Posted on: July 19, 2018

In this episode, Brent interviewed Grant Galloway, an incredible rhino from Orlando, Florida. A licensed contractor, Grant is not exactly new to the real estate space (he was mostly involved in fix and flips). However, when he discovered wholesaling and how easy it is to do, he got hooked and has never looked back.

Today, Grant credits most of his wholesaling success to one thing—talking to people. In fact, he earned a whopping $82,000 revenue in a month, all of them Talk to People (TTP ) deals!

If you’re wondering if the TTP program would be a good fit for you, then don’t forget to tune in to this episode. You’ll not only learn TTP basics, you’ll also know how to make it work for you!

Key Takeaways

  • What prompted him to get into wholesaling full-time
  • How he manages to generate more than 80 leads per month
  • What his current team looks like
  • Why he considers making follow-ups crucial
  • The challenges he encountered when he first started
  • What he is good at
  • How he stays consistent
  • What his future business goals are
  • Books he recommends


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Hey, hey everybody. It is Brent Daniels, back on this podcast. We are going to hit it hard today. It’s going to be a phenomenal, phenomenal interview here. Phenomenal conversation with an incredible rhino. Incredible Orlando, Florida rhino. But before I introduce him, I read this this week and I really think that it’s important to think about when we’re looking at how are we building our business, how are we putting this all together? How are we staying consistent and disciplined on a daily basis? And I think what it really breaks down to is, just take it one day at a time.
I read this, it’s in a book called Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness, by the unbelievable Jim Rohn. But here on page one 25 it says, “A well-fashioned day, with a beginning and an end, a purpose and a content, a color and a character, a feel and a texture. This well-fashioned day takes its place among the many and becomes a valuable memory and treasure. And as one well-fashioned day turns into another, a life emerges that is a masterpiece in equity of experience, in spirit, for as someone once said, ‘At midnight, the winged messengers come and gather up all these pieces and then take them off to wherever the mosaic is kept.’ And surely on occasion, one messenger says to another, ‘Wait till you see this one.'”
So what does that mean? What does that mean? That means make this day awesome. Make today amazing. Push it. Talk to people. Provide value. Bring your skills and your talents and your voice to the community.
Somebody that does a phenomenal job with that, in Orlando, Florida, is my guest, Grant Galloway. Say hello to everybody, Grant.

Grant Galloway: Hey, what’s up guys?

Brent Daniels: He’s doing a ton of business in Orlando. So tell me a little bit about you, Grant. Tell me what’s going on. Tell me about your business, about your background.

Grant Galloway: Yeah. Well, you know, I’m here in Orlando. I’m a licensed general contractor. Kind of came at investing from the construction side of things. I had a construction business that primarily focused working with investors, so coming out of the real estate crash through 2000, especially ’12, ’13, ’14, I was doing a lot of flips as a contractor for hedge funds and institutional investors that were here in Orlando. We had kind of similar to where you are, we had a really big proportion of the foreclosure crisis here in central Florida.
So, spent a lot of time, you know, as a contractor, doing flips for other people. Then we started doing some of my own flips too. I would have one or two going. Here and there and you know, after a period of time I basically realized, all my headaches were coming from my customers on the construction side and all my profits and the things I was enjoying doing were coming from some of the flips I was doing.
And I slowly transitioned from … basically I just quit doing any construction work at all for customers and kind of became a full time house-flipper.

Brent Daniels: Love it.

Grant Galloway: Yeah, yeah, I mean, you know, it was good, but the problem was I needed deals, and I was buying a lot of my deals when I was only buying one at a time I was just buying REOs to [inaudible 00:04:18] foreclosure. So I needed more volume, which kind of led me to learning about direct-to-seller marketing. And then you can’t learn about that and not learn about wholesaling at the same time, two kind of go hand in hand.
I found some deals and was working them as a flip, and then I found other deals and I didn’t have capacity to flip them, and so I wholesaled a few. Once I got kind of a taste of the quickness of that transaction … I don’t have tons of payroll and vendors and employees and workman’s comp and permits and you know, it streamlined the process and I really … basically, as of January 1st this year, I kind of almost went full time wholesaling.

Brent Daniels: Doesn’t it feel good to get paid in a week as opposed to six months on a flip or 90 days on a flip or whatever it is. You could literally lock something up today and get paid on it by, you know, Friday or whatever. I mean, it’s just beautiful. It’s just such a great feeling when it’s wired into your count or you get a big check sent to you in the mail or they courier it over to your house.
I mean, it’s a huge difference than investing and going through all the planning and making sure that the security’s tight and the access is tight on your properties. Not having to worry about them getting robbed and putting new appliances in and getting it robbed. I mean, we’ve all experienced that. If you’ve ever flipped a property-

Grant Galloway: Horror stories, man. [crosstalk 00:00:05:43].

