Posted on: December 17, 2018

In the wholesaling world, there is no shortage of effective channels you can use to find those lucrative deals. There’s cold calling, Facebook Ads, SEO, PPC, and bandit signs to name a few. However, every once in a while a unique and powerful method gets added to the list. And that’s what our special guest is going to share with us in this episode.

Caleb Pearson is a brilliant go-giver from Charleston, South Carolina. Thanks to his passion and competitive spirit, he’s been recognised as Mouth Pleasant’s Realtor of the Year in 2015. He also made it to the list of the top REMAX agents in South Carolina.

Caleb started his wholesaling journey just a year ago and he was able to accomplish something truly awe-inspiring—he and his team were able to close 35 to 45 deals in their first year. Talk about impressive!

If you’d like to know the unique, effective, and powerful method he used to close a huge number of deals, do yourself a favor and listen to this episode. The method he’ll teach might just be what you need to take your wholesaling business to the next level!

Key Takeaways

  • How he developed a system that allows them to make a thousand offers in 30 seconds
  • The criteria they look for
  • How they determine how much to pay for a property
  • How the negotiation process looks like
  • The likely hurdles you’ll encounter and how you can resolve them
  • How they build rapport with agents and why it’s important
  • The characteristics to look for in an agent


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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: Guys. I am so excited to be here with one of my friends, a buddy of mine, somebody I met and I just absolutely, I liked from the first minute I met him. I am so excited to have this guest. He is going to teach you guys a way, another channel to find motivated sellers all over the place, just loads of motivated sellers, this is so exciting. He’s a total Go-Giver, total abundance mindset. He’s going to share this with you right now, I am so excited. Guys, if you don’t know what wholesaling is, wholesaling is the fastest way to become independently wealthy, financially free by consistently finding discounted properties and turning those deals for quick profits. That’s all it is. Anyone can do it. It doesn’t require any experience. It doesn’t require anything. Even if you’re starting at rock bottom, rock bottom is the firmest of foundations. Super, super excited.
If you don’t know who I am. My name is Tom Krol. I am America’s number one wholesaling real estate coach. My job, my obligation is to pour it to you so that you can go out there and make deals and make money wholesaling property, so let’s get started. Without further ado I’ve got, Caleb Pearson’s on the phone, a good buddy of mine from South Carolina who’s crushing it and crushing it is an understatement, guys. This guy’s one of the best, and we are going to pick his brain and hold his feet to the fire. Caleb, can you hear me okay?

Caleb Pearson: Let’s roll, Krol.

Tom Krol: All right.

Caleb Pearson: I liked it. Hey, that’s a heck of an intro, I like it.

Tom Krol: Absolutely. Well, it’s all true and it’s an honor to have you on the show my friend. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this, I know you are super busy. You’re one of the top brokers in the whole state, and I know you’ve got a lot of things that are moving and shaking all around you, so thank you for taking the time to be with us here today.

Caleb Pearson: Yeah, no thank you. Thank you for having me on it.

Tom Krol: Absolutely. Before we deep dive in, I’m going to definitely hold your feet to the fire and I am going to force it out of you, I know you’d do it anyway but, about exactly what you do and how you do it so that other people who are just starting can go out and have some of the success that you’re experiencing. Before we do that, can you tell us a little bit about your background, how you got started in real estate and what your life looks like before and after and all that other good stuff?

Caleb Pearson: Yeah, sure. Actually, I live in Charleston, South Carolina now, but went to school up in Virginia, grew up in Virginia, graduated college, moved to Charleston with no job, got into real estate right out of college, and a lady gave me a phone book and basically said, “Start calling these numbers and work in these leads.” I’ve built my whole business, my retail brokerage side, so my real estate side of the business just by cold calling.

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Caleb Pearson: We’ve built that up to … I think we’ve had the number one RE/MAX team in the state of South Carolina for three years in a row, we’ve got a really good group. Then we just about a year ago we said, “Okay, what’s this wholesale thing?”, and we started picking up some properties wholesale and some deals and we’ll probably do 35 to 45 in our first year.

