Posted on: July 16, 2018

Many licensed real estate agents share the same goals—they’d like to own properties, take advantage of appreciation, and put together awesome deals. Rockstar rhino and TTP guru Brent Daniels is no different.

However, after a decade of doing traditional real estate work, he realised he’s earning money at the expense of his freedom. Fortunately, he found out he has a much better and more lucrative option—wholesaling.

Simply put, wholesaling is the art of finding the most discounted properties in the marketplace. However, if you dig deeper, it’s actually more than that.

More than anything, wholesaling is all about providing value. And as long as you are providing value, your income can go through the roof and more opportunities can open for you.

If you are considering giving wholesaling a try, this episode is for you. Find out why it’s a better, easier, and more profitable option than doing traditional real estate work, discover the enticing benefits you stand to gain, and the effective method you can use to get your wholesaling efforts off to a good start.

Today’s episode is packed with amazing tips, insights, and wisdom so you better have a pen and paper handy!


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Hello, this is Brent Daniels and this podcast. This message goes out to all of my fellow real estate agents, my fellow real estate licensees, my fellow real tours, whatever it is. I have been licensed since 2004, that’s when I first got my license and the reason I got my license, and maybe this is something that you can connect with, but the reason I got my license is because I read a book Rich Dad Poor Dad, and I wanted to be a real estate investor. I wanted to be a real estate investor. I wanted to own real estate and wanting to have assets. I wanted to take advantage of appreciation, find the best deals and just be, in my head I just wanted to be amazing and putting together really cool deals that nobody else knew about. And then as I got my license and I started in the traditional brokerage world, I got caught up in the whirlwind of being an agent of actual agency relationship with a buyer or a seller.
And I did that for ever for a whole decade. All I did was traditional business, traditional business, helping people buy and sell, running around town at all hours of the day during the week, during the weekends on holidays, I was always on call. I always have a different boss. I always had somebody telling me that they needed something from me, that they needed me to go somewhere, that I had to put a lockbox on something or the, sign blew down somewhere or I they want to see a house right now or they wanted to know what their comps were. All these things that happen to traditional real estate agents that totally just suck out all of your freedom, all of your enthusiasm for finding those amazing deals. Going back to the core of why I got my real estate license was not to represent other people as buyers and sellers.
Does any of this like relate? Does any of this as I’m saying this, does any of that, are you saying to yourself that is me. That is what’s going on right now. Well, I am telling you there is a better way. There is a better way in it. It’s called wholesaling. Now I know you’ve heard about it. I know you’ve kind of nibbled around the edges of it or maybe, somebody has kind of whispered about it or talked about it a little bit, but not too many people in the traditional real estate world know what the heck it is. Okay, all wholesaling real estate is, is finding the most discounted properties in the marketplace. Wholesaling properties basically means that you find a seller that has a problem and you go and solve that problem by putting the property under contract and either closing on that property and selling it right away or you sell your rights to purchase the property.
What does that mean, Brent? What it means is you put a property under contract in your own name, in your own LLC, in your own whatever, talk to your attorney about setting that up, but however you want to put it under contract and then you sell the right to purchase that property to somebody that wants to do something special with that property. It is phenomenal. Let me give you actual stats here. Let me break down the actual numbers behind this. When I was a real estate agent for 10, over 10 years, the average commission I made on a deal was 2.6%. 2.6 on buying and selling, listing and selling. It wasn’t 3% it’s never 3%, I think the national average is 2.4 or something. Especially now with the wolves at the door with the open door and the offer pad, whatever other companies coming out that are going direct to the seller, the market has changed.
The flat-fee listing people are back, right? The you pay for this amount of service brokerages are back, commission cutting is back. All of these things are cut into what you make on every single transaction. And 2.6 is what I average for 10 years in wholesale, I make 16%. 16% per deal. That’s like doing six or seven traditional deals for one wholesale deal. The average I’m making a wholesale deal is over $23,000 on one deal. And by the way, let me list all the benefits. Let me list all the benefits that you’re going to get from not doing traditional business and doing wholesale business. Number one, you are your client. You absolutely are your client. You’re the best client you could have. You could buy a hundred properties, you could buy 300 properties. You’re the client. It’s the most phenomenal position to be in.
