Episode 193: The Secret to Raising Private Money to Fund Your Deals

Need to do a double close but don’t have the money? Looking for transitional money while waiting for that full-time loan to be approved? If you’re a wholesaler, it is likely that you’ve encountered one or both scenarios at one point or another.

Undoubtedly, having sufficient money to fund your deals will play a pivotal role in your wholesaling success. That’s why on this special episode, Cody talked to “The Private Money Authority” himself, Jay Conner.

Jay didn’t get the moniker “The Private Money Authority” by chance. Apart from being in the private money business for 15 years now, he’s also done something truly impressive—he raised over $2, 150, 000 in less than 90 days after the banks cut him off!

If you’re looking for groundbreaking information that can dramatically change your wholesaling game for the better, this episode is for you!

Key Takeaways

  • How he funded his deals when he first started
  • The E + R = O formula (Event + Response = Outcome)
  • What a private lender is
  • Three categories of private lenders
  • What a self-directed IRA is
  • How private money can help wholesalers in general
  • How private money can help those who are building their rental portfolio
  • Where and how you can connect with him
  • Game-changing book he recommends
  • Advice he’d give to those who are starting out


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