Posted on: November 08, 2018

One of the most common misconceptions people have when it comes to real estate is they need to be an expert before they can start. Today’s guest can attest it’s definitely not true.

In this episode, Tom interviewed expert real estate investor and coach, host of “Your Do Over” and “Epic Real Estate Investing,” podcasts, and author of the book “Do Over,” Matt Theriault.

From earning a 7-figure income, Matt once found himself earning just $7/hour bagging groceries. Fortunately, he was able to recreate the former life he enjoyed and achieve financial freedom through real estate (even though he knew nothing about it when he first started).

If you want to give real estate investing a try but unsure if you have what it takes, this episode is for you. Nothing like learning from someone who started from square one at 34 and successfully reclaimed the financial freedom he once enjoyed through real estate.

Key Takeaways

  • How people with no money can start in the real estate industry
  • What to do if you have no marketing budget
  • What to search for when you’re using online classified ads
  • The game-changing scripts he uses
  • The importance of finding the seller’s motivation
  • How he started making his money
  • The most important question to ask the seller
  • How to gauge how much to pay for a property
  • Why knowing how much the buyer wants for the property is key
  • Tips and tricks he recommends for those who are still starting out
  • Resources/books he recommends for those who want to get in the real estate space


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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: Hey guys, welcome to another amazing episode of wholesaling inc. I am so excited to be with you here today. I have a monster guest, or I should say an epic guest with me today. Someone I have known about, and heard about since I started in wholesaling. This person is just an expert investor. He knows the whole gamut of real estate investing from turnkey, to wholesaling, to real estate investing, and an expert in the industry now for a long time. I’m super honored to have him on the show and of course when I’m using the word epic real estate investing, I am talking about the one and only, Matt Theriault. Matt, can you hear me okay?

Matt Theriault: Loud and clear, Tom.

Tom Krol: All right. It is such an honor to have you on the show, man. I’ve known about you since day one, since like going to like a Sean Terry conference in Atlanta when I was first, first getting started and people were using the word epic and talking about you. It’s so incredible to have you on the show today, what a great adventure.

Matt Theriault: Yeah, no, it’s exciting. I’m excited to be here, thanks for having me.

Tom Krol: Absolutely. Thank you for agreeing to do this. I want to get right into it with you, and pick your brain. I know a ton of our listeners already know who you are. If you guys don’t, definitely check Matt out. He is epic in the world of real estate, and somebody that you absolutely need to follow if you want to have a successful business, he can absolutely point you in the right direction. Without further ado, we are going to get started picking his brain. Matt, before we start asking you for some tips and tricks, and put you in the hot seat, and and picking your brain for some information, can you just kind of give us a little introduction for anybody who might not know who you are?

Matt Theriault: Sure. I’d be happy to. When I got out of the Marine Corps, I spent the next 15 years of my life in the music business, and did really well, made my, made my quote unquote million before I was 30. When the digital download came along and just changed the way that everybody consumed music, putting us out of business in about six months. So, in six months I was bankrupt, I was divorced, and I was bagging groceries. I’d literally went from a seven figure a year to $7 an hour. Then the grocery store manager, we both happened to be 34 years old. I was at the bottom and, he was at management and about to, only about two years away from retiring and taking on his pension. He’d been bagging groceries there since he was early in high school. We became closest, because we were the same age.
He had said one thing to me that just, after about six months of a pity party in that grocery store, not knowing what I was going to do next, knew I had to learn something new. I really missed my money, but I just didn’t know what to dive into, what to make a commitment to. And he said, Matt. And he said, real estate is the final frontier, where the average person has a legitimate shot at creating real wealth.

Tom Krol: Oh man, that’s awesome.

