Posted on: July 02, 2018

In today’s special episode, Brent Daniels interviewed Israel Ramirez, one of the youngest and most inspiring wholesalers in the industry.

While he’s only 20 years old, Israel already runs a lucrative wholesaling business—he has a cold caller, 2 acquisition guys, and a VA working for him. So far, he has already earned above a hundred grand in revenues with a whopping $130, 000 more in the pipeline. Talk about impressive and inspirational!

It is reassuring to know Israel started his wholesaling journey just like most people did. He didn’t have much growing up and he was hungry both literally and figuratively. He figured wholesaling can help him become financially independent. However, he also knew that for him to succeeed, he had to hustle. He also knew that he needs to be creative and focused and persistent.

If you are going through some tough times, if you’re in a place where you’re doubting yourself, or if your faith is currently shaky at best, today’s episode is for you. Israel’s story will teach you how his persistence, hustle, and focus helped him transcend seemingly insurmountable challenges. Who knows, it just might be the push you need to take your wholesaling business a notch higher!

Key Takeaways

  • How he closed his first deal at age 16
  • How he uses SEO to find deals
  • The biggest challenges he faced
  • The marketing medium he used to find deals that’s effective, cheap, and scalable
  • His business goals and plans
  • Book he recommends


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Hey, Hey, Hey. Here we go. My fellow Rhinos out there across the world. It is Brent Daniels and I am coming to you from the 19th floor of downtown Phoenix. I am absolutely on fire and pumped for this podcast interview. I am telling you, you’re going to listen to a extremely special young man that is going to come in and get to share with you his life story about what he has had to go through. I am telling you, I really hope that if you have ever had struggles, if you had ever had tough times, if you had ever doubted yourself or your faith was shaken or anything, I want you to listen to this podcast because this is going to give you a boost immediately. You are going to be so inspired by this young man.
It inspires me on a daily basis. He is here with me in Phoenix. He does not work for me. He is an entrepreneur. He absolutely works for himself and he’s a superstar. There’s no other way to put it.
Before I introduce him, I have just one quote that I wanted to kind of sum up this. And I really thought that this was appropriate for this podcast. “No one ever achieved a goal by being interested in its achievement. One must be committed. In fact, in studying the source of people success, I found that persistence overshadows even talent as the most valued and effective resource in creating and shaping the quality of life. Most people give up a maddening five feet from their goal.” So incredible. So with that, I want to introduce to this podcast and to everybody around the world and the country, Mr. Israel Ramirez. Say hello.

Israel R.: Hey guys. It’s Israel. How’s everyone doing today?

Brent Daniels: I love it man. So Israel, I have kind of given everybody kind of a preview of what this discussion, this interview, this conversation is going to be about. But why don’t we just start off at the beginning? Why don’t you tell me a little bit about you?
Well, first of all guys, listen to that as he gets starts going on with everything. I want you to keep in mind. Israel is 20 years old. 20 years old. When I was 20 years old, I don’t even want to tell you what I was doing when I was 20 years old, but I’m telling you, Israel, you are far and above and surpassed. I mean incredible. So let’s start with that. You’re 20 years old. Go.

