Posted on: November 05, 2018

If you missed the Wholesaling Summit in Asheville, North Carolina, you’re in for a treat! In this episode, thriving wholesaler, go-giver, and TTP (Talk to People) guru Brent Daniels will share the exact presentation he gave in the summit so you can dramatically increase your number of deals, boost your revenue, and take your business to the next level.

Today’s show is packed with powerful wholesaling wisdom, insights, and advice you can’t find anywhere else so you better have a pen and paper handy!

Key Takeaways

  • 3 ways you can do business in the real estate industry
  • What the most profitable and predictable way to do business is
  • Why being proactive is the best way to go
  • The number of leads you need to get a deal
  • The difference between “hot” and “warm” leads
  • What creative avoidance is and why you should steer clear of it
  • What the 3 core elements of every seller are
  • What the best lists are
  • What the 4 pillars of pre-qualifying are
  • The importance of having a good mindset
  • Why reading a good book is critical to your wholesaling success
  • The importance of investing in the services of a mentor or coach
  • Why you should keep your goals in front of you at all times
  • Why you should start each day at zero
  • What you can do to shorten your learning curve
  • The foundation you need so you can take action
  • Why you need to appreciate every win however small
  • The importance of understanding the difference between your identity and your role


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Here we go. This is Brent Daniels, and this is the exact presentation that I did to the live audience at the Wholesaling Summit 2018 in Asheville, North Carolina. I wanted to make this video presentation. You see me in the corner. You’re going to see the PowerPoint. If you’re listening to this on the podcast, make sure you check it out at my YouTube at Brent Daniels Real Estate. You can check it out and see all of the PowerPoint slides. It helps to have a visual.
This whole presentation was designed for you. For that wholesaler that’s out there. For that person that’s out there getting deals themselves, that are fighting and they’re working with distressed homeowners and they’re providing so much value out there in their community. So, this is my top 35 thoughts on adding 50 deals to your business in the next 12 months. Let’s start fast with this thing and let’s get going, okay.
Number one. How do I get business? You have to ask yourself, “How do I get business?” There’s only three ways to get business in the wholesaling industry. In the real estate business period. You either wait for it. You literally just wait around for some homeowner to fall into your lap. Maybe you tell your friends and family that you’re a real estate investor, and maybe they refer somebody to you, and you’re just waiting around and hoping that a deal falls into your lap. It’s very profitable, but it’s not very predictable, okay. There’s just no way to predict when you’re going to be able to get that deal.
So, what do we do? We turn to the most common way to get business, which is to buy the business, right. That is any kind of marketing and advertising that we do. Whether that be pay-per-click, whether that be direct mail, whether that be door hangers, whether that be bandit signs. Anything that we are spending money on. Spending money on advertising and marketing is buying the business.
Or, you can go with my favorite way. The most profitable way, the most predictable way, and that is to go out and earn it every single day by picking up the phone and reaching out to distressed homeowners on a daily basis. Let’s talk about facts. It is a fact. The more distressed homeowners you speak with on a regular basis, the more money you’re going to make. It is undefeated. It is flawless. The more that you talk to these people, the more money you’re going to make.
So, just decide. Are you going to just wait for those conversations? Are you going to buy those conversations? Or are you going to go out and earn it every single day? That’s a choice you need to make in your business. You can make a lot of money in a day. Probably not waiting for business, but you can make a lot of money buying it, and you can make a lot of money earning it. But how much of that are you keeping? Really pay attention to that. So, decide what you want to do in your business.
Number two. What is your current market value in the marketplace? Value your income in this world. Your income in this business is equal to the amount of value you provide to the marketplace. So, look back. Be honest. Look back in the last twelve months and see how much money did you make because that’s your value in the marketplace. That’s what it is. So, how much money did you make? Really take a look at that.
And three. What does 50 more deals mean to your income? 50 more deals. Can you imagine collecting all those checks? Can you imagine all those wires hitting your account, or actually getting cashier’s checks? 50 of them. Can you imagine it? Take your average amount that you make per deal and times it by 50. That’s life-changing money. You better believe that’s life-changing money. Especially some of you out there that are making 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 dollars a deal. Adding 50 deals to that is life-changing financially. So, really put that in your head. What does that look like? What does it feel like? Make it feel tangible. Make it feel real. And keep a close eye on your priority management.
