Posted on: January 07, 2019


Can you imagine doing as many as 200 wholesaling deals a year? Sounds a bit too far-fetched? Not if you use the right marketing channel!

Phil Green is a phenomenal go-giver from San Diego, California and in this episode, he shared the amazing marketing channel he’s been using that’s giving him explosive results.

In an industry as competitive, closing 200 wholesaling deals a year is no easy feat. However, in today’s special episode you’ll learn how to make it happen.

So sit down, grab a pen and paper take down notes. Given that you use them accordingly, the tips, insights, and wisdom you’ll learn from this episode will surely make you a fortune!

Key Takeaways

  • How Phil finds his deals
  • How he connects with real estate agents
  • Where he finds an accurate list of real estate agents
  • The best way to get in touch with real estate agents
  • Service he recommends when sending out emails
  • The message he sends out
  • Why asking for off-market properties is more profitable
  • Common objections he gets from real estate agents and how he addresses them accordingly
  • The most important consideration you need to remember when getting in touch with real estate agents through texting
  • What to tell real estate agents when they qualify you
  • Advice he’d give to those who would like to give his strategy a try



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Episode Transcription

Tom Kroll: Hey guys, welcome to another amazing episode of Wholesaling Inc. I have got a guy on the phone who is exploding in a super competitive market using a channel to find motivated sellers that no one is using. It is totally under utilized and he is crushing it. So guys, I’m super excited. My name is Tom Roll. If you don’t know who I am, I am America’s number one wholesaling real estate coach. And if you don’t know what wholesaling is, wholesaling is the fastest way to make a fortune by consistently finding discounted properties and turning those deals quickly for a massive profit. So guys today have got Phil Green with me out of San Diego. He is someone I met in Collective Genius. It’s a mastermind I’m in. He got up on stage, he’d talked about some amazing new tactics everyone has is pulling on this guy to get information on how he is doing what he’s doing and the explosive results he’s getting. So without further ado, Phil, Phil, Phil, are you there?

Phil Green: Yes I am Tom. I am so excited to be on the show. Thank you.

Tom Kroll: Brother we’re so excited and no thank you. I mean, I know you’re, you’re busy and you’ve got a lot of people pulling on you. So thank you for making time for our audience. I know you’re about to create a whole bunch of super fans here because you are just exploding in a super competitive market. So I can’t, I can’t wait to pick your brain. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be an awesome show.

Phil Green: Yeah, I’m really, really excited. I mean, it’s working so well for us and I know your, group of guys worked so hard and they get out there, and they’re cold calling and making it happen, talking to people. I can’t wait to see, what they do when we share today with them what we’re doing.

Tom Kroll: It’s awesome man! Well thank you very much. So before we jump into it, can you just give us a little backstory about who you are, and kind of how you got started in real estate, where you’ve been, where you’re going, all that good stuff?

Phil Green: Yeah, yeah, definitely. We’re here in the San Diego market. We’ve been working a little over three years now, so we started off learning. Wow, so many things happened along the way, the first year it was really tough for us, didn’t see immediate success. That second year, things really turned around and we found a bunch of new avenues and particularly this one, you know working with agents like we do and growing our business, and today I think we’re up, we’re shooting it over 200 deals.

Tom Kroll: 200 deals this year.

Phil Green: Yeah, yeah.

Tom Kroll: Wow, that’s amazing. 200 is a massive number. Now were you in real estate before you got into wholesaling or what were you kind of doing before that?

Phil Green: So add a little bit of advantage. I had been in real estate for five years,

Tom Kroll: Okay.

Phil Green: So I had a two year headstart and we were just going out there talking to people, getting in front of different opportunities and we kept coming across investment opportunities; and that’s kind of where our interest in wholesaling, and finding these off market opportunities came from; and we just saw the opportunity and jumped right in.

Tom Kroll: Well that’s awesome. So our audience is there, they’re ready, they want to hear this. So here’s my question. How the heck did you do 200 deals are on pace to do 200 deals, wholesaling deals this year? What are you doing? What is this channel, and how I’m going to act as if I’m going to put it in? So you tell me I’m going to, cause I am going to put it in. I’m going to put it in place, so how the heck are you doing this? What do I have to do to get those kinds of results?

Phil Green: So I’ll tell you right now, our number one way we’re getting deals right now. 60% of our current 200 deals are coming from directly talking to agents.

