Posted on: October 08, 2018

When it comes to wholesaling, many assume they only need to know what to do and they have it made. The truth is knowing what to do is just half the battle. To win the war, you need to also know the things to avoid.

While there’s no shortage of advice, wisdom, and insights on what to do to succeed in wholesaling, not much is available on the reasons wholesalers fail and how to avoid them. Fortunately, that’s what Tom discussed in detail in this episode.

So sit down, have a pen and paper handy, and take notes. You just might find what you need to elevate your wholesaling game and take your business to the next level!

Key Takeaways

  • Why consistent marketing is crucial in wholesaling
  • Why choosing one marketing channel and dominating it is key
  • How to gauge if you’re still stuck in education mode
  • Why it’s never ideal to assume what the seller will say
  • What a cash buyer employee is
  • What priority management is
  • Why it’s important to grow a massive buyers list
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people
  • What shiny object syndrome is and why you should avoid it
  • The importance of reading books


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Episode Transcription

Speaker 2: What I want to talk about this morning guys is I want to go over the 10 reasons why most wholesalers fail. These are the most… I was journaling this morning. I journal in the morning. If you guys don’t journal, I would definitely suggest doing that. All of my mentors have taught me to journal. Memory will fail you. It’s clouded out by time and emotion and it changes.
But if you’re going to commit to journaling, start with a sentence a day. Treat it more like a calendar, if you make a decision. For instance, I made a decision yesterday to accept a lower offer on a higher-end home that I owned. And I wrote down in my journal why I made that decision and it’s dated. And that the reason I made that decision was because I believe that the market is softening for higher-end homes. This is a higher-end home and I decided to sell it and accept that lower offer.
But the thing is guys, our memories will fail us. So journaling is so important. Every morning, take three minutes, write one sentence. It could be as simple as yesterday I went in the pool with my son and we had a blast and he’s swimming for the first time and that’s it. It could be that quick. So when I was journaling this morning, I was figuring out what causes some wholesalers who come in, what causes them to fail, what causes them to not succeed in wholesaling?
And the answers are so consistent, they’re so consistent, it’s always the same reasons why people fail. So without further ado, I want to go through that list and I’m going to give you a few ideas of if this is happening to you, this is how to solve that problem really quick and just go out there and crush it and make a fortune in wholesaling.
Because if I can do that, you can do that. Wholesaling is super, super simple. If you don’t know what wholesaling is, wholesaling is the fastest way to make a fortune by simply and consistently just finding discounted properties in your neighborhood. That’s it. It’s that simple. Speak to a hundred people, they’re all going to tell you to pound sand with your low ball offer. The a hundred and first person is going to say, I need to sell this home for this reason, I’m going to do it.
So let’s get started. Top 10 reasons why new wholesalers, or any wholesalers, whether they’re new or not, why they fail? Number one, this is the biggest one. We’re not going to do a countdown. We’re going to start with the biggest reasons. When I’m doing the support calls and I’m talking to wholesalers, this is consistently the number one reason.
Number one reasons why most wholesalers fail inconsistent marketing. This is the number one reason without fail. You talk to somebody who’s struggling and you say, well, tell me what you’ve done for marketing. And they will say, well, three weeks ago I did a really big mailing and now the calls are starting to drip off and I haven’t had another call and I haven’t had a deal.
Inconsistent marketing. Marketing is like a train. I don’t care what your marketing is, whether it’s Facebook ads or SEO, PPC, cold calling, direct mail, bandit signs, it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, it’s inconsistent. If you find a wholesaler who’s failing, this is like 40% of the time it’s going to be the number one reason is going to be because they have inconsistent marketing. So marketing is like a train and you have to work really hard to get it going.
And then once you do, you’ve got to keep pulling every single day until you can delegate it to somebody else. So you want to stop the roller coaster of income or you want to stop those false starts where you’re not actually doing your first deal, marketing needs to be going every week. So anybody who’s new, if you’re new and you’re watching this and you’re just getting into wholesaling, write this down, put it above your desk, marketing needs to go out every week.
