Episode 226: How a Dedicated Part-Time Wholesaler Earned $26,000 in Just 5 Hours

While wholesaling offers numerous benefits that are hard to miss, one of the most enticing is the fact that you can get paid handsomely even if you’ll just do it part-time. And this fact is something today’s guest can totally attest to!

Hunter Jarvis has only been wholesaling for a few short months. However, while only wholesaling part-time, he has already closed 5 deals and earned a total of $77,000. That’s more money than some people earn in a year!

While his wholesaling journey has not been as smooth sailing as he would have wanted, Hunter’s dedication and fearlessness has made a world of difference.

If you’re looking for inspiration and game-changing advice before taking the plunge, today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear!

The Deal:

  • Hunter sent direct mails to the tax delinquent high equity list and found his lead from there.
  • While homeowner was a bit wary at first, he stayed persistent by doing constant follow-ups. In the process, he was able to build a good relationship and earned the homeowner’s trust.
  • His dedication paid off big time when he walked away $26,000 richer from the deal. That’s a massive reward for a transaction he spent just 5 hours on!


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