Tom Kroll: Okay.

Phil Green: I know, most of you are like no way.

Tom Kroll: Yeah. I mean cause everyone thinks with real estate agents that you know, they’re, they have a whole entire system. They’ve got a way of doing business, they don’t really typically like wholesalers. Tell me, you know, what is kind of step one, how are you finding these deals? What, what does that look like? Cause are you cold calling these guys, or emailing them as a kind of a combination of both? What does that look like?

Phil Green: Yeah, it’s literally all the above. It is talking to people. So we’re connecting with agents through texts, through phone calls or seeing them at events and we’re sending them emails.

Tom Kroll: Okay.

Phil Green: And it’s that communication you have with the agent, is what really counts. So we’re letting them know, hey, we’re a potential client of yours. You know, we can buy cash, we can close a deal and you’re able to represent us, and that’s really what they care about.

Tom Kroll: Okay, so I’m going to put this in my office, right? First thing I need is a list of agents. So where the heck are you finding a whole bunch of agents where you’re getting their emails, phone numbers, where do you find that?

Phil Green: So that’s a great question. So there’s two different ways you can find it. You can buy lists online if you just Google it, but those lists aren’t as accurate as if you have access or you have to like even an assistant account to the local MLS, and you could just manually have a VA pull. It takes a couple of days and you’ve got the entire list of agents, their emails, their locations, their phone numbers, their brokerage, you know, all that kind of stuff.

Tom Kroll: So if someone’s brand new and they’re saying, okay, so the first thing is either find an agent friend who is on MLS, and then ask them for permission to get on and kind of find some of the agent information. That’s kind of I guess step one.

Phil Green: Yep.

Tom Kroll: Okay. Now if you have somebody who says, well listen, I just, there’s, I don’t know anybody, I’m brand new, I don’t even know an agent. And there’s a list. Is there one, or two particular list companies that you would suggest to buy list of agents?

Phil Green: You know what, I’m not sure because I have noticed it kind of differs by market.

Tom Kroll: Okay.

Phil Green: I would recommend Googling and then giving them a call and we just called the two or three and asked them like how recently they’d, repolled the data and how many agents they offered. And it’s a couple of hundred bucks, and you can get started in five minutes if you just bought the list.

Tom Kroll: Awesome, okay. So all right, so now I have a list. I have a thousand agents in my city. What is the first thing, what is the first plan of attack? What do I do to contact them?

Phil Green: I mean the simplest and easiest way and it’s going to produce a lot of results. I would just shoot him an email.

Tom Kroll: Okay, so…

Phil Green: You can maybe shoot 50 or a hundred emails and just see how much of a response you get. You’re going to be surprised though. You’re going to get a flood of calls, a flood of messages.

Tom Kroll: Okay, so.

Phil Green: Be ready.

Tom Kroll: Here’s my question, so step by step on this. What does the email say; number one, or actually my first question is; what is a service that you’d recommend that people use? Cause I know there’s a lot of services out there, right? Constant Contact, and Sendloop, and MailChimp. What’s the service that you use to send bulk email and then what the heck does a message say to prompt an agent to call you?

Phil Green: Great question. So we’ve used probably 10 different services over the last couple of years. The best one we’re using right now is called Mad Mimi.

Tom Kroll: Mad Mimi. [crosstalk 00:00:07:05].

Phil Green: Yeah.

Tom Kroll: M. I. M. I.

Phil Green: Yes. I believe that’s correct.

Tom Kroll: Okay.

Phil Green: That one’s really tough to get access to. So if you can’t any of the normal ones from Constant Contact, MailChimp, I mean there’s so many we’ve used.

Tom Kroll: Right.

Phil Green: And they all work.

Tom Kroll: Okay.

Phil Green: They all work. It’s more of just taking that action and doing it that matters.

Tom Kroll: Okay, so I totally agree. Progress not perfection guys, massive imperfect action. I mean this is why Phil makes a tremendous amount of money. So here’s my question. What is the message that you’re sending these agents?

Phil Green: So you can send multiple messages if, you’re just starting off, which I think most of us are, I would just send something as generic and simple as, “Hi, I’m an interested cash buyer in the market. I was looking for a home where I could fix it up and I don’t have a real estate agent.”

Tom Kroll: Right.

Phil Green: “Would you be able to connect me to one of your pocket listings or off market opportunities or do you have any properties like that, that would work? Could write an offer for me?” Anything like that.

