Episode 218: Tell the Truth (Bonus Episode 3 of 5)

This episode is the 3rd of a 5-part series where Todd discusses the core steps you need to take to move your wholesaling business to the next level.

In today’s episode, Todd tackled one of the scariest things you’ll have to do as a business owner—hire an acquisitions manager.

Understandably, delegating the work that’s going to bring in the revenue for your business is no easy thing. However, the importance of having an acquisitions manager cannot be overstated.

If anything, it’s not only the best thing you can do, it’s also the most rewarding. It will not only bring in the money, it will also give you back your time and freedom.

If you need help getting past the fear of delegating work to an acquisitions manager, today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear!

Key Takeaways

  • What your mindset should be when it comes to hiring an acquisitions manager
  • What are some of the most common fears associated with delegating and how you can get past them
  • How hiring an acquisitions manager can help you fill in the gaps and give you back your time and freedom
  • How to gauge if the person you hired is the right fit for your company


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