Matt Theriault: I was just like, wow. I was feeling far below average at the point.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: And I was like, I got to learn something new. I’m going to go ahead and dive into this. If this is the final frontier, this is what I need to know. Then yeah, found a little book called, you’ve probably never heard of it, it’s called rich dad poor dad.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: You should probably pick up a copy, it’s a pretty good read. Picked that up and got this whole concept of rat race escape, and it was very different than what I’d become accustomed to, because I had to release records and I was only good as the last release, and we had to keep a steady flow of records flowing into the market and we just get this big giant chunks of cash. I take all that money, and put it into the next release and just kind of snowballed that way, but never really had any residual income. That’s what that whole book turned me on to, let’s get our residual income to exceed our expenses. Might not be wealthy but you’ll be free. And that was really appealing to me at that time, especially midlife and bagging groceries.
I never wanted to go back there again. I took that on, and gosh, in under four years I was able to make that formula work for me. And when everyone that knows you, knows you from you’re just bagging groceries a few years ago, and now you’re playing golf on a Tuesday, we have lunch and can you tell me kind of how you did that?

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: And that led into educating and training people on how to do the same thing. And here we are, I don’t know, probably 12 years after that first lunch date I had with somebody that wanted to pick my brain and you know, never looked back.

Tom Krol: It’s amazing brother. We have so many amazing guests on the show like you. It is so interesting how so many real estate investors who are at the very, very top of the game like you are. They started at rock bottom and I am telling you, I’m sure you feel the same way, but I always want to just remind our audience if you are at that point now, rock bottom can be the strongest of foundations because you don’t have anything to lose, and you can just go for it. I’m sure you have a whole bunch of stories about that, and all your first mistakes and I’m sure there’s a hundred of them. Yeah, it just amazing to again, and again, and again hear this story that everyone who starts in this business, they start off with these humble beginnings and to see you, I mean where you’re at today, it’s just amazing and inspirational.
Let me ask you on that point, a lot of people are, especially a lot of our listeners, they may be starting off at that point. Let’s just get right into it and just deep dive that. If someone is struggling and they don’t have a budget, I know this is something that you specifically focus on for new people, what does that look like? What are some of the things that they can do? People who are really struggling financially, but they really want this, they’re willing, they have the grit, the determination, the perseverance, but they don’t have the funds. Do you need to have funds to get started? Do you suggest that they go and find money? Do they start with a deal? Do they start off by taking a course? What would you give, if you had a younger brother and he was broke, and he was just starting, what would be the advice? How would you get people started?

Matt Theriault: Sure. Great question, it’s not the first time it’s been asked. I mean, there’s a lot of people that want to know what to do, and there’s a lot of people in that situation. I think real estate is the perfect vehicle to get out of that situation, all because, I think where the difficulty comes, because when I got started I didn’t have access to 20 real estate investing podcasts, and all these different courses that are available, and there was a new guru coming to town each week to show you how to do it. It wasn’t that abundant, as far as resources to education and training. I think with so much material out there, with so much, I don’t know, I hate this word, but content out there.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: Everyone’s looking at like, oh, I got to have this postcard, I have to have this new pay per click campaign or I got to get my auto dialer. I got to do, there’s so many things out there, right?

Tom Krol: Right, right.

Matt Theriault: I think people lose sight that this is a people business, and it’s free to talk to people.

Tom Krol: Oh, beautiful. Somebody needs to put that in a frame, because that is so true.

Matt Theriault: Yeah.

Tom Krol: Yeah.

Matt Theriault: I was talking to Joe McCall the other day, he had a great quote. He said, “no one ever went broke making money”. I thought that was hilarious. I was like, I got to put that quote somewhere.

Tom Krol: That was great.

Matt Theriault: Anyway, yeah, so just don’t lose sight that this is the people business. Every piece of property you buy or sell is going to be from or to another person, and that’s readily available out there to anybody is online classifieds. There’s a giant category of people wanting to buy real estate. There’s a giant category of people that are wanting to sell real estate, and I got started in this, I still train people today if they don’t have a marketing budget, is get yourself in between those two people.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: Start making connections, and that is the way that you can start. You don’t need any money to do that. I mean,, Craigslist is free and there’s 50 other sites just like Craigslist that you can go through and just start calling people. If you’ve got the right setup, as far as how to set those calls up and create those relationships. There’s no reason for anybody to be broke with all that opportunity.

