Posted on: July 09, 2018

If you are new to the wholesaling business, it is likely that you have some misconceptions about it just like most people. For instance, some think they need to be a certain age or have to be well versed in real estate to succeed.

If anything, nothing can be farther from truth. And the wholesaling story of today’s guest is a testament to that.

Jordan Fenlason is a young entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina. The driven 19-year-old saw how real estate has given his dad not just passive income but also freedom to spend quality time with his family. He wanted to create the same reality for himself and that’s how he got into wholesaling.

If you want to try wholesaling but consider your age or lack of experience a hindrance, do yourself a favor and listen to this episode. Jordan was young and inexperienced when he first started but he was willing to talk to people and put in the hard work. And that has made a world of difference for him and his business!

The Deal:

  • Jordan found seller when he called people on the owner absentee list. He was able to buy the contract for $100, 000 and listed it for $120, 000.
  • While he was not able to sell the property as fast as he would have wanted, that didn’t discourage him one bit. Instead, he pushed forward and continued marketing.
  • Eventually, he was able to sell the property for $110, 000 and walked away $10, 000 richer a day before he even turned 18!


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniles: Hello, everybody, it is Brent Daniels, again, coming to you from the 19th floor of downtown Phoenix. I hope you’re ready. I hope you are ready for this podcast. You are going to just be blown away by my guest, and to start this off I wanted to bring out a little bit of Jim Rone. If you don’t know who Jim Rone is, he’s like the grandfather of personal development. He had what he titles a success recipe. Okay. The success recipe is a simple break down of ingredients to equal a successful life, a successful business.
So, a couple things here I want to point out. This is the recipe for success. Two cups faith. Two cups love. One cup hard work. One cup persistence. One tablespoon of vision, and a dash of swagger. The reason I … I know if sounds cheesy, and putting together all these little cliché things, but really, I wanted to touch on the first part of that because it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, is that faith part. Right? I’m not just talking about from a religious standpoint. I’m talking about a faith in yourself. I’m talking about faith in making the decision to do something different with your life. If you are working full time, if you have never wholesaled. If you’ve never done a deal, but you know you have that fire in your belly, you’ve got that pilot light inside your brain that says, “I can be a successful real estate entrepreneur. I can do this.”
How do you feed that faith? How do you keep that going? How do you just fuel the flame of that faith? It’s very simple. It is taking action every single day. It is believing that you can accomplish this. You can get into this industry, and you can make a difference in your community, in your marketplace, in your family. It is about having that strong faith in yourself that says, “You know what, I have the skills, I have the ability, I have the voice, I have the drive to be able to go out there and provide value to the marketplace. I’m telling you, my guest today is the perfect example of the success recipe. From Charlotte, North Carolina, please welcome Jordan [Fendleson 00:03:15]. Jordan, say hello.

Jordan: Hey. How are you doing?

Brent Daniles: I am doing awesome, man. Jordan, you are a young man. You are a young man.

Jordan: I am.

Brent Daniles: Tell everybody how old you are, and a little bit about your story.

Jordan: Yeah, I just turned 19 a week ago.

Brent Daniles: Okay.

Jordan: So, I’m pretty young for this business, but it’s exciting. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, as you said. I graduated high school about a year ago. I’m attending a community college here full time, and actually graduating with my associate’s degree with these extra summer classes I’m taking.

Brent Daniles: Awesome.

Jordan: Getting a jump start on life, I feel like.

Brent Daniles: You sure are. You absolutely are. Let me ask you this, why did you get into real estate? Tell us about your current real estate business.

Jordan: Currently I’m involved in cold calling, and the TTP program, but I really started real estate because it’s something my dad has done.

Brent Daniles: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jordan: It’s something he’s done all his life, and even as a young kid being able to hang around my dad … my dad would take two and a half months off every summer, and we’d go travel the United States, or we’d do some insane adventure that’d take up a month, and he wouldn’t work for that month. That was super awesome as a kid. It took me until I was 18 years old to realize, “Wow. He worked so hard, and he worked so smart.”, and really, through real estate, that he was able to create passive income, income for himself, that supported all his tremendous amount of family time. That was a huge, huge blessing to me as a kid. Looking at it, it’s so important to me. So, that’s something I decided that’s exactly what I wanted to do, too. I want to create my real estate empire, whatever I get to give me that passive income, to give me that freedom to spend time with friends, and at this point in my life it’s only friends, but soon maybe family, and really just live that free lifestyle.

