Episode 207: How a New Rhino Closed a Deal Just a Month After Joining the Program

Just like many people who tried wholesaling for the first time, Jeremy Ruston had apprehensions. It’s quite understandable though—he’s still trying to find his way around and since he’s still just 30 days in. If anything, he knew he has barely scratched the surface.

However, he decided to get out of his way and take massive imperfect actions anyway. And he was rewarded handsomely for his audacity.

The doting family man just discovered wholesaling by chance and fell in love with it. While there’s still so much he has yet to know about the business, his servant mindset, boldness, and willingness to take massive imperfect actions has made a world of difference.

If you want to duplicate Jeremy’s success, consider this episode a must listen. You will not only learn powerful insights, you will also walk away feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to take on the wholesaling world!

The Deal:

  • Since he has yet to know everything about mailers, Jeremy advertised on Craigslist for the time being.
  • He got a call from a motivated seller who wanted to sell his property. After building rapport, he was able to schedule an appointment the following day.
  • After all was said and done, he was rewarded $15, 000 for the value and service he provided. Truly a lucrative reward for a deal which only took him 4 to 5 hours to complete!


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