Posted on: October 22, 2018

Just like many people who tried wholesaling for the first time, Jeremy Ruston had apprehensions. It’s quite understandable though—he’s still trying to find his way around and since he’s still just 30 days in. If anything, he knew he has barely scratched the surface.

However, he decided to get out of his way and take massive imperfect actions anyway. And he was rewarded handsomely for his audacity.

The doting family man just discovered wholesaling by chance and fell in love with it. While there’s still so much he has yet to know about the business, his servant mindset, boldness, and willingness to take massive imperfect actions has made a world of difference.

If you want to duplicate Jeremy’s success, consider this episode a must listen. You will not only learn powerful insights, you will also walk away feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to take on the wholesaling world!

The Deal:

  • Since he has yet to know everything about mailers, Jeremy advertised on Craigslist for the time being.
  • He got a call from a motivated seller who wanted to sell his property. After building rapport, he was able to schedule an appointment the following day.
  • After all was said and done, he was rewarded $15, 000 for the value and service he provided. Truly a lucrative reward for a deal which only took him 4 to 5 hours to complete!


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Episode Transcription

Cody Hofhine: Welcome to another episode here on Wholesaling Inc. My name is Cody Hofhine. I’ll be hosting today’s podcast, and today we have a rock star that’s been wholesaling for just a little bit of time and this story is going to absolutely inspire you and motivate you to let you know that each one of you that are in that beginning stages are thinking about getting into wholesaling, that you can do this too. Like I said, it’s just a short amount of time that he’s done this and we’re going to be getting to that here in a second, but for those that might be new, listening to the podcast, what this podcast is really designed to do is teach about wholesaling real estate. So wholesaling, just to break it down, very simple, is just the art of finding deeply discounted properties that you can then turn for huge profits. And we’re going to talk about some of those strategies on how you actually make the profit when you find these deeply discounted properties.
So stick with us, get a pen, get a piece of paper and get ready because there’s going to be a lot of value, a lot of free value, free gold nuggets. And we’re ready to help each one of you get closer to your first deals. Well, that’s what this podcast is for. So today we have Jeremy Ruston. He’s from Evansville, Indiana. He’s married, has two beautiful kids and he just joined the tribe just a little over 30 days. So it’s just been a month and he’s already done his first deal and it was a great deal. And I’m not going to share what he made or anything that. He’s going to share that story on what it’s like and how he did it. But we’re going to deep dive this deal right now for you guys. So get ready. So Jeremy, my man, how in the heck are ya?

Jeremy Ruston: Hey Cody, I am doing fantastic. I want to tell you, I am super excited about being on this podcast. I’ve listened to just about all of them and I’ve been putting this on my goals to be on here. I’m so thankful and so honored and I want to say thank you to all the rhinos that came before me on these podcasts because dropped a bunch of knowledge and I’m super grateful.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. Jeremy, let me tell ya, I remember just a little over a month ago talking to you on the phone and we talked a couple times. You were just getting into it. You didn’t know if you want to move forward with the program. You didn’t know any of those things, but you were just… you knew you wanted to get into wholesale, you just didn’t know what was going to be the route to go. And I am telling you from that phone conversation to where you’re at in this amount of time is mind blowing. I can’t wait for everyone listening to this podcast to really hear your story. And so maybe let’s start there. Tell us a little bit about maybe your background, who you are, what you were doing and what you’re currently doing before you really got into wholesaling.

Jeremy Ruston: Yeah, absolutely. So I come from a quote, unquote sales background. I started in the hospitality industry when I was in community college, bartending and serving and stuff like that. Then from there I got into the automotive sales industry became a director of FNI or the car lots. And then from there I met my wife, we had our son, he was about two years old when my wife Holly looked at me and said, Hey look, I felt like a single mom. You’re working 70, 80 hours a week and I’m very grateful for that, but I need some help, let’s figure something out. And then we found out we were having our daughter. So I really have to get the ball going. So you know, I went through the transition of trying to find a different career path and then I fell into ironically insurance, which I know you had a little bit of background in that.

Cody Hofhine: I did.

Jeremy Ruston: So I started doing like home insurance, auto insurance, stuff like that. I quickly moved up in that field and then I became a a minority partner for a local insurance company here in Evansville. And then about final three, four years later I fell into wholesaling. So, it’s been quite a journey.

