Posted on: September 06, 2018

If you’re looking for inspiration to start (or continue) your wholesaling journey, the story of this episode’s guest is exactly what you need to hear.

Giovanni Morado is a rockstar rhino who’s undoubtedly making a killing in the wholesaling space. Currently managing a team of 16 people (and growing), he closes as many as 17 deals and $180, 000 in escrow. And that’s just in a month!

However, his wholesaling journey has not always been easy. At one point, he had to crash a friend’s couch just so he could continue to pursue his wholesaling dreams.

So if you’re ready to throw in the towel, don’t do it just yet until you’ve listened to this episode. It just might give you the wisdom, guidance, and inspiration you need to take your wholesaling business to the next level!

Key Takeaways

  • How he got his first deals
  • How he built his buyer’s list
  • What makes wholesaling attractive to him
  • How the TTP (Talk to People) Program helped him take his business to the next level
  • The people/list he’s targeting
  • How he manages his team and how he’s scaling his business
  • His superpower
  • What’s next for him and his business
  • His advice for those who would like to get into wholesaling
  • Book he recommends


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Episode Transcription

Brent: Hello friends. Welcome to the Wholesaling Inc podcast, the number one wholesaling podcast in the world. I just want to say congratulations on your decision to step up and take your life to the next level. Seriously, guys, just by listening to this podcast, you have already made the decision that you wanted to go to the next level. And, you know what? I want to express how much I respect you for your commitment and your commitment to improving yourself, because a lot of people talk about wanting to improve themselves, but not a lot of people take action.
Doing so and listening to this podcast is a huge step in the right direction to improving yourselves. Because I’ll tell you what, I’m going to give you a personal little story here. I started listening to this podcast in early 2016. I had looked around on iTunes, I was looking for wholesaling. I had this wholesaling bug. I had this wholesaling idea in my head. I had been doing some deals and I had found this podcast. I’m telling you, once I heard Tom Krol on this podcast, every synapse in my brain exploded. I was just so positive that I knew I had to surround myself with this group of people, with the Wholesaling Inc program. And that’s exactly what I did. I took action right away. I called up. I set an appointment. I had scheduled to get into the Wholesaling Inc program.
I am telling you from listening to this podcast and taking the action to joining the program, I have made over $3 million from wholesaling. That’s not to brag or anything like that, but what I’m saying is this podcast here that you’re listening to, the time that you’re taking, to listen to here, is so important because it is real. This is real, the real deal. They talk about- Tom and Cody talk about the meat and potatoes and that’s what we deliver in this podcast. That’s what we constantly want to deliver in this podcast. And I think the most important thing to think about with this is a word called modeling.
Modeling is basically just modeling the behaviors and the actions of people that are doing what you want to be doing and achieving the things that you want to achieve and accomplishing their goals, and you just model their behavior. You literally surround yourself, you engulf yourself with their program or their personality or the people. We talk all the time about surrounding yourself with people that are doing way more than you. That’s what this podcast is all about. That’s what these interviews on a weekly basis are all about. Bringing incredible real estate professionals from around the country and the world onto this podcast and asking them what do they do to be so successful.
So, you never know, which person you’re going to hear from, which interviews going to connect with you. You’re going to be able to model the experiences, and model the personalities, and model the actions that these people are taking; the incredible people that we have the absolute pleasure and honor of bringing on and introducing to the podcast. It is just absolutely phenomenal.
So with that, I want you guys to really listen to this interview because it’s going to blow you away. I have a phenomenal duo. Mostly, just one’s going to talk to us on this podcast, but they’re both together right now. They are out of Garland, which is just outside of Dallas. I want to introduce Giovanni Morado and Charles Mowene. Was that close?

Charles Mowena: Close, close. Mow-een-ee

Brent: Okay. Yeah, yeah. Welcome guys. So Giovanni, you are just absolutely crushing it in a market that is as competitive as Phoenix, as competitive as San Diego, as competitive as some of New York, New Jersey. Some of these, big times Chicago markets. So tell me what’s going on. Tell me about what you’ve got going on in Dallas. Talk about you a little bit.