Brent Daniels: So you’re, you’re pretty much 100% wholesale this year. That’s your focus.

Grant Galloway: Yeah. Yeah. I’ve done one flip this year and it was light. And then I’ve done a couple of whole [inaudible 00:05:52] this year too, where, you know, we took down the property [inaudible 00:05:55] the carpets, cleaned it, and literally we’re back on the market in 48 hours.
But even that I’m gearing away from, because you still have to take down the property, insurance, utilities, relist it, sell it, they have their inspections on there. I mean it just the process is … it’s like an opportunity cost. You’re focusing on this thing over here that takes you away from focusing on all the new leads that are coming in. Yeah, so I’m really lazy man. I’m really just looking at wholesale stuff. It’s a more scalable process too. I mean, you try to flip 15 houses at a time, it’s a nightmare. I’ve done it.

Brent Daniels: Oh, yeah. No, it is, it’s a logistical-

Grant Galloway: It’s hard to scale.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Grant Galloway: It’s very hard to scale. Whereas with the wholesaling, I’m already having some great success and I’m starting to build out a team and you know, it’s a lot of fun actually.

Brent Daniels: So let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about your model. Let’s talk about what your business looks like. How do you … I know you find deals in a couple of different avenues, right? Kind of talk to me about how you source your deals.

Grant Galloway: I started doing basically pay per click on a website, and using Google to find deals last year. I wholesaled some of those deals and you know, it was good. I got some deals, but the problem was I was getting seven leads in a week. I would get 15 or 20 leads a month and it’s just not enough to do anything with, you know what I mean?

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Grant Galloway: I mean, I’ve had some great deals, but it was … Each one of these leads, I’m treating it like this precious little thing, coddling this lead, I’m so worried about this one little lead and … Some of the deals, I was forcing deals because I was almost a motivated buyer at that point. I need a deal, and I only got these few leads I’m working and so you know I’ve pushed my numbers and the reality is is I needed more leads.

Brent Daniels: Sure.

Grant Galloway: I’m a listener of [inaudible 00:07:50] and I really like some of his stuff. And he said I heard a man, it was in March maybe, which was about the time I joined your program and he was like, “You’ve got to have your pipeline so full of leads that it pukes,”

Brent Daniels: And it’s barfing on it, yeah, exactly, yeah. It’s throwing up all over you. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Grant Galloway: Which really led me to you, and getting involved with your TTP program and with cold calling.

Brent Daniels: Awesome.

Grant Galloway: Only because I wasn’t really interested in the direct mail thing. I know that that … Orlando is a competitive market and direct mail is a competitive marketing strategy in Orlando, and I know it works, but I was looking for something different.
I had done some cold calling of some return mail that I had gotten, and I’d done some cold calling of driving for dollars. So I kind of had done a little bit of it, and I set a big goal April 1st, I wanted … For me it was a goal of 80 leads a month. I wanted 80 leads a month. I had been getting about 15 or 20 a month, so I mean it was significant goal [crosstalk 00:08:54]. I jumped in and basically just did what you told me to do.

Brent Daniels: That’s right, I love it. Let me ask you this, so who is making your calls? Who’s the initial contact? Because it sounds like you were doing a little bit when it came to your mail that you would come back, whether it be vacant or undeliverable or whatever it is, but you really just poured gasoline on me. You really went and just put your business in a rocket ship and just blasted it off. So who makes these calls?

Grant Galloway: I’ve got two cold callers. They’re both here locally. I’m in Orlando. They work remote, both of them are actually in Tampa.

Brent Daniels: Awesome.

Grant Galloway: And then I have a VA in the Philippines and she does some cold calling for me. And so really the three of them are generating the leads and then they’re kind of flowing through to my VA who does some data entry for me and goes on property appraiser’s website and Zillow, and does some comps and kind of gets some information, little bit more information as needed. And then those leads come into the system and the CRM.
And then I’m calling them back at the moment, doing acquisitions. But I just hired somebody last week, so I’ve been training him up and then I have help on dispatch, somebody in dispositions helping me sell. So right now it’s a team of five plus me, so two callers, the VA, acquisitions, dispositions, and then I’ll be running acquisitions still. I’m hoping to get another person in that role as well.

Brent Daniels: So are they any good? Are they getting you those 80 leads?