Israel R.: 20 years old. I started wholesaling when I was in high school. My teacher in high school told me, Hey, you should go to real estate investment club. I did. I went to a three-day seminar that I paid for. I figured out what wholesaling was and I’ve always wanted to do business my whole life since I was a little kid. I was selling chips and candy in high school, trying to make some extra money, just anything I could do to make extra money. My mom was an entrepreneur and my grandfather was an entrepreneur. Always just hustling. Things were not easy for us growing up. Definitely not. I didn’t get to grow up with all the toys and nice things, video games and all that kind of stuff. I got to see other people kind of live that way.
My mom used to clean houses when I was growing up. She still does sometimes, but she would clean houses. We have to be out there six years old, kind of putting business cards on doors and stuff, just working with her. We would go to these big houses. I remember going to these big houses and saying, these kids had every video game, every console, everything. And I will always like, when I grow up, I want to be able to have those things or be able to give those things to my kids.
We never had enough money. We were always behind on bills. My mom was always struggling financially although she had a business. Things were never good for us. You know, we weren’t able to even afford to eat at a McDonald’s or nothing fancy. We just didn’t have a whole lot.
So, I learned about wholesaling, started working on it. I was in I want to learn everything mode for a few months. And then I finally set up getting leads through Craig’s list, through keywords. And I finally got my first deal. I made almost $3,000. I ended up dropping out of high school because I just wasn’t learning anything there and I wasn’t happy. I wanted to get into business right away. Dropped out of high school. After I closed my first deal, I ended up even quitting my job and I had a pretty good job at that point, making above minimum wage and a really, really big Fortune 500 company and ended up quitting, put all my eggs into one basket.
Things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go right away. Thought I had these other deals that were going to close and they didn’t end up closing and that money ended up running out. I didn’t think it would because I had these other deals and that money ended up running out on me. At that point, I had no money. I didn’t want to ask my mom for money. She didn’t have a whole lot either. So I started doing Postmates DoorDash, these Uber kind of delivery thing. So I started working there. B.
Before that though, I was even going down to the local blood place, but selling my blood. Literally sell my blood and I hated doing that. I literally [crosstalk 00:06:02] going into my arms. I had to do what I had to do that to be able to live. At that point I was like 17 years old.
Did not tell my family. They’ll listen to this. I just did it. I knew that if they ended up finding that out, they would want to give me money or something. I was like, no, I’m doing this on my own. Did that for a while, and then DoorDash, Postmates, all that kind of stuff. Ended up moving to Arizona because that’s where I’m from. At that point I was at in Dallas, ended up living in Arizona, $200 in my pocket, gas money got me to Arizona. Luckily I had a buddy that his parents let me live at his place for $100 a month. So that was good. Did DoorDash Postmates. And I was like, no, I’m going to go make wholesaling work in Arizona. Come to realize Arizona is a really competitive market. It is, but it isn’t.
And I say that because there’s deals out there for everyone. There’s so many people that are lazy, not wanting to spend money on marketing. And those are the people that are not getting deals. And I hear that time and time again, just this market hard, this market’s hard. And I ask, what are you doing for marketing? How much are you spending? Oh, I used to look through Craigslist and stuff. And you know, they’re not going to find deals. So those are those types of people out there. I ended up Postmates, DoorDash and stuff for a long time. I really ended up almost wanting to quit wholesaling because I was running out of money. [crosstalk 00:07:19] call me and say, “Hey, how’s business going? Did everything work out?” Obviously I was still doing DoorDash, so things were not working out after six months. During all this time I was working on setting up my website that I have that converts really well on Google.
I ranked like number one for like we buy houses, sell my house, that kind of stuff. I was working on that at that time. I would get a few leads, sometimes a month. I would not know how to negotiate on deals. I would lose out on deals. I was kind of perfecting my process. I was finding out how to get leads and I was really bad at sales. I would get better at sales. All throughout the time that I was actually doing DoorDash and Postmates, I was listening to podcasts in my car. I was listening to this podcast, exactly. [crosstalk 00:08:00] pro talk about how he’s getting deals, how to talk to sellers, everyone’s else podcasts. I would just listen to sales, sales, sales over and over again so it got really deep into my head. I would literally listen to the same podcast, all the episodes, three times. I would learn all the sales tactics and I would be able to use them once I started getting more and more appointments and got better at closing stuff. Eventually, I ended up getting a deal in a little small town here in Arizona. Ended up closing that deal and I made like $14,700. That deal was what got me out of Postmates and-

Brent Daniels: I bet it did. Yeah, that deal that day would get you out on a lot of things. Let me slow you down real quick here. Let me just recap this. So you grew up in a single parent family, correct?

Israel R.: That’s right.

Brent Daniels: Your mom was an entrepreneur. She was cleaning houses. You were helping to market for her at six years old by putting those little business cards into the doors. Right?

Israel R.: In the hot summer heat in the heat, yeah.

Brent Daniels: In the heat. Was that Phoenix or was that somewhere else?

Israel R.: That’s here in Phoenix. She would drop off my brothers and we’d go out there and we would cry because we hated it so bad. It was so hot.

Brent Daniels: So you’re six years old, you’re walking around canvasing neighborhoods, going door to door, putting business cards in there, and then you get into high school and what got you into it? It sounded like maybe you had a teacher that kind of pointed you in the right direction. What got you into real estate? What got you into the real estate business?