Giovanni: Yeah. So Brent, I’ll start off initially by just saying where I started. I’ve been in the business for about two years. Last year was my first full year being in the business. The year before, I did a handful, I think I did like one or two deals. I didn’t make much and made like 500 bucks, 1000 bucks on the next one. Kind of got discouraged, because I was doing a lot of marketing and wasn’t seeing a return. So, last year, I did about 25 deals. To bring it back again, the guy who I’m sitting next to Charles Mowene about two, years ago I was sleeping on his couch.

Brent: So wait, let’s hold on one second. Did you just say in your first year you did 25 deals?

Giovanni: Yes.

Brent: Incredible. And two years from that, 24 months before that, you were sleeping on Charles’s couch?

Giovanni: Right. That is correct.

Brent: So, you got to peel this onion. Pull it back. So, let’s start at the beginning. Why are you sleeping on Charles’s couch?

Giovanni: Well, I was in corporate America, got laid off. I was in medical healthcare sales and marketing and got laid off. The company got bought out and they let a bunch of people go and I was out of a job. And, was introduced to wholesaling, and a friend of mine was doing it and said it was pretty easy. So I hand wrote bandit signs and put them out and nothing really happened and got discouraged and

Brent: Sure,

Giovanni: You know, just kept doing it, kept pursuing it and finally got a deal. And, then I got another one and just reinvested my profits to develop the system that I, that I currently have now.

Brent: Beautiful. So you were out there just doing bandit signs and- How did you get your first deals if it- Was it from bandit signs? Were you out there? Did you get some calls and it kind of turned into something? Did you do mail? How did you get your first deals?

Giovanni: Yeah so my first couple of deals were bandit signs and they also were from driving for dollars. I’d say about 80% of my deals were from driving for dollars.

Brent: Did you knock on the doors? Did you call them? What’d you do?

Giovanni: Yeah, so I was, I was pretty aggressive. I would get out of the car if I saw something that was hot and I knew it was a smoking deal. If I could get hold of the owner, I’d get out of the car, knock on the door and knock on all the neighbors doors, probably five people in the neighborhood. If not six or seven and ask if they knew or had any information on the property. And a lot of the time the owners would give you the information, and I told them that I’d give them a hundred bucks. A referral fee if I got in contact with them and that worked out for me.

Brent: Sure. And guys, if you know anything about my story, I started the exact same way knocking on the doors. If you’ve got zero budget, zero resources, zero and if you have nothing, what you do have is the ability to go out to the neighborhoods, find the worst houses on the street, go up to the door and see if they would consider an offer. And oftentimes like Giovanni is just describing, they are not going to answer the door. They’re not there. But guess who knows all about that house and guess who knows all about the owners, it is the neighbors.
Go over, have a good conversation, have a human interaction with them and just let them know that you are looking to do something special and tasteful with that house and that you’d love to improve the neighborhood and they will talk to you. They really will. Sometimes you find out, sometimes they’ll talk to you forever, you know what I mean? They’ll just keep you there and they’ll tell you about every neighbor. But it’s really powerful. Okay, so you got some deals from that. So you’re kind of progressing. You’re starting to put some money into your bank account. Weren’t you nervous like putting them under contract, who you were going to sell these to or what you were going to do with them?

Giovanni: Oh, that was it. It was extremely nerve wracking. My hands were shaking the first couple of deals I did I was inexperienced, didn’t know anything, but I knew I had to do it. So I got it done. But my first couple of deals were very nerve wracking. But once you do it repetitively and it comes natural.

Brent: Got it. Got it. So how did you find the buyers for your first ones?

Giovanni: My first ones, I started building my buyers list by posting on Craigslist. Just posting fixer upper properties and I’d get emails from investors on Craigslist and also I’d get a lot of calls from my bandit signs, believe it or not.

Brent: Sure.

Giovanni: Masters in the neighborhood and I’d get their information down and add them to my database and then also connected with some other wholesalers in my market.