Tom Krol: That’s amazing man. I would ring the victory bell if it was a little bit closer to my office, but I moved my desk and now it’s too far, but that is amazing. I am super impressed because that’s a lot of deals for your first year. I am so excited about how you did it, because doing that many deals in your first year is a tall order, and I know you have a very, very, very unique strategy that nobody is implementing. If you’re okay with it, let’s get right to the meat and potatoes and let’s discuss how you figure out a way to find all of these properties for just pennies on the dollar. Can you tell us a little bit more about how you’re hitting those numbers?

Caleb Pearson: Sure. Well actually I want to give you a little bit of credit too because you gave us your coaching program. We didn’t know anything about wholesaling, we had just found out about even the concept of wholesaling, so you gave us your coaching program and we went step by step through it, and that’s been the foundation for what we do still.

Tom Krol: Awesome. I really appreciate that that’s … you living your life’s purpose enables me to live mine, so it is my pleasure and I’m happy to have been even a small part of your journey, so thank you and for that I appreciate it.

Caleb Pearson: Yeah, there you go. But what were you asking? You were asking how our system works?

Tom Krol: Yes. A lot of people who listen in, and we’ve discussed on this podcast pretty much every marketing channel in order to find homeowners who are motivated to sell their home in a discount. We’ve gone over Facebook ads and PPC and SEO and bandit signs, direct mail, cold calling and all these channels, but you have developed this super unique, super powerful methodology of finding deals that typically most wholesalers actually avoid. As a matter of fact, I’ll just tell you, we typically tell people when properties are in this state that you’re going to tell us in, they’re in, we typically avoid them. I’m super interested if you could share with everyone how you’ve been finding these deals because it’s definitely something we have not discussed on this podcast before.

Caleb Pearson: Yeah. Like I said, we’ve got a big residential real estate sales team. The majority of real estate agents that sell property sell their homes through the multiple listing service, the MLS.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Caleb Pearson: There are … I’ll just give you an example. For our market, there’s probably 4,000 active listings on the MLS. I’m sitting there thinking, “All right, well 4,000 homes where people have raised their hand and said, okay, I’m ready to sell.”

Tom Krol: Right.

Caleb Pearson: Out of that 4,000, how do I find the most motivated, let’s say 10 out of that 4,000 at any given time?

Tom Krol: Right.

Caleb Pearson: Well, you don’t know their true motivation without putting an offer in front of them or without knowing more about the seller and their situation themselves. What I thought was, how can I put 4,000 offers in front of all these people without sitting down and handwriting or typing up 4,000 authors?

Tom Krol: I want to just, you guys, this is so amazing because the channel that we’re talking about is Caleb has developed a system to find properties that are already listed on MLS through agents. Now typically, if a property is already on MLS, traditionally we’ve said, “Hey, avoid those properties. We’re interested in what we would call off market deals. These are homeowners who have not yet listed with an agent.” What Caleb has identified is he said, “Well Tom, you know, most people who are interested in selling a home, the first thing they do is they call an agent and they list it, so how could we find out in that group, in his case I guess in Charleston there’s 4,000 active agents who are active homeowners who are with agents on MLS, how do we tap into that and find the hottest sellers in that market? From what I understand, you have developed a way to do that. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Caleb Pearson: Yeah, so we built an app, I’m not a techie person, but I came up with the concept, the idea.

Tom Krol: That is true. I can vouch for that because Caleb had to download Skype before this interview. [crosstalk 00:07:41]

Caleb Pearson: Yeah, I was hoping you were going to let that one slide. No, but we built this app and it’s called zoom offers now. If you go to, you can hit fill out application and, it doesn’t mean that you’re signing up for it but you get a free demo to watch how it works. Basically, let’s just use a round number. Let’s say I want to make a thousand offers today.

Tom Krol: Right?