Israel R.: So I always wanted to do business no matter what. When I was a little kid, I told my mom I’m going to become a millionaire one day. And she would tell me, you’re going to do it, you’re going to do it. I obviously I saw HGTV, people would be like, I’m going to flip this house, blah, blah, blah. I was like, Oh, that’d be cool to do one day once I actually had some capital. You can have rental properties and all that. So I was telling my teacher, “hey, you know, this is kind of what I want to do.” He was like, “Well you know what you should do.” He was like, “You need to go hang out with people who are actually doing it if you want to learn it.” And so he said, “Go to and go to a seminar, go to a meetup.” At that point I looked it up on my computer, went to the meet up that night and I bought the three day event and went from there.

Brent Daniels: Are you guys seeing a common thing here with this conversation? I really hope that you guys are. At no point is Israel hesitating to take action on all of this. When he’s in high school, when he’s 17 years old, I talk to people around the country that are 30, 40, 20s and they hesitate to take action. They’re concerned that they’re going to offend somebody. They’re concerned that they’re going to fail. They’re concerned that they don’t know enough. They want to learn everything. They want to be perfect before they take any action. And if you guys are listening to what’s going on here, and we’re going to really sweeten the pot on this podcast by letting you know what’s going on with Israel current day, but he just is taking consistent action. Israel, what is it about you that makes you not afraid to take action?

Israel R.: I’ll tell you, there’s times where I was afraid and sometimes when I wasn’t. It was that drive of I want my life to change.

Brent Daniels: Let me rephrase it. Not the fear of it, but what is it that you’re not letting the fear of it prevent you from taking action? That’s the better question.

Israel R.: Just getting out of wherever I was at. Being in bad spots in my life where I’m like, I don’t want my future to be like this forever. I need to take action. I can’t sit around like everyone else and just wait for people to give you money. You got to go out there and get it yourself.

Brent Daniels: You were hungry, literally hungry, literally selling your blood and plasma or whatever else. I’m sure.

Israel R.: Plasma, that’s right.

Brent Daniels: Plasma to survive, to pay bills, to help out with the family, to do all of these things that, some of us take totally for granted. You’re out there having to sell part of your body. I mean literally the plasma in your blood to get through it. Then you just started, you picked up the phone. I mean, you went through Craigslist and you just started calling, is that right?

Israel R.: That’s right. Yeah. I would have the [inaudible] that we were talking about the other day where it automatically sends you keywords based on what people are saying. And those would come in and I filter them wholesalers and actually got in contact with the seller and made the appointment right there.

Brent Daniels: Was their phone number on Craigslist and you just dialed it?

Israel R.: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: You’re how old at this point? 17?

Israel R.: I think I was 16 to be honest.

Brent Daniels: You’re 16 years old. You pick up the phone and?were you just petrified. Were you scared? Were you looking at that number like I can’t call this, I can’t call this, I can’t call this or did you just pick up the phone and call? Was there any apprehension? Was there any fear of picking up the phone and calling a stranger and asking them if they would sell their house to you?

Israel R.: Yeah, no, I had already called all up a bunch of people and they ended up being bad leads. They’re were just wholesalers marketing themselves as sellers and stuff. I was sitting in the gym parking lot and my email hit and the lead looked really good. I was like, you know what? Screw the gym. I’m calling this thing right now. I got to the appointment in my in shorts and tee shirt.

Brent Daniels: You yourself, you didn’t bring anybody?

Israel R.: No, just myself. Yeah.

Brent Daniels: At 16 years old?

Israel R.: That’s right.

Brent Daniels: What did they say?

Israel R.: There was a few people on there. You know so many people are looking at Craigslist. The house was destroyed. They were treating their kids so bad and these kids were like so skinny, they wouldn’t feed their kids. It was really bad. I kind of wanted to report to them. Dog poop all over the house, holes in the walls. Really, really, really bad. I had already kind of learned about how to build rapport a little bit to kind of build rapport with them. Ended up getting them to sign a contract.

Brent Daniels: Right there?

Israel R.: Actually I followed up a little bit and then I got a contract-

Brent Daniels: Did they ever ask you, how old are you? How much have you done? What’s your experience? Any of that?

Israel R.: They did. They did ask me. You look young. I like, yeah, I am young. I’m not the owner of the company, but I kind of worked with them and I’d go out there and get contracts. That’s typically what I’d say a lot of times when they say I look young.

Brent Daniels: Got it. Well not any more, I’m sure.

Israel R.: No, not anymore.