Tom Krol: It’s so true. Tony Robbins, he says, it’s not what you want, you don’t get what you want. You get what you can’t live without. When they want it bad enough, you’ll go and do that. I want to deep dive that, if you don’t mind just a little bit, because I know there’s people who are listening, and they’re saying, well, yeah, but Matt, what does that mean? What do you mean, getting between those two people? I don’t know anything, can you kind of, would you mind, can I pick your brain a little? I’ve got a young guy and he’s saying, Hey, I’m totally broke, or a young woman, and she’s saying I’m totally broke. I’m working a nine to five job. What do you mean? You know, online classifieds, Craigslist, what do you mean by getting between them?

Matt Theriault: Sure, so you go to a classified, you search, there’s real estate wanted and real estate for sale. But what you also find is you just start calling the real estate for sale, and you’ll find a bunch of people that want real estate there also. Typically, you don’t have to go to the real estate wanted section too much. What we put together is, I just reverse engineered how I used to do this, and I put it in, it’s not necessarily a script. We call it a framework, it’s a nine box framework for these nine points you have to touch on inside of that conversation, which makes you likable, it makes you trustworthy. It shows people that you’re competent at what you do. It instills confidence in your competence. We just take them through this thing, it could be very simple.
Hey, I just saw your ad about this house down the street, might be a good fit for me. Do you have a minute to answer some basic questions about the property?

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: That’d be our first little box that we check.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Matt Theriault: Just asking for permission. The second one, we just probe a little bit. Hey, what’s the general condition of the house? Is anyone living in the property right now? What does or would it rent for? Is there anything else you think I should know about the property? I don’t go into bedrooms, and bathrooms, and square foot, you can find all that information. I really want to know what’s the motivation and what am I really working with?

Tom Krol: Oh, man, somebody ring a victory bell you guys. I’m just going to, just to interrupt you for one second. You guys, when you have somebody who is at the very top of the success ladder in this industry, right? Everybody should rewind this about 60 seconds and listen to what Matt just said, because it is pure gold. What he just said only comes from being in the trenches and getting the most results, and then getting the results that you want, and then doubling, and doubling down, and doubling down. Because what he just said, that’s something that people who aren’t successful don’t realize. This is something that you have to work hard to find out. You guys, rewind this and listen to what Matt just said, because that takes years to develop what he just said. It is so key to your success in this arena, in real estate, and really not even in real estate. In what he originally said, which was the people business guys. I mean this is key, key information. I love it. So go ahead. I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but that was awesome.

Matt Theriault: Sure. Yeah, you can interrupt if you’re going to say good things about me.

Tom Krol: Absolutely, right.

Matt Theriault: Anyway, so we go through the intro, check that box, we ask for permission and then we go to the probe about the property a little bit. Then I want to find out what’s the motive. Because every deal lies within that seller’s motivation to sell. You’ve got to get to the motivation, or else there’s just not going to be a deal there.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: We don’t want to be this money hungry, greedy, drooling wolf, looking for their property or anything like that. We want to be really likable and trustworthy. We just play it off, this sounds like a property that might work for me, can I ask why you’re selling it? How long have you been trying? Then, the that everyone has trouble asking, have you considered calling a realtor?

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: Those three questions will pull out, you might not get to the motivation on the first time with that first question, but by the time you get the second one, and the third one, it all starts, the picture starts to become really clear. We go through, that check that box, got the motive, we want to find out if there’s anything affecting title, or affecting ownership. If I choose to buy the property, will I need to pay off any taxes, liens, or a mortgage? We phrase it that way, like, well I need to pay it off. Which is a very disarming question, rather than how much do you owe on the property?

Tom Krol: Right. I love that, I love that. Yeah.