Caleb Pearson: What I did was I said, “All right, well, let’s look at who’s been on the market for 180 days.” Usually once a seller has been on the market, and especially in our market, past 90 days, they’re starting to get frustrated, they’re starting to get antsy, they get more motivated the longer that the house sits on the market and they’ve never seen an offer. I figured out how to make an offer on, let’s say I want to make an offer on, a thousand homes that have been there in a certain price range, that had been on the market for over a hundred, let’s say a hundred days.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Caleb Pearson: I can make a thousand fully written offers signed with my signature on it and laid in the listing agent’s email, so the person that represents the seller’s email and about 30 seconds, I can make a thousand offers.

Tom Krol: Really.

Caleb Pearson: What do you preach making ow many offers a day?

Tom Krol: Five offers a day is what we always tell our students. We want at least five offers a day, so you’re doing 1,000 in 30 seconds.

Caleb Pearson: Yeah, I can do about 1,000 in 30 seconds. Then it’s my cousin who also works with me, it’s his job to field the counter offers and then see which one, basically you’re going to know how motivated people are based on their counter offers.

Tom Krol: Sure, sure. Let me just understand this. What you have done is developed a system where you can identify all of the homes that are on the market and you can pick certain criteria like how long have they have been listed on MLS, and then you can basically push button and make a mass offer on all of those properties that fit a certain criteria that you pick out and you could do it in 30 seconds, right?

Caleb Pearson: Correct.

Tom Krol: Now, what is the criteria that you’re looking for, number one, and number two is, are you making the same price for every single home, the offer, or are you just taking what they’re asking or how are you determining how much to pay for the home? What does all of that look like?

Caleb Pearson: The way we do it is we usually offer about 52% of asking price.

Tom Krol: Wow. Hold on. I just want to let that settle in for a second. Just to be clear, if I’m hearing you properly, if someone’s asking $100,000 for a home you’re offering, you’re sending a $52,000 offer on that property.

Caleb Pearson: Yeah. It’s a little bit more than half.

Tom Krol: Right, but I just want to say what is amazing, because I don’t want our listeners to miss this guys is that, this is how you know that wholesaling is real because Caleb is going to do an outstanding number of deals this year by making an offer starting at 52%. Now some of those I’m sure go higher and some may even go lower based on when they see the property, but you guys, 52% that means just in itself is an amazing piece of information. Let that really sit in your belly. People do sell their homes for 40, 50, and 60 cents on the dollar every single day. I didn’t want to just let that slide, I’m sorry, Caleb, but yeah, go ahead, I don’t want to interrupt you.

Caleb Pearson: No, no, no, absolutely. I used to think the same thing there’s no way people will take that, but what you’ll find is, well, let me take one step back too. The offer, there’s always a study period or a due diligence period to where if the seller just jumps on your offer and accepts it, you’re not stuck closing on it.

Tom Krol: Good point.

Caleb Pearson: Does that make sense?

Tom Krol: Right. If you, all of a sudden, you send an offer for 52 cents on the dollar and someone says, and they sign it and they say, “Okay, I want it”, you’re not actually obligated to buy it, is that what you’re saying?

Caleb Pearson: Yeah. It meant they accept it, you go out and take a look at it, and if the house is falling down or if it just doesn’t make sense with that number, you’ve always got an out clause.

Tom Krol: That is the first concern that a lot of people are going to have. A lot of listeners are saying, they’re saying, “Yeah, but what happens if they do accept it and I have to buy it. Am I going to be forced to buy the property?” You’re saying don’t worry about that.

Caleb Pearson: Correct.

Tom Krol: Okay. Let me ask you this because another concern a lot of listeners are going to have is they’re going to say, “Yeah, but Caleb, I don’t have the $52,000, how do I handle that? It’s like if I want to emulate your success, I want to copy you, I want to do what you’re doing, if I’m sitting here in my car and I’m paycheck to paycheck and I’m going to a job I don’t enjoy, how do I solve that problem?

Caleb Pearson: Easy. All you do is you put whatever your company’s name is and then put and or signs as the purchaser, and then when you get it on the contract, you have to, you just sell it off to one of your cash investors, one of your cash buyers.

Tom Krol: Got it. Now, let me ask you this question. Will your software program, will that do that automatically?

