Episode 236: How an Inspirational TTP Student Earned $48,000 in a Single Deal

If you are like most people, you most likely started out not knowing anything about wholesaling. Fortunately, in the competitive but highly lucrative industry, your lack of knowledge or experience is never a hindrance to your success. Just go ask Jeff Burch.

Jeff Burch is a phenomenal wholesaler from Sacramento, California. While he started out with zero wholesaling knowledge, he was highly driven and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

In addition, he was willing to find and invest in the right mentors to help him out. When he joined the TPP program, he experienced massive wholesaling success and has never looked back.

After earning $48,000 on a single deal, he has plenty more in the pipeline. As if not enough, he’s likely to earn another $45,000 from an upcoming deal. Truly mind-blowing for someone who started out without any wholesaling knowledge!

If you know nothing about wholesaling but would like to give it a try, do yourself a huge favour and listen to this episode. Jeff’s story is exactly what you need to hear so you’ll finally take the plunge!

The Deal

  • Jeff found a motivated seller from the code violation list he pulled up online.
  • After calling the homeowner, he was able to set up an appointment to go over and see the property.
  • After putting in around 10 hours of work, he was able to earn $48,000 for his efforts. Undoubtedly a massive reward for his drive and invaluable service!


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