Episode 223: How a New and Fearless Rhino Earned a Total of $47,500 Under 10 Hours

If you think you need to master wholesaling first before taking the plunge, you are wrong. And if there’s anyone who can attest to this fact, it’s Jorge Cure.

The newly married rhino from Asheville, North Carolina has only been a member of the tribe for less than a month. However, he has done something truly phenomenal—he has already earned a total of $47,500 just 2 and a half weeks in!

Is he an expert wholesaler? Not even close.

Is he a driven newbie who’s willing to take massive imperfect actions to make things happen? Definitely!

If you’re having second thoughts about taking the plunge because you’re no wholesaling expert, you can’t afford to miss this episode. Jorge’s story will have you convinced that when it comes to wholesaling, mastery is not everything and your drive and willingness to take massive imperfect actions can make a world of difference!

The Deal:

  • Jorge made a total of 15 calls to the people on the pre foreclosure list.
  • A homeowner he left a voice message to called him back to let him know she wants to sell.
  • After all was said and done, he was able to make $17,500 from the deal. He also made another $30,000 for another deal he did. That’s a whopping $47,500 for 2 deals he did in under 10 hours!


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