Brent Daniles: Is your dad a real estate investor? Is he a real estate agent? Is he an attorney? What is his background?

Jordan: Yeah. He does wholesaling now, but he mainly did land. He really started off doing a lot, a lot of land marketing. Basically, wholesaling land is what he did before he knew what wholesaling houses was. He would do a lot of that, and as soon as he’d make enough money he’d buy a single family rental, and rent those rentals out. Then eventually got to the point where he owned a few rentals, and he sold a few, then he bought commercial. So now he has pretty much his hand in everything. You got a few commercial, a few single family, a few duplexes. He’s looking to buy a multi family right now. He’s really, really just stuck with that stuff.

Brent Daniles: Love it. He brought you to the event that we did in Salt Lake, right?

Jordan: Yeah, he did. When I was 17 he brought me to the Salt Lake City Tribe Wholesaling Summit. That’s really what just spiked my interest.

Brent Daniles: Love it. Tell me about when you first started. I mean, did you start when you were in high school?

Jordan: Yeah. I really started probably a year and a half ago. Back when we still lived in Florida. We actually lived really close to Tom Kroll, one city away. I started there, and I was really doing some little disposition to work. I was calling Craigslist. I was scraping lists for them. I was really doing odd jobs. Then I really wasn’t a fan of it, so I started working as a salesman, selling diving and surfing equipment. It was a really cool local job. Then I moved up to North Carolina, and I was driving boats, and it was the best job ever, but I really wasn’t making any money. I was teaching kids how to wake board. It was great being on the lake all day. “I really, really, really want to start in real estate. Can you help me get started? Where should I start? What advice?” That’s how I started.

Brent Daniles: Lists. Got it. What struggles did you face when you first got started?

Jordan: Capital. Capital. I spent every dollar I had. I spent on going out to eat with friends, or road trips, and everything. I didn’t have more than a few bucks. I’d spend it as soon as I made it. That was the biggest struggle. That’s what appealed to me so, so, so much when I went back, and it was just thinking about what business to start. I remember you telling me about when you started TTP. What you had was time, but you didn’t have any money.

Brent Daniles: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jordan: You would go knocking on people’s doors, and print out little signs, and all the stuff you did to get started. That really was a huge encouragement.

Brent Daniles: Yeah, I mean, that’s an important thing to talk about because truly we are in an incredible business where we are able to, with no budget, go out, and through just, just using our voice, using our ability to have a conversation with homeowners, just go … you can either go directly to their door, or for a minimal cost, you can get their phone numbers, and just call them up and see if they would consider an offer. I mean, it’s a huge game changer. I don’t know what other industry that you can just pick up the phone and make 10, 20, 50 thousand dollars. You know what I mean?

Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brent Daniles: It’s just beautiful, beautiful thing. So, you’re a young entrepreneur, you get going with this thing. How long did it take you to get your first deal?

Jordan: It took me, from start to finish, the first deal … I mean, I had a lot of heartbreaks in between, but the first deal that actually closed, I would say from starting everything, and downloading Mojo Dialer, and starting all that software took me two and a half months to clear that first deal.

Brent Daniles: Oh my gosh. Tell me about that deal. Break that deal down for us.

Jordan: Yeah. This is the first deal that I really had a contract for, not the first deal I closed. The first deal I got a contract for, according to my best speculations, it needed about five thousand dollars to be rent ready, and probably 25 thousand dollars in rehab. I mean, it wasn’t crazy. The ARV was around two hundred thousand. I talked to the homeowner, and actually my parents are wholesalers also, so I work on marketing for them.

Brent Daniles: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jordan: And they work on finishing the deals. This is my first one, so I got to help it run through. We got it under contract for a hundred thousand, and we were asking 120 for it. I was having a little bit of difficulty selling it. I mean, we got a huge cash appraisal and everything, it just wasn’t moving, and Charlotte’s a super hot market, so we weren’t really sure what was wrong, but we just stayed persistent. Kept marketing, kept marketing, and then I put a band of signs, Craigslist, we were doing everything.

