Episode 179: 3 Reasons Why Most Realtors Never Make Any Money

Many licensed real estate agents share the same goals—they’d like to own properties, take advantage of appreciation, and put together awesome deals. Rockstar rhino and TTP guru Brent Daniels is no different.

However, after a decade of doing traditional real estate work, he realised he’s earning money at the expense of his freedom. Fortunately, he found out he has a much better and more lucrative option—wholesaling.

Simply put, wholesaling is the art of finding the most discounted properties in the marketplace. However, if you dig deeper, it’s actually more than that.

More than anything, wholesaling is all about providing value. And as long as you are providing value, your income can go through the roof and more opportunities can open for you.

If you are considering giving wholesaling a try, this episode is for you. Find out why it’s a better, easier, and more profitable option than doing traditional real estate work, discover the enticing benefits you stand to gain, and the effective method you can use to get your wholesaling efforts off to a good start.

Today’s episode is packed with amazing tips, insights, and wisdom so you better have a pen and paper handy!


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