Number four is keep a close eye on your priority management. We have 168 hours in a week. We all do. Even if we slept eight hours a day, that still gives us 112 hours of waking time to produce value in the marketplace. What are you doing with it? Can you commit 15 hours a week? If you’ve got a full-time job, if you’ve got kids, if you’ve got so many other responsibilities, can you give 15 hours? Can you give 20? Can you give 25? Can you give 40? What are you doing with the other 74 hours that you have? 72 hours that you have. There is plenty of time. It is all about priority. You want to make this business something special, you want to get out of your job, you want to buy assets, you want to live that financially free lifestyle, then what are you doing with your priorities? And do you really want that? Are you stacking your priorities up and putting them in the order that gives you the ability to provide the most value to your community? Take a look at it.
Number five. Be on offense. Destroy the anxiety. Let’s be real here. Let’s be real. When you send out marketing, when you spend the money on marketing, you send it out, you pay the bill, you pay the pay-per-click, you pay for direct mail, whatever it is, do you get that little twinge of anxiety that you feel? That you hope that you’re going to get a call. That you hope that you’re going to get a deal. That you hope that something’s going to happen. Right? You get pumped. You send it out and Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 5:00, you are ready. You are prepared. You are going to answer those calls. You are going to be on top of that distressed homeowner. You’re going to fly out to that property and lock it up. And you’re going to be amazing. That sounds great.
You go even so far as to change your ringtone on your phone. You change your ringtone to that number that you put on your marketing to a cash register, right. Cha-ching, cha-ching. Cha-ching, cha-ching. That goes off, and your brain just fires up, and you’re so excited because you know, “Oh my gosh, this could be it. This could be the call that makes me 10, 15, 20, 50 thousand dollars. Oh my gosh, it’s amazing.” Until you’re at dinner with your wife. Until you’re at your kids sports game. Until you’re on vacation. Until you’re at the gym. Until you’re doing something else with your life.
Then, all of a sudden, that cha-ching, cha-ching, you’re always worried about it. It sits in the back of your brain. You’re wondering, “Can I go do this activity? Can I go be involved in this, in whatever it is? Or is there going to be a cha-ching, cha-ching coming?” Right? Cha-ching, cha-ching. It starts turning into a curse. It starts turning into this thing that drives you crazy. You’re trying to sleep at night and you get phantom cha-ching, cha-chings. They’re just going crazy in your mind. You’re waking up in the middle of the night sweating because you think that you’re missing a call. And if you miss a call, it could be worth 10, or 15, or 20, or 50 thousand dollars. All because you’re letting these calls come into you.
Do you know who sleeps great at night? The people that are proactive. The people that from 9:00 to noon make calls every single day and have conversations with distressed homeowners on their terms. That is freedom. That is freedom. You’ve got to be on offense. If you’re constantly waiting around for something to happen, the anxiety’s going to creep into your life, and this business is not going to be fun. Yeah, you can make money. Yeah, you can make a lot of money. But, at the sake of your happiness. At the sake of your sanity. You’re always anxious that you can’t do anything without a cha-ching, cha-ching coming up and just ruining that moment. No. You got to be proactive. You got to be on offense. That’s what happens when you can pick up the phone and be proactive. So, be proactive. Destroy that anxiety.
Number six. Understand where your leads and your deals come from. You have to build a property avatar. You have to understand is it a vacant house? Is it owner occupied? Is it tenant occupied? Those are three distinctions. Then, which list did they come from? Is it a probate? Is it a tax default? Is it a pre-foreclosure? Is it a vacant home? Is it a code violation? Is it inherited? Where are you getting most of your leads? Is it tired landlords? Is it owner occupied over a certain age? Really boil down. Look at every single deal that you’ve done and really filter them down so you know exactly the right avatar that you want to go after, right. What I mean by avatar is like what are the commonalities in those sellers that you run across all the time? If there’s commonalities there, that means that you can focus on them. When you focus on them, that’s what you get, okay.
Number seven. Keep and be obsessive about your scorecard, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. What I mean is these six questions. Answer these. How many people do I need to talk to to get a lead? How many people do I have to talk to to get a lead? This is going to help determine how good of a list you have of distressed homeowners. Now, when my prospectors are calling, they get 17. They have to talk to 17 homeowners to get one lead. When I was doing it personally, it was 15. How many leads do I need to get a deal? With my phone prospectors, we need 60 leads from them sent in. With me, it was 15. I got a deal every 15 people that I talked to.
How many cash buyers do I have? We have over 10,000 cash buyers. How do you build those cash buyers up? You got to build them up. You got to find the absolute best. That is the name of this whole business, is being able to have the absolute best cash buyers in your market. It is critical. Build it, build it. Know exactly how many you have and keep building it. Be proactive on that. Take the actions every single day to build up that cash buyer database.
How much do I make per deal? With my phone prospectors, we make $23,000 a deal. That’s our average right now. Now when it was me making the calls personally, it was $25,000, okay. How long do I have to prospect to get a deal? With my prospectors, it’s 68 hours it takes for me to get a deal. When it was me personally calling, it’s 15 hours. I’ll break down the difference on why my results are so much better than phone prospectors in a slide coming up. So, stick around.
