Episode 199: How Consistency and Persistence Helped a Rockstar Couple Earn $27, 300

If you think you need to strike out on your own to succeed in wholesaling, think again! In today’s episode, Cody talked to a rockstar couple who are absolutely killing it in the wholesaling world.

Brian and Misty Pistone joined the tribe in December of 2017. They sent out their first mailings in February of 2018 and have closed 3 deals since then (and have another one in the pipeline). They earned a total of $14, 000 from the first two deals and a whopping $27, 300 on the third!

While their success can be attributed to a lot of factors (expert mentors, right mindset, etc.), it was their persistence and consistency that has helped them earn their biggest pay check yet.

If you and your significant other would like to give wholesaling a try, consider listening to today’s episode a huge step in the right direction!

The Deal:

  • Brian and Misty consistently sent out 2, 000 to 2, 500 mails to the tax delinquent list. From the second batch of mails they sent out, they found a highly motivated seller.
  • Even if they were not able to close the deal right away, they were persistent when it comes to making follow-ups.
  • Eventually, they were able to close the deal and were rewarded $27, 300 for their efforts!


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