Tom Kroll: You guys, this is so key because what, Phil just discussed in the last 30 seconds here. That message, it just shows; I mean this is why he’s crushing it because there was so much liquid gold. First of all, the key sentence there was off market number one because I’m sure Phil you could tell me. Do you get a lot of agents who try to offer you MLS properties that are already listed on MLS?

Phil Green: We do and our market’s really tough. So what we’ve noticed is not many of those work. So if you asked for off market, you have no competition.

Tom Kroll: Right?

Phil Green: You know, and no competition means that means bigger profits and better deals.

Tom Kroll: I love it. And the second thing that he said was that he has cash. Now I know a lot of you guys who are listening, you’re kind of like, well, I don’t have any cash, and Phil, you could stop me if I’m wrong here, but you guys hear us a deal. If you can find a good deal, there will literally be a line around your block of hard money lenders, private money lenders, transactional lenders; who will be than willing to give you all of the cash that you need for your deals. So do not worry about not having cash because there are tons of people with cash. I mean, Phil, do you have anything to add on that?

Phil Green: Yeah, we always say you find the deal and the money will find you, and that stands for our market.

Tom Kroll: You guys.

Phil Green: That’s every where, I’ve ever been.

Tom Kroll: Everyone should write that down. If you are struggling right now, if you’re driving to a nine to five job, if you aren’t like suffering paycheck to paycheck, what Phil just said is liquid gold you guys. You find the deal and the money will find you. Is that right? Is that how you said it?

Phil Green: 100% [crosstalk 00:09:26] it stands.

Tom Kroll: I love it. That’s beautiful. All right, so you send that out. Now a lot of agents, they call you back. I’m sure some are angry, some are confused. What are some of the common questions you get, and some of the common answers to some of the objections that you get from real estate agents?

Phil Green: So that’s really important Tom, and I’m glad we’re talking about this. You have to educate these agents. Many times they’re going to try to set you up with an MLS search and you just have to politely let them know. No, no, I’m not looking for an MLS search, I’m already set up on that. I’m looking for any off market pocket listings you may have or other opportunities you know of where you could represent me. If you’re a current client, maybe it’s a probate, or a divorce, or something happened in the next month that isn’t on the market yet is something that could work, I would like to be your buyer. So basically you have to let the agent know you’re looking for an opportunity where you can buy the deal, cash. Which we’ll talk about how that happens, and close so they get to represent you. That’s the most important thing. So we want to talk about that.

Tom Kroll: Yeah. So let’s talk about that because I think, you know, a lot of us are wholesalers and a lot of wholesalers don’t really understand how the way agents work. What is the benefit to a real estate agent representing the buyer, the seller, or bringing you the deal? Why is that important to a real estate agent? Can you kind of just go through that for our listeners?

Phil Green: Yeah, I will. So the average commission I think nowadays is probably about 6%. So 3% would go to the buyer’s agent, the individual who brings the buyer to the transaction. And then 3% would go to them as the listing agent. So if we’re a potential buyer that’s contacting that agent who already has the listing, he already gets 3% for representing the seller. But if he gets to then represent us as the buyer, he gets the full 6% commission.

Tom Kroll: Right.

Phil Green: Now you know, if that’s a couple hundred thousand dollar property I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty excited to represent us.

Tom Kroll: That’s awesome. And do you find that once an agent brings you one off work at deal that they continue to bring you more deals?

Phil Green: Yeah, I haven’t even got to it yet. I mean, you build relationships with these guys where if they’re one that has a relationship with say a, an attorney that brings him probates or whatever kind of deals through whatever channel. You can end up with two, three, four, five, six deals a year. Where they just give you this referral business and they call you saying, “Hey, I got another deal for you.”

Tom Kroll: Right. You guys, that is absolutely key. You know, I, I know it’s hard to see that now. You know, why would agents continue to call you for more deals? But if you can make deals happen, they will. So Phil, I’m going to let you, I mean I have a thousand questions here, but I’m going to kind of just hand you the ball here and you’d take us through at this point we have a list of agents, we’ve emailed them, they’re calling us back. What some of the other things, if I’m brand new to this and I want to get started in wholesaling doing this channel; what are some of the things that I’m going to experience? One of the other things I have to look forward to or know in order to make this work?