How long is the sales cycle? How long does it take to make a contact today to getting a check? How long? Typically, it’s about 90 days. So, the people that you’re talking to now, are going to close in 90 days, so you got to constantly be building up your pipeline. You can’t stop. You can’t just take off months at a time and not fill up that pipeline because you feel like you have so many leads.
Number eight of the 35 thoughts to add 50 deals to your business in the next 12 months is… Number eight is wake up every day and ask this question. Who can I talk to today that’s going to sign a contract? Who can I talk to today that’s going to sign a contract? Again, you get what you focus on. When you focus on it, that’s what you find. So, who today is going to sign a contract? That’s the question you have to ask every single day and you have to triage your leads.
You got to triage your leads. What does that mean? You go to a triage in a hospital. If I have my arm cut off and you have a common flu, they’re going to take care of me first. That’s triage. Take care of your hottest people first. Ask yourself the question, who’s going to sign a contract today? And make sure that you’re in front of those people. Make sure that you’re not distracted by any of the other leads except for the people that are going to sign a contract today.
Number nine. Only keep hot or warm leads. Throw the rest away. Too many leads hide your best leads, okay. What is a hot lead? A hot lead… You need to determine what a hot lead is. In our business, a hot lead is somebody that’s going to sign a contract in the next seven to ten days. That’s a hot lead.
A warm lead is somebody that’s going to sign a contract, they want to sell, but they can’t sign it… Their timeline is longer. Whether it’s because they’ve got tenants in it, whether they’re cleaning out the property, whether they’re going through probate, whether they have to get all their legal ducks in a row. Whatever it is, they just have a longer timeline. Hot and warm leads. That’s the only thing that we keep. Everything else is looky-loos. Everything else is just people wanting you to throw a value at them, so that they can try to determine how much their house is worth, or what somebody is willing to pay for it. Get rid of them. Having too many leads block all the best leads. Your best leads are hidden behind all these junk leads. The trashcan is your friend, okay.
Number ten. Watch out for creative avoidance. This is a little monster that creeps into our daily life. Creeps into our business. Creative avoidance. I need to build a logo. I need to put together a website. I need to recreate the wheel on this. I need to read through everything and make sure that all of the documents, I know every single letter of every single document that comes across my desk. I need to reorganize my office space. All these little creative avoidance. I need to go to lunch. Maybe I’ll go on the other side of town. All these creative avoidance that keep us from the income producing activities just throttle the ability for our business to grow, okay. Watch out for creative avoidance.
Eleven. Understand the core elements of every seller. Number one. There’s three core elements of every seller. Number one is they want to sell. They want to sell. It’s not that they need to sell. We know plenty of people that need to sell and they still foreclose. They still lose their property to tax default. These are people that want to sell. People that will actually sign a contract with somebody. That is the first core element of every seller. I don’t care what market you’re in. I don’t care what state you’re in. I don’t care what their distress is. I don’t care what it is. Every seller has these same core elements. One is they want to sell. Find the people that want to sell. Ask them the question, how long have you been thinking about selling? It’s a really, really engaging, and opens them up.
Number two. They trust that you will get the deal done. They trust at some point you’ll get the deal done, by the closing time, by whenever. They would not sign a contract unless they trust that you can get the deal done, right. Number three is they have a problem that you can solve. If they don’t have a problem that you can solve, then why are they selling it at a discount? Remember, people will trade equity for speed and convenience. There has to be a problem. There has to be a motivation there. So, you got to find that.
One, they want to sign a contract. Two, they trust you. They’re going to sign your contract. And three, they have a problem that you can solve. There are plenty of problems that we cannot solve in this business, but there are so, so many that we can. Just make sure that you’re asking, and you’re pre-qualifying as much as possible so that you can draw all of these core elements out of the homeowner. The best way to do that is to ask great questions, and then just be quiet and listen. Got it?
Number twelve. Call the best list first. If you are going to be proactive, if you’re out there and you’re one of those crazy people that knows that if they get in front, if they can just get on the phone with a homeowner, they are going to be so successful, then I am speaking to you because here are the best lists to call right off the bat. Number one of all time is the driving for dollars list. It is. It’s custom. Nobody else has it. The easier a list is to get, the more people that have it, the more contacts that that homeowners going to get through mail, or through Facebook, or through cold calls, or through voicemails, or through whatever, right. But driving for dollars means you actually have to go out there and get those addresses. It’s a custom list. Go get them.