You’re the boss. You are truly an entrepreneur. You are truly able to pick up and leave off and do whatever you want to do. Your schedule is wide open if you do it right. Number two, you get to wear whatever you want. Hey listen, I know you love wearing beautiful dresses and fantastic suits and ties and you love going to the dry cleaner and dropping them off and picking them up. No, you don’t. You don’t wear that on the weekends. You don’t wear that when you’re at home, with the wholesale you can wear what you want. Actually, it’s encouraged that you don’t wear all those fancy things because it turns sellers off. So when you get to wear what you are most comfortable with. If you’re most comfortable in a suit, God bless, wear a suit, but I mean really think about it, you can wear what you want.
Okay? You have your schedule completely freed-up, completely wide open to make an impact in the community. You literally get to find the homeowners that have the biggest problems in the community that don’t want to sell or and sell traditionally. You are literally changing the landscape and the face of your community, of the neighborhoods. These properties end up getting incredible, tasteful remodels and you’re the one that discovered the seller and their problem. We’re able to solve it. They’re off, living a much better life without all the weight on their shoulders and the community just increased in value because you got somebody to fix it up and do a fantastic job at it. How beautiful is that? How rewarding is that? Every day you can drive past that house and say, I changed that. I did that. Whether you do the remodel or not, it doesn’t matter.
You know, plenty of fixing flippers that do fantastic jobs, plenty of builders, plenty of GCs that do fantastic remodels, way better than you can ever do. You provided the opportunity to do it. Okay, the second thing that you get to cut down on your marketing, on all this branding that you’re doing, all this personal branding that you’re doing to be the number one realtor, the number one, the neighborhood specialist, all this other things that in a puff of smoke disappears when somebody else has a bigger marketing budget than you. I can pound the consumers more with more branding material, right? You could just cut that out. You could cut out your Zillow costs. How about that? How much are you spending on Zillow? There’s some people that I know spending $10,000 a month, $20,000 a month on Zillow. It works for sure. You’re running around with buyers all day long or you’re hiring a whole staff of buyers agents that you have to manage and then all of a sudden, their problems become your problems and it’s just a nightmare.
It’s not reducing your stress, it’s increasing your stress. You get to reduce the amount of people that you have in your company. Instead of building these little mini brokerages with having a ton of different agents underneath you and you get a slice of what they do. All of a sudden now you’re making so much money per deal that you hire people, that are loyal to you, that are killers, that are absolutely phenomenal at what they do, but they don’t want a commission based income. They want a salary based or an hourly based income. You get to hire the best talent. You’re no longer doing sales training for people that are going to go off in a year from now and become their own real estate entity in their own little mini brokerage. No, you’re actually building a company, a real estate company to go out and provide service to the community and they stay with you because you’re amazing and you’re a leader and you’re paying them.
You are paying them, I know it’s a crazy concept in our real estate world, but you’re paying them hourly or salary and they stay with you and they feel security with you and they feel like they’re part of the team and they want the company to do well and to grow and it’s phenomenal. It’s absolutely a different relationship than you get and you make so much more money, wholesaling than you do traditional business. It is the secret that wholesalers don’t want real estate agents knowing because the fact is you have a step ahead. You know the terminology, you know the contracts, you know the title and escrow companies are closing attorneys. You know the hard money lenders. You know everybody that, you know, all the cash buyers in town, or at least some of them, you know who’s buying these properties. All you got to do is find the opportunity.
How many times have you taken listings of properties that are bid up and they sell to some investor that makes a ton when you could have easily put them under contract and sold that contract or closed on it and sold the, sold the property down the road. But you didn’t pull it all together because you’re in this traditional head space. You’re just traditionally there. And then on top of that for wholesaling, imagine this, just imagine a day instead of picking up the phone for eight years, all I did was called expireds for sale by owners just listed, just sold. I was in the Mike Ferry program. I was coached by them. I had a personal coach that was phenomenal, Kathy. She was phenomenal for years and years and years and I would call just for traditional listings and it was great, but it was a grind.
