Episode 183: How Being Proactive and Persistent Helped a New Rhino Close His Deal

Today’s guest has only been wholesaling part-time. However, it has not hindered him from closing 8 deals (and a 9th one in the works) and earning a total of $44, 200 in assignment fees!

Omar Messallam is a tenacious and proactive rhino from Norfolk, Virginia. He joined the tribe just December of 2017 but he’s already closing one deal after another and shows no signs of slowing down.

If you are wondering if you can earn a lucrative income even if you’ll just wholesale on the side, wonder no more. Omar’s story is a testament that it is possible as long as you stay proactive and consistent!

The Deal:

  • Omar did a bit of Facebook advertising and got a referral from one of the homeowners he was able to talk to.
  • While the seller was motivated, it took them quite sometime to agree on a price.
  • Since middle of December 2017, he made a total of 25 followups and 5 phone calls until he was able to close the deal in April of 2018.
  • He got the property under contract for $7, 000 and sold it for $15, 000. That’s an $8, 000 reward for staying proactive and persistent!


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