Episode 186: How the TTP Program Helped a Driven Mom Bounce Back and Earn $10, 000

Did you invest the money you earned from your first wholesaling deal into marketing or did you choose to take it easy and go on a vacation? If you did the latter, then you have something in common with today’s guest.

Brittany Thomson is a driven wholesaler from Birmingham, Alabama. The doting mother of 3 closed her first deal way back 2015 but she didn’t know any better about wholesaling back then.

Fortunately, she learned from her mistakes, invested in the TTP program, and is now looking to dominate.

If you are wondering how the TTP program can help you or if you are looking for guidance on how you should move forward after closing your first deal, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!

The Deal:

  • As per Brent’s advice, Brittany called the people on the high equity absentee owner list or what’s otherwise referred to as the “tired landlord” list.
  • She found a lead who’s currently based in Georgia. However, since they couldn’t connect on the phone for some reason, they carried out the negotiations through texting.
  • After agreeing on a price they both found reasonable, she was able to purchase the contract, sell it, and walk away $10, 000 richer!


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