Brent Daniels: I am just telling you I’m just blown away. I don’t know, dude. I’m just blown away. All of this is just crazy. It puts me in a place of thinking back and maybe this is just a selfish thing, but I’m just thinking back of when I was your age and what I was doing and what you’ve been through and the action. I would have never called anybody when I was 16. It took me til it was like 25 to start calling strangers. And took a lot of conversation. Kind of like what you were saying. You made a bunch of calls, a lot of those wholesalers, it wasn’t really good leads and then you finally found a homeowner and you picked up the phone. It didn’t cost you anything. By the way, right? Your marketing dollars for this deal are were zero, essentially. And you picked up the phone, you called them off of Craigslist, they did a deal with you, you made $3,000. How good did that feel back in the day?

Israel R.: I had like 20 something dollars in my bank account the day we closed the deal. And so it felt like a lot of money.

Brent Daniels: Absolutely. I get that. So then you decided to make the move back to … this is in Dallas, right? You did this in Dallas, is that right?

Israel R.: That’s right.

Brent Daniels: So you did that in Dallas and then you came back to Phoenix and then you started here again. When you started getting up and running, how did you get your very next deal?

Israel R.: So all this time, while I was in high school, I heard about InvestorCarrot, which is something that a lot of people should look at doing, getting deals from SEO. They have a really good platform. I find out about them through like a podcast or something. So I started as this-

Brent Daniels: What does SEO stand for?

Israel R.: So it’s search engine optimization. You can pay for leads on Google, like PPC where they click, you know pay-per-click or whatever. Or you can rank up there organically. That’s what I do to get my leads. You look up a key term, whatever you’re looking for. We buy houses, sell my house, Phoenix, whatever and I’ll rank up there and some people hit my website and call me.

Brent Daniels: Got it. Love it. So is that how you got your second deal?

Israel R.: Yeah, so I had been working on my website since I was in high school while I was at my other job because I had a computer job, so I’d be working at it while I wasn’t working. And so learned how to do SEO and getting really, really good at it. Finally, started ranking really well. A lawyer called me and said, “My client’s in prison. We want to sell this house and let’s do it.” So ended up getting my next deal that way.

Brent Daniels: The attorney called you, is that what you said?

Israel R.: Yeah, the attorney’s assistant actually called me, paralegal.

Brent Daniels: Were you intimidated by that?

Israel R.: No. At that point I had already been going on appointments and stuff. I wasn’t very scared. I was a little bit scared it was a lawyer because I heard a lot of people are like, oh it’s [crosstalk 00:16:33]

Brent Daniels: Aren’t they so scary? Right. It’s so funny. It’s really not, right? I mean if you’re professional about the way that you’re doing business, if you’re communicating effectively, if you’re there to provide value, then you should go with confidence in every single situation that you’re in. I don’t care if it’s somebody that owns a thousand properties. I don’t care if it’s somebody that’s never sold a property. I don’t care if it’s an attorney. I don’t care if it’s a judge. I don’t care who it is. If you go with the that approach, you will win. You will be effective. You will be able to communicate. If the opportunity is there, you’re going to be able to take advantage of it. It’s so huge, you should not be intimidated in this market. You’re bringing so much value to the marketplace every time that you’re communicating with homeowners or anybody else that’s responsible for selling a property. So go with confidence, go with the self esteem and, and enough swagger to it that you just make it happen.
So anyway, Israel, so let me ask you this. What struggles did you face when you first started?

Israel R.: Trying to find leads. That was the hardest part. I think trying to find leads. I was spending few hundred bucks here. The little money I had from DoorDash, Postmates, from that job, spending a few hundred bucks here, hundred bucks [inaudible 00:17:56] and signed up to get an appointment. Kind of getting that process in place of okay, now I know how to deal with this objection now. I know why I lost that deal. Getting leads, I think, was the biggest hurdle. Nowadays it’s a lot easier to get leads. Now I have more experience in how to get leads and then cold calling is amazing.

Brent Daniels: I thought you’d never mention it.

Israel R.: Actually got to get hot one that we just got an hour or two ago.

Brent Daniels: I love it. So tell, tell everybody what you’re doing for your cold calling and why you do cold calling.