Matt Theriault: That works. Then we move on to box five. Hey, I’m going to go ahead and check the most current market conditions, we have this position where we align ourselves with the seller. We’re the problem solver, they got the problem, let’s go ahead and see if we can solve this together.

Tom Krol: Oh, man I love this!

Matt Theriault: Right?

Tom Krol: Keep going, keep going.

Matt Theriault: Sure. We make the market the bad guy, right? So the only thing that’s going to get in the way of us both getting what we want is the mean old market, because we don’t have any control over that.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: We’ll say, I’m going to go ahead and check the most current market conditions. Do you have an idea as to what properties like this are selling for? Not, how much is your house worth? Not, how much do you want for the property? We start with do you have an idea of what houses like yours might be selling for? To make it less personal. Once they give us a number, we ask, okay, so what’s the lowest price you might consider for it? It’s just assuming that they would take less. And then we just ask one more question.
Is that at all negotiable?

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: Okay. We just kind of get there, so we get an idea of what they want. The next, this is where it really came into play for me, and this is how I started making my money initially, and it’s how my students are doing it now, is this next question. Well, if this doesn’t work out for me, is there any room for a small finder’s fee if I should find someone else to buy it?

Tom Krol: Wow, I like that question. That’s a good question. That’s a good question. Yeah.

Matt Theriault: Yep. Then this is where the relationship starts to really get built, is number, our little box seven here. Is this your home, or an investment property? I want to know if this is, you know, something personal to them or is this just a transaction to them?

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: If it’s an investment property, I’ll say, okay, besides selling this property, what do you need most for your investing business right now? That really stumps people, they’re like, huh, what I don’t understand? We rescue them and saying, Hey, the reason I’m asking is, I’m going to be talking to a number of people today and throughout the week, and I might be able to make a connection for you. If I should find someone, is this the best number to reach you?

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: I’m just preparing them, like I’m going to call back, because I’m going to find your buyer, right? I’m really focused on what they need. So I said, is this the best number to reach you? And so after I’ve already got that agreement on the finder’s fee, I know it’s a business. I’m going to be talking to a lot of people, I can become a value to you. I’m going to give, give, give, is my whole mindset cause I know I’m going to get what I need in return eventually. And then it’s, what is your name, and where would you like me to email my contact information? So when I got their phone number, their name, and an email, I put it in my CRM and I attach the seller auto responder. It’s just the eight emails that go out once a week, and it just rotates indefinitely until they unsubscribe.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: Yeah. So I just wrap it up. By the way, is this the only property you have for sale? Which is probably the most important question, or it turns into more deals than any other question.

Tom Krol: Sure.

Matt Theriault: What else you got? Right at the end, don’t ever forget that question.

Tom Krol: I love it. You know, if I can just, my perspective on that script, I love it. I mean everyone, you guys, every one of you guys who are listening to this show, there is no reason why you literally can’t just listen to this episode and do a deal. I mean, this is a game changing podcast guys, or episode rather, I should say. You know what I love about your script is, first of all, I read a book when I first, first started in real estate. It was recommended to me by Todd Towback, and it was by Peter Conti and David Finkel. It’s called how to buy real estate with no cash, no credit, and something like that. It’s a great, great book. They review a script in there, and I remember reading the script thinking, man, it’s so uncomfortable because what you’re doing really is, it seems like you’re, they, I think they had a name for it, like reversing.
But what Matt’s doing in his script that I see guys, is that number one, he’s eliminating every other option. This is something, too, that Todd talks about. You eliminate every other option except for doing business with you. The best question that I love in your script is, why haven’t you listed with a real estate agent, right? Because I mean, that is so sexy, right? Because, first of all, in order for you guys who are listening to ask that question, you really got to, just have your guts, right? And you got to go for it. I think a lot of the reason why people don’t ask that question is, they’re afraid they’re going to lose a deal. The bottom line is you don’t have a deal, until you ask that question, right? Because if they’re like, Oh no, I am listed with an agent, I’m going to call one this afternoon, there’s no deal.