Number two is probate. In my market, 75% of probate properties sell in the first 90 days. In the first 90 days, they sell. So, go after those probates. It’s so important. Number three. Multi-family. Guys, right now you have to go after multi-family. There is so much money in our economy right now, and people with that money want to buy what? Yes. Cash flowing assets. Everybody’s hot for multi-family right now. You find those deals, they’re going to be big and they are going to be profitable. I’m telling you, those are massive deals.
Number four is tired landlords. Yes, everybody’s going after them. Yes, they’re also called absentee owners. Yes, they get the most mail, the most calls, the most voicemails, the most whatever. But they still are a huge amount of the sales that happen every single day in the marketplace. So, make sure you’re going after tired landlords. Remember, tired landlords have owned properties for a long time and typically the properties are older. Built before 1980 or before. These properties are beat up. They need some love. They need a complete renovation and the landlord just doesn’t want to deal with it. Whether they don’t have the funds, or they just don’t want to deal with it. So, get after those.
Number five is out-of-state owners. Make sure that you’re going after those. Again, those two… the tired landlords and the out-of-state owners are going to get a lot of attention from all of us. So, it just depends on your ability to communicate with them and be there at the right place at the right time. By the way, as a side note, if you guys are not following me on Instagram, my Instagram handle, it’s just brentdaniels_ttp. I put a lot of awesome information in there. Yeah, so check it out.
Number thirteen. Learn how to comp properties and discover strategic opportunities. Guys, when we’re starting out in this business, especially if we don’t have any real estate background, the ability to understand is it a deal or not a deal and how big of a deal is it, is huge. We all go through that learning curve of our first three, or five, or ten deals, where we make just a little bit on each one when we could’ve made massive amounts on each one if we knew the true value of the property. Also, you need to be able to build up your buyer database. That’s huge as well. So, keep doing that, especially when you’re just starting out.
But learn how to comp properties. Talk to an appraiser. Sit down with them. Give them 150 bucks to spend an hour with you to show you how to run comps on properties, to come up with the values of properties. You know what I mean? Meet with a real estate agent. Run things by people. I mean, really comp a lot of properties all the time, in your spare time. An hour a day, just comp properties, and see if you’re getting better at it. One street is different than another street. This lot is better than that lot. Understand your market like the back of your hand and your profits will explode. You’ll get so many more deals than you wouldn’t. It’s going to add to those 50 deals this year because you… I’m telling you, you are probably giving up on leads that could be great potential because you just don’t understand the opportunity. So, comp properties.
Fourteen. Build your cash buyer database to at least 1,000 people as quick as possible. Not 100. Not 250. Not 500. 1,000. Get to as many as possible. A great tip that I love is get on everybody else, every wholesaler’s list, everybody that’s blasting out properties. Get the addresses of properties they’re blasting out. Once they close, find out who bought them. Those are the hottest buyers in town. Just find out who bought them. If it’s a company, take that company name, put it into the Corporation Commission website, find out who the managing member is and their address, and give them a call. Add them to your buyer database. That’s called adoption, okay. Adopt those buyers. Those are the best buyers out there.
Understand the hierarchy of phone prospecting. This question was one of the… I was asked the most, there we go. The phone prospecting. Number one. You are going to be the best at it, without a doubt. If you want to know how to get deals and get them on the phone and talk to people, TTP baby. You’re going to be the absolute best, number one, top of the pier, okay.
Number two, is if you hire somebody that works in your office with you. I don’t care if you’re working out of an apartment. I don’t care if you’re in a trailer. I don’t care where you’re at. But that person is around you. They’re in that environment. They get your passion. They get your fuel, right. They’re really feeling it. Someone in your office that is making the calls is going to be about half as effective as you are in making those calls. So, if you want to get the same results having somebody else make the calls and you not make any of the calls, make sure that they call at least twice as much, okay. Or, you hire two that call the same amount as you. Does that make sense? Hope the numbers are adding up.
Three. Get an American to make a call from their home. I don’t care if it’s down the street, or if it’s in Costa Rica, or if it’s in Australia, just any American making the calls from their home is going to be about 25% as effective as you. So, you need four of them, or you need them to call four times as much to equal what your potential is, what your income potential is if you called yourself.
And four is a foreigner making calls from a call center, okay. That’s anybody that isn’t American born is going to be about 5 to 10% as effective as you, okay. Now, these people typically are inexpensive. These services are inexpensive. So, you got to add a lot of them to equal you. My suggestion… My humble suggestion is that you make as many of these calls as possible. You build your bank account up as big as possible. You get all that experience and then start thinking about hiring it out. On number fifteen, that is huge. That is out of a lot of experience that I have, and a lot of students around the country. So, check that out.