Brent: So fast forward, so you’re couch surfing at Charles’s house, you are out there knocking doors, you’re out there putting out bandit signs, you’re starting to build some momentum. It sounds like you always had the passion there. What made you want to get into, I know you mentioned that your buddy said that wholesaling was easy and it was good money. I mean, what made you want to get in? I mean there’s a million different things that we can do with our time and our resources and our skills and our abilities, but what made real estate, what made wholesaling like really stick to you? Because, I’m telling you in the beginning it feels impossible. You’re like rolling a boulder uphill and you’re just taking little steps by little steps and then it rolls back on you. You got to start over. Like why do you have passion for this business?

Giovanni: Sure. So I’m going to start off Brent by saying I’ve got three kids. So believe it or not, when I was sleeping on Charles’s couch, my twins were being born. So I’ve got two little boys and then a little girl, a little girl is six and my two boys are going to be two here in a month. So that’s definitely what motivated me to just change it up and make something happen. And I was really attracted to the wholesaling concept because you can start off by investing just a small investment to potentially make a huge profit. And so I started off by buying bandit signs at Walmart and Dollar General and hand-writing them and just getting some nails and a hammer and putting them on posts in the neighborhood. So, and closing my first deal and just reinvested the profits. And started scaling the business and going from there.

Brent: Nothing motivates like babies and nothing motivates like two babies at the same time. Holy cow. And fortunately you were in a position that you had a friend that had told you about this cash machine, that had told you about the lottery that you can hit called wholesaling and you just went for it. I mean you set the plan, you went out there, you are absolutely proactive, which is a huge thing. If anything, if this podcast ended right now, just the lesson to be learned here is that he absolutely took action. He absolutely went out there. He didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t know necessarily what he was doing. He had some guidance, but it didn’t matter. He went and took action and it worked for him because he was out there every single day talking to new people about taking offers on their properties.
You can complicate this business as much as you want, but when it comes down to it guys, it’s all about talking to people. It’s all about talking to homeowners and seeing if you, if they have a problem that you can solve. And that’s what Giovanni was out there doing. He was out there with his legs and knocking on doors and putting out signs and he was just putting that sweat equity in and it started just gain momentum. So now we’re in the momentum phase. Now you’ve got some money, now you’ve got some success. You’re stacking those wins on top of wins on top of wins. Then what happened?

Giovanni: Oh well I started scaling my business. I found out about TTP and I was in love with the concept and met you and then I took him immediate action on the TTP concept and I got Mojo. I started making phone calls myself from home, really started picking up the momentum and closing a couple deals.
Then I got an office where I’m at now here in Garland and started making phone calls here myself for about a month or two. And that’s when I brought in Charles cause I was getting so much momentum and I was like, man, there’s this new concept called TTP man I’m talking to [inaudible 00:12:39]. It’s crazy. I can’t keep up. Because it was pretty slow pace, when I was just doing the bandit signs and the mailers and TTP is just so much more exciting. You’re actually talking to people and it takes your business to the next level. So I got excited, introduced the concept to Charles and he started making phone calls with me. So here we are now here at the same office and we both started making calls together and now we’ve pretty much created a system that works for us now. So.

Brent: Love it.

Giovanni: Here at the office we have five acquisitions guys.

Brent: How many?

Giovanni: Five.

Brent: Woo. Okay, let’s go. Just real quick guys. The TTP program is basically a PhD in cold calling. That’s what the program is. It teaches you how to be a master on the phone, a master on who to call and what to say to them. And how to close the deals over the phone. That’s what you Giovanni joined. It’s the TTP program. That’s what Giovanni and Charles have implemented into their business. And it sounds like it’s getting you enough leads to feed five acquisition managers?

Giovanni: Yes. I mean to be honest Brent we’ve got leads for days. I mean we can’t even keep up.

Brent: Ah, I love it.

Giovanni: No, it’s all thanks to TTP. That’s what it’s all about. So,

Brent: So when we’re talking about picking up the phone and Giovanni mentioned Mojo. Mojo Dialer is a dialing system that helps you make multiple calls so that you can have really good quality conversations and have a lot of them every hour. So how many people do you guys have making those calls?