Matt Theriault: Right.

Tom Krol: But when they say, Oh no, I don’t like to work with this or, another question that we ask a lot is, why don’t you just list the property and become a landlord? And then they’re like, Oh, no, no, no. I don’t want to be a landlord. I was a landlord once, and it’s the worst. You guys, when you eliminate every other option except for doing business with you, it’s a game changer. They get busy convincing you, that you should give them your money instead of you getting busy convincing them, that they should give you the house, which is just a complete reversal. Really cool script man, that’s a huge give on this show. That’s got to be like a top 10, that’s crazy. Thank you man, that’s really good. That was nice of you to share that, that’s a game changer.

Matt Theriault: Sure, sure. One thing about the script is, I don’t really like scripts, to tell you the truth. When I was a real estate agent, I memorized everything. I had all of my various stuff backwards and forwards. I had all of the Brian Buffini stuff, backwards and forwards,.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: All the big real estate agent gurus. But, what I kept on finding over, and over again, as well prepared as I was, and as well as I knew my script, the person I was talking to didn’t know the script. It was really tough to stay on track with people if you were still dependent on a script. That’s why we kind of put this into frameworks now, just make sure you touch the points in each box, and it doesn’t necessarily mean, you can go off on a tangent, you can get distracted, and you can always come back to that box, and keep that conversation focused.

Tom Krol: Right, right. For sure. I know, and a lot of times they don’t follow the script, right? They’re all over the place, and then it’s hard once you get put off track. I think that the bottom line is, you tell me if I’m wrong here, Matt, but I think what the bottom line is, is Matt is just telling you to stop listening to this podcast and go get on the phone. I mean that’s the bottom line is, if you know 40% of the script that he just gave you, you can go out and find a deal, just with some general information of getting the most results. The guys and girls with the most results always do the most deals, right? That’s a game changer.
So awesome, brother. Alright, so let me ask you this question. Someone’s listening to this podcast and they’re saying, okay, Matt, I did what you told me to do, and I have a somebody who is a seller, and it seems like they really need to sell their home. They’re in this situation, it’s a distressful situation. What is kind of like the next step that they would do? Once they go through this, and they’re like, okay, we’ve got somebody, a lot of our listeners wouldn’t know what to do at that point. Do you have any kind of basic suggestions for them?

Matt Theriault: Yeah, so I mean, that was one half of the conversation. As you’re going through, you’re finding people that buy real estate as well. And we have a similar framework for the buyer interview. I would just take notes out of that, try and get five people, five sellers a day, five buyers a day, taking notes of what they need. Then end of the day, I’d just kind of match up and see, or I’d review everybody’s notes and see who’s got what the other person needs, right?

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: I would go ahead and, if I found a buyer that was looking for that property, by the way, I would had already asked that same question on both sides. Hey, if this isn’t a good fit for me, do you have a room for a small finder’s fee, if I find someone that it is good fit? In the beginning I was getting finder’s fees from both sides, and so I would just go in and make those connections. I say, great, I found somebody for you. Let me put this under contract for you. I’ll go ahead and make the introduction and then go ahead and put two together and you both can get what you want, we all win.

Tom Krol: Let, let me ask you a question. I know one thing that’s going to stop a lot of people is they’re going to say, Matt, that sounds great, but I don’t know what to pay for a property. I have no real estate training, I’m a dentist full time. How do I know what to pay? Is there a general quick way to do that?

Matt Theriault: Yes. I mean it’s, it’s running comparables. Looking what similar houses sell for, that’s in our script. I want to get, I know what the market is going to say, and if you know your market, you can go to Zillow and figure that out in most states.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: But I really want to know what the seller wants, right? That’s kind of my starting point.

Tom Krol: Oh man, there goes that victory bell again. I need a victory bell closer to this computer, because you guys, that is the key, key, key. It doesn’t matter what you want to pay for the property. It only matters what the seller wants to sell it for.

Matt Theriault: Exactly.