Phil Green: So the real key to your success is going to be the nine out of 10 you know Texts, emails, and phone calls you get from agents that aren’t viable leads. So you have to kind of push those away and you want to do in a real polite way, cause they might bring you a real deal tomorrow. Many think I’m going to call just wanting to talk to you. They think if they build a relationship, you’ll be their potential client in the future. Many aren’t really sure what you’re referring to, so they’re going to call and kind of ask you and what do you do?
Well, why would I want to work with you? Or why would I want to bring you a deal? So all these kind of guys that don’t have a current deal right now, you have to politely kind of let them know. Hey, I already have a search on the MLS, or I’m really just looking for a deal. If you have one bring one to me, keep in contact. I am a real buyer. I buy multiple deals a month. I’m an investor, however you want to word it. And really go and find that one where it goes, “Yeah, you know what? I got a property. My best friend, his mom died, the house is really a mess. I don’t even know if you’re going to want it. There’s stuff you know, ceiling high… I mean, it’s a real disasters that something like that work for you to change?”

Tom Kroll: I bring my victory bell right now, but it’s too far away from my, my recording desk. But yeah, absolutely. That’s awesome.

Phil Green: When you hear something like that. I mean, your eyes are going to lie to your ears going to go, “Wow, this really works.”

Tom Kroll: Right, that’s awesome. I love that feeling, I still remember when my first deal, Dorothy Cannon on a row. So I remember she, I was like, “Oh my goodness, this really does work. This is crazy.”

Phil Green: Yeah.

Tom Kroll: That’s awesome.

Phil Green: The thing about this, which I haven’t even brought up is. This channel is, I think we’re spending a third in this channel of over spending in any other channel and it’s producing double the results.

Tom Kroll: Right.

Phil Green: So it’s the cheapest Avenue, I mean you’ve got to be able to send an email. You got to send a text, or make a phone call and our best guy closed 10 different deals from just going to agents last month. So the opportunity is just… it’s incredible.

Tom Kroll: Yeah, that’s amazing. I mean, so he did 10 deals last month by just reaching out to agents.

Phil Green: Yep, and all he uses is texts and voicemail drops.

Tom Kroll: What does, okay, so let’s talk about that. So tell me about the texts. How does that work? What services, what do I say, how do the texts work?

Phil Green: So I mean, there’s so many channels to use on texts. The key I would say is find one that texts from a local number.

Tom Kroll: Got it.

Phil Green: That’s the most important thing. You don’t want to come from a number like you know, 89, 57, 3. It’s like, what? That looks like it’s something, automated or spam. You want it to come from whatever, what’s the local zip code where you guys are at over there?

Tom Kroll: 772.

Phil Green: Yeah, you want it to come from 772, it looks like it’s, a real buyer texting you. And as long as it’s one of those channels, any service works. I mean what do you guys use right now for texting?

Tom Kroll: So we use, we actually don’t use texting too often. We don’t have, the one that we use in another company is Easy Texting. And Easy Texting we can have it come from a local number, but that goes out nationwide. So I guess are you saying just to be clear guys, just so you know, so there’s just for anybody who’s not following us, there are texting services where you can send out. Just like you can send out mass mail, you can send out mass texts. The only problem is, is that okay in this instance all of your agents would be local, so I guess it would be fine if they all, if you’re texting your mass texts came from one local number from your area. Wouldn’t have to mask a number nationwide because all the agents are local.

Phil Green: Yep they are, and I wouldn’t even send right many at first cause you’re going to get overwhelmed with business. Maybe send out 50,

Tom Kroll: Got it.

Phil Green: And I would send something as simple as saying, Hey, I’m a local cash buyer here or I’m a contractor looking for a property I can fix up. And do you have anything off market? Do you have any pocket listings? Do you have anything that could kind of work for me? And you’ll be surprised, you’ll find agents that have leads that have properties and you’re going to get busy quickly.

Tom Kroll: That’s awesome and no ones doing it and it’s cheaper. So. All right, so you have the text messaging. Are you cold calling agents as well or not really?

Phil Green: Yeah, we do too.

Tom Kroll: Okay.

Phil Green: It, takes a little bit more time so it’s more targeted. It’s finding maybe an agent that we know is a short sale guy or you work, so there’s a probate attorney, or he’s big on divorces, or anything; he specializes in foreclosures and anything where we know he kind of targets the kind of deals that we’d want cash deals.