Cody Hofhine: All right. All right. So now that we have a little background about you. Going through the insurance world, you’ve gone through all the cells, different industries, which is awesome. What really got you into wholesaling? What made you look into wholesaling? Like, hey, this is something I want to learn and something I really want to do. What really got you into it?

Jeremy Ruston: Yeah so as I was doing insurance, our primary focus was homeowners insurance and we would get local guys who were doing the fix and flip game and the buy and hold game. And they were just doing really well and we were writing all these policies for them, but they were temporary policies. They would have two month, three month policies or whatever. And the one day a guy came into my office and we sat down and we were just kind of talking shop and he’s like, hey Jeremy, this is kind of how what I do. And I said, oh man, that must be a pretty good gig. And he was like, yeah I just made $60,000. And I was like, what?

Cody Hofhine: [crosstalk 00:05:52] gig.
Yeah, I was like, that’s not bad at. So that got me into what I call YouTube University, which could be a blessing or curse, right? I started listening and did about three or four months of just solid research on it and I fell into wholesaling and I just really just caught my attention and I just became obsessed with it and I just fell in love with the idea and I was like, man, this has got it. If this is possible, then this is for me. So that’s what started my journey and truthfully Cody, I know we’ve had this conversation before. I actually was just about to pull the trigger on a different coaching and mentor program, and then we spoke and then I was like, man, this guy is really genuine. He’s just seems like a true Go-Giver. He just has a masteral heart, a servant’s heart, and it really resonated.
And then you talked about your background in insurance and I was like, man, that’s just too coincidental for me not to pay attention. So I sat on it for a few more days, being a stubborn being in my own way, as you pointed out. We talk one more time and I was like, man, even though the other coaching program was twice as expensive, I was still ready to move forward with that. And then I was like, you know what I mean, these guys are just… I’m already getting the support before I’m even a member that I wasn’t getting at the other place. I was like, it just makes total sense to move forward. And I’m so glad I did.
Well, let’s deep dive. Now they get to know a little bit about who Jeremy is and a little bit about your background. Let’s go right to the meat and potatoes of what this podcast is about. I already can’t wait for what is going to be shared just cause I love this story already. I love how quick it happened. It been awesome to see this. I mean it happens so quick that I’m almost like, man, I felt like it was yesterday we barely met each other. And so here we are 30 days into this. Let’s start going into this. What lead source or what was your marketing channel to ultimately have an individual motivated seller call you?

Jeremy Ruston: So, because I’m so new in the course, I’m going through the program. I’m just now to date at the point to where I’m just learning about the mailers, right. So I’m so excited about that. I haven’t even done my mailings yet, but I put a thing out there on Craigslist, and there was already about a dozen of them on there, and I went ahead and just did it anyway, while I was in the background. I practice was called aggressive patients. Which is basically like just what it sounds like, just doing what I can with what I have, with the time that I have, and still being patient for the long game, right, on all these other things. So basically I just did that. It’s like, if I get a call from it, great, if I don’t, whatever it’s free, it’s not costing me anything but a couple of minutes.
So about a day or two later, I can’t remember, I get a phone call from some motivated sellers and it was a super, super nice guy. And he’s like, hey, I see these cash, we buy houses cash kind of things all the time. I truthfully don’t even know why calling this one, but I am. I said okay. And he kind of just started going into a story, you know, is this real? Like what’s the process? And keep in mind, this is my first time too so I had no idea what I was doing, right. I had no clue so I was just kind of going with it and my motto is just be honest, be myself and be honest and if nothing comes of it then it just wasn’t meant to be. So talking to the guy I said, well, I think I just started the seller script, right.
So I just kind of did the seller script and it wasn’t candid or anything. I probably fluff through and bumbled through it, just kind of in this bundle through it…

Cody Hofhine: Sounded like a robot…

Jeremy Ruston: And I still do that. That’s the crazy thing about it. It’s progress, not perfection, right? I just do it.

Cody Hofhine: That’s correct.

