Episode 172: How a Relentless New Rhino Earned $10, 000 in Just 3 Hours

The wholesaling journey of this episode’s guest has been nothing short of monumental. He joined the tribe less than 2 weeks ago and he has already closed 2 deals and has 2 more waiting in the pipeline.

Sure, it might seem like he merely lucked out. However, once you listen to him narrate his story, you’ll realize it took more than just luck for him to make a killing in the wholesaling world.

Matt Lyerla is a steadfast rhino who works hard and is not afraid to take massive imperfect actions. While the Paducah, Kentucky native already has real estate experience running rental properties, he’s still finding his way around as far as wholesaling goes.

However, his story proves that lack of experience is never a hindrance to wholesaling success. If you are looking for that much needed inspiration to move forward with your wholesaling journey, this episode is for you!

The Deal:

Wanting to achieve financial freedom and spend more quality time with his family, Matt decided to join the tribe and give wholesaling a go.

  • Aside from meticulously structuring his time and hitting the phone, he also drove around the neighborhood in search of properties he can buy.
  • He eventually found a distressed property, pulled over, and talked to the owners.
  • After building rapport with sellers and finding out their motivation, they were able to agree on a price for the property.
  • After all was said and done, he walked away $10, 000 richer. And that’s not even the most amazing part. The best part is he earned a payback as massive just putting in a total of 3 hours worth of work. Undoubtedly, that’s ROI only a few industries can match!


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