Israel R.: Cold calling is effective, cheap, scalable. Here you’re kind of paying for leads. So here’s what I tell people nowadays cause they’re like, I want to start a website, do this, do that. I’m like, look guys, that takes a really long time. If I were Israel back in time, I would definitely start doing cold calling because with cold calling you can pick up the phone and you create those leads out of thin air. [inaudible 00:18:50] yell like, you know, half the way people call me, you know, like we’re only going to get 20 deals a month. So with cold calling you can engage more people and pretty much you can grow as high as you want and by getting more callers. So really, really effective.

Brent Daniels: Really effective. Do you make the calls? Do you have other people make the calls? What’s your strategy?

Israel R.: I’m not calling you right now. I am going to pick up the phone once you start calling the more niche list. I have, just like you recommend in the program, I have a caller in Costa Rica. She makes a lot of calls, she’s pretty experienced. She generates those calls and then once those leads start coming in, she fills out a form, goes to our seller leads and then one of my acquisitions guys can follow up with those leads.

Brent Daniels: Love it. What is the biggest deal that you have done so far?

Israel R.: Cold call leads. I just had to have another one in the pipeline right now that’s almost close. Five grand away from the other big deal I’m about to talk to you about. That’s cold call lead as well. So cold call deals are very effective, especially driving for dollars. So this was a driving for dollar deal. And I’ll tell you why, and this deal kind of came from you telling everyone back in the day. I know you did a podcast talking about how you guys do a bunch of driving for dollars. I’m like man, I got to do some driving for dollars. I started a drive for dollar campaign and we ended up getting a deal. I actually had gone to an appointment and we ended up closing on and drove down the street. Just driving the area to kind of get familiar with the neighborhood. Saw this boarded up house and I’m going to get the address once I leave the appointment. So we ended up closing on both deals on the same street, but we ended up cold calling that lead, skip tracing, cold calling it and it was the owner’s grandchild. It was like two generations down. Ended up getting that deal. ARV was around $160,000 or something like that. We end up getting it for like $55,000.

Brent Daniels: What’d you sell it for?

Israel R.: Think it was like $105,000 so we made like $50,000.

Brent Daniels: $50,000 from driving a neighborhood, writing an address and calling them up, right?

Israel R.: That’s right.

Brent Daniels: I mean that’s truth. That is 100% truth. Guys, this business is not difficult. This business is about talking to people. It is about TTP. I don’t care if you’re paying for them to call you or if you’re just going to be proactive and call them, but you got to be talking to people.
Israel literally closed on a deal, drove down the street, saw a house that needed a lot of love, wrote down the address, got the phone number, called up the owner because he’s not afraid to make calls, because he is a superstar and because he has had so many things that should have knocked him down and prevented him from being an entrepreneur, from being successful. He didn’t come from a family that had money. You heard him in the beginning of this. McDonald’s was fancy growing up. McDonald’s was too much for him, for him and his family to afford. And he’s there calling up people with the confidence to know that he can provide value to them. You’re just an incredible guy. It’s just beautiful. $50,000 you’ve got another one that’s what, $45,000 from a cold call, right?

Israel R.: Cold call, yeah.

Brent Daniels: So let me ask you this, because these podcasts we talk about deals and big deals and checks and people get pumped and I get it. But I think that there’s some learning here that needs to be done. I want to ask you this question. What lesson would you teach today’s young real estate entrepreneurs?

Israel R.: I think they really just have to make it happen. They have to change your mindset too. I used to be scared. I know it sounds like I wasn’t scared a lot, but I was really scared to make those calls. I finally started making those calls and then I didn’t stop. You have to start taking action in order to see a difference happen. If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, you’re not going to see different results. So guys, even if you’re making those calls and none of them turned out to be deals, you’re still learning from it, getting experience. Really it’s just about changing that perspective. I meet a lot of them because a lot of wholesalers on my website saying you want to be on my buyer list and I never hear from them again. And I do like a coaching call with them when they call me and say, “Hey look man, are you marketing and what are you doing to get deals right now?” “I’m just running buyers list.” “Don’t worry about the buyers list right now. That will come later. You don’t need a big buyer’s list. Your biggest focus right now is to just find leads and convert them.” Leads, convert, leads, convert. So your goal is to just get leads and convert them and go out and just hustle.

Brent Daniels: Love it. And talk to people.

Israel R.: Talk to people and don’t worry if they say you’re too young. And there was one appointment that the lady kicked me out. I got there and she’s like, you look too young. Leave. That was just one.