Marketing needs to go out every week. That’s it. There’s no exceptions. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Easter, it doesn’t matter. Marketing goes out every year. As a matter of fact, guys, very often, if you look back on my KPIs, holidays are some of my most successful times. That’s when we bring in them like boatloads of revenue, boatloads, because no one else is doing that. So consistent marketing is key.
Number two reason why most wholesalers fail when we’re doing the support calls, we’ll talk to them and we’ll say, well, tell me about your marketing, and this is number two for sure. Number two is not enough marketing. Now, I know this is elementary and I know this is basic, but look at your reports. If you’re sending out a hundred postcards a week, I don’t care how specialized the list is.
If you’re spending out of only a hundred postcards a week or you’re only just barely scratching the surface of marketing, wholesaling is a numbers game. You got to go big or go home. When it comes to your marketing, go broke marketing. Other coaches out there, if you have a tight budget, they’ll tell you, like kind of partition a list out. No, don’t do that. Put all of your time, energy, focus, money, attention, resources into marketing and go big.
Whatever your marketing budget is today, increase it. That’s the bottom line. If you’re not seeing results, it’s a numbers game. You’ve got to increase your marketing. Okay. Number three reason why, and this is I’m just, I was journaling this morning and I’m reading off of my journal the top 10 reasons why wholesalers fail. This is such a big reason why number three, guys.
I will prove to you that this is real. Here’s what you do, next time that you’re at a REIA meeting, go find a wholesaler who’s making $75,000 a month plus and then talk to a wholesaler who’s been trying it for a few months and is just not doing any consistent deals right there. Their revenue is like this. Ask them what they do for marketing here. I promise you this is what you’re going to hear. I guarantee it. 100% not even 99% of the time, 100% of the time, this is what you’re going to hear.
Talk to the guy who makes $75,000 a month plus wholesaling and say, how are you finding your sellers? And you know what he or she will say, they’re going to say, I do this marketing channel. They’re going to name one, direct mail, Facebook ads, SEO, PPC, bandit signs, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever. And I do it really, really well and I totally dominated in my market and I have all the KPIs.
I know exactly what color postcard works the best. I know exactly what message it should be, whether it’s from Tom, the local wholesaler or the company corporate card that goes out from a company that buys houses. They will tell you everything, how much to mail, when to mail, if direct mail is their channel. Now go over to the guy who is struggling. He’s done a deal and it’s a month and a half goes by and then he does another deal.
He’s making under $50,000 a month every month and ask him, what are you doing to find sellers? And you know what he’s going to say every single time. This is what he going to say, well, I cold called some agents to find deals on MLS that were discounted. Then I put out a few bandit signs on Friday. I also hand wrote a few postcards and I also got a website and I’d paid Google like $100 and I found it some guy on Upwork to do PPC.
So what’s the difference? Successful wholesalers every single time, pick one channel, totally dominate it, understand it, and then automate it by delegating it to somebody else. And unsuccessful or struggling wholesalers, they dip their big toe in multiple marketing channels, never really dominating any of them. So what does it take away from number three, choose one channel, dominate it, get a consistently producing a ton of leads and then delegate it to somebody else.
You’re a visionary. You need a business that is a servant to you. Don’t do your own marketing. Once it’s consistent, delegate it to somebody else. That’s number three. It’s a big one. Okay. Oh, number four you guys. Number four is so big. Oh my goodness gracious. This is like, this shouldn’t even be number four. This should be number one. Every one of these should be number one because if you’re struggling with it, it doesn’t matter what order it falls into my top 10, it’s number one for you.
This is the most challenging for especially new wholesalers. This is more of a new wholesaler problem. This is what I want you to do, above your desk if you’re a wholesaler, write the words, assume motivation. Assume motivation. This is one of the number one killers of new wholesalers.
They’ll send out their mail or they’ll send out their marketing and then the phone calls will start coming back and they’ll sit there and they’ll take the calls waiting to hear motivation, waiting for a seller to convince them that they want to sell their homes. I’ve got a huge news alert for you. If you send out a 30 cents postcard and a homeowner calls you back, they are motivated.