Tom Kroll: Okay.

Phil Green: And those kind of guys are worth calling, and if he called just a general list, it’ll work. But it’s probably easier to send an email, or a text cause you’re going to hit more people.

Tom Kroll: Got it.

Phil Green: And then you’re going to find more people that are interested in a shorter period of time.

Tom Kroll: Got it. And you also said something about a voicemail drop. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Phil Green: Yeah, yeah. We use them, I think it’s Ringless Machine or even Stratix either those two services were great. Those are the two we use right now and you can just drop a voicemail saying, “Hey, I’m an interested cash buyer.” The same message really “I’m looking for any fixer uppers, or handyman specials”, whatever the verbiages in your local market. “Do you have anything off market, populous team that would work for me and I can buy a cash. I would need you to represent me and write the offer and I could close in as soon as 14 days, whatever your terms are.”

Tom Kroll: That’s amazing you guys. There’s so much on, this podcast, I’m even getting a little overwhelmed because it’s so much gold information. I mean really, I know we say this a lot guys, but you’ve got a guy here with Phil. First of all, I want you to recognize he’s a total go-giver. I’m not paying him to be on this podcast. The reason he’s so successful is because he has perfected this niche, but he’s also has an abundance mindset. So I know this information is free but appreciate it because I am telling you this is a guy who is crushing it. Who’s you can see when people have an abundance mindset and they share this stuff with you. It just changes the game. So that’s number one, number two is I just want to go through, so all right, so I’m going to do this, I’m going to get this list, I am going to start emailing it, texting it and you gave us some of those services and dropping the voicemails.
Is there a, I remember when I heard you speak CG, you said you had guys who could really kind of determine whether or not something was a viable lead, or an agent who is a viable candidate for giving you deals within a very short amount of time, it was under a minute. Do you have like a script or something that you could share with us or something that would, kind of answer some of these questions? Cause a lot of people are really new and they don’t know, what they don’t know. So what does that look like?

Phil Green: The big thing you’re I want to ask the agent as soon as you talk to them, cause they’re going to want to know more about you. So they’re going to try to start qualifying you to see if you’re real buyer because that’s what they’re trained to do from their coaches. They’re going to start asking you, where do you plan to buy? How often do you buy? How much money do you have? All these questions, and the big thing is you want to try to turn back around at him and say, “Hey, I can close in 14 days. I’m a cash buyer. I need you to write the offer, but I need a property now. Do you have something right now available off market pocket listing?”
It can even be on market as long as they know it’s a fixer and they’ve got a connection with that agent or whatever. “Do you have a property that’s a viable option for me?” And that’s the real thing that they say, “No, I don’t.” Say “Great, then you know, keep my information if you find something I’m buying always. This is what I do, and come to me if you have it and let’s connect.” And then what I do is you add that agent to your list and every month you send it, or every two weeks send him an email asking him. [crosstalk 00:19:02] do you have anything?

Tom Kroll: How are you storing a list, is it on a CRM or is it in like Excel spreadsheet or just paper and pen?

Phil Green: Yeah. Any, any CRM works as simple as Podio, there’s lots of free stuff. We use one right now called Follow Up Boss. I mean anything works as long as you save that agent and their info, you reach out to them every couple of weeks. You’ll be surprised maybe two, or three months later they got a deal for you and many times they do.

Tom Kroll: Beautiful. That is, so essentially you’re looking for an off market property where there’s either a distressed seller who needs to sell or a distressed property that needs to sell. There’s some problem with the issue and it’s got to be off market once it’s on MLS pretty much, especially if you’re new, kind of avoid it. Right. Once it’s listed on the, on the MLS service.

Phil Green: Yeah. It’s, it’s much harder to make those work now. They occasionally do, but you’ll find them much better deals with the off-market lens when they tell you, I got one off market, it’s coming up in a month. It’s this deal from this attorney, or it’s just distressed home because of this, or the foundation’s cracked, you’re probably not going to want it. It’s a total disaster, is that something you’re interested in?

Tom Kroll: Right, right. That’s awesome.

Phil Green: That’s awesome. It really is.

Tom Kroll: Yeah, and the reason you guys were so excited about that is, this is a guy Phil, who has done a lot of deals and he knows what to listen for. And when the agent says that kind of reluctantly saying, well, I don’t know if you’d really want it. That’s when, yeah like you said, you hear the cash register ding in, which is awesome. Let me ask you this. What about when they asked they say, cause there’s a lot of new people on and they say. “Well are you going to assign this contractor? Is the contract assignable? Are you double closing most of these? Are you buying them and relisting? What does that look like Phil?