Brent Daniles: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jordan: We didn’t want our contract to expire. We found a buyer who was really interested for one hundred and 10. He didn’t speak English, so we couldn’t use our closing agent, so we had to go to another closing agent who was bilingual. The closing attorney was bilingual to close this deal, but we ended up getting it closed with him.

Brent Daniles: Beautiful. How did you find that deal?

Jordan: Cold calling.

Brent Daniles: Cold calling, baby. What list was it?

Jordan: That was Owner Absentee.

Brent Daniles: Okay, so it was maybe a rental property? Something like that?

Jordan: Yep, yep.

Brent Daniles: How was the condition of the property? Was it pretty beat up?

Jordan: It wasn’t that bad. I mean, Charlotte’s a huge market, so maybe. I mean, it wasn’t in terrible condition. It definitely needed some aesthetic work, but I mean, the foundation and everything in the house was really solid, so I don’t know, I’m still not too sure why it didn’t move as hot and as fast as I wanted it to. Maybe because it wasn’t in that poor of condition.

Brent Daniles: Got it.

Jordan: It wasn’t terrible.

Brent Daniles: On your first deal from a cold call, how much did you spend to get that deal?

Jordan: Up until that point, I had about two thousand, one hundred dollars in costs. Now, that was a lot of my costs, having Mojo Dialer and all the lists I was using, and skip tracing I was using. It was about two thousand, a little over two thousand dollars to get my first deal.

Brent Daniles: Got it. And that was with, I assume, a lot of other addresses, with a lot of other phone numbers, right? I mean, is the majority of that two thousand the skip tracing?

Jordan: Yeah, absolutely. It was buying lists, and everything like that.

Brent Daniles: Yep, yep, yep. Where did you get your lists from?

Jordan: List Source.

Brent Daniles: List Source. You went on List Source, you got the List Source, you downloaded it for absentee owners in the area, and then you got it skipped traced. You got the phone number of the homeowner, you called them through Mojo Dialer, and then all of a sudden you’re off and running. You’re having a conversation, and make 10 thousand dollars.

Jordan: [crosstalk 00:11:05].

Brent Daniles: Am I right? Yeah?

Jordan: You’re right, you’re right. It was incredible.

Brent Daniles: Well, hold on a second.

Jordan: I’ve waiting on that for a while now.

Brent Daniles: We’ll see how my new neighbors here on the 19th floor feel about that, but that is awesome, man. I love that. I absolutely love that. What do you do, I mean, were you 18 at the time? Were you 19 at the time? How old were you at the time when you got that check?

Jordan: I was, I had just turned … oh, it might have been the day before my birthday, actually, when I got that check.

Brent Daniles: Love it. You get that check, does it slow you down, does it stop you, are you just satisfied with that, and you’re just going to take some time off, or do you get right back on the phones and keep going? Honestly.

Jordan: The next day, I think I called for six hours straight. Honestly. I was so motivated.

Brent Daniles: How do you do that? How do you get on, and call, and cold call, and get rejection after rejection after rejection. Sure, there’s sprinkling in there of really good conversations and some leads that you add to your pipeline, and people that really want to work with you, but how do you mentally stay in it, stay in the saddle, for six hours?

Jordan: That’s a question my parents, because I also work with them, they don’t understand how because they talk about constantly how difficult this is, and how they feel like they could never do it. I feel like that’s such a misconception. This is really, really just three hours of conversations. I mean, sure, some end with you being cussed out, but that’s so completely rare for the amount of times where it’s just genuine conversation of someone not wanting to sell their house. Maybe you’re actually talking to someone who wants to sell their house, and you’re being able to help them out of a sticky situation. I mean, these people in particular talked about how much of a blessing this is, and how literally I was an answer to their prayers.

Brent Daniles: Yep.

Jordan: And actually, the three deals I’ve closed, they literally said that verbatim, were an answer to their prayers. I just thought that was so, so cool.

Brent Daniles: That is.

Jordan: And so, so awesome.