I going to say this again. If you send out marketing and it’s a like a 30 or 34 cents little tiny cheap postcard that’s all crumpled up in the mail and they call you back, they’re motivated. So the new philosophy that I want you to go by is assume motivation. A homeowner calls you back off of a cheap postcard, they’re motivated. They may not say it on the phone, but I want you to assume motivation.
The script that we use at Wholesaling Inc, it’s designed to just really weed out. It’s an exclusion list, not an inclusion script. So I want you to understand when a homeowner calls you, they’re motivated. It doesn’t matter what they say, at that point, you’re going to assume motivation unless proven otherwise, unless there’s calling you to say, Hey, take me off your list.
I want you to go to the house, send them an offer. Whatever you got to do, but treat them as if they’re motivated. Really, no matter what they say, unless they’re saying, take me off your list, or unless there’s no equity in the house. Other than that, they’re a motivated seller waiting to hear motivation, waiting for a seller who says, please come and buy my home right now. It’s a huge mistake and it’ll cost you a lot of deals, so don’t do that.
So number five guys, this is another huge reason. This is something that I struggled with when I first started. Number five reason why most wholesalers fail is they never get out of education mode. They never get out of learning mode. Now, there’s a lot of ways that you can see if this is affecting you, but I’m going to tell you right now, here’s the number one way, and I was just writing this down.
Number one way that you know you’re still stuck in education mode if you’re anticipatory, meaning you’re working on number one. Let’s just say in our tribe, building your cash buyers list and learning the script and you’re worried about step number 10 which is actually getting the physical contract when you go out to meet a seller, so being like a perfectionist, it really comes down to a seed that’s in your belly that you don’t want to look foolish in front of a seller.
You don’t want to make a mistake, so you stay in education mode where it’s safe. Instead of going out in the cold and taking massive imperfect action where it’s not safe, where you’re going to look like an idiot. I’ve got news for you. Number one, you’re going to look like an idiot. If you talk to the top 100 Wholesaling Inc’s students and you say, tell me about your first dozen deals. They will tell you they made every mistake in the book, every mistake in the book.
Who put the contract on a piece of paper because they didn’t have one with them and the title company sent them back with the right contract. They went to a house and they had somebody sell. They went to go buy the property or sign the contract and they only had one of the two sellers on the contract because they didn’t realize that they needed all the sellers.
When you’re an education mode, you’ll know because you’re not making any money. These people can tell you everything about wholesaling. They know it front to back, front to back, sideways. They can tell you everything about what it is, assigning a contract, putting a home under contract, where to find sellers, what lists are the best, using the right title company, but they haven’t done a deal.
They’re scared to look foolish. Whether you have 10 years of education or 10 days, you are going to look foolish. Just know that that’s part of leaving the safety of the farm and going into the jungle and being a rhino. It’s going to happen. Be okay with looking foolish. The most interesting people I know don’t care what other people think about them. Some of the best people I know, don’t give a, you know what about what other people think of them.
So know who you are, know that you’re going to be making mistakes, know that you’re okay with that. You’re going to get back up and you’re going to keep trying. Get out of education mode. Go and make five offers today. Go and visit five homeowners today. Stop learning and start earning. The way you’re going to earn is by getting results. The guys and girls who make the most money in Wholesaling Inc, the guys and girls who make the most money in wholesaling are the guys and girls who get the most results, not the guys and girls who get the most education.
They get the most results. You can do this. There are people in this tribe who have done it. You can do it. I can do it. It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Don’t overthink it. Number six is a big one too. This is something that I see with people who are a little bit more analytical. Usually like your teachers, real estate agents, attorneys, doctors, engineers, CPAs, accountants.
This is usually a problem that I see more for them. And this is assumption. When you’re making assumptions about what the seller is going to say, that will kill every deal. So number six is a big one. Again, this is something that we see more with analytical people, but what happens is they’ll have a conversation, they’ll go and see the seller, they’ll build rapport, the build trust, they’ll talk about different interests and then they’ll start to get into a negotiation with the seller about the price, and they don’t want to say the wrong thing to the seller because they are anticipating what the seller is going to say.