Jeremy Ruston: Just kind of get through it. And so I’m like, hey look, I don’t know what we’re looking at. I don’t really know. Can I come out to your guys’ house and just kind of sit down and talk to you and walk the property and kind of see what we got. And they were like, yeah, absolutely. So I schedule appointments for the next day, went out to their house, a beautiful home. Like I’ll send her thinking like, why in the world are these guys selling it? It’s not like ran down. It’s very livable. Like what I would call, I guess you would call rent ready if someone wanted to rent it out or whatever, it was nice home.
So I’m talking to them and they’re like, well look, it needs a new furnace that’s going to be $6,500 we had somebody come out and needs this and needs that, and I was like, guys, I give them every option they could to make the most money that they could. I said, listen guys, you could put this on the market as is. I know some great realtor friends of mine from the insurance business, I can get you connected. They’re like, no, we need to sell and we need to sell now.

Cody Hofhine: As you’re telling us, Jeremy, did they ever tell you the reason why behind that? Like we need to sell fast now, but did they tell you why they need to sell fast now? Were are they that open about it?

Jeremy Ruston: They did not initially, but as we sat there and just… a lot of people like to build rapport or I like to build relationships. So, which in my opinion is a little different. But so we’re building a relationship and we’re just getting to know each other and she just opened up and she’s like, look, my dad bought this house for me about 10 years ago. We paid cash. I’ve been living in it ever since. And then, I had some really bad medical bills that came up and had some… I’m not going to say the amount, but those are very large judgements that she was getting ready to get hit with.
And she goes, I have already talked to my attorney and basically I have to sell my house or I’m going to lose it. You know, because they can, they can tell you in our state, they can’t take the you know, as part of the… because she owned it free and clear. So that’s [inaudible 00:11:28] exactly. So I said, okay. She goes, so, and she literally said, you just give me a number and we’ll take it. And I was like, Whoa.

Cody Hofhine: Wow.

Jeremy Ruston: Well, yeah. I said, if you were talking about motivation, I was like, well look, let me do some due diligence here because I don’t want to throw a number out there and just feel like I’m taking advantage of you right. So I did a little… I call a family friend who’s a cash meier, if you will. He owns a lot of properties.
I said, hey, here’s the situation what do you think? And so he came out the very next day and I met him out there and he looked at the property and he said, well what are you thinking? I said, well, I was like she told me if I had a $5,000 I could have it. I told her I thought that was really low, but I didn’t know any better, so I said, how about nine? So I offered her more than what she wanted because I thought $5,000 was just a steal. And yeah, I don’t know if you want to get into the numbers just yet he offered to buy…

Cody Hofhine: Let’s hold on. I’m going to even hold you there because here’s something interesting. I want to really capitalize on some really good things that you’re sharing right now to make sure that you’re truly, that the listeners really listened to this. I love the fact that you started with a relationship that you just went in there and you were a truth seeker and a truth teller. I want everyone listening to this podcast to really understand the value behind this. I think so many times there’s this false thought of, how do you get a property that cheap? You must be lying and I’m telling you right now, no, that is not the case. Now there could be people out there that do it wrong and that are doing it for the wrong reasons, but that is not the way you ever do business. And Jeremy, I love the fact that you’re bringing this all forward that, here I was just being a truth teller, a truth seeker. I’m walking through this process like a brand new process just like it is for them, I’m selling it this way and you’re going to figure out a solution together, but they love working with you and continue talking with you because you’re establishing that relationship of trust, not just rapport and I agree with ya, but establishing a relationship and trust.
They want to do business with you. You bring in someone, but the big golden nugget here is they were willing to do a $5,000 and you were able to say no, that just sounds too much of a deal. I want to help you out. You’re truly out there with a servant’s heart or watch out for them. Let them know that they can make their most money going through real estate agent or do whatever they do. But they want to work with you. You give them four grand more. But ultimately you said you have a cash buyer that wanted this. Let’s now talk numbers. What does that look like? Well I guess first of all, did you send it, was it just this guy that you went out with or was this a different buyer that ended up buying it?

Jeremy Ruston: Yeah, so it was just this one guy. Now granted I didn’t know what a cash buyer was. I wasn’t that far in the modules or at the training. I didn’t know.

Cody Hofhine: This is what’s baffling me. You’re just doing this all on the whim, so I don’t even know if we can even get credit. The credit is 100% all you brother like you’re just taking massive imperfect action and results follow this.