Caleb Pearson: Will it push it to the cash buyers or?

Tom Krol: No? Will it actually edit the contract to be assignable?

Caleb Pearson: Yes, absolutely.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Caleb Pearson: It’s like … you can make mass offers or you can make individual offers, but it’s whether you make one offer or a thousand offers it’s like two or three clicks and it’s sitting signed in the listing agent’s email.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome. Okay, terrific. Mass offers on MLS, okay. Now, you send them off and everyone calls you back and accepts the offer or what happens now, because I’m sure you probably get a few people who are like, “Hey, this is too low”, what does that look like?

Caleb Pearson: You get a variety of responses. You get … some agents, they get upset about it. You get some agents that thank you for the offer and they counter, and you get some people that just jump on it. But all you’re trying to do is just funnel all the motivated sellers and find out what people are willing to take in the market, and then you either contract it or you let it go.

Tom Krol: Got it.

Caleb Pearson: Then we re-offer about every 30 days because people’s motivation changes. Just because someone tells you no one time does not mean that they’re not more motivated 30 days from now to sell it.

Tom Krol: Got it. Do you have to be a real estate agent to use your tool or do you need to be friends with one? What does that look like?

Caleb Pearson: You need to be friends with one or you need to be one because you do need to have someone that has access to the MLS that can write offers for you.

Tom Krol: Okay. The first step is if you’re going to make mass offers on MLS, the first step is to become friends with an agent or, unless you’re already an agent or broker yourself.

Caleb Pearson: Yeah. We help you set it up, so it’s really easy to get set up or we help the agent set it up, who’s going to represent you. It’s simple.

Tom Krol: Got it. Now, let me ask you this question. What about, if I am in your territory or, I don’t know how this is going to work, and by the way guys, I want to say this. This is not anything that I’m selling, I just happen to know Caleb from a Mastermind that we’re in, but I’m not … there’s nothing that I’m selling here to you, this is something that is, he was talking about and there is no affiliate commission, this is for your benefit only, he has developed this. I’m sure he sells it, but it’s really an amazing, amazing. I’ve seen Caleb go in a very short amount of time from just learning about wholesaling, that being one of the top wholesalers in the state, so really, really super amazing. Are you going to limit how many people can be using your tool per state? Or have you given that much thought or not really?

Caleb Pearson: I’m for, right now we want one per MLS.

Tom Krol: Got it, got it. Okay.

Caleb Pearson: There’s multiple MLS per state in most dates.

Tom Krol: Got it.

Caleb Pearson: Some of the smaller States, there’s one, but we want one person per MLS.

Tom Krol: Well, I want Fort Saint Lucy.

Caleb Pearson: Hey, we got you.

Tom Krol: All right. I will hold you to that. Well, I think that’s awesome. All right now, let me ask you this question. When you say the offers go out, what does that mean logistically? Are those offers are getting sent via email? How do they respond to that? You respond your cell phone number or an email or what does that look like?

Caleb Pearson: That was a learning process. We put contact information and everything, it’s an email that goes out, so it is a formal written and signed attachment to an email. When you’re emailing an offer to someone, you attach the email at the bottom.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Caleb Pearson: Well this fills it out, signs it, attaches it to the email and sends it directly from the agent who’s representing you. It goes directly to the listing agent’s email as a formal offer.

Tom Krol: Got it, and they respond via email?

Caleb Pearson: Well, we put our phone number in there at first and then the phone rang off the hook, so now we have a template that we write for you that basically says, “We understand that the offers not full price, we are investors and we make profit off properties, please present to your sellers, and if you were to counter please email the terms back to us.” Because if you put your phone number on there and you send out a thousand offers, you’re going to get a thousand phone calls right back.

Tom Krol: Got it. Now, let me ask you this question. Is there a benefit to the agent bringing the seller the deal? Because sometimes some wholesalers, what they’ll do, is they’ll cold call agents. As a matter of fact, we just did a show about this, Todd Toback has a product called Agent Deal Domination, and then we spoke to Phil Green, who’s out in San Diego who, he cold called agents and one of the benefits is that those agents will get to represent the wholesaler and get a double commission. But in your case, I guess this agent, who is your friend, they would be the one getting that end of the commission and then the other agent would be getting the seller’s end of the commission.