Phil Green: I think it’s really important what the agent’s saying there is, are you really going to close? Can I trust you? And you know, are you going to fall out, can this whole deal fall apart? So I would step back and I would say, “I want you to understand I’m a professional. This is what I do for a living and I sincerely care about this work for you. I understand your seller client trusts you to close this deal. So if we put this together, I’m going to make this happen. And after we do our first deal, you’ll see that I keep my word and we can work together and we’ll build a longterm relationship together.” That agent just wants to be reassured.

Tom Kroll: Yes.

Phil Green: that you’re going to make it happen and you really can close. That’s what they’re worried about.

Tom Kroll: You guys, you should rewind this 30 seconds because this is how you know Phil is real. He holds their feet to the fire and he gets to the root of the objection. Every question is an objection, and this is what Phil just said is pure liquid gold. You guys, when someone asks you a question, what they’re really doing is they’re asking you, they’re giving you an objection and they’re revealing some pain or fear that they have. When they say, “Are you going to close this as an assignment?” What they’re really saying is, “I’m scared. You may mess this up for me. I don’t want to look like an idiot in front of the seller. So are you for real? Are you going to make this happen?” So what Phil does is he gets right to the root. This guys, this comes from years of failures and years of success.
What Phil just said, that doesn’t just come from somebody who’s new, that comes from somebody who has experience, that comes from somebody who is wholesome and honest and their advice is sound. So I suggest that you guys hit rewind that and listen to what he just said when I asked him that question. It is pure liquid gold and is the sign of a true expert. Somebody who really is getting real results, and Phil I don’t want to interrupt you, but I just don’t want that little sentence you just said to just go by. That was just amazing brother. I totally agree with you 110% that a question is an objection and you got to get down to the root, hold their feet to the fire, and figure out what they’re really asking you. So that was key man, I love it.

Phil Green: Yeah, I’m excited. I actually want to further that if that’s all right.

Tom Kroll: Yeah, absolutely let’s deepen it [crosstalk 00:22:38] .

Phil Green: Yeah. What it really leads into is that number you give them. So if you think your numbers are at let’s use 200,000. If you think your number is at 200,000 and you’re not sure cause you’re just not sure on the construction costs are or where people could come in, I’m going to tell you to start lower. There’s a lot of benefits. Is there any lower than any times they’ll actually accept it. If you started at 180 and you know for sure you can make one 80 work, many times the agent will make that number work and it can work and many times it won’t and you’re going to have to call up a little bit more. But the key here is don’t overshoot number. If you overshoot the number, you can ruin that relationship and upset that agent and it may even cost him the seller and that’s why it’s going to upset him.
He’s got to be able to go to that seller and say, Hey look, you’re taking a discount. Here’s why. You know the foundation’s cracked, there’s mold, whatever the reason is. But I got a number of 180 and they’re a hundred percent solid. They’re my client, and we can make this thing work. [inaudible 00:23:28] And if he convinces that seller to make it work and they will, the majority of time, you’re going to be shocked how they can make these numbers work. You don’t have to do any of it. You just sit back and get a call a day later and say, we’ve got a done deal. Which we’ll get into at the end, but this is the core of closing these deals, building these relationships, and getting six more referral deals from that same agent.

Tom Kroll: Beautiful I mean you guys, what Phil is saying is just to put this in context. Is the agent because he is now representing you or she is representing you, becomes your advocate to the seller. They’re working for you with the seller to get that numbers. And what Phil’s saying is don’t so come up with your number and yet don’t, don’t overshoot it. Which I totally agree with, but I think in a bigger context here it’s that, that agent now almost is working for you. He’s going back to the seller, convincing the seller of your number, which is amazing, love it!

Phil Green: It’s incredible. I mean. [crosstalk 00:24:22]

Tom Kroll: It’s incredible.

Phil Green: It’s so incredible because you’re doing less work, it cost you less and you’re getting better margin deals and you get repeat business.

Tom Kroll: Right? Oh, I love it. That is so beautiful, brother. And thank you for sharing this. This is also so, all right, so, well go ahead. I’m going to, I don’t want to keep an [inaudible 00:24:36] . So you tell me. So where are we? What else to look for? How else do we do this?

