Posted on: June 14, 2018

Are you a neophyte wholesaler eager to find your first deal? Or are you a seasoned one who wants to get a step ahead of the pack? Whether you are the former or the latter, today’s episode can help you effectively (and easily!) achieve both objectives.

Today, we have the honor and privilege to pick the brains of Grant Wise, an audacious, innovative, and steadfast marketing strategist who has helped people find deals using Facebook Ads.

While he was born into a family who’s passionate and very much involved with real estate, his venture in the industry has not been smooth sailing. Fortunately, adversity has made him wiser. At 23, he launched his social media boot camp program and he has never looked back.

If you want to discover and try a unique and truly effective marketing strategy that will produce massive ROI (Grant earned $10, 800 in assignment fee for a Facebook Ad he spent less than $150 on) and take your wholesaling business to the top, this is one episode you just can’t miss!

Key Takeaways

  • Why Facebook advertising is an unbelievable way to grow your business
  • The simple formula you should use to get the results you want
  • The importance of being specific when doing Facebook ads
  • The four simple steps you need to follow
  • Why relationship building should be your primary focus as opposed to selling


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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: Hey, everybody. Welcome to another amazing episode of Wholesaling Inc. This is the no-fluff, no-BS zone where we are going to give you information that you could implement right now to do deals right now. If you don’t know what wholesaling is, wholesaling is the fastest way in the country to make a fortune by finding discounted properties.
My name is Tom Krol. I am America’s number one wholesaling coach, and today I have an ultra sizzle, upside down, reverse secret weapon, on the phone with me. A guy who is famous in my circle, and is about to be famous nationwide. I am really honored and privileged to have him on the show. Super, super excited to get some really great information from him.
This is a guy who can produce leads in seconds flat, smoking hot leads, smoking hot motivated sellers, really, really exciting stuff. And, as you guys know, this is going to be a channel once we talk about it that is going to have a super high conversion rate. Not just a good response rate, but a conversion rate to a deal, which of course you know is key. Without further ado, let me introduce our guest today, it is Grant Wise. Grant, are you there?

Grant Wise: I’m here man. Thank you so much for having me.

Tom Krol: Absolutely, thank you for coming on the show, and thank you for coming out to the Orlando Wholesaling Inc. Summit event. We had a blast with you there, and more rave reviews than I’ve ever heard. So super, super excited, and really, really, good stuff. What I want to talk about today… Guys, here’s the deal with Grant Wise. In our circles here, he is uber famous. He does a very unique marketing channel, and I’m going to allow him to explain it and tell you more about it and why it’s unique, and what makes it unique and why it works.
But before I do, Grant, tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you? Do you just provide leads, or did you come from the real estate market? Tell us a little bit about who you are.

Grant Wise: Yeah, I would love to, and again, thanks for having man. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to speak with the legend himself, Mr. Tom Krol. I appreciate that, brother. It’s an honor for sure.

Tom Krol: You got it.

Grant Wise: I grew up in the real estate industry. I was kind of born into it. Everybody in my family had a real estate license or was in development in some form or fashion. From my grandfather, who helped develop what’s now known as Bella Vista, Arkansas just growing into a larger city, or my step-grandfather developed high rise projects near Walmart and lake projects that did some cool stuff. I was always inside of the real estate world in some form or fashion.
When I was 19 years old, kind of dropped out of college after some surgeries from baseball injuries, and I was looking for how I could make an impact in some form or fashion, and I’ve never held a job. Okay. So maybe I had one job, like two weeks. I’ve always been the guy that you weren’t really going to tell what to do, didn’t respect authority that much and just kind of wanted to pave my own way. That kind of carried into my young work years, where first thing out of college I was looking out like, “Okay, what can I do to make money?” Getting a job is the most irrational thing that I could possibly think of doing because I’m basically giving somebody my time for like six bucks.

Tom Krol: Right.