Caleb Pearson: Correct. But if you’re a licensed agent like myself representing myself, a lot of times I can use that 3% commission as an incentive.

Tom Krol: Got it.

Caleb Pearson: For the other agent to make the deal work.

Tom Krol: Got it. Got it. Very cool.

Caleb Pearson: Or to make the seller take the 3% less.

Tom Krol: I like it. Okay, very, very cool. All right, so that is also. These offers go out, what is the process? How much time do you have? If you get three people who call back and they say, “Yes, we accept it or we counter”, what are those negotiation looks like? What do those negotiations look like? How much time do you have? What are some of the tips and tricks or best practices or some things that you’ve learned along the way? What are some of the hurdles that these guys are going to encounter when they start to do this process?

Caleb Pearson: I’ll tell you how Justin handles it. If someone counters and they don’t come down 20% then he just discards it. But anything where someone, any of the deals where someone counters back at, I guess, 80% or less-

Tom Krol: Got it.

Caleb Pearson: Then he’ll actually analyze the deal and start negotiating, then he’ll pick the phone up and call the agent, because it does help in negotiations to pick the phone up and not do it all via email.

Tom Krol: Got it, got it. Okay.

Caleb Pearson: There’s got to be somewhat of a personal side to it if you really want, if you want the best deal on every deal.

Tom Krol: Let me ask you this question. What are some of the criteria pieces? I know you already mentioned days on market, and I think you said it was either 90 or 180 or something like that, what are some of the other criteria pieces that you’re putting into your criteria to actually identify which homes you should make an offer on and which you shouldn’t or you just kind of across the board making an offer on all of them?

Caleb Pearson: We’ve gotten to where we’ve segmented it, but most … we’ve had the best results from under 300,000, 180 days on market.

Tom Krol: Got it. That’s interesting. That is interesting. I might be one of the people waiting for an offer from you because I have a property that’s been sitting for a long time. I’m seeing a little bit of a slow down in some of the more expensive homes, so we’ve got a $400,000 property that’s been sitting out there for a little longer than I’m comfortable with. Tell him that’s a mean offer.

Caleb Pearson: When you think about it, you’ve got 4,000 people in your market selling. Out of that 4,000 somebody who’s on the verge of being foreclosed on.

Tom Krol: Yes.

Caleb Pearson: But you don’t know which one it is. I guess you can go on public record and find out which one it is, but somebody is going through financial distress that you don’t know about, somebody is going through a divorce, somebody just may not care about the property and said first number gets it. You never know without putting something on paper.

Tom Krol: Right. All of the properties that you’ve been working on, they’ve all come through. I know you mentioned about 35 this year, and they all come through this channel?

Caleb Pearson: Not all. We do some direct mail as well.

Tom Krol: Okay. Okay.

Caleb Pearson: I’ll tell you some of the best ones we’ve picked up have been through this channel.

Tom Krol: Yeah, the biggest assignment fees.

Caleb Pearson: Yeah, which is crazy because everybody says the MLS, you can’t buy through the MLS right now because inventory, meaning the amount of homes on the market is so low and the competition is so high for properties on the MLS, but we still been able to make money even in a low inventory market.

Tom Krol: Caleb, are you taking down most of these properties and buying them? Are you assigning most of them to your cash buyer list? What does that look like?

Caleb Pearson: I say we, we do about half and half.

Tom Krol: Got it. Okay. I just want everyone listening to understand is that even if you’re not comfortable assigning the contract or if your attorney, your real estate attorney saying, “Hey, we don’t want to assign in this state” or whatever it is, there are more than … if you find a property for 50 cents on the dollar, there will be a line out the door of hard money, private money and transactional lenders that will be more than happy to lend you the cash that you need to do those deals, so don’t let that stand in your way if you want to take them down like Caleb is doing or just assign them. Just a quick point there for all of our listeners, but that’s awesome brother.
All right. This is really an interesting topic. You get these properties, you start to call the ones that come back with a counter offer of more than 20% off of the list price.

