Episode 182: How TTP Helped Two Rhinos Earn Six Figures in Just Eight Months

If you’re new to the wholesaling world, it is likely that you’re still looking for ways to earn a decent (if not massive) income. Our two guests today were in the same boat until they discovered something that helped them earn six figures in just eight months—talking to people.

Justin Peters and Zac Fisher are two rhinos who are dominating the competitive Dallas Fort Worth market. They decided to give wholesaling a try November of 2017. However, it was not until they joined the TTP program that they started to see the results they were looking for.

If you are considering joining the TTP program, you definitely need to tune in. Find out how it can revolutionise the way you do business and how you can emulate the success they are enjoying.

The Deal:

  • Using the TTP system, they were able to find a hot lead.
  • While a bit uncooperative at first, things changed once they were able to build rapport and seller realised they want to help and offer value more than just closing the deal.
  • They were able to purchase the property for $170, 000 and sold it for $185, 000. That’s a $15, 000 reward for talking to people and providing value!


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