So one thing I want you to remember is when you’re on the phone with a seller or you are going out to see them, especially in person, never assume what the seller is going to say. This is something that we do without even realizing it. And then what it does is when we’re projecting that and we’re assuming what the seller is going to say, it’s leading the conversation.
So sometimes we’ll do a support call and a student will say, you know, it seems like every single deal is going this way. Now, you and I know that that’s not really possible. There’s so many different variables when you are in wholesaling that it would be impossible for all the deals to go in a certain direction or all the phone calls to go in a certain direction. they’ll say, well, it seems like every seller is A, B, and C.
So here is what I want to suggest to you. Never make assumptions. Write this above your desk and especially remember this when you’re going out to visit a seller, do not make assumptions about what the seller is going to say. You don’t know what the seller is going to say. You have to remember guys, wholesaling is like a pawn shop.
It really has nothing to do with real estate. Believe me, when I tell you I have done hundreds and hundreds of deals and in the tribe with all of the students, we’ve done thousands of deals. We spend about this much time talking about the houses and this much time talking about rapport building and the seller situation. Sellers sell their properties fast for speed and convenience at a low price all of the time for literally tens of thousands of different reasons.
You don’t know what’s driving them to make that decision, but here’s the bottom line. If you are saying, well, if I tell the seller what I’m really going to do, then they are going to not want to work with me. As soon as you start to feel that in your gut, in your belly, that’s when you need to just put it out there and be honest about what you’re doing. What is the price you want to pay. What is the price you can’t pay and don’t assume what the seller is going to say.
Confident people, which you need to be in order to be a wholesaler, they don’t waste time assuming what the seller is going to say. They’re honest. They’re truth tellers, they’re truth seekers. They put the stuff information out there. They’re honest about what they’re doing and who they are and what they’re going to do and what they’re not going to do, and then they wait to hear back from the seller.
They listen. So you say your sentence and you say, ah no, Mr. Seller, I’m not planning on living in this house. Is that going to prevent me from buying this house from you today? And then shh, don’t say a word. Stop assuming what sellers are going to tell you. It’s one of the number one reasons why new wholesalers fail.
Don’t do it. It’s not a good way to run a business. Number seven, this is a big one, number seven. This is something that I see very often and I want to tell you guys about this. This one comes from a place of like, I think maybe being, well, let’s just say this, some people, I want to say this, but I don’t want to get too philosophical, but some people have a fear of success and I think that this is where number seven comes from.
Here’s what I’m going to tell you about number seven, it’s one of the number one reasons why new wholesalers fail. Again, if this is true for you, it’s going to be your number one reason and it is waiting that you have no sense of urgency. You’re waiting to put a property under contract, so you’ll see these people say like, they’ll call to support and say, well I spoke to a seller, they’re in a situation where they’re in a domestic violence situation.
The husband is out of town for two or three weeks or the boyfriend. And the girlfriend wants to sell the home while he’s out of town. And I’ll say, great, what did you put the home under contract for? And they’ll say, well, I’m waiting because I’m doing some research or I’m like trying to figure out what to pay for the property or I’m going to go, today’s Monday I’m going to go see the seller on Wednesday.
Here’s what I’m going to tell you. Nothing can mess up a motivated seller deal. Nothing. This is something that Todd used to teach me, my mentor, my older brother, he used to teach me when I was starting out in wholesaling, but nothing could kill a deal, but one thing can lose a deal and that is not having a sense of urgency.
So let’s keep number seven really instead of deep diving number seven, let’s just make a basic rule that we’re all going to follow. The moment you have an opportunity to meet with a seller or put a property under contract, put the property under contract. If you’re worried about evaluations, first of all, evaluations in the tribe that that we teach how to do are so simple.
You should be able to come up with your number in less than three minutes. If you’re taking more than three minutes, you are over analyzing it. And if you’re using ARV, which stands for well, it’s supposed to stand for after repair value. If you’re using ARV to come up with your number, you’re making a tremendous mistake. Nobody cares what you think the price of the home is. Nobody, not the seller, not the buyer. Nobody. Nobody cares what you think the after repair value is, nobody cares.