Brent Daniels: Out of the many that you have done.
Talk about your business now. How many people are in it? What are you on track for? What do you think that you’ll close, realistically, what do you think that you’ll close here in 2018?

Israel R.: I really want to get to a million. But realistically I’m probably going to get a little bit, maybe $700,000, $800,000. I’m really good on my team right now. I have some people in place now. I Have acquisitions people. I have guys I can go on appointments for me. I don’t need to go see the houses anymore. I have a guy that just started with me. He’s following up on leads, so I don’t even do that no more. My goal right now is to send more and more leads. I’ve got a cold caller, two acquisitions guys. They’re not all full-time or anything, so don’t think that my business is like very busy, but one’s part-time ones following up with a lot of leads and that’s about it. And I have a VA in the Philippines. She actually runs my website now. I’m teaching her how to do SEO so I can kind of focus and do other things like cold calling. My goal is to grow and get some more cold callers. Right now, I’m a little bit above a hundred grand as far as revenue this year already. Last year I did just about a hundred grand. So I’m already a little bit past that. But right now under contract, in the pipeline to close, we have about $130,000.
But we’re still looking, obviously get more deals. We’re still young in the year, so still looking to get more deals.

Brent Daniels: What month is your birthday?

Israel R.: October.

Brent Daniels: October. You’re not going to be 21 years old until October. Oh my gosh. I’m just telling you, this is just incredible. I meet with Israel on a monthly basis. He’s just down the street. He was in my office a couple of days ago. This guy does not lie. He’s giving you the absolute truth about this thing. He’s 20 years old and he’s making an impact in our community, in Phoenix, Arizona. Everywhere is competitive, but Phoenix has a very special, unique kind of position right now in the marketplace. But Israel, I love it.
So let me ask you this. If you were to have a real estate superpower, what is your real estate superpower?

Israel R.: I think knowing how to talk to people very well. When you’re making appointments with people, I think people tend to think that you need to be so serious going into an appointment, need to be so professional, hi sir, hi ma’am. All this stuff that is portrayed in business button.

Brent Daniels: Nope.

Israel R.: You really go in there. I’ve become friends with every person I meet, whether we do business or not. They call me on the phone. This is what’s going on. Okay, cool. How are your kids? You have this many kids. Where are you from? Okay. Where are you moving to? Just talk to them and building a relationship with these sellers is critical and a lot of people don’t do that. I think that’s the biggest superpower right there. Leads, you can learn how to do that, but just really learning how to find out people’s situation and giving them what they want and providing value for them. This is the biggest thing I feel like.

Brent Daniels: Got it. Why do you think people fail in this business?

Israel R.: I think they think it’s too competitive. It sounds too easy to be true. They don’t stay around long enough. I meet so many people that they do one deal, and that’s the last deal you’re ever going to do because they use that money. They blew it on something else. They’re not consistent enough. And a lot of other people just think that there’s too much competition. Sure, we do have a lot of competition here in Arizona, but there’s still enough deals out there for everyone. And like I ask everyone, how much are you spending on marketing? I’m not spending anything. You’re never going to get any deals.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, absolutely. You could start off just like you, grassroots getting into the Craigslist ads, but you know, as well as I do that you might get a deal, you might get two deals, but you can’t build a business around that.

Israel R.: Not to last.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, absolutely. You got to be consistent with it. You have to invest into yourself, into your business. Even if you’re using a TTP method, even if you’re cold calling, you got to have enough people to talk to. You’ve got to have enough numbers, really good numbers, skip trace so you can keep that going consistent. Now is it a huge budget that you need for it? Absolutely not. Compared to traditional marketing techniques, not even close. But there is something that, as Israel’s talking about, growing his business and developing his business. Being able to invest in other people, in talent, in incredible people that work around him and help him so he doesn’t have to wear every single hat in this business. But it’s really, really important. We had this conversation at dinner, what he’s doing with his money and he said he’s investing in his business and he’s buying land, right? [crosstalk 00:28:06] That’s your strategy. I love it man. I just think it’s just so awesome.
So what have you read that you think everybody should read? What book have you read that everybody should read?

