Episode 20: How a Complete Newbie Made $17,250 Just by Listening to this Podcast!

How a Complete Newbie Made $17,250 Just by Listening to This Podcast!

Today’s Podcast is going to BLOW YOU AWAY. A lot of people “want” to Wholesale houses but for some reason, talk themselves out of it. Maybe they think they don’t know enough about wholesaling to go out and make money with it. Or maybe they just like the idea of wholesaling more than actually doing it.

The truth is you probably already know WAY more than you need to, to make money in this business! Today’s guest is living proof of what happens when you just go out and take MASSIVE, imperfect action!

Today Tom sits down with a TOTAL rockstar, Martine Jackson from Richmond, Virginia.

She used to be a financial analyst but quit her job because she went all-in on wholesaling! She is NOT in the tribe (yet) but so far has made a whopping $17,250 JUST BY LISTENING TO THIS PODCAST!!

Now a full time wholesaler, she’s finding deals like a rhino and even got three deals a week after she quit her job!

Don’t miss this episode where Martine shared every detail on her first deal from blind post cards, calling everyone (and I do mean everyone) who responded, and successfully closing deals!

Both the listeners and Martine are in for a BIG surprise at the end. This is so incredible and it all started just by listening to our podcasts!


  • Who is Martine and how she started wholesaling just by listening to the podcast
  • Deep diving her deals
  • Finding homeowners with code violations
  • Using Blind Post Cards…and calling every one of them
  • How she got this deal
  • Finding the “Under the surface” reason
  • Taking action the next day!
  • How she handled her first client meeting
  • How she figured out what to offer
  • Digging into the equity list
  • The myth about absentee owners
  • How Martine became a member of the tribe
  • and so much more…

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