Number sixteen. Keep a close eye on how much you are keeping for your family. Okay. This is a real story. I went to dinner with partners here. Partners in my market. They were a million dollar company. They’re making a million dollars a year. But then after a few questions, I started to discover something really, really, really unsettling to me. Yeah, they were making a million dollars in gross assignments. But they were spending $40,000 a month on advertising. They were meeting with me because they wanted to see, “Why, Brent, how are you keeping so much of your income? How do you keep your costs so low?” Because I’m proactive. Because my whole company’s proactive.
But they were spending so much in marketing, because that’s what they were taught. That’s the way that things have been going on forever in this business, was that you had to pour in a ton of money into marketing. So, they were spending $480,000 of the million dollars in marketing. Then, after that, they gave 15% to their acquisition managers, which is $150,000. Then, they spend 10 grand a month on operations. Office supplies, whatever, equipment, who knows, a company car. Like, all these different operation costs added up to 10 grand a month, $120,000.
I said, “Well, guys, are you keeping money in reserves so that you can make sure you can make payroll all the time and there’s no hiccups in the business?” “Yeah. We keep three months of costs in our bank account. It’s $150,000 we have just sitting there in case we need it.” $480,000 plus $150,000 plus $120,000 plus $150,000. I’m out to dinner at a beautiful restaurant. I mean, tablecloths, the whole thing, several course meals, a wonderful server, right. And I realize that at the end of this, I was doing the mental math in my head, they were splitting $100,000 as partners before taxes. The guy serving us was making more than these guys, and they had a million dollar business.
They were out there, and they were flaunting it, in their amazing cars, and houses, and jewelry, and trips, and popping bottles, and all this. Don’t be fooled by that, guys. Really understand where the money goes. Keep it for your family. Even if you make less per year and you keep more, you win. That’s winning. That’s changing the lives of your family. That’s changing your financial future. It’s keeping the money for your family. So, pay attention to it. Really, really pay attention to it.
Seventeen. Pre-qualify every lead based on the four pre-qualifiers, right. The four pillars of pre-qualifying. One. The condition of the property. Find out the condition of the property. People love talking about the condition of the property. It is a great way to open up the conversation, like pouring out a wine into the little snifter deal. It just opens it up, right. That’s what the condition of the home is. That allows the conversation to roll, and as the conversation goes longer, they’re going to open up more, okay.
Number two. Timeline to sell the property. If they want to sell their property, but they don’t want to sell it until their daughter graduates high school in four years, move on. Timeline to sell is critical. Three. The motivation. What’s their motivation to sell? Also, what is the problem? It’s the same thing. Motivation and their problem. Four. What is the price that they want? Pull it out of them. Those are the biggest deals, when they tell you the price first. Pull it out of them. Have good conversations. Ask questions and be quiet. You will get the price out of them. You will get it. There’s so many different techniques. You can see on my YouTube channel, Brent Daniels Real Estate Coach YouTube channel, I have a whole video on it. Check it out.
Eighteen. Read a great business book every month. Listen, to get to 50 deals, to add 50 more deals, okay, you need to have that good mindset. You need to unplug all the junk that is thrown at us on a daily basis. All the drama that hits us from social media, from the news, from newspapers, from whatever. Great business books. You got to read them. Great business books literally plunge all of that crap out of your head. It is so critical. I read a book a week and it has exploded by businesses. It really has. So, just focus. Try to get one a month. Just read so that you are sitting there, you’re literally going to spend five hours with the smartest, most talented, most accomplished people that have ever lived. Five, six hours you’re going to spend inside their brain. It’s beautiful. So, make sure you’re reading that, and make sure that you’re keeping your mindset high to get to those 50 extra deals.
Remind yourself that next to lead generation… This is number nineteen. Remind yourself that next to lead generation, lead follow-up is the most important activity. Every time you don’t follow up, you are missing a assignment fee. You’re losing it. How many checks do you have to lose before you start following up with your leads? Don’t push it off until tomorrow. You should never go to bed with a phone call that hasn’t been returned, okay, with a lead that was supposed to be called, a task that you set for the day to call that lead. That should never happen. Never, never, never. You want to go to bed and sleep just wonderfully, make sure that no phone call that you received goes unanswered, or uncalled back, and make sure that you call every single lead. You’ll win in such a massive way. It is bananas. Lead follow-up.
Number twenty. When you close a deal, how many new leads do you need to replace it? I just showed you on a couple slides ago, we need 68 cold call leads for one deal. So, when I get that deal closed, I don’t have to replace it with one lead, I got to replace it with 68 leads. Does that make sense? I hope so. So, make sure you understand how many leads you need to have to get a deal, so you know how many you need to replace when you close the deals that you have, okay.
