Episode 18: Why Wholesaling is the Foundation of Real Estate Investing

Why Wholesaling is the Foundation of Real Estate Investing!

What does it take to make $60,000 in 7 months through wholesaling? Meet Philip Marsh from the Rhino Nation. Phil is a MASSIVE action taker and is now winning the game of wholesaling.

He transitioned from doing fix and flips to wholesaling because one day he woke up and realized, ‘Hey, wholesaling really works!’ Phil has been making deals and continuously growing his business. From his humble beginning of not having a clue about the business to now doing consistent wholesale deals every month, he surely knows what it takes to find massive success in wholesaling!

Discover the realizations he has made on his wholesaling journey, what helped him kept going, and how he plans to become the best wholesaler he can ever be!


  • Phils background and how he got started in wholesaling
  • What it takes to “WIN” the game of wholesaling
  • Transitioning from fix and flips to wholesaling houses
  • The deal that made him say, “This works”
  • How to deal with a NON cash buyer
  • Making deals the hard knocks way
  • Why it is OK to take imperfect action
  • $60,000 in 7 months
  • What’s next for Phil?
  • At what point should you get a mentor?
  • Eliminating the fear that comes with wholesaling real estate
  • Why wholesaling is the cornerstone of all real estate investing
  • and so much more…

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