Phil Green: So what I would recommend if I was just starting off and I was just doing this all over again, I would find one channel that I like, whether it’s emails, phone calls, texts. We even show a bit at local events when agents host happy hours or have events at their brokerage or just Hangouts where you find a lot of agents or you can even knock on the door of a brokerage, introduce yourself. I mean, whatever you’re doing, whatever you like, whether it’s face to face on the phone and email. So you don’t have to be, you know, as personable on the phone.

Tom Kroll: Right.

Phil Green: We have a guy in our market, they actually get six deals, six and a half deals. He’s averaged this year over the last 12 months just from sending emails and that’s all he likes to do. He doesn’t even like talking to agents. Right? So any out there that says I don’t really want to talk to these agents, I don’t feel like I’m that social, well this is for you to. Send an email it works.

Tom Kroll: Right.

Phil Green: A guy in our market right now gets six and a half deals a month from just sending emails and he doesn’t even call back. He doesn’t like to call.

Tom Kroll: Right.

Phil Green: So this is for everyone [crosstalk 00:25:37] to way to work for everybody.

Tom Kroll: It’s for everyone. And I think you know what is really another point here is that what is so beautiful guys, what Phil is really, come to experience here with this channel is that all sellers from birth are trained from the time they are born in this country. You are trained when I want to sell a property, I call a real estate agent. So no wholesalers, no matter how much mail you send them in or how many calls you make, no matter how many bandit signs, or Facebook ads, or SEO, PPC. Agents are always going to find out about deals before you. For the most part because people are going to call agents when they want to sell. It’s usually the first person they reach out to. So if you could have that agent network working for you as your advocate with these motivated sellers, you are going to make a fortune. I think that’s amazing.

Phil Green: Tom I’m so glad you went into that. I want to discuss that too. So what we’re actually seeing is, let me just use we’ve seen this across almost all demographic data. Let’s use tax lien because those are, those are working pretty well for us, and I’m pretty sure they are for anyone who’s talking to them.

Tom Kroll: Absolutely.

Phil Green: What we’ve seen is let’s say we take a hundred tax liens in our market and of the ones that are selling, about 40% will respond to our direct to seller, whether we’re sending mailers, we’re calling directly, or knocking on their door. And what we’ve seen is the other 60% these are leads that right now you’re direct to seller marketing. Don’t reach out to you. You never hear from them. You know, you only hear from a small amount. These other 60% are actually going directly to agents. So these are leads that you’ve never seen before, you’ve never talked to, you’ve never even had the opportunity. You’re getting a whole new piece of the pie.

Tom Kroll: Right.

Phil Green: And it’s gold.

Tom Kroll: It’s pure gold.

Phil Green: It’s easier. There’s a larger amount of it and it’s costly less per acquisition.

Tom Kroll: And no one is doing it you guys. no one is doing it like nobody does this channel. It is going to make you a fortune. You guys, you all better be subscribing to this podcast and leaving it a five star review. I’m serious because try to get Phil in a room it’s impossible. This guy everyone is pulling out of and he’s a rockstar. Phil this is so amazing man. Thank you so much. Because I am absolutely 100% this is going to be up and running in my market no question. And I, and I don’t just do that. I’m very selective about what I implement in my market, but this is rock star stuff, man.
I mean, I love it and I know it works because the first time I tried it, I did two deals like right out of the gate. And you know, I want to, I want to say this because the people who you guys; and Phil will I’m sure tell you the same thing. The agents who are not interested, they are going to make you feel like an idiot. They’re going to say things like, right Phil, I mean this doesn’t work. That was back when the deals, you know, there are no more good deals. The market is on fire. Don’t you know anything? Don’t you know what you’re doing? I mean, Phil, right? Is that, is that accurate?