Caleb Pearson: Correct.

Tom Krol: What are some of the strategies that you’ve found that have worked during that process?

Caleb Pearson: When we pick the phone up and actually call, Justin has a script to find out why the seller is selling. One of the main questions that he asks, he tries to build rapport with the agents, because you have to be friends … you don’t have to be but it helps you to build good rapport and get them on your side.

Tom Krol: Yes.

Caleb Pearson: He builds rapport with them, ask them questions about the client, where they’re moving, what takes them there, what their timeline is, we’d see that it’s been on the market for 180 days, tell me more. You just try to get anything and everything out of that agent that you can, what do you really think this seller will take for the house?

Tom Krol: Right, right. You start that negotiation with the seller’s agent.

Caleb Pearson: Correct. There are some really bad real estate agents and, I’m not throwing real estate agents under the bus, but there are some really bad ones in every market that would tell you more than they probably should about their clients.

Tom Krol: Got it. Got it.

Caleb Pearson: Which gives you leverage.

Tom Krol: Absolutely. All right. Just so everybody understands that, that makes a lot of sense. What Caleb is saying is that the seller’s agent will actually give you the real deal about what is going on in some cases and that’ll give you a lot of leverage to figure out what is the lowest acceptable offer to actually, I guess in that case, take the property down and buy it and profit on it. That is key information there guys. What else have you come across that could help some people who are just going to be starting down this road with you?

Caleb Pearson: I’ll tell you, the people that have used this, that have had the most success with it are the people that are fearless. You’ve got to understand that … it’s just like when you send direct mail. What is it? 80% of the calls tell you to take them off your list?

Tom Krol: That’s if they’re being nice, they’d tell you.

Caleb Pearson: There are some things that I can’t tell you on this podcast that people have said with the direct mailers. Same thing-

Tom Krol: Absolutely.

Caleb Pearson: When you send out a thousand offers, you’re going to have some people that say some things that you don’t appreciate.

Tom Krol: Right.

Caleb Pearson: But the people that are fearless, like Justin, my cousin that works it, he does not care. You can rip him a new one.

Tom Krol: Right.

Caleb Pearson: And call him everything under the sun, it doesn’t matter. He’s going to the next deal. Thick skinned, make as many offers as you possibly can and just keep and then re-offer again after 30 days on the ones that haven’t been accepted.

Tom Krol: I think that that’s amazing. I also want to ask you something I was thinking about, because I definitely do want to implement this in my market, Caleb and I plan to, so I’m really excited about it. I noticed, and you brought this up a second ago about different types of agents and I myself have come across a lot of different agents, some are really thorough, some are super aggressive, some are timid, some are really by the book so to speak, meaning they like to follow a certain process that they have for buying and selling properties. Some are super, they have a lot of bookings or a lot of clients and some hardly have any at all. Some are making a lot of money and some aren’t. Some are brokers and some are just agents. What would you say if you said, “Hey Tom, I want you to, I’m going to help you pick out the best potential agent for you to do this in your market.” What would be some of the characteristics that I’d be looking for in an agent who’d be the best agent to work with me on this process?

Caleb Pearson: I would say it’s not going to be the absolute top producer in your market because they’re not going to have time to sit through the offers.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Caleb Pearson: But a young, new agent that’s got at least, I’d say, two years of experience, so they at least understand the market and contracts.

Tom Krol: Right.

Caleb Pearson: You don’t want someone right out of real estate school because then it’s the blind leading the blind.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Caleb Pearson: But it’s … if you have someone that’s got enough real estate knowledge that doesn’t have a boatload of business, but has some, I think they jump all over the opportunity.

Tom Krol: Let me repeat this to you so I can get it. You’re saying I want an agent who is a new agent with two years or more experience, who is still very hungry and aggressive, like somebody who’s going to actually get in the trenches and do the work.