Giovanni: So we dedicate two cold callers per acquisitions rep. So that’s kind of the system we have set up. So we’ve got two cold callers per acquisitions rep. So what is that, that’s 10. And then we’ve got a lead, a cold caller who is responsible for listening to the phone calls, quality control type stuff, and coaching the cold callers on improving. And anything that he feels that they need to change and that sort of thing. So that’s our system. So we’ve got five acquisitions managers and two cold callers per acquisition rep.

Brent: Beautiful. So who are they calling?

Giovanni: We are calling right now we’re having a lot of success with the blanket list, the equity list, the high equity. We target high equity in a certain age. So 60 and older high equity blanket list. Just calling everybody. We’ve called probably just about everybody in Dallas Brent. I’m not kidding.

Brent: I’m sure you have. And do you get your list from ListSource?

Giovanni: Yeah, we get it from ListSource.

Brent: Yeah. So you get the list from ListSource, you get those phone numbers, you put them into Mojo and then you have your 10 cold calling assassins out there making calls and talking to people.

Giovanni: That’s it. That’s it.

Brent: I love it. And then the, the leads come in and they get filtered into designated acquisition managers. Now, how did you go from just you two guys hanging out, making calls in an office to hiring and leading a team of essentially now 10 cold callers, five acquisition managers and a leads manager. So that’s 16 people. I mean that takes some huge growth just personally to be able to lead that group. Right?

Giovanni: It definitely does. So a long story short, Brent, I reinvested pretty much, , everything that I made into scaling the business. I’m a big picture thinker. That’s what really attracted Charles to working with me and all the guys I have now is this the vision that I have in place just for everybody I’ve reinvested, like I said, pretty much everything to scale the business and provide all the resources for everybody to be successful here with the Bravo Investments.

Brent: Beautiful. And is it hard recruiting talent?

Giovanni: It’s not. Now they pretty much come to us. Guys want, people that want to work with us all the time. So people from Facebook, I recruited a guy yesterday, I was helping my sister get an apartment and I recruited a guy who was, he’s the lease manager there and I was telling him a little bit about what I’m doing. And he’s like, man, you guys have any opportunities they can can I work with you guys? I said come to the office sometime this weekend and we’ll talk. So he’s going to come by Wednesday. And so I’m excited for that. So yeah, so we’re growing. We’re aggressively growing, we’re looking to bring in some more acquisitions reps here sometime soon. So

Brent: Beautiful. Yeah. So one of the things, and this is just, this is just experience that I’ve had with discussions with big teams around the country. The number one thing that you need in this business to have a happy, healthy, functioning, proactive team is a lot of leads. Okay. And here’s the thing, you can get leads one of three ways. We all know you can get them by waiting around for them, which is never going to let you build a big business. You can do number two, which most people do, which is buy the business, which is literally paying for a ton of marketing and hoping that people call you and hoping that the amount of calls coming in equal to the amount of talent that you have waiting for those calls or three, you can go out and earn those leads by being proactive in the community, in the marketplace every single day, reaching out and going and finding those opportunities.
And you guys, I’ve got a beautiful example, beautiful picture for people to imagine in their minds of what you need to do to be able to have that big and robust team. You know what I mean? You have set it up. There’s no way that you’re going to be able to recruit people and keep the culture of your business so excited unless they are winning and the way that they win. They can’t win without leads. They can’t. So you guys are out there just going through and calling literally everybody in the DFW area, right?

Giovanni: That’s it. Yes sir.

Brent: I love it. I’m just so excited for you. Okay, great. So you’ve got all these things. Are you doing any deals? How’s it looking?

Giovanni: All right Brent. So we’ve got July, we are at currently 17 contracts, 17 deals. We’re at about $120,000 in wholesaling and about $180,000 in escrow right now.

Brent: That is what I am talking about. I absolutely love that. Did you guys hear that? Oh my gosh. 17 deals 180,000 in escrow closing. Oh my gosh. That is just absolutely incredible. And you’re just a year into it. I mean, when did you start hiring these people?

Giovanni: So we’ve had Charles KV probably about a year. Yeah.

Brent: And it’s just growing, re-investing, staying true to the process, keeping it consistent.