So stop wasting time with that, number one. Number two is by the way, a new acronym for ARV. It should be assumptions reduced victories, assumptions reduced victories, because while you’re wasting time trying to find out what the after repair value is, people can’t even agree on what the current price of the home is and you think people are going to agree on the after repair value not going to happen.
So while you’re wasting time and taking 15 minutes to go figure out what the ARV is, I already have driven to the house, met with the seller, built rapport and put the house under contract. So please don’t do that. But here’s the bottom line. If you have a seller who is motivated to sell and they’re calling you, go meet with them immediately, immediately and put the house under contract immediately.
Do not leave that house without the house under contract. I don’t care what your reason is, don’t do it. If your number is wrong, that’s okay. If you paid too much for the property, you can cancel the contract. If you paid too little for the property, you’ll make more money. That’s all it’s going to happen. So go out there and don’t wait. Procrastination, hesitation, research, delay, no sense of urgency that will lose a deal 100% of the time.
And if you are doing direct mail and people are calling you back, call them back immediately, immediately. Not the next day, not a half an hour later, you’ve got about two minutes to call them back. If you have to stretch it out because you have a nine to five job, you can wait about 20 minutes, but that even is way too long. That’s the cutoff, that will lose a deal.
And number eight is kind of leads in from number seven. There is this misconception among wholesalers. Sometimes people will say, well I work or I have this other responsibility. There is no such thing. Number eight is this and this is something that really the 1% have really understood and captured and sometimes other people struggle with.
There’s this term that paycheck to paycheck people use called time management. I just want to tell you this, really simple, there’s no such thing as time management. It doesn’t exist in the same amount of time there’s been that we’ve been on this broadcast that the same amount of time has passed for you that has passed for me. There’s no one who’s watching this who can control time or manipulate it or shorten it or lengthen it. But what you can do is called priority management, priority management. That’s what you can do.
You will notice that the people who are where you want to be, they understand their priorities. They have goals, they have a plan to get their goal. If you talk to people who are not there, who are doing time management, they don’t even have a goal. Most times when you talk to people, say, what’s your goal? They’ll say, well, I don’t have one or I want to be a millionaire.
but what does that mean? So here’s the deal, in order to be a successful wholesaler, you have to have a sense of urgency and speed of implementation. You have to have priority management. That means once you jump out of the plane, you are a wholesaler. You’ve got to pull that parachute, so you’ve got to put it in top priority. There’s no time management. You have a seller who is interested in selling, drop everything.
Remember, you’re a full-time wholesaler with a part-time job. Even if your job is full-time, you can still put more hours into wholesaling. Tony Robins teaches us that we don’t get in this life we want, we only get what we can’t live without. Put wholesaling in first position, make it a priority and time management will fade away. You won’t have to worry about that.
There’s some anxiety inducing examples I can give you. Like for instance, if you pretended that one of your children were kidnapped and getting a property under contract was the ransom in order to get them back, I guarantee that all of the obstacles that you have would just fall away and you would skip meals, you’d wake up earlier, you’d stay up later. The problem is you just don’t want it bad enough. That’s really what it comes down to. And I know that’s a little blunt to say, but that is really what it’s going to come down to.
So no such thing as time management only priority management. Okay. Number nine reason why most new wholesalers fail, and this is another one. Oh man, this is such, this is so big. It’s too small of a cash buyers list. You guys, I don’t want to harp on this one. If you’re in the tribe, you already know how I feel about it. Most new wholesalers, they leave one job to create another. They become what I call CBEs. A CBEs is when you’re a CBE, and I’m going to tell you what that stands for in a minute. I know some people already know. What they do is they have a job. So they’re in that mentality, that worker bee mentality. So what they do is they become a CBE and that’s the worst job in the world. It’s a lot of hours. It’s low pay, it’s inconsistent pay, and it’s a nightmare.