Tom Krol: Yeah, I love it.

Matt Theriault: If they come up with a good number, and if there’s equity in there, then that was enough reason for me to take the next step and make that introduction to the buyer that wanted what they were selling.

Tom Krol: Right, right. Yeah, that’s key guys. That’s awesome. Let me ask you this man. There’s a lot of people who are listening who are just kind of getting started on their wholesaling journey, and their real estate investing journey. What other tips and tricks would you give somebody who’s brand new? They’re just getting started. What are some of like, a few key things that really worked you when you got started, that you’d recommend for others?

Matt Theriault: I think the biggest thing is, I mean we’ve kind of talked about it here the whole time. You have to talk to people, you have to, you’re never going to do a deal unless you do. Then you have to be consistent with it, because you can go through what the, the little, you know, practice that I just shared. You can go a week or two and not make that connection. So it’s consistency, it’s persistence. But I’ll tell you, you start snowballing this thing up. When you do these right activities, the money making activities, there’s no way you can’t make money.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: I think for anyone that’s like, thinking about it, I think that anybody can do this. There’s no special talent or tricks to making this happen. Anyone can do this, not everyone will, however. I think that’s where the real opportunity is, if you’re questioning whether you can do this or not, really all you need to do is question, can you be consistent or not? Everything else takes place, or will take care of itself.

Tom Krol: I totally agree 1000%. As a matter of fact, I did a Facebook live this morning, and I said top 10 reasons why new wholesalers fail. The number one reason, the number one reason, which, Matt just discussed was consistency. I totally agree, 100%, is that there is no competition. There’s only collaboration. And the reason is, is because, I think it was Rachel Ray, has a famous quote and she says- Was it Rachel Ray? Somebody said, I read it recently, and it said work hard because no one else does. Right? It’s so true, brother.

Matt Theriault: Same vibe, yeah.

Tom Krol: It’s absolutely, the key is consistency is the number one separator. When I’m in a room with people and they’re all in the 1% club, what’s the one thing that separates them from the paycheck to paycheck people, is consistently working hard. I mean guys, I agree 1000% with Matt on that one, is consistency is the key to success. Who’s going to get that script, and who’s just going to do it, or die trying. The guy or girl with that attitude, they’re the ones who are going to make it happen. That’s why rock bottom is such a good place to start, because there’s no safety net.

Matt Theriault: It is because you’re well aware of your alternative, if you don’t do it.

Tom Krol: Yes, exactly! The guy with the $120,000 a year income has a big safety net, and golden handcuffs. He’s going to eat, whether or not he makes that next phone call.

Matt Theriault: Yep.

Tom Krol: Absolutely true. Let me ask you this question. You brought up books, you brought up a rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki, one of my all time favorite books, I love it. Are there any other resources, or books that you would recommend to go check out? I know you’re obviously a reader, if you know about that book, what would you suggest are a few good reads for someone who are just getting into this into the space?

Matt Theriault: Yeah, I mean just to kind of really stay here focused in the context of consistency, and what that means to your results. I think the slight edge is probably the best companion book for whatever your favorite book is.

Tom Krol: Right.

Matt Theriault: If that makes sense. If you’re into tomato gardening, you need the slight edge, right? If you’re in real estate investment you the slight edge, and it’s a short little read, and I just think that’ll make the difference for every single person that aspires to do anything. It works especially well with what we do in real estate.

Tom Krol: Yeah, that book, I haven it on my bookshelf, and I haven’t read it yet. You are like the umpteenth person to recommend, so I will absolutely read it. Who is that by again? Do you remember who the author is?

Matt Theriault: Jeff Olson, I think is his name.