Giovanni: That’s it. The system’s proven TTP. That’s what it’s all about. And once I figured that out, I just took it to the next level.

Brent: Love it

Giovanni: That’s why I’m here now.

Brent: So let me ask Charles this. What is your responsibilities in the business?

Charles Mowena: Basically just keeping task with everything. Making sure everything runs smooth and handling all business aside of what Gio does. So make sure he’s scaling the business, I’m managing everything else.

Brent: Got it. So you’re making sure that everything is running smoothly, that people are doing and keeping everybody accountable. Making sure that everybody’s hitting their numbers, making sure that they’ve got fresh lists to call, making sure that they’re following up on their leads. Guys, to do that many deals, you’ve got to be on top of it every single day. So I totally get it. So Charles, I’ll ask you this first and then we’ll ask Giovanni, what is your super power?

Charles Mowena: My superpower?

Brent: Yeah.

Charles Mowena: I would say just getting things done. I’d just like to move fast, get things done and make sure it’s done right.

Brent: And how do you do that? I mean, how do you get things done? You can’t, are you screaming at people? Are you giving them hugs? Are you giving them high fives? Are you just, are you leaning over their shoulders so that they can feel your hot breath behind them? How do you do that?

Charles Mowena: We keep a fun environment. We got basketball hoops in here our guys, keeping everything fun, make sure everybody believes in the vision and make sure that everybody’s on the path to success.

Brent: Love it, love it. You guys remind me of that book, traction when it comes to the visionary and then the implementer. You know what I mean? I don’t know if you guys have read that book, but it’s a phenomenal read and you guys are like the perfect example of that. Right?

Giovanni: That’s it. I have read that book, Brent, that book it’s a game changer. It really is. That’s a must read for anybody.

Brent: So then what is your superpower, Giovanni?

Giovanni: My superpower? That’s a good question. I’d say my interpersonal skills, I get contracts. That’s what I do. You get me in front of anybody and I’m going to lock it up. So I’ve trained all my acquisitions guys how to have interpersonal skills, be a human, I mean at the end of the day, these homeowners, majority of them are going to be in distressed situations, but if you can just connect with them on a personal level, that’s what it’s all about. You know what I coach my guys and in core value that we operate on is integrity and all the people the homeowners we encounter feel that. And if they can feel that and trust that you really meet and meaning what you say and you can really connect with them on that level, there’s really no competition. So you have that ability to just connect with them. And interpersonal skills. Like I said, there’s just no competition.

Brent: Yep. I like to think of it as being a versatile go-giver. Right? Somebody that’s out there that’s truly just you put them in any situation around the world. I drop you in the middle of whatever Minnesota, you’ll get deals. I drop you in the middle of Hawaii, you’ll get deals, you know what I mean? If you’re a versatile go-giver, if you’re actually out there and understand that the key to success is giving, then you can win and win and win. And that’s what he’s talking about. Interpersonal skills.
I mean it’s so important and it’s something that can be learned and embraced if you just take the time and put the passion behind it and make it a priority to understand that there are different personality styles, there’s different communication styles, there’s different ways that people want to be interacted with. And as you build up your versatility, it just makes it so much easier for you to communicate the amount of value that you can bring into somebody’s life by working with them. And I think that’s absolutely phenomenal guys. So where do you guys go from here? So you guys have got 180 K in escrow. I mean, it sounds like it’s a runaway train. Like you guys are just going for it, man. Like what’s the next progress? What’s the next, you know what I mean?

Giovanni: We’re going to continue to scale the business. We’re actually going to be virtual wholesaling in other markets. We actually just did our first deal in San Antonio and found a couple of deals and, well not couple deals. We found some good leads in Florida. So we started calling up San Antonio and Tampa and we’ll have a couple of deals here in the next couple of weeks in Tampa. So we just did our first virtual wholesale deal in San Antonio.

Brent: Love it. Absolutely love it. You guys have just grown and grown and grown and I hope you’re at the point now, both of you guys that you guys are keeping some of that money that you’re making and not just throwing all into the business and putting it towards assets that you can buy. I don’t know if it’s real estate investing, I don’t know if you want to go out and buy a ton of whatever, whatever you want, but I hope that you guys are keeping some of that. I’m sure you are.