Brent Daniles: I mean, that’s the flip side of it. Everybody out there that is considering making calls, or considering TTP, it is all about you focus on the positive. You focus on the people that you can help out, and the people that are negative, the people that … listen, you’re interrupting their day, absolutely. Do they have the right to be mad at you? Absolutely. Do they have the right to scream and holler and whatever else? Sure. You don’t know what’s going on in their life. You don’t know what their life’s been through. You don’t know what they’re experiences are. You stay with that, complete positive, positive, positive mindset because there are people out there that need your help. There are people out there that, just like Jordan just said, that it is a blessing that you entered their lives.
It goes back to what I was first saying at the beginning of this podcast about the faith in yourself. If you have faith that you were doing the right thing out there, if you have faith that you were providing an incredible value for people that feel stuck, they feel frustrated, they feel bogged down, weighed down by this property, or this whatever their situation. You’re there, and you have a kind attitude, and you’re optimistic, and you’re able to communicate with them effectively, and make it the smoothest, easiest transaction of their life. That is a huge blessing. It is. It absolutely is a huge blessing. I love it.
Lets break down, Jordan, give me your realistic daily schedule. How does that look now?

Jordan: Honestly, I’m taking five college classes. I’ve got probably 40 hours work, 30 hours of school work a week I have to do, minimum. On top of that, I’m cold calling as much as I can, and doing that. Also, I run a Bible study, too, and so preparing for messages for that, and really just getting that all squared away. I’m leaving for college in Australia in two months, so I’m trying to hang out with my friends as much as I can before I leave for Australia. I have such a full plate. Usually it just starts with wake up, usually too late, and then I start on cold calling immediately.

Brent Daniles: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jordan: After cold calling, going to the gym, and just doing school work til I pass out. [crosstalk 00:14:54] on the weekends. On the weekends, it’s hang out with friends after that.

Brent Daniles: Sure.

Jordan: Really, just the cold calling. First thing I do when I wake up because usually it’s around 9:00 to noon thing, is when I work on the cold calling. 9:00 to 1:00.

Brent Daniles: Beautiful.

Jordan: When I get squared out, If I get a lead I’ll follow up, and all that.

Brent Daniles: I love it. I love it. Absolutely. So, you just get up and go. Do you do it every day? Do you skip some days? Are there some days where it’s tough, or you’re just like, “Oh, I have too much going on.”

Jordan: Monday through Friday, is almost every week, I do it Monday through Friday. Sometimes Saturday. I really try to do it Saturday, but that’s Bible study night, and that’s when all my friends are off work and everything.

Brent Daniles: Sure.

Jordan: That’s really, really important to me. That’s one of the most important things to me, is getting to spend time with the people I love. Really, Monday through Friday almost every week consistently, I cold call. I mean, honestly, that consistency is so key if you want those deals to keep flowing in, that’s what you … you just have to spend the time on the phone. I mean, it’s a worthy trade off without a doubt.

Brent Daniles: Oh, for sure. Absolutely. You are going to Australia, so are you just going to put this on hold for a little bit?

Jordan: I don’t know. I mean, the time zone is a pretty large difference, but I was really, really hoping that I could turn over most of the business to my parents, and really just get leads for them for commission, working in Australia. Because, I mean, to make money over there would be pretty great. I mean, you can pretty much do this through the calling centers we use and stuff. I could pretty much call from any place in the world.

Brent Daniles: Exactly.

Jordan: [crosstalk 00:16:18] time zone.

Brent Daniles: Exactly.

Jordan: I’d like to do this over there.

Brent Daniles: That is what I’m talking about. You don’t have to be in town to make these calls, and have these conversations, and uncover opportunities. You could be anywhere. That is freedom of this job. You are not handcuffed to your schedule when you put out mail, or handcuffed to the schedule when somebody clicks on your website. You dictate the time that you want to work, and then you discover leads, you send it over to your parents, they close the deal, and you get a check when you’re in school in Australia. I mean, man, that is the life. That is the life. I love that.

Jordan: Absolutely, and I mean, honestly, I didn’t even know it was that powerful until I started doing it, and now I see that this is the best possible choice I could’ve done.

Brent Daniles: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jordan: For any job, or anything because I have so much free time. My schedule is really dictated by myself alone, not by some boss. This is the best possible choice I could have chosen for my lifestyle and what’s important to me in life. And I didn’t even know that when I chose it. I got really lucky.

