Episode 192: 6 Skills You Need to be a Superstar Real Estate Wholesaler

Have you at one time wondered what people who are making a killing in wholesaling are doing right? Are they just lucky? Or do they have special skills and abilities others don’t have? Now you won’t have to wonder anymore.

In today’s special episode, TTP (Talk to People) guru and superstar wholesaler Brent Daniels will shed light on the subject by sharing 6 key skills many superstar wholesalers share.

Get a pen and paper handy, take down notes, and be prepared to take the wholesaling world by storm!

Key Takeaways

  • What non-productive work habits are and why you should avoid them
  • Why obsession is key to your wholesaling success
  • Why you need to talk to real estate buyers and sellers every single day
  • The importance of knowing your lead to closing ratio
  • What the most effective way to build your wholesaling business is
  • The number of leads you need to replace a deal you’ve closed
  • Why follow-ups are essential in wholesaling
  • The 3 types of leads
  • What are some of the problems you can solve as a wholesaler
  • The 4 pre-qualifying conditions
  • The importance of knowing the right questions to ask
  • Why your body language when on an appointment is critical
  • Why making advance agreements is a game changer
  • What competency is
  • The 2 forms of competency
  • Why you need to have a mentor
  • Why you need to study different exit strategies
  • What are the different personality styles


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