Grant Galloway: Oh man. Yeah, we had 100 leads last month, so yeah, I’m looking at my board here. April … Week one in April, I had seven leads and I hadn’t started cold calling. Week four in April we had 38 leads in that week. And yeah. Yeah. I’ve hit the goal of 80, we’re beyond it now pretty regularly. I’m getting 25, 30 leads a week, which is just, you know, it’s just massive opportunity.

Brent Daniels: It’s a ton.

Grant Galloway: Yeah. So I mean we’re following up with people and-

Brent Daniels: How do you stay on top of all that? I mean those are a lot of conversations. It’s a lot. Because you know as well as I do that, you know, 80-90% of followup is leaving voicemails, right? You know what I mean? Or texting or you know, that type of thing. A lot of people aren’t answering every single time that you call, so how do you manage that? Is that you and your acquisition manager? Was it just you off the bat? Like how do you do that?

Grant Galloway: Yeah, it’s basically just me at the moment. I mean my acquisitions guy, now we’re starting to give him leads in his little pipeline and followups building. You know, I do some automated kind of drip things, some email and some text messages that go out. And then just a lot of calling, man. I call them. I call them and talk to them. I leave them voicemails and people, they come in from the cold caller as a lead, and I’ll call them every day for five, six days in a row if I can’t get ahold of them.
Then they move into more of a 30-day program, and then 90, and then longterm if we never can make contact. And some people, it’s like the only person that got ahold of them was the cold caller and we can’t ever get an answer again. And I’ve got their numbers, so they’re going to hear from me, until they tell me to stop.

Brent Daniels: That’s right. That is the mentality, man. Unless they tell us to stop calling them, they’re never going to sell. I am going to be buried in this backyard. I’m never selling. It’s going to stay in the family forever. Then I would just keep calling. I mean we’ve got a huge robust pipeline and it’s crazy.
It is so crazy Grant, because I’m sure you experienced this as well. Out of the blue, somebody will call and … I got a call, I haven’t been making these calls now for, I don’t know, a couple of years, and I got a call from a guy that I talked to three years ago, not joking. He called me and left a voicemail this weekend and is like, “Okay, I’m ready to sell now.”
I mean it’s just bananas. It’s so crazy. People will really hold onto your number if you can make an impact, if you can meet them, I think it’s huge right now to meet people face to face. I think it’s … get knee to knee, belly to belly, face to face, and I think it’s just, you know, it’s just falling up. It’s just leaving it. Like you were saying, you get that pipeline built up with so many opportunities that it’s just throwing up all over you, and then not only does it throw up all over you for this month, but for the next year, two years, three years, I mean you just keep feeding it and it’s just phenomenal.
So to give me some actual results, give me like … How did you do, what’s your best month from calling out from this, from this strategy? From your TTP program, or from your TTP marketing channel? What has been your biggest month?

Grant Galloway: Yeah, I mean it was, it was last month for sure.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Tell me about it.

Grant Galloway: You know, a lot of that, a lot of the results I had last month, a lot of the deals I had last month were, I mean I had five deals last month and we did $82,000 in revenue off them, so that’s good. Solid.

Brent Daniels: Woo hoo! So five deals, $82,000. Hold on one second.
Yeah, brother.

Grant Galloway: Yeah, that’s solid. But most of those came in. I think I’d have to double check, but I’m almost sure four of the five were leads that came in the month before. You know, they were all, I mean, they came in, a couple of conversations. Meet them, you know, they’re out of town. They have to meet you when they get back. This and that. These people aren’t going to call you back. You know, I call him, I follow up, I follow up, I follow up, and then boom, they’re ready. Sign him up and done. And yeah, they were all TTP deals and …

Brent Daniels: Love it.

Grant Galloway: I mean it was awesome. It was great.

Brent Daniels: You guys put in the tough work, you know what I mean? You guys put in, you followed up, you got them locked up, and then you were able to move them to somebody that is either going to hold them or do something special with them. Do a tasteful remodel. I love it. Let me ask you this. What got you into this real estate business? What got you into real estate?

Grant Galloway: You know, I actually did one or two flips back, 2000 … before the crash in 2000 … I guess it was maybe 2006? 7? I made a little bit of money doing that and I just always saw mostly, I mean like I said, my construction business was really niched towards investors.

Brent Daniels: Sure.

Grant Galloway: So you know, I kind of saw it on that end, I worked hand in hand with guys that were flipping houses. I liked that end of the business and I dabbled in it some and had some flips that went well and it made me money, and just kind of slowly transitioned over I guess.