Brent Daniles: That’s what I find, Jordan. I’ve got some callers here locally that, they want to travel. One’s going to go live in Columbia for a while. One’s going to go live in the Philippines for a while, and they’re like, “Hey, can I make calls? I’ll make sure that I’m dedicated to it, and just send in leads.” I’m like, “Absolutely.” Absolutely, because you literally could be anywhere. The freedom that you have with this is just huge. Plus, the amount that you can make per deal, I mean, it just makes it … it’s just silly if you really look at what you make per hour doing this job, or doing this work. I mean, it’s not even close to what you would do in anything else. I mean, you could literally get really, really, really excellent at this like you are, Jordan, and make a hundred bucks, two hundred bucks, a thousand bucks an hour.
My best cold caller that I’ve trained makes 12 hundred dollars an hour when he’s on the phone. You know what I mean? I mean –

Jordan: That’s amazing.

Brent Daniles: That’s real life. I mean, that’s … the world is open to you. Your schedule is open to you. You get to fit this in. As long as you stay diligent and committed to it. I mean, it’s a couple hours a day, and you’re finding opportunities. I mean, it’s just really, really incredible. I think that you’ve opened up a lot of peoples’ minds to this because you’re a shining example of how you take this opportunity and make the most out of it.

Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brent Daniles: Let me ask you this, what lesson would you teach today’s young real estate entrepreneurs?

Jordan: I mean, I hate to be redundant because it says this everywhere on everything by Wholesaling, Inc, or everything by you guys, but it’s really just sale forward. I mean, I can not tell you how many conversations I’ve utterly messed up, and maybe even once or twice I hung up out of embarrassment because of how bad I had butchered the script. I called them by the wrong name, or I pronounced a simple name so incredibly wrong. I mean, really just by redoing this, and the redundancy of it, I’ve gotten much, much, much better. The improvements I’ve made, and success that I’m having due to the improvements I’ve made, I’m just feeling my way forward, and continuing, and continuing.

Brent Daniles: Yeah.

Jordan: Even when I had two or three deals I had under contract that I thought were phenomenal just fell through my hands. I mean, I just kept going, and we came to a deal where I came out more than positive.

Brent Daniles: It’s taking action. That’s basically what you’re saying, right?

Jordan: [crosstalk 00:19:29]. A hundred percent.

Brent Daniles: Just take action. Consistently take action. The whole progress, not perfection type thing, right? Tom Kroll, all in our brains.

Jordan: Absolutely.

Brent Daniles: The progress, not perfection. It absolutely is. I think that that is incredible advice. What is your goal with this? Is your goal with wholesaling to, is it just to get through college? Is it to pay for college? Is it to be an entrepreneur? I mean, it sounds like you got a lot of things going on. You’re going to college, you’re going across the world to go to college, you’re cold calling, you’re getting deals, you have a family that has a background in every kind of real estate there is. I mean, what is the vision that you have for the next five years?

Jordan: Honestly, my vision, I don’t even know where it was when I started this out. I just wanted to make enough money to buy the things I wanted, but honestly, it was the motivation of the lifestyle I want. It’s completely changed to where I see this as being basically a future, a career for me, that I can do, and just continue to grow this business, and just have a really free lifestyle. I mean, wealthy, I think, is something that’ll come, especially if I continue to pursue this. Wealth is undoubted to come. Really, just the freedom to enjoy life, and spend time with friends and family, which I just hold such importance in my life. Just to be free, and be with them, I those are the most important things. And with this I’m able to do that. I’m able to go down to Florida for a week, and hang out with all my friends in Florida [inaudible 00:20:49], and still three hours a day find time to cold call, and make money. I’m not missing out on not much.

Brent Daniles: Yep.

Jordan: That’s so beautiful for me. The freedom of lifestyle is without a doubt the driving and motivating factor for this.

Brent Daniles: I love it. I love it. You do not sound like a 19 year old. I’ll tell you that, brother. You are incredible. You are just incredible. Why do you think people fail in this business?

Jordan: That’s pretty hard. I would have to say that the people like … I’ve got a friend up here who I met when I first moved, and he started doing wholesaling also, and I mean, his play … I don’t know if it’s most people’s, because he had a drive, and he had motivation, but I just don’t feel like he had education.