Giovanni: Definitely, definitely.

Brent: So if you were to take somebody brand new, they’re listening to your voice for the first time. They barely know what wholesaling is, but they have a passion for real estate. They have a passion for being an entrepreneur. They have a passion for not working a nine to five, not staying in that same cycle that says, Hey, go to school, sit in this row of chairs, and then go to college, sit in this row chairs, and then go to work and sit in this row of chairs in this cubicle. What do you tell that person that has that crazy idea that that’s not a fulfilling life? What do you tell that person to really just encourage them to lift them up and to really take action today?

Giovanni: Brent. Pretty simple. You just have to take action. That’s really what it boils down to. Somebody who’s eager to do it and is just kind of hesitant. You just need to take action. I did it myself. I was a little discouraged at first. I did a little bit of marketing and wasn’t really seeing any results anytime fast. And I just kept at it and you just got to take action, be persistent, don’t give up that inner voice that’s telling you to give up. And you might have some friends and family members that are going to potentially discourage you and say that it might not work and it’s too good to be true, but it’s not. I started sleeping on my buddy’s couch with about $20 to my name and bought some bandit signs at Walmart and here I am. So just take action, get it done, do it.

Brent: Love it. Charles,

Charles Mowena: Really just the same mentality as Gio. I mean he’s trained me to the point where I am and I’m very grateful, very strong about TTP and really it’s about taking action and no excuses. So if he can do it sleeping on my couch almost two years ago, I think everybody else can, can do the same. Just take an action.

Brent: Absolutely. And one book that you guys have read that you think everybody should read. Something that just feeds their mind, puts all the good stuff. It just plunges all of the negativity that the world throws at us and puts great thoughts into our head. What book would you recommend

Charles Mowena: Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

Brent: Oh man,

Charles Mowena: Is that a cliche. I mean a lot of that, you hear a lot of successful people talk about that book, but that’s the game changer it’s a must read. It’ll change your mindset. It’ll encourage you. Don’t read it once. Don’t read it twice. Make it a habit to read that book once a year. So that’s a game changer.

Brent: Love it. They just came out with a movie version of it and you can get it on Amazon. It is phenomenal. One guy in there said something that I got goosebumps when I heard it. He said that you were born an original, don’t die a copy. Ah, I just love that man. That’s just so powerful. I just love it. I really do. So Charles do you have a book?

Charles Mowena: I would say one that’s not really mentioned. No excuses by Brian Tracy.

Brent: Yep.

Charles Mowena: Style and self development.

Brent: I love it guys. Well thank you guys so much. It was really just pulling back and seeing, you know from starting on a couch to ending up in a office with 16 people working for you guys with $180,000 in escrow right now going to close. We didn’t break down a specific deal because they have too many deals to break down right now. We’d be on this podcast for the next three and a half days. That’s how much business they’re doing by being proactive, so I want to thank them so much for spending some time with us. I also want to mention that October 15th through the 17th in Asheville, North Carolina is the Wholesaling Summit. It is the number one place to be this year. Hands down. It is going to be absolutely phenomenal. register now. The event in February had a waiting list a mile long, so do not hesitate. Get into there.
Now I know that they’re already getting snatched up like crazy. There’s only 300 seats in the room. You get to meet the most incredible professionals in the country. Make sure you are there. Okay? And if you are ready to model the most proactive way to find the biggest, best deals, you need to sign up for a call to learn more about the TTP program, the Talk To People program. It is absolutely essential that you take action on it now. Do not wait. Go to and sign up for a call. We want to talk to you if it makes sense. You need to join this program. You need to get into it and take action right away. Just like Charles, just like Giovanni, you need to get going right away because you can make a huge impact in the next 12 months just like these guys. So guys, again, thank you so much for being on the podcast with me. We really, really appreciate it.

Giovanni: Thanks for having us Brent. It was a pleasure.

Brent: All right guys, until next time I encourage you to talk to people. Love you.

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