Episode 22: How Gaining Peoples Trust Can Make You a Fortune!

How Gaining Peoples Trust Can Make You a Fortune!

If someone told you that you only need to do this one thing to seamlessly put homes under contract, would you do it? No, no, it’s nothing crazy or anything, just one “simple” thing that **MOST** of your competition probably isn’t even doing!

Is your curiosity peaked? Well, it should be.

In today’s episode we speak with Atlanta Wholesaler, Brandon Barnes. Brandon has mastered this “one thing” and has made a good chunk of money in his territory doing so. Discover his secrets to always being a “go giver” and the importance of gaining people’s trust in this business.

You’ll also learn how being fired led him to some massive opportunities, why he sought a mentor, and the exact details of a recent deal that lead him to a $24,000 pay day!

You can’t afford to miss this episode!


  • Who is Brandon and how he got into wholesaling
  • How he met one Rhino who changed his life
  • What it was like to be fired from a job
  • How he did his first deal
  • Using probates to find deals
  • Gaining the trust of the people you serve
  • Closing on a $24,000 deal
  • Why it’s important to make sure everyone wins in the transaction
  • What he would do differently if he could start all over again
  • Which books have inspired him the most
  • Focusing on one thing at at time
  • and so much more…

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