Jeremy Ruston: Well I appreciate that, you guys definitely played a huge factor in it because I… Buy so yeah, so I call this guy, he’s a family friend of my wife’s actually. Hey man, come out and check this property because I don’t know what I’m doing and I know he got a steal for it too because after the closing and we talked about it, I’ll get into that in a second. So he comes out, he looks to the property, he’s like, man, look what are you thinking? I’m like man, I don’t know what… make me an offer because I really don’t know. He’s like, man, I’ll give you 24,000 for it right now. And I was like, okay, Sure, I wasn’t going to argue because I didn’t know, right. So I’m like, yeah man, that sounds great. You know, let’s do it.
So to be… he’s going to laugh Cody, to be honest, I don’t even remember where I got the contract from, it was like online or something. It was like, I found a contract online. I met with a real estate attorney that same day, is actually the cash buyers, real estate attorney. Ironically, I didn’t know that because I had some connections with the insurance world. I went out there, I showed him the contracts, he read through it, scribbled a couple of things, marked it up and said, here, this will work. I told him when I was going to do with it and in my market, it is very, very, from what I’m learning quickly, it’s very old fashioned. So I say, hey, I want to sign this contract. He’s a real estate attorney. He’s like, you want to do what?

Cody Hofhine: Wait, you don’t have a napkin, you can write this on.

Jeremy Ruston: Yeah, exactly. So I explained to them the process, he’s like, that’s brilliant. He’s like, it’s legal and it’s brilliant because you know, I showed him the contract. So my advice to anybody listening is obviously check with your attorney in your state, but is 1000% doable. You just got to have some grit and you just got to have some perseverance and you just got to do it. Don’t think about it. Do it out of your head, just go. Just try it. If you fail, you fail. So what time’s going to pass my anyway, whether you try it or not. So you might as well just give it a shot.

Cody Hofhine: And here’s the big shout out. It’s already waited too long, but you made $15,000 on this deal. And I am still in a temporary office. But here you ready for the manual bell for your victory.

Jeremy Ruston: I’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting brother.

Cody Hofhine: Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. So here we have a $15,000 assignment and Jeremy, if you could pinpoint this cause I want people to realize that yes there is work involved. It’s not easy. This is not a get rich quick. I would never want people to feel like, man, this is get rich quick, I got to do this. It’s not, it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be tough. It’s going to try you, it’s going to test you, it’s going to give you bumps and bruises. But ultimately, how many hours do you think you were involved in this deal that paid you $15,000.

Jeremy Ruston: So if we and drive time to and from the property and to and from the title company, I may have four hours, maybe five if I’m pushing it.

Cody Hofhine: Man divided by five, we’re at three K $3,000 an hour. And this is where I look at it and I tell people, and this is living proof of it like this, a perfect example. Wholesaling truly is the fastest way to make a fortune in the shortest amount of time. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. I don’t want that to come across, but it is simple if you follow the right instruction, and Jeremy is one of those guys that when he receives instruction, he just goes out and he does it. He doesn’t get on YouTube and then Google and then listen to 50 other podcasts and then listen and ask Siri and see if Siri knows, like that’s when you get into that analysis process, that education overload. The key thing here is there’s a place for those people. There’s a place for an analyzers and engineers that have to really think about a perfect plan right out of the gates, but in wholesaling, there’s no such thing as a perfect plan, so don’t prep for a perfect plan.
This right here is a classic story of just going out there and taking massive imperfect action. Notice that he did not know what he was getting into. He did not know what was going to be the next step. What he did though is he just followed what he knew needed to be done right now and then when the next thing happened, he figured out what he had to do at that moment. When the next thing happened, he figured out what had to be done at that moment, so notice that there was no perfect plan to this and I want you to know of all of the gold nuggets that have been shared in this episode that is probably the most value that will make you so much money in this business is just taking action imperfectly and just having enough knowledge of just doing what you need to do right now and then when the next thing presents itself, figure out what needs to be done right then at that moment.
Don’t look at the end picture because every story, by the way Jeremy, and you’re going to see this quick, is every story is a new story. And so this is one way of doing a deal. And then you’re going to realize you’re going to go on a deal the next time and it’s going to be so different from this one. It’ll have the same concepts, but you’re getting like crap, I don’t know what that is. And you’ll start to figure it out. It’s that massive imperfect action.