And what does a CBE, a CBE is a cash buyer employee. A cash buyer employee. That’s what they do. They get a small list. You’ll hear them say this, you can listen, you’ll hear it. They’ll say, I have a reliable list of buyers. All reliable means is that these people make a lot of money, which means they’re super smart and they’re probably smarter than you and they’re manipulating you into you giving them all of your deals.
They either do it by guilt or they use strategy or they’ll say, remember when I gave you that money on that deal and then I lost money? I don’t care what the reason is. You need to have a big fat, recent, continually growing list of cash buyers. If you look at the top 100 students in Wholesaling Inc, the top 100 tribe members and you say, what is one of the commonalities between all these people?
Big, fat, tremendous, huge cash buyer lists, humongous. 3,000, 5,000, 8,000. Why? Why is that important? Because it’s a simple rule of economics. The more people you have who want something that you have, the more money you’ll get for it. It’s supply and demand. I know this is basic guys, but when you look at a struggling wholesaler, they’re working with two, three, seven, 10, 12 buyers.
That’s the problem. When you’re working with fewer buyers, cash buyers have cash for a reason. They’re very smart. There’s a reason they have so much cash. They will manipulate you and twist you into working for them as basically, off the books employee. You don’t want that job. Just use your gut, know who you are, know what you’re worth, and build that cash buyer list. And if a cash buyer says, well, if you’re going to make me look at that property with a lot of other people, I’m not going to buy properties from you anymore.
Not true. That’s not true. Okay guys, and number 10. The number 10 reason why new wholesalers fail are all this is all wholesalers. Actually, we’re going to do one more because I was journaling, this note came from journaling this morning and I’m going to put one other, I’m going to put number 11 because there’s one more to talk about, but number 10 this is something that Jim Rohn teaches us.
You guys, I didn’t read a single book until I was 33. I’d only read one book until I was 33 years old. The men and women who have come before us, they already answered all the questions on how to get to the destinations that we want to get to start reading every day. Here’s one of the biggest lessons that I learned. This one came from Jim Rohn, which is a book which is right there somewhere, Seasons, where are my S’s, right there.
All my books are now in alphabetical order so I can reference them. Here’s the bottom line, guys. This is the most true thing and you will see this with my… if you look at our top 100 students, you will see this again and again and again and again. It’s always true 100% of the time and paycheck to paycheck, people don’t follow this advice. Here it is. It comes from Jim Rohn, and it is echoed constantly by Tony Robbins, by Darren Hardy, by Scott Alexander, by all of the men and women that we know and follow and trust to give us good advice.
Here’s the bottom line. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. That’s it. This is not 99 1/2% true, this is 100% true. And people often will sometimes be offended by this advice because they’ll use it as a leverage to say, well what does that mean? If you have money, you can’t hang out with poor people and money’s the most important thing.
Or they’ll take it in some kind of an offensive way. The best way to think about this is if you wanted to learn how to drive a motorcycle and you were hanging around with people who didn’t drive motorcycles, who never drove them, who didn’t even want to drive them, what would those people tell you? Those people would tell you that motorcycles are dangerous, that you need to know a lot about taking care of them, that they’re super expensive, that there’s bad weather, you’re going to get stuck in it, and your insurance rates are going to go up and this and that and this and that.
And they’re going to tell you all the reasons why you shouldn’t ride a motorcycle. Now, whether riding a motorcycle is good or not as totally inconsequential, if you want to learn how to drive a motorcycle, go hang out with a motorcycle group of people. Hang out in a motorcycle club and guess what those people are going to tell you. They’re going to tell you, here’s the best way to drive a motorcycle safely.
Here’s the best way to learn some basic maintenance techniques. Here are the best roads to travel, the blue Ridge highway in North Carolina, where you can see all the beautiful foliage, which by the way is coming up in two weeks, Wholesaling Summit 2018. Make sure you get there guys, it’s going to be all about changing your life to make more money in real estate and wholesaling. But that’s the bottom line. You are the average of the five people. About a year and a half ago, I did this as an experiment. I took the five people that I spend the most time with on the phone, all of my basically good friends and mentors.