Israel R.: I was actually thinking about it. I knew you were going to ask me that question and the last book I read, which is really, really good and it kind of goes back to the topic we’re talking about now as far as growing` your team. Last year was my first year I did six figures. I was almost the one man operation. We had a few people for a few months and then kind of let them go cause you kind of start learning about who really needs to be on your team and you learn about how to manage people and you lose and you kind of learn. But I didn’t grow as big as I am now this year. And nowadays I’m not doing a whole lot, I just have to focus on marketing.
But you’re, you’re going to stay small if you’re trying to just keep all the money for yourself. If you’re willing to give people money, it’s a win-win for you and your employees. They’re doing something that you love to do. And you’ve got to make sure you find someone that loves what they’re doing and you get the right person and, they’re winning and you’re winning, your business is winning, so you’re going to make more money by hiring more people on your team,
The book I recommend is Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. The first one goes over obviously how to start to have to start a business at whatever the first book is, I read it too. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. But this book kind of covers how to actually start a business, how to actually become a wealthy as far as actually having procedures in your business and employees that can handle those procedures and actually stepping away from your business instead of having to do it all.
Because I’ve been in positions where, I had a bunch of money, I kept all the money from wholesaling, but I didn’t have a life after that. It’ll just business 24/7, 24/7 and I didn’t have my own life. I thought I was happy, but reeling it back, I wasn’t really focusing on myself and my own life and my family. I wouldn’t answer my family’s phone calls because you get so consumed to the business and you’re losing those relationships and they’re not always going to be for you there if you just keep pushing them away. So Cashflow Quadrant, learning how to actually build a bigger business with employees, people on your team and kind of having stepped away a little bit from the business.

Brent Daniels: Love it. Israel, you are going to inspire a lot of people. How can they get in contact with you?

Israel R.: They can shoot me an email and they can also follow me on Instagram because I want to build my Instagram up. So guys, my emails So My Instagram just very basic. It’s just my first, last name. Israelramirez__. Follow me there. Shoot me a DM. If you have a question about, Hey, what do I do in this situation or just need some guidance or something. I don’t mind getting on a call with some of you guys that are kind of stuck. Really my goal is to help out anyone that’s kind of in the same shoes, high school or whatever. I really love that range of where I was at, where I was stuck at and helping those people out because I know it can be really, really rough and sometimes you want to give up, but just keep going. Things will change after a few years. You’ll be in a better spot. I don’t mind getting on a call. You guys shoot me a DM. If you’re able to follow me on Instagram or fill out a contact form on my seller website there, or just shoot me an email there as well and I look forward to helping someone out at least.

Brent Daniels: I love it. Dude, you pumped me up so much. I really hope you do get an office here in this building. I’m going to be so pumped. I’m sure everybody listening is just getting that fire in their belly that you bring to us. So I just want to thank you so much for spending some time with us here. And guys, everybody out there remember, remember, remember, remember October 15th to the 17th is the Wholesaling Inc. Summit. Only 300 seats. They’re already getting snatched up like crazy. So make sure you go to and register for that. Do it today. Do not hesitate to get in there because it’s going be action-packed and filled with incredible, incredible people from around the, around the country.
Joe McCall, Todd Toback, Tom Krol, Cody Hofhine, myself. Just killer after killer after killer, just all amazing, amazing professionals. So make sure that you register for that. Also, if you are ready, if you are proactive, if you want to keep your marketing costs down, if you’re spending too much to get a deal, if you’re competing with multiple offers on every single deal that you go after, if your whole schedule is bogged down by and wrapped around your pay-per-click or your direct mail marketing campaigns, then you need to schedule a call with my team and to discuss what TTP can do for your life and your business., Schedule a call, 20 minutes. It’ll be the best 20 minutes of your year. I am telling you, get in there.
Start taking action now, cut your marketing costs down. Get the bigger, better deals. Because let’s talk, let’s be fact, and Israel can can attest to this, that you get the biggest, fattest, best, juiciest deals when you’re not competing against other wholesalers, right?

Israel R.: Right.

Brent Daniels: And the way to do that is to get to them before they pick up the phone and call on a stack of marketing. Get to them today, pick up the phone, make that contact, be proactive, get to them now. Get a $50,000 check like Israel. Get a $45,000 check like that from Israel. Get $130,000 pending between his internet and his TTP. That’s what we’re talking about baby. So make sure you schedule a call, And Israel, thank you for joining us, brother.

Israel R.: Thanks for having me.

Brent Daniels: And to everybody out there, I encourage you to talk to people. Talk to you soon.

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