Episode 190: How a Rhino Evolved From Real Estate Agent to Wholesaling Rockstar

While working as a real estate agent has its perks, it can also be very demanding. Not only that, it can sometimes compromise both personal and family time. Just go ask Kyle Wigley.

Kyle got into real estate the month after he graduated from high school. After working as a real estate agent for 11 long years, he just woke up one day realising he’s sacrificing a little too much for the job.

Fortunately, he discovered there is a better way. And that better way is called wholesaling.

In his first year of wholesaling alone, Kyle closed 9 deals and earned a total of $70, 000 in net profit. Since then, he’s been making a killing in wholesaling and aims to earn a whopping $800, 000 in net revenue this year.

If you think you need to be a real estate agent to thrive in the wholesaling space, think again. Kyle didn’t know anything about wholesaling when he first started. However, with creativity, hard work, and passion he was able to make things happen.

If you’re looking for powerful wholesaling guidance, tips, and wisdom, consider this episode a must listen!

Key Takeaways

  • How he pulled off his first wholesaling deal even with a limited marketing budget
  • What the current structure of his business is
  • Sample of a wholesaling deal he did
  • The number one investment tool of all time
  • Advice he would give to people who are new to wholesaling
  • The importance of having a mentor
  • Book he recommends


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