Brent Daniels: Got it.

Grant Galloway: Yeah, I don’t know that there was necessarily a big catalyst. I got frustrated working construction. I had scaled my construction business to a decent size, but there was a lot of liability, a lot of risk, really tight margins, and I just decided that I wanted to do something different.

Brent Daniels: Love it. What struggles did you face when you got started? When you made that transition from … because there’s going to be people listening to this, Grant, that same background, right? Maybe they’ve been in construction, maybe they have a whole family that’s been in construction, but they want to do something different. They wanted to do something for themselves. They want to be their own client. They want to be their own entrepreneur and business owner. So what struggles did you face making that transition that you can kind of share and people can learn from?

Grant Galloway: I mean obviously you’re going to have some dips in revenue. I mean you’re going to have some time where … I started turning down construction work because I had to turn down those jobs so I could focus on building out the real estate investing side. And then there’s a transition period there where you’re turning down work that would normally be paying your bills and then you’re working on projects that might not pay you for a month or two months. Especially when I transitioned, I mostly went into flips, so I could have a three-month stretch there of no paycheck.
And so, you know, that was challenging. I think some of it too is just kind of having some faith in the system. You know, you hear other people having success and you try to emulate what they’re doing, but you’re not going to have that success 10 days, 14 days, 30 days later.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, there’s a patience factor for sure.

Grant Galloway: There’s a compounding effect. I think this relates back to the quote you just read. Just coming in every day and putting in that effort, and eventually you’re going to reap what you sow, in a positive way. But I think as Jim Rohn says, “You can’t reap and sow at the same time.” You’ve got a plant and then you get to harvest. You don’t plan and harvest in the same week. Doesn’t work that way.
So, you know, I’ve been doing a lot of planting, let’s just say. And lately I’ve been able to produce, so.

Brent Daniels: I love it. I love it. I love it. So, let me ask you this. I love this question because it really makes you think about it and it makes you kind of go inside yourself a little bit and get a little bit of pat yourself on the back. Not really, but a little bit. But what is your superpower?

Grant Galloway: That’s a tricky one. I’m good with building rapport with sellers. Just going in, treat them like they’re people, not like they’re a paycheck, and be in friendly with them. I think that’s a common theme that people that are successful in this business, is just go in and be nice and see if you can help and build the rapport more, build that relationship where people want to do business with people they like. And if you can go in there and, just be friendly and be polite and show a little compassion. Because a lot of these people are in circumstances that can be difficult, whether it’s death in the family or you know, a place that’s been trashed by a renter, or there’s all sorts of circumstances and sometimes they’re looking for somebody to be fair with them but also to be kind with them.

Brent Daniels: Yep. And that’s the word right there. That’s exactly the word that I talk to my acquisition managers about, my cold callers. It is about being kind and optimistic. I think it is so important that you be kind and optimistic. You be positive, you be optimistic that you can solve this problem, that things can get better, that you can, really, really help out the community.
And I think that that’s huge. And just bring in a general kindness to fellow human beings. Those are the two, I think you hit it right on the head. I love it. I love it. Love it. Love it. So where do you see it now? I mean how does the second half of this year look? Do you have certain goals that you’re going towards? Are you staying consistent? How do you stay consistent?

Grant Galloway: Yeah, man, of course I got goals. You got to have goals. If you don’t have goals, you’re just floating. Set them. Set them big, set them high.

Brent Daniels: Do you write them down?

Grant Galloway: Yeah!

Brent Daniels: Yeah, okay. Hey listen man-

Grant Galloway: If you don’t write them down-

Brent Daniels: What does it say? 97% of people don’t write them down, right?

Grant Galloway: Yeah, you got to write them down. I set them king of big, so I didn’t hit my revenue goal for last quarter, but I hit my lead goal, which was really my main, my main driver for the last quarter, was I got to get my leads up. I need leads. Because we can’t scale a business without leads.
With the pay per click Google stuff, I was getting deals, but I don’t need to hire an assistant and acquisitions guys. I don’t need to hire people if I’m only getting a couple leads a week, you know? And so if you want to build business, you need leads.
And it doesn’t matter what you’re selling. You can be selling cars, you can be selling watches, you could be wholesaling lawn care service. I mean, what do you need? You need marketing. You need lead generation. You need conversion. You need sales.
You need those things, and without leads there’s nothing to convert and there’s nothing to sell.

Brent Daniels: Right.

Grant Galloway: So yeah, yeah. I’ve got goals I’m really shooting for, by the end of the year, I’d like to have six cold callers, two or three acquisitions guys. Really be doing a hundred grand a month in revenue. That’s really the goal.