Brent Daniles: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jordan: He didn’t know enough of what he needed to do. I mean, you can know a little bit and honestly go so far, and learn so much even by your own failures. I mean, I hate to say it, but I feel like sometimes maybe a lack of education, or lacking of learning, could be a huge downfall of people’s lack of success in this business.

Brent Daniles: Yeah. In the Rhino Tribe we call it instruction, and not education. Right?

Jordan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brent Daniles: We’re trying to follow the path of people that have already been successful.

Jordan: Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, when I first started you didn’t even know who I was, but I texted you asking you for 12 books you recommended. I read every single one of them at least once, including the Go Getter you had.

Brent Daniles: Sure, sure.

Jordan: I searched every single podcast you’d ever been featured on. I read all the sub tweets, not sub tweets, I read all the texts on the website you had provided.

Brent Daniles: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jordan: Ever podcast you ever put out, just trying to learn every facet of this business that I could. That instruction went so far.

Brent Daniles: Yep. I love it. I love it, I love it. Okay, so from those 12 books, what have you read that you think everybody should read?

Jordan: Well, this wasn’t one of those 12 books unfortunately, but it’s probably been my favorite book, and the most motivational book that actually someone else recommended to me, and it was Elon Musk’s biography.

Brent Daniles: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jordan: He just dealt with some incredible failures, and things that would make some people have a heart attack and give up. I mean, they were just so tremendous and traumatic. The way he just decided to push past them, and decided to keep going even though everyone was telling him to stop. Even when he had businesses he started, founded, created were ripped from him. I mean, he just kept pushing. That dedication and that motivation, that’s just awesome. I’ve felt like him on a lot of a lesser level when that deal was falling through my hand. Just so feeling down about it, but just knowing it took one quarter, or one call, was all I needed to make that deal happen like this.

Brent Daniles: I love it. If people want to get ahold of you, how can they get ahold of you?

Jordan: They could feel free to email me.

Brent Daniles: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jordan: It’s Jordan, J-O-R-D-A-N, at

Brent Daniles: Love it. When do you leave for Australia?

Jordan: About eight weeks, two months.

Brent Daniles: Whoo. Where you going to live?

Jordan: Brisbane.

Brent Daniles: Brisbane. I love it. I lived in Melbourne, so you’re going to love it, man.

Jordan: Oh, no way.

Brent Daniles: You’re going to absolutely love it. Really, really excellent. Jordan, thank you so much for spending this time in this podcast. Everybody out there that’s listening, if you are getting into this, and you’re newer to this, if you’re a younger guy, if you’re a younger gal, if you’re wondering if you can do it, listen to this podcast again. Listen to the way that he is describing the way that he put this business together. The way that he had figured it out to where he understands that if he just talks to people on a regular basis, he’s going to find opportunities. It doesn’t matter if he’s in the continental U.S., or if he’s around the world. He’s going to do it. He’s going to have the discipline, he’s going to have the passion to keep these conversations going because the fact is, Jordan, this is only going to compound,
I mean, you were talking to probably hundreds, if not a thousand, if not thousands of strangers that you would’ve never come in contact with had you not picked up the phone and reached out to them. That just adds to everything else in your life, right? I mean, does it help, these conversations, does it help you to have more confidence with your Bible study group? Does it help with your social circle? Does it bleed into other aspects of your life?

Jordan: Oh, absolutely. Without a doubt. I mean, the discomfort you feel when you call for the first three days, I mean, [crosstalk 00:25:01] in three days. Then the confidence you have to …

Brent Daniles: Well, I absolutely love it, and I just want to say thank you so much for being on the podcast. You’ve brought an incredible amount of value, and everybody out there listening … Listen, have the faith in yourself. You can do this. You can be an amazing force in your marketplace. You need to figure out that it is all. You have the ability, you have the skills, you have everything that you need right now. What you need to do is just talk to people. If you need help with that, please reach out to us at That’s, and remember, we are getting together on October 15th through the 17th in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s going to be an incredible event.
Jordan, thank you so much for joining us today.

Jordan: Thank you.

Brent Daniles: To everybody out there, I encourage you to talk to people. See you next time. Much love.

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