Twenty-one. Be an expert at asking questions and listening to the answers. Guys, stop going on appointments and just jibber-jabbering. Just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. What happens is, when we get nervous, when we’re new, when we’re trying to figure things out, when we don’t have that ultimate confidence, we go and we just talk. We talk about ourselves. We talk about what we do. We talk about other houses. We talk about our whole life experience. Stop. It doesn’t matter.
Ask great questions and listen to their answers. That’s it. Just focus on them. You want to be an interesting person, be interested in other people. That is somebody’s quote, I don’t know who. But, I mean, for real. Just stop going in there and being nervous, and just steam rolling these sellers because you’re just talking too much. Just ask great questions and listen to them. It’s amazing what happens when you listen to people, how great of a conversationalist you become.
Twenty-two. Be around people doing way more than you. Be around people. “Well, but Brent, all my friends are losers. All my family are losers.” Okay, great. Get a coach. There’s plenty of them. You’re listening to one. Get a coach. Get somebody that’s already done it and is willing to share. Get into a coaching program that’s filled with absolute superstars, they’re left and right, going through the same things that you’re going through on a daily basis. They are winning. Get a coach. It’s that easy.
If everybody in your life is not a millionaire, or a multi-millionaire, or doing things that you want to be doing, or having the life that you want to have, then get a coach that is. This is 2018. I mean, you could google it all day long and find people that are doing amazing things. You could reach out to us, Shameless plug right there. Boom. Get a coach. Be around people doing way more than you.
Twenty-three. I love this one. Every day, bring your enthusiasm level to an eight. The easiest way to do that is to fall in love with what you do. Guys, this is hitting the lottery. This is a cash machine. This is the most amazing business to be involved in. If you love it, if you roll out of bed, you can get your enthusiasm to an eight. You can’t just sit there and have a bad day because it’s cold outside. Or, “It’s raining. My enthusiasm level is at like a three. I’m going to wait until tomorrow for it to be at an eight.” Really? You can’t get pumped up for this business? This is it. You cracked the code. You won. This is the best business there is. Have the enthusiasm.
Love this business every single day. You’re allowed to act all down and out for one hour a week. That’s it. That’s all I’ll allow. The rest is my time. The rest is enthusiasm at an eight, okay. You got to raise that enthusiasm level. It makes everyone else around you more attracted to you, okay. Everybody else that has all those mental things going on inside their head, and it’s clogging their ability to provide energy to their life because they just don’t know how to get past all those thoughts in their head to get to the point where they understand how special and magical this business is, be that person. Bring everybody up. The only way to do that is to have that energy inside you come out. That’s what enthusiasm means, literally. That’s the definition.
When you ask somebody if they would consider an offer on their property, there is only six responses they will give you. Yes, no, maybe, how much, who are you, and how’d you get my number. That’s it. Yes, no, maybe, how much, how’d you get my number, and who are you. That’s it. Those are the only six responses that you’re going to get when you ask somebody, when you just start a conversation with them and ask them if they would consider an offer on their property. So, know the responses to those responses. Know how to keep a conversation going. When they give you a yes… It’s not hard if people tell you no and hang up. It’s when they say yes or maybe. Then you’re kind of scrambling. “Oh no, what do I say now?” Understand. Be ready for those yeses. We are cruising through this presentation.
Twenty-five. We’ve only got 10 left. Twenty-five. Understand the fact that after you ask a thousand strangers if they would consider an offer on their property, your brain is going to change. It is a skill that you can’t unlearn. Once you ask a thousand strangers if they would consider an offer on their property, you can’t unlearn that skill. You are different. You are changed. You’re more confident. Why would I… The fastest way to do that is to talk to people. The fastest way to do that is to pick up the phone. Have a system for constantly talking to distressed homeowners every single day. This is not rocket science. It’s not. We’re not building rockets. We’re just talking to people. It’s whether we want to pay for them to talk to us, or if we want to talk to them. When you talk to a thousand distressed homeowners, you could talk to anybody. It is phenomenal.
Twenty-six. Keep your goals and awards in front of you at all times and share them with your family. It goes back to what you focus on, you get. What you focus on, you find. You need to keep those goals in front of you all the time. I don’t care if it’s a dream board. I don’t care if you’re writing it on a three by five card and keeping it in your wallet. I don’t care if you’re writing it on a mirror that you see every single day. I don’t care if you keep a copy in your car. But put it somewhere where you can see, so that you know what you’re going after and that your family knows, so they can support you.
Even if they don’t support you off the bat, even if they think that you’re just a crazy person, and you’re posting all this stuff, and, “What are you? You go see a Tony Robbins or something? What are you doing? Putting all these goals up?” Yes. Because it works. It absolutely does. When you’re consistently taking action, and consistently getting those goals, guess what happens? They start jumping on your bandwagon. They start supporting you. They start being your cheerleader. That’s right. So, make sure that you post your goals and you have your family and friends there. Bring everybody with you in this thing. It’s so important.