And I said, I want to know where they stand with different items and guess what? I was right in the middle of, right in the average of net worth, family income, all of it, right fitness level. I was right in the middle. So you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you’re out with negative people who always have a latest emergency, they always are a victim, they’re always getting victimized, they’re always a negative, they always have a negative outlook.
Everything is going to turn out badly. Just listen. People will tell you who they are. Just listen to them. They’ll talk about negative things. They will always say negative things all the time. Here’s what I’m going to tell you. You’ve got to stop spending a ton of time with those people and you’ve got to spend time with people who are positive, upbeat, successful, and here’s the most important one where you want to be, where you want to be.
The people who are at the destination that you’re at, they’ll reach across a divide and they’ll all pull you right there, but the people who aren’t there, they won’t. So don’t fall into that trap. That is one of the number one reasons. If you start a new adventure and you’re carrying a whole bunch of dead weight of people who are telling you don’t go into the jungle, it’s dangerous, it’s not worth it, then you’re not going to go in and if you do step in at the first sign of getting attacked in the jungle, you’re going to withdrawal right back to the farm. Don’t do it.
Read Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander, by the way, it’s a great book. And I just added this one while I was on this podcast, guys, this just came to me while I was doing this, so I was writing the top 10 reasons why, but this is number 11. You guys, number 11 is distraction. It is one of the number one killers distraction, shiny object syndrome. This is something that everybody struggles with.
I don’t care how much money you make. As a matter of fact, the more money you make, the shiny or the shiny objects get, the more shiny the opportunities get. I was on a phone call yesterday with a student who is very successful and he was just about to go down a road and start a whole new project and I don’t mean to laugh, it’s not funny, but you guys, if you have anything that’s distracting you from your main goal, if your main goal is to do five deals this month in October and you want to do five wholesale deals, anything that is not congruent with that goal needs to be put in… what David Allen teaches us. Where is he right there?
What David Allen teaches us is create a someday, maybe folder. Get it out of your brain and onto a piece of paper. Someday maybe I will create this other tool or project or open this other business. I’m not saying that the opportunity is bad, but whatever distraction is distracting you, it’s going to be 10 times harder to implement than you think and it’s going to completely pull you away from your primary goal.
What is Gary Keller teach us from The One Thing? One goal, one thing. Pumpkin Plan, Mike Michalowicz, one big pumpkin on the vine. Scott Alexander, Rhinoceros Access, charge it one thing at a time, one thing. What does the Bible say? You can move a mountain, a mountain. You can move a mountain. So you guys, if you want to do five wholesale deals this month, number one, get to the Asheville event. It’s in like two weeks.
Asheville, North Carolina,, get there. If you want to be in the tribe and become a rhino, then you get to Wholesaling Inc, and check us out. Fill out an application. If we like what you have to say, we might actually invite you in to be your wholesaling rhinoceros and focus on your one goal, guys. Don’t let shiny objects get in the way of you becoming who you are.
Know who you are and go for it. And one of the last tip guys, if you really want to crush it in life, not just in wholesaling, especially in wholesaling, but just in everything, read books, grab any book, any book that you want, any good book, read eight pages a day, just commit to eight pages. It’s so simple. Don’t trust anybody. What they told you when you were growing up that you’re a visual learner or an audible learner and you can’t read.
You can read. I promise you, if I can read, you can read. So you guys, I got to go get these kids ready for school. So enjoy the day. God bless and have a great day everybody. We’re going to crush it. Five offers today, five offers from everybody. Get out in front of a seller. If you have sellers that you haven’t spoken to in a long time in your database, send them a voice blast. The voice blasts that I heard from Joe McCall that he learned from Claude Diamond.
The best voice blast, voice blast every single person in your database today, no matter when they called you back, doesn’t matter. Just say, “Hey, I have your house under contract, and I just need some help filling it out and call me back.” And they will all call you back, I promise. And they’ll say, what do you mean you have my house under contract? So that goes to Claude Diamond, who’s one of the best salespeople in the country. All right guys. Enjoy the day. God bless everyone and we will see you soon. All right guys, talk to you later. Bye-bye.

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