Caleb Pearson: Correct.

Tom Krol: Got it. Okay. I know there are some times some people refer to agents like they’re … they mostly work with buyers and they mostly work with sellers. Does that make a difference? What about the fact of whether or not they’re a broker? I guess obviously they wouldn’t be a broker then if they’re fairly new.

Caleb Pearson: Yeah, they’re probably not going to be the broker.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Caleb Pearson: Probably just going to be one of the licensed agents in the office.

Tom Krol: Is there a particular house to work with like Century 21, RE/MAX, Keller Williams, [Kai’s 00:00:24:24], anything like that?

Caleb Pearson: In my opinion, it doesn’t make one bit of difference.

Tom Krol: It doesn’t, okay.

Caleb Pearson: No.

Tom Krol: Do they need to let their broker know? Because I know sometimes when you ask an agent to do something they’ll say, “Well, let me talk to the broker and get back to you.” Is there anything we need to be prepared for with that?

Caleb Pearson: The broker just has to sign off on for us to get the rep’s [feed 00:24:42] from the MLS. I don’t want to overcomplicate it. It’s really easy and we haven’t had a broker yet not agree to sign it.

Tom Krol: Awesome. Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy.

Caleb Pearson: Yeah.

Tom Krol: Caleb, Before I let you go, I know there are going to be … first of all, I want to say thank you for sharing this. This is absolutely liquid gold. Some people listening to this, they’re going to realize how powerful of a marketing channel this can be and the cost effectiveness of it compared to other channels, so I’m really, really excited to implement it. I know, guys, by the way, this is if you’re only doing one per MLS, I hope you are prepared because our listeners are some of the top wholesalers in the country or they’re super, super … they have tons of grit and determination, so is going, about to explode. But yeah, I’m really excited, man. You’ve given us more than information, so I don’t want to keep picking your brain here. I am super excited. Anybody who’s listening to this they should head over to Is there anything else that we need to know? Anything that’s important, anything worthwhile bringing up before anybody goes and checks out this tool that you developed to make mass offers in 30 seconds on MLS?

Caleb Pearson: No. Just go to the, hit fill out application, and that doesn’t mean that you’re committing to signing up for it, but we’ll send you a free demo and we will hop on the phone with you and coach you through exactly how it works, answering any of your questions. We’re in this to grow together. Obviously, it’s fairly new, but we’ve got some really big players in some markets using it right now.

Tom Krol: That’s really, really exciting. Caleb, you’re a total sweetheart, brother. I’m blessed to be friends with you. Every conversation I have I benefit from and I get better at … iron sharpens iron, so every time we speak I get better and better myself and I love it. Thank you for your time, man. It’s been a blessing having you on the show. You are a game changer. This is really going to change the game of wholesaling, so we really appreciate it.

Caleb Pearson: Hey buddy, we appreciate you.

Tom Krol: Absolutely. Guys, that’s Caleb Pearson. This guy is a game changer, came on the scene and is crushing it with a brand new channel that no one in your market is using. It is a complete blue ocean of opportunity here, guys, so check out Zoomoffersnow, it’s This is not me pushing anything on you guys, I am not receiving any affiliate commission, this is 100% just to be a blessing in your life, and I hope you take advantage of it because it sounds like he’s only doing one per MLS. In some States, there’s only one or two MLSs for the whole state, so don’t wait.
Guys, if this podcast is helping you make more money, do more deals, get you started in wholesaling or do bigger deals and bigger assignments and make a profit, please leave a review. We just hit the top 50 podcasts in business. We’ve gone over a million downloads now, and if you can leave a review, especially a five star review and have an abundance mindset and be a go giver and share this podcast, that would be a great blessing to me. I personally appreciate it and I want to say thank you in advance for that. Have a great day everybody. Caleb, thank you again for being here and spending time with us, man. You’re going to have a whole bunch of fans as soon as this podcast is released. I have no doubt about it.

Caleb Pearson: All right, buddy. I appreciate you.

Tom Krol: Thank you, Caleb. Have a great day, man. Buh-bye.

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