Twenty-seven. Start every day at zero. Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to forecast this for you, okay. What’s going to happen is you’re going to start taking action on some of these 35 thoughts. You’re going to start talking to people on a regular basis. You’re going to start getting to deal, after deal, after deal. Then, at about 30 deals, at about 35 deals, when your bank account is just throwing up all over you, when you are just doing amazing things, when people want to put you on podcasts and interviews, and the title companies are just showering you with whatever you want, you know what I mean? Everybody’s giving you all this attention. You’re going to slow down. Don’t do that. We got to get to 50 and more.
Start every day at zero. Zero deals in the pipeline. Zero money in your account. Zero potential. You got to go out and hunt every single day. You got to start every day at zero to get there because once you start stacking successes, you are going to naturally slow down because you think that you’ve got it figured out, or you’re going to heights that you never even believed you could. Start every day at zero. Humble yourself. Every single day, start it like you have zero dollars, zero leads, zero potentials, and watch your business explode.
Twenty-eight. Build a team of kind, optimistic people and start every meeting with gratitude. As you are building your team, as you are having so much success, as you are going out there and providing so much value to the community, guess what? You get to hire people. You get to bring them into your world. You get to provide jobs for them. Make sure that they’re kind and optimistic people because this is an emotional business.
Do you know why we’re in business? Do you know why wholesalers even exist? They exist because real estate investors that flip or buy properties to hold, don’t want to deal with homeowners emotions. That is the reason we’re in business. They don’t. I’ve seen them send out mail, and send out and get appointments, and they’re like, “I can’t handle it. These people are nuts. I can’t handle all the emotions. I can’t handle what’s going on. This woman cried. That man lost it and he got angry. And all these other emotions that happen all the time.” They don’t want to deal with it. They just want the properties. That’s where we come in.
Because we deal with so many emotions all the time, you need to be kind and optimistic. If you’re not naturally kind and optimistic, this business will beat you down. So, hire people and bring them around that are like you. Every meeting I have on Tuesday morning, the first thing we do is we start… We go around to everybody in my business and we say something that we’re grateful for. We do. Because gratitude destroys fear and anxiety. The people in my business, myself, we’re all human. We all go through different emotions, different thoughts, different things that happen, and obstacles that pop up in our lives. But to focus on gratitude, helps us center down and get fear and worry out of the business, out of our meeting, and start focusing on how we provide value. It’s huge.
Number twenty-nine. Follow a proven system to shorten your learning curve. You absolutely can go to YouTube University and learn about this business. You can. In about three years, you’re going to get it down. Three years. You could go to podcasts graduate school, whatever it is. You could piece it together like some sort of quilt, some sort of business quilt. Piece it all together. Or you could just follow a proven system and a model that’s going to shorten your timeline to three months, 90 days, six months, whatever it is.
Follow a proven system. Seriously. Follow a proven system. Stop messing around. Then amount of time that you’re messing around trying to investigate all these other things because you don’t want to invest in yourself, in your business, everybody’s passing you by. This isn’t just a new business that’s popped up. People know about it. You need to get going now. You need to shorten that timeline now. This is the time. Follow a proven system. Throw that in there. But seriously. Here we go.
Thirty. We’re almost there. Belief is great, but fact is better. Believing that you can do deals, believing that you can wholesale, that is the foundation that you need to be able to go out every single day and take action. But once you get that deal done, once you get that check, it no longer is a belief. It’s a fact. You did it. It’s a fact. You can do it again. The first time you make $100,000 in a month, your brain will change. After you do your first deal, your brain will change. You go from the fantasy world of belief, which is great and it’s what we need to keep the actions going to get to our first deal, but then you go, “Oh, you crossed the bridge into belief.” You believe now because you’ve done it. It’s a fact now. It’s no longer a belief. It’s a fact. You did it.
Get there as quick as possible and keep building up those facts. Keep building up that mindset, because I’m telling you, the first time I did a $2,000 deal, I was pumped. I was pumped. It went from a belief to a fact that I could do it. Then, I did a $40,000 deal, and I wanted to barf. I wanted to throw up everywhere. It literally made me ill. In my brain, I thought to myself, “Can I do this again? Oh my gosh, did this really happen? Oh my gosh, did I provide that much value?” All these things are healthy. All these things are the evolution in our business, in our mindsets. Go from belief to fact. It’s beautiful.