Brent Daniels: You’re right there. I’m telling you, you’re knocking on that door. It’s going to be there for sure. You’re right there, you’re doing all the right things. If you focus everything on what you were saying, in any of those businesses that comes down to talking to people. At some point we got to talk to the people, and who do you want to talk to? You want to talk to the people that are most likely to do business with you. As long as you’re talking to those people as often as possible, you could do as much as you want. You can go wherever you want. You can expand your business, you can do what I … You can go into different markets, you can go just in your market, but just be the biggest and the baddest.
I mean there’s just so much opportunity there, but if you focus on talking to people every single day and new people every single day, then you grow. You grow and you build and you get more profitable and you get the best deals and you get the biggest deals. I mean it’s just phenomenal, man. I love what you’re doing out there. It’s just cool, and it’s really, really cool.
I like that you have people there locally you’ve trained up that are being consistent. A lot of people try to outsource it right away to somebody in the Philippines or in some other foreign country and it is brutal. I’m telling you guys, it is brutal and I don’t suggest it but anyway, I love that you have people locally that are making the calls that are developing their skills and are finding you that many … you’ve got two people bringing you that many leads a month. That’s incredible.

Grant Galloway: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: That’s really good.

Grant Galloway: Yeah. Good leads too. I’m on them, you know. I stay on them about lead quality and what they’re sending in and what is and isn’t a lead. And yeah, they’re awesome. They’re good. And I’m paying them. They’re not $9, $10 an hour, I pay them $20 an hour and I pay them a little bonus for every deal that comes out of their lead generation.
As their pipeline of leads grows, their bonuses per deal closed, they’re going to start stacking too. So they’re good. And I just thought it’d be easier to have local callers.

Brent Daniels: Love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. So what have you read that everybody should read?

Grant Galloway: I’ve read a lot of books recently. I mean, I think Traction was a big one for me. It’s more just business, but I mean it’s just important and it’s what’s helped me kind of really lay out and track the things that are important for indicators in my business. And it’s a great book. Everybody should read Traction.

Brent Daniels: Gino Wickman? Is that Traction?

Grant Galloway: Yeah, Gino.

Brent Daniels: Yeah yeah yeah. And that book is all about laying out the organization, right? It’s all about-

Grant Galloway: It is.

Brent Daniels: It’s all about-

Grant Galloway: Structure, [inaudible 00:22:49].

Brent Daniels: Yeah, keeping track of your numbers, managing people, all that.

Grant Galloway: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Beautiful book. Really, really great.

Grant Galloway: That was something that helped me a lot and just organizing the thought process of my business and my structure and what to track and how to track it. Super awesome book.
I’m like a lot of people, I wrote down a few because I figured you’d ask about books [inaudible 00:23:09] on the podcast. I was looking through some of the stuff I’ve read recently, but Profit First, awesome book, you got to read that. And The Richest Man in Babylon, kind of plays along with Profit First. That concept of paying yourself first.
So those are both really good. A lot of them are commonly talked about in the real estate space. Mindset books, business books, Think and Grow Rich, of course. Great one. That’s a tough read, but it’s good stuff.

Brent Daniels: Well Grant, thank you so much for joining us on this podcast, man. You are the man. $82-83,000 a month, right? What was it, 82 or 83? [crosstalk 00:23:46] just off of picking up the phone and calling people. So if anybody out there is interested in learning and changing their marketing channels from a traditional to a more proactive, from a reactive standpoint to a proactive standpoint of TTP, you have to schedule a call with my team. Www.wholesalinginc/TTP. Set up a call. It’ll be the best call that you’ve had all year.
We’ll set you up, we’ll get you going and I hope to be talking to you on a welcome call this month, in the next week and the next day, whatever it is. I hope to be talking to you soon.
So anyway, Grant, thank you so much for joining us today. You have brought so much value to the the rhino community, and if anybody’s in Orlando, how do they get ahold of you?

Grant Galloway: Yeah, they could email me.

Brent Daniels: Okay?

Grant Galloway:

Brent Daniels: Beautiful.

Grant Galloway: Yeah, that’s good.

Brent Daniels: Good. So everybody out there, if you’re new, if you’re experienced, if you want to network, if you want to mastermind with somebody that’s doing an incredible amount of business, we want to surround ourselves with people that are doing more business than we are, then reach out to Grant. He is just on a rocket ship right now and it’s only going to get better and better and better.
So, until next time guys, I encourage you all to talk to people, talk to you next time. See ya.

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