Jeremy Ruston: Yeah. I have a, I got another deal I’m putting under contract today from a lady she’s about, I think he’s 81 years old. Another Craigslist deal and she has a property that has stairs and she wants, she has a car that sits low to the ground and she told me she just wants the cash for this house so she can buy a truck because she has bad knees. So obviously it was my connections in the car business. I’m like, listen, even if I don’t buy this house and you sell it to someone else, let me know because I have so many connections, I can get you a super awesome deal on whatever kind of truck you want.
So it’s just always that mindset of being a servant first. In my opinion, that’s really where the ultra successful people… the difference between the somewhat successful people is just truly having that servant’s attitude, that understanding heart of, regardless of the outcome, my goal is to help this human being. And that’s really what it comes. As a matter of fact, when this deal closed, I don’t know what you’re going to ask me or not what I’m going to do with the money, but I can tell you. 10% of it, I’m already tied, it’s gone, right. That’s just my belief of mine. It’s just gone, on growth. I tie [inaudible 00:00:21:02], better than the next guy, but I tie it on gross. That’s just my personal belief.
And then I actually went back to the seller because I made such a good… because they have three little dogs, right? And they needed an ex, when they told me like what they were going to do, oh, the contract, I also put it where they got to stay in the home until the middle of the next month. So give them a time to find another place. So I worked it out with the buyer and they were okay with that, but anyway, I went back and I’d give them an extra thousand dollars to help with the deposit and the electric and stuff for their dogs and turn on their electricity and stuff like that.

Cody Hofhine: That’s awesome. Well that’s why you’re going to succeed in this business is you’re truly out there to help individuals and this is right in line with why you are doing deals and why it’s consistently going to come your way. I think so many times we think of it as luck and I’m telling ya, it’s not luck. It’s continually doing the right principles over and over again consistently. And we talk about books all the time on this podcast. The one that teaches you the best about staying consistent is Darren Hardy’s, The Compound Effect, and it’s just those small and simple things that if you consistently live those principles and do those principles each and every day, the result of that is big. It’s massive, it’s miraculous, but it’s not big things that you have to do to have these miraculous results. It’s just the small and simple things, and so keep doing what you’re doing and you’re going to continue to succeed and you’ll continue to see the fruits from your labors.
It’s just serving individuals, loving individuals, being kind to individuals. If your mom came to you on the phone and says, hey son, I’m behind on my mortgage. I have a ton of medical bills. Are you going to say, hey, okay, how many bedrooms and bathrooms is it mom? No, you’re going to sit down and say, mom, how do I help? What’s the best way for me to help you right now? And so that’s the same way. Always look at it with that perspective and you’ll be a, for those listening, that’s how you succeed in this business. So Jeremy, this has been a perfect, perfect podcast to help those listening. Just really what this business about. It’s not about real estate, it’s about solving people’s problems and the byproduct is you’re able to put their home on a contract.

Jeremy Ruston: Yes, it’s definitely been a blessing. I want to say real quick, I just want to thank everyone that has been on the podcast before me. I’ve listened to almost all of them, like I said, and it’s just truly been inspiring. It’s such a great group of individuals in this Wholesaling Inc Program and the tribe, and there’s some local guys, I’m not going to call them out by name, but I’ve reached out to them. They’ve been true go givers when they didn’t have to. So my goal is, as I progress in this industry and I want to be able to help people like that as well when I’m more established and I have some notches in my belt, some things that I can explain to people, I want people to reach to me too so I can truly give back like people have done for me.

Cody Hofhine: I love it brother. Well you know how we end this podcast, we always ask now hindsight look in 2020 right? You look behind that can, I can see a clear vision. If you were to have to start over, which is only 30 days ago, which is just mind boggling to me. But if you had to start over from ground zero, what is something that you would do differently or what is something that you would make sure you have done the same? So that would help people that are right there thinking about wholesaling.

Jeremy Ruston: So I’ve thought about this and I believe that the thing that I would have done the same as just like I said, just consistently and constantly taking action, imperfect action. Okay. And just go, just go, right. Just I want to say don’t think about it and be careless, but just if you get scared, that means you’re on the right track, right? If you come up to something that you’re afraid of, you know you’re in the right spot and right over the other side of that is success, no matter what it is. So that’s one thing that I’m thankful for that I’ve done. And then as far as if something that would have done differently is before I signed up for the tribe, I just, you and I, and you said it perfectly, you was like, man, just get out of your own head.
Just get out of your own head about it. Just quit over analyzing and overthinking. But once I hit that switch, I just went. Once I decided, everything happens in a decision. Decision’s instant. So I basically said, you know what? I made the decision and I’m burning the boats as they say and not looking back. So to answer your question, I would probably just have got out of my own head about it. Because worst case, I look at it like this, I was telling my wife, a beautiful marriage, two very awesome healthy kids. What’s the worst thing that can really happen? You know? So just go for it.

