Episode 23: The Right Way (and the WRONG way) to Treat Your Cash Buyers

The Right Way (and the WRONG way) to Treat Your Cash Buyers!

DEBATE TIME!! Who doesn’t LOVE a good debate?

Recently, Tom was challenged online by another successful real estate investor on the subject of “Cash Buyers”. This successful investor believes there is nothing wrong with getting all warm and snuggly with your cash buyers.

Tom wanted to respond here and share his opinion on why getting close to your cash buyers could be the biggest mistake you make in your wholesaling business! In this Podcast, Tom goes in depth on the subject and shares his processes for dealing with cash buyers.

He also shares the reasons why it is virtually impossible to scale your wholesaling business by becoming friends with your investors. Tom drops gold nugget after nugget in this short but VERY powerful Podcast.

This should be essential listening for ALL Wholesalers!


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