Phil Green: It’s totally accurate so guys. Nine out of ten agents are going to tell you those kinds of deals don’t exist anymore. Nobody has those foreclosures are gone, I don’t know what you’re talking about, those never come across. And that’s okay because 50% of agents in our market don’t even do a deal anyway. So you’ve got to understand there’s going to be a lot of agents that just are negative. They’re down, they’re not doing well, and they’re telling you these kinds of deals don’t exist. You’re looking for the individual that has one. And the funny thing is you might hear that from an agent and then two months later they give you a call back and say they got one. So as soon as they have a deal, they’re excited and you’re going to hear from them. And the difference in really sorting out the leads is when an agent’s excited or leaves you an address of a property or tells you they got something that they think that will work for you.
Or if they call you a few times, cause they’re going to attack you actually more than you’re going to attack them. And they have a good lead, which is in itself amazing cause you’re always the one that has to fall off with the seller. In this case, they’re following up with you. You’ll know you’ll feel the difference. There’s a lot more energy, there’s a lot more urgency. I mean, they’re trying to get ahold of you. Like I got to deal, I got a deal, call me now. You’re going to know you’re going to feel that difference between a lot of the agencies call to talk to your, a complaint and say there’s no more of those deals left in the market. And you’ll be able to tell that difference. And that skill of being able to feel, you know, when it’s a real deal, when there’s an opportunity that’s important. And that comes with experience and you’ll, you’ll get it pretty quickly.

Tom Kroll: Yeah, absolutely so when you’re feeling, if you’re down and out, and you’re feeling a little disheartened, you’re losing heart and you called. 99 and a half percent of the agents are going to, they’re going to tell you you’re an idiot, it’s not real, it doesn’t work, there’s no deals left. But yeah, just keep persisting all of your attention, time, resources, focus, energy, and you’ll do it. So Phil, that’s awesome brother. Yeah. I’ve gotten like a thousand questions. We might have to have a second podcast, but I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to implement this stuff and then we are going to have a second podcast if I, if you agree, is that something that we can do because I’d love to have a followup after I implement this and then I have some a little bit more accurate questions for you based on actually implementation.

Phil Green: Oh yeah, let’s do it man there’s so much to this process. We could, go for a while.

Tom Kroll: Yeah well, is there anything else that is important? Anything that we need to know before anyone who wants to try this? Anything that we haven’t reviewed for? If someone’s going to be starting that today.

Phil Green: I think the most important thing is don’t overthink it guys. Just take action. Just start talking to these agents, whether you like email, whether you like texting, whether you like giving them a call, whether you’re sending voicemail drops, whatever you choose to do, just do it and go with it. And it’s easy to, at first you maybe the first day you get 10 or 20 agents that have nothing to give up. Don’t the more you talk to them, you’re going to find opportunities and pretty soon it just comes in. You know, your first week you might not get any, but then your next week you get two, three. It’s crazy it just pours in. So just keep taking action and you’re going to be surprised how well this works. And as you build relationships, a couple of months down the road, you start getting referral business and it grows where you build your book of agents that are literally calling you once a month, giving you a deal.

Tom Kroll: So sexy. It’s so sexy, I love it. That’s awesome Phil. Thank you very, very much brother. Anybody who wants to get ahold of you, which I’m sure you’re going to have 10,000 people who are going to want to get ahold of you. Is there a way to contact you? Is there an email address, or a phone number, or a… I’m sure they’d all love your personal cell, or website? What’s the best way if they have some follow up questions, what’s the best way to kind of get a hold of Phil Green?

Phil Green: Yeah. What I’ll do tell him is I’ll give you a good email offline and you can put it up.

Tom Kroll: Okay.

Phil Green: On your site for them and then they can reach out and any questions they have, we’ll try to help them out.

Tom Kroll: That’s awesome you guys Phil Green, total go-giver, abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset. There’s only collaboration there’s no competition. You guys, this is what happens at the 1% when you’re at the 1% you find these common threads that run across these men and women who have come and seen and taken action and gotten results. It’s, it’s powerful. Phil, thank you so much for being here today. With us. It’s been a great adventure. I am going to implement this and I am going to have a followup podcast as long as you agree with it and I’ll have some more in depth questions for ya.

Phil Green: You know Tom it has been awesome and I look forward to the followup.

Tom Kroll: Awesome.

Phil Green: I can’t wait to hear how well you guys do.

Tom Kroll: Thank you so, so much really. I appreciate it and everyone appreciates it. So all right guys, that is Phil Green from San Diego. Super, super competitive market oh game changer information today. I love it so good stuff guys, if you are interested in becoming a tribe member and learning how to do this Wholesaling Inc. fill out an application. If we like what you have to say, we might even invite you in to be a tribe member. All right, everybody have a great day and Phil, thanks again brother. Have a great day. We appreciate it.

Phil Green: Thank you, Tom.

Tom Kroll: All right,

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