Episode 171: 18 Steps to Winning the Wholesale Game

For those who are new to wholesaling, the whole process can be overwhelming at first. And it’s totally understandable since you’ll have a lot of key considerations to take into account and decide on.

What list should you market to? What marketing strategy should you use? What do you do to ensure no prospect slips through the cracks?

To help you out and make things easy for you, Brent discussed in detail the 18 steps you need to take note of to win the wholesale game. After listening to today’s episode, you will not only gain a clearer understanding of the wholesaling process, you will also be able to effectively gauge your strong and weak points so you can master every level and dominate.

If you are ready to make your mark in the wholesaling world, consider this episode a must-listen!

Key Takeaways

  • Identifying the right targets
  • Organizing your data
  • Identifying your marketing strategy
  • Initial contact
  • Uploading data on your CRM
  • Comping the property
  • Appointment and offer presentation
  • Offer acceptance
  • Disposition checklist
  • Disposition marketing
  • Inspection
  • Reviewing and selecting offers
  • Making sure earnest money is deposited immediately
  • Getting the title clearance
  • Getting closing documents signed by the seller and buyer
  • Funding the deal
  • Closing and recording
  • Getting your cheque


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