Imagine you taking the talking to people aspect of that. That’s what I promote here, the TTP program. The TTP program, that I put together for real estate investors, for wholesale is for you. For the real estate licensees that are out there that are looking at, well, how do I find these deals? How do I find those opportunities? You know how to find them. You pick up the phone and you call them. You pick up the phone, you call them. I am telling you, I have people that are 18 years old, 19 years old, 20 years old, no experience, no license, making six figures already in half of this year, from just picking up the phone and calling people, making deals that are twenty thousand, fifty thousand, a hundred thousand dollars on a deal from picking up the phone and calling them. Real estate agents do this all day long. What are you doing?
Learn how to call and how to find motivated sellers or there’s sure distressed sellers or sellers that have a problem. Find them. Learn how to find them, I will show you how to find them. I have a step-by-step system. It’s called the TTP program. The TTP program at forward slash TTP, is literally a step-by-step system on how I make over $1 million a year picking up the phone and cold calling homeowners in my community, in Phoenix, one of the most competitive markets in the country. If you’re already making calls and you’re making 2.6%, making calls to traditional listings and there’s a way to make 16% on wholesaling properties, we’re, Oh by the way you don’t have to go through inspections, appraisals, lender guidelines, lender overlays, all these other things that like slow down the process and make it so crazy on the traditional side.
You don’t have to go through any of that. By the way, why wouldn’t you pick up the phone and make those calls? Why wouldn’t you join a TTP program to talk to people program and learn how to make all these calls, that you’re already doing? The path is already laid out. It’s just up to you, to switch tracks, to switch it up. Stop being in the whirlwind, the firestorm, that is traditional real estate and start understanding the market is changing. Going direct to seller is the way to go and right now we’re right at the beginning of this new path. This new progress, progress is going towards direct to sellers. I am telling you, brothers and sisters in the real estate community, in the licensee community, you’ve got to listen because it is time right now to get into wholesaling. It’s time right now to use your gifts, your talents, your skills, your voice to pick up the phone and call on homeowners that need your help the most.
They need you, they need you to be there for them. They need you to bring your professional attitude and your sense of work and your… All these things that have gone unnoticed. All these things that are so important to you right now from a traditional site, can be put into the investment side. Don’t stay any longer in that trap that is traditional real estate. Break out, I don’t know a single real estate agent that started real estate because they wanted to be the best realtor in town. No, they wanted to be a great real estate investor. They wanted to find deals. They wanted the excitement. They wanted to build a portfolio. They wanted to be like real estate moguls. They didn’t want to go and set open houses for four hours on a Saturday or Sunday? Come on, you want to set open houses or do you want to make calls during the week?
Get deals that are going to net you, whatever, 10, 15, 20, 30 $50,000 from wholesale and live a really amazing, exciting life. I mean, it’s up to you. The path is laid out at If you’re licensed, I know what you’re going through, I know what you’ve been through. I know your experience level, I know what is going on. This is the better way. I’m telling you this is the better way, try it out. Set up a call, if it makes sense then join the program. I’d love to talk to you on a welcome call. I’ll have you up here. Anybody that joins before August 1st, I’m going to set aside time for a one-on-one in my office on the 19th floor in Downtown Phoenix, to come sit with me one-on-one and just go through everything. So I’m telling you, forward slash TTP.
I am so passionate about it because it is my purpose, to bring as many people to this program as possible because it changes lives. It changes, like when you talk to people, when you’re providing value every single day your income goes through the roof. When your income goes through the roof, your opportunities go through the roof. The opportunities for yourself, for your family, for whatever, goes through the roof. That is my purpose. That is my, that is my passion, is to get as many people into this as possible so that you can truly, truly, truly, truly have that freedom, that passion, that love for life. Oh, you know, the traditional real estate business can suck it right out of you. This is, this is a shot in the arm. This is a different path, this is the better path. It’s so exciting. I really hope that you join me. I really hope that I’m talking to you soon, because I love you and I’m excited to work with you. All right, we’ll talk soon.

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