Episode 220: How Getting Out of His Comfort Zone Helped a Determined Rhino Find His First Deal

Just like many who just started out, John Leonard’s first venture into wholesaling has not been as smooth sailing as he would have wanted. Thankfully, the driven rhino does not mind getting out of his comfort zone in order to make things happen.

While others would have already given up at the first hurdle they encounter, the doting dad was willing to go the extra mile, even moving from Idaho to Sacramento just to get his wholesaling business up and running. Fortunately, his gamble paid off big time!

If you need some help getting out of your comfort zone, you can’t miss today’s episode. John’s courage, drive, and determination might just encourage you to also get out of your comfort zone and take that leap of faith once and for all!

The Deal:

  • John found a motivated seller by calling the driving for dollars list.
  • In order to provide more value and be of help to others, he asked seller what she wants so he can take those things into account.
  • After providing exceptional value and service, he was rewarded $10,000 for his efforts. No doubt a handsome compensation for his drive, service, and willingness to go out of his comfort zone!


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