Understand that every call you make is a win. There is no rejection. Listen, when somebody says no, that just means they don’t find what you are providing valuable to them right then. You’re interrupting their day, you’re injecting yourself into their life, and you’re worried about being rejected. You feel bad being rejected. You let if tear at you and your emotions. No. Every call is a win because you did it, because you talked to the next person. So, destroy that whole rejection part and the whole, “Oh, man, I have to get constantly beat up all the time to be able to get a deal.” No. Change it in your mind. Every call is a win.
Thirty-two. We’re almost there, guys. Look at your best month ever. Look at your best month last year. Make it your minimum standard. If you made $30,000 one month, that is your minimum standard. You never make less than that ever again in this business. Never. Focus on that. That is your minimum standard. That’s the lowest you can do because you’ve already done it. You’ve already proven that you can get to that income, so why not do that on a consistent basis? Why not make that your minimum standard? It’s a mindset thing. It’s not a business thing. It’s a mindset thing.
Stop worrying about the market. Number thirty-three. Stop it. God. All the time. What are we going to do? What are we going to do when the market shifts? What are we going to do if a next recession comes? Do you have any control over it? Do you have any control over the market? No. Do you have any control over the economy? No. So, what are you worried about? Let me ask you this question. When the market shifts, do we still need to talk to people? The answer’s yes. We still need to talk to people. Are they different people? Sure. Is it a different list? Sure. Lists change all the time.
But because you’re talking to people on a regular basis, because you build those skills up, when the market shifts, you are in a beautiful position because everybody that decided not to, is gone. You have the skills, the ability, the experience, the team around you, to be able to just talk to different people. To consistently provide value. I love it. Stop worrying about the market. Start focusing on talking to people on a regular basis.
Thirty-four. We got two more. Stack the small wins. Guys, you got to stack every single small win, okay. Getting out of bed is a win. Getting in your car is a win. Driving around your neighborhood is a win. Writing down the addresses of the worst houses on your street is a win. Going to the door and knocking on the door is a win. Talking to somebody is a win. Getting their phone number is a win. Calling them is a win. Guys, don’t focus on, “The only time I win in this business is when I get a contract signed and I sign it.” No. You got to stack all the small wins because it’s those little actions that lead to the big, big, big profits. You got to stack the small wins. Every time that you’re taking action, reward yourself. Reward yourself. Really, really reward yourself because you are stacking the small wins and focus on that.
The last one, the most important one out of all of these thirty-five, is you need to understand the difference between your identity and your role, okay. Your identity and your role. Your identity is who are you. Your identity is your confidence. Your identity is that part of you that knows you are a winner. It doesn’t matter what problems, obstacles, whatever happens, it comes up. No matter how many failures, you get back up and you keep going. Your identity is that part that says, “I love me. I am a badass. I am a winner.” That’s the identity. That’s the part that has to be a ten out of ten. If you’re currently now at a one, or a two, or a four, or a five, you need to do everything possible to build that up. Build that up to a ten.
Roles are so much different. Roles are, yes, we’re an entrepreneur. We’re a father. We’re a husband. We’re a brother. We’re a sister. We’re a teacher. We’re a whatever, business owner. Those are just roles. The problem is, we focus so much on getting so much love and respect out of the roles to feed our identity, when it should be the other way around. Our identity, our unshakable core. Our foundation. That part that loves ourselves. That part that is so passionate. That part that knows that no matter what, you’re going to be a winner. That’s the part that needs to feed the roles.
Do you know people that no matter what happens, no matter what economy is, or whatever happens in life, they just seem to keep winning? Why not you? Seriously, why not you? Just get that identity to a ten out of ten. The best way that I know is to understand this simple fact. You are a miracle. I’m not just being cheesy here. This is something that I firmly, firmly believe with everybody. You’re a miracle.
The chances of you being on this planet is one, conservatively, one out of four hundred trillion. The chances that your parents, getting together, out of the billions of people on this planet, getting together, and then sharing the genetic makeup, the billions of different genetic makeups we have in our body, the chance of those coming together and creating you, is one out of four hundred trillion. You shouldn’t even be here. I shouldn’t be here. We’re miracles. So, start acting like it.
Build your identity up. You are unshakable. You are a winner. You are the person that’s going to do these 50 deals in the next 12 months. You can do it. This isn’t a speech to rile you up and pump you up or whatever, although I am getting riled up. This is just truth. One out of four hundred trillion. So, don’t worry when a homeowner says no to you on the phone, because you’re a miracle.
That’s my presentation. Hope you enjoyed it. Check me out on the Instagram, brentdaniels_ttp. See you on my YouTube channel. This will be there if you want to watch this, if you’re listening to this on the podcast. That’s at Brent Daniels Real Estate Coach. If you’re ready to join the most proactive real estate group, the most dynamic, the group that talks to the most people, then check us out at Set up a call. Love to coach you personally. Until next time. Love you. See you.

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