. Loved it, loved your energy, love your contribution, love where you’re going, and I’ll talk to you soon. Thank you so much my man.

Brandy: Great speaking with you. All right, take care, Todd.

Todd: If you’re ready to take your wholesaling business to the next level and explode your income and your free time, head on over to forward slash next level.

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