Tom Krol: Okay, awesome. So the slight edge, awesome. I’ll put a link to that in the show notes. Matt, that is awesome, brother, I appreciate it. You’re out in California, right? So I know, you guys, whatever works. Matt is a real estate investor, and whatever’s working in California works in the rest of the country even better. You guys can outperform Matt, because if he can make it work in California, you could definitely make it work in like Jackson, Mississippi. Because California’s tough market.
If he could do it out there, there are no excuses. You could absolutely make it work anywhere. Whatever works in California works better even in other States. If he could do it, you can do it. That’s awesome. Any last tips or tricks, or anything else that you would encourage people to check out before? I know you actually are also, you take some time to actually train some other people. Can you tell us a little bit about that, also?

Matt Theriault: Sure. We just started our ninth year of our real estate investing podcast. That’s the Epic podcast, and through that podcast we’ve helped a lot of people do a lot of great stuff. We just launched this pilot program kind of based on, gosh, it’s weird, like everything was kind of meant to be today as far as the context of our conversation. Frequently, the question is very much what you had asked, you know someone is getting started, they don’t have the resources, if you lost it all, how would you start over again? What would the advice be if you had to give somebody like that? That conversation, or that question comes in so many different forums, but it’s all the same. We just launched a little pilot program, where I just ran through it step by step exactly how I would do it all over again.
If I lost everything, and probably not much would change. I’d be able to do it a lot faster, because I wouldn’t have to figure it all out. I wouldn’t have to work by trial and error so much. We just laid it all out there, streamlined the whole thing, put in a nice easy consumable four video course. We put that together, and that’s free. I’m trying to get out of the guru business, by the way. Like I’m stop selling education, I’m stopped selling information, giving away it all for free. We’re becoming more little bit more of a service’s company. The education is really free now. That’s a free real estate investing

Tom Krol: Free real estate investing guys, check it out. Matt is a rock star in this business. He’s a total Go-Giver, and he is actually successful. This is not someone who’s just giving out free advice, and this is somebody who has skin in the game. He’s been doing this for a long time. Like I said, he does it in California, so if it works out there, it will work in your neck of the woods. So check it out, free real estate investing, and the podcast is the Epic real estate, right? To check out the podcast.

Matt Theriault: It’s Epic. Real estate investing is the name of the show, if you type in the Epic real estate it’ll open up the iTunes app right on your phone.

Tom Krol: Perfect. And it’s also, you guys, it’s Matt Theriault and Matt, can you just, because a lot of people are going to want to check you out. Can you spell your last name? I just want to make sure everybody gets it right.

Matt Theriault: Oh yeah, yeah, sure. Theriault.

Tom Krol: Awesome, good stuff.

Matt Theriault: Pretty much everything is silent.

Tom Krol: Awesome. Perfect, I like it. So you guys, I’ve known about Matt since I got started in wholesaling. He is a total rock star. He is in the circles that we’re in. He is absolutely, everybody has respect for Matt. He is a good guy, with a good heart, who’s a go giver. He’s a trusted resource, you can totally go to him. I’ve been told about Matt, to check out his stuff since day one of investing, and I’ve never heard anything about him except for a positive review. So check him out.
He’s really a pillar in the community, and somebody you can trust, and take advice from. Like I said, total Go-Giver and it’s free. So what do you have to lose? Go and check it out. You guys, this is like a no brainer. If you’re struggling with your finances, and you need to learn how to do a deal, you have no excuses. Go check out Matt Theriault, man guys, I mean guys, he’s like, this is a no brainer. So awesome. Matt, thank you so much for being on the show, man.
I appreciate your time and I’m honored to have you on the show. It’s a game changer.

Matt Theriault: Yeah. Can’t believe it took so long, I mean we have so many mutual friends and here we are. Thanks for having me, Tom, really appreciate it.

Tom Krol: Absolutely, thank you brother. Enjoy the day, god bless. You guys, that was Matt Theriault, so super, super excited. Definitely check him out. Podcast is Epic real estate investing, and it is the, let me just make sure I get it right. I’m going to put the link in the show notes. Free real estate investing Matt, thanks again, and we’ll see you soon, brother.

Matt Theriault: Alright, take care, buddy.

Tom Krol: Alright, enjoy the day. Bye bye.

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