Cody Hofhine: And here’s the thing, Jeremy. There’s a lot of people that are thinking like, there’s multiple people I talked to on the phone that are talking like Corporate America and how hard it is and they don’t have time with their family. Or like your wife said, 70 hours a week like this doesn’t work. We have kids like I need help. And they’re trying to find their way through this. Now I’m not to say that wholesaling is the answer for everyone and that we’re the fit for everyone. That’s not my point here. But my point is take a chance on yourself. You’ll realize that you can do things that you never thought you could do. Take a chance on yourself. If you’re going to take a chance on Corporate America or take a chance on education, why in the heck not take a chance on you because you are your best investment.
If you’ll invest in you, you’ll realize you’re capable of doing so much and you’ll realize you don’t need Corporate America. You’ll realize for most people you don’t need education and for wholesaling, you do not need to be expert in real estate. People come into this program all the time with no knowledge, zero, zip, nada, knowledge in real estate, but that’s why they succeed because they just take massive imperfect action. Well, perfect. Let’s see. What about a book my friend? I know in the past you said, reading is not my forte, but now it’s like who I am. So if you could say a good book that you would recommend that would help individuals have a better mindset or help them in specific areas in life, what was been a book that’s been a game changer?

Jeremy Ruston: My favorite question of the podcast. Not only do I have a few books, I have a method real quick that I want to share that I use, but the books are obviously they’re like, there’s some core ones that I just think anybody should read for just life in general. But you know The Goal Giver is a great one. The One Thing. The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity is great. If you want to scale your business, the 10x rule by Grant Cardone. Traction by Gino Wickman. You said the Compound Effect. All those are fantastic books and I love and I read them. Compound Effect actually how the the disc that you put in your car out of the audible version. I listen to what I’m driving when I haven’t been listened to the podcast. As far as mindset, I would say the one that I haven’t heard yet on the podcast is Brian Tracy, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.
That is an excellent book mindset. And if he also has another one called, No Excuses. They’re quick reads. But as far as the reading, because I didn’t tell you, I have not been an avid reader, but I learned to process. Basically I’ll make a morning routine. I just make myself do it. I get up early, I read 10 pages in the morning of whatever book I’m reading, and then when I go to bed at night, I put my cell phone away and I stay away from that and I’ll read 10 pages at night. So I read about 20 pages a day. But you know, if you have a 200 page book, you can read a book in 10 days. You can read two or three books a month. That’s very doable.

Narrator: Those are some of my favorites. Brian Tracy’s one of my favorite authors. In fact, all of his books are just great, great, great books. So thank you for that. And Jeremy, thank you for your time. I know this is a now time for you to go out and take action, but to take time to inspire other individuals and to connect with them at this level on this podcast, I want to thank you and there’s many people that are listening to us that are actually saying this, that they wish they could say it probably in person. It’s a big thank you for taking your time out to do this because this will help inspire people. Let them know they can do this. Yes, it’s going to be tough, but everything in life that’s worth it, that brings your joys, your successes, your happiness is the tough road. It’s not the easy road. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, so again, thank you again for joining us today.

Jeremy Ruston: Hey, you’re very, very welcome, Cody. I appreciate it. It’s been an honor and yeah, to anybody listening it’s just get out of your own way and just go do it. I got faith. I believe in you. You can do it.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. Well, podcast listeners, rhino nation, this has been another amazing episode right here on Wholesaling Inc, where we’ve interviewed yet another individual that is just crushing it in their market and they’re just at the beginning stages. And you can do this and if you’re looking for help to build your wholesaling business, go over to Wholesaling Inc and listen to the countless other stories of people that are doing this nationwide. And the Wholesaling Inc Website is wholesaling inc wholesaling I-N-C dot com. Click on the reviews, listen to the stories, let that inspire you and move you to let you know that you can do this. Until next time, guys, we will see you. God bless and have a fun time wholesaling. Take care.

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