Episode 202: How Tracking Your Numbers Can Lead to Exponential Growth

For those who are new to the lucrative world of wholesaling, closing 2 deals a month and earning as much as $30, 000 can seem like a lot. And it is. However, that’s barely scratching the wholesaling iceberg.

If truth be told, many rockstar wholesalers are closing as many as 10 deals and earning as much as $100, 000 (or more!) each month. The good news? You can too! So what exactly do you need to do to take your wholesaling business to the next level? Start by tracking your numbers.

While tracking your numbers is not exactly rocket science, not many are aware it goes beyond knowing how much money you are making and how much you are spending and keeping.

In this episode, TTP guru and rockstar wholesaler Brett Daniels will teach you how you should go about tracking your numbers and why it’s pivotal in the success of your wholesaling business.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!

Key Takeaways

  • The things you need to track
  • Why it’s crucial to know how much you are being paid for your time
  • What the 3 types of leads are
  • Question you need to ask to gauge if homeowners really want to sell their property
  • The importance of pre-qualifying
  • What the 4 pillars of pre-qualifying are
  • The importance of knowing how much you are earning
  • Why many people don’t track their numbers


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