Grant Wise: It just doesn’t make sense to me. My father, at this time, owned a little construction company, and he fell off a ladder and hurt his back. I said, “Look, man, I’ll take this over for you. I’ll do all the work. I’ll manage the business, and I’ll just pay you 50% of every deal that I do.”
I think I sent him two checks, and I was like, “Man, this is dumb. I’m giving this guy half of my money. I’ve got to figure out how to stop doing that.” I made him an offer to buy his little gutter installation company, and we came to terms. I think that first year I did, oh, maybe $58,000 in sales take-home money. I played golf five days a week, and then I would do a construction project on the weekends, and that would pay all my bills. I was like, “Man, this is kind of nice.” But about the time golf season ended, I was like, “Okay, I could do more than this. I could probably do something to make more money.”
I said, “I’m going to start a roofing company,” and started a roofing business. And about three months later, we got this gigantic hailstorm, and I worked insurance jobs for the next 12 months, roofed 111 houses. I went from a kid that grew up in a garage, slept on a couch most of my life with very little to a young dumb kid that had just pocketed… I think we did $826,000 in sales that next year, and I pocketed around $186,000 in income.

Tom Krol: Got it.

Grant Wise: The only problem is I grew up with zero, and I mean zero financial guidance. Nobody taught me how to balance a checkbook. I didn’t pay attention to math class. I didn’t have any of it, right? The only thing I ever saw was my dad kind of drank a little bit, and my mom had her things, and so that’s exactly what I did with my money. I drank a little bit, and I bought toys, and it was just really mismanaging the way that I was living my life.
That led into some deep, deep, deep, “Let’s figure out who Grant is,” type work, and my construction companies unfortunately went on to go under because of the poor mistakes that I was making. It led down a path of just self education.

Tom Krol: That’s the best kind.

Grant Wise: I heard someone the other day that said, “I learned through adversity, not through a university,” and that’s exactly what happened to me. I was 21 years old, started a real estate company with my step-grandfather, and we grew up a pretty cool business, and that’s really when I really stuck my foot into the industry. But a couple of years go by, my construction companies go under. All the partners brought in to help me fund that company, basically said, “Hey, man, we like you a lot. Unfortunately though, we think that you’re the reason that this company is not growing the way that it could. We think your reputation is very poor. We think it’s hurting us, and we want you to leave.”

Tom Krol: Right.

Grant Wise: I’m a 23-year-old kid, nobody likes me in this company. I’m the youngest person in the business by three times my age. Nobody’s listening to my advice for growing their business using social media, and other agents are listening. I was like, “You know what? I’m going to do it. I’m going to leave, and I’m going to go where I’m appreciated not where I’m tolerated.” A little Eric Thomas for you there.

Tom Krol: I love it. I love Eric Thomas. Very cool.

Grant Wise: It was about a week after that, it was September 13th, 2014, no, August 13th, 2014. I left that company. About a week later, I launched my new little social media boot camp program, and with $25 to my name, I was bankrupt. I had nothing. Dropped out of college, kicked out of multiple businesses, multiple failures. $25 to my name, my wife jokes she’s the one that loaned me the 25 bucks.
I put on a pizza cap, and this wonderful, wonderful woman named Tanya Thompson who will forever have a special place in my heart, responded to my ad about real estate agents, learning how to use Facebook ads to grow their business. She took action, and I made 1,000 bucks. It was one of the coolest things that had ever happened to me, and I learned a few things. I learned that I’d still had value no matter what everybody else was saying. I learned that even in what seemed like the most troubling times, that God still had a plan for me, and that my life was going to be more than a few mistakes. I just… We took off, and she sold 18 houses in less than 90 days from implementing Facebook strategies.

Tom Krol: Isn’t it amazing how rock bottom is such a strong foundation? Everybody wants to… Yeah, I mean, everyone’s embarrassed of it, but I will tell you, you can build such a beautiful palace on rock bottom. It is a strong, strong foundation.

Grant Wise: It is. I just couldn’t agree more, and that’s exactly what it was for me. Now, I chose it to be too. I think that’s important for people to know. I didn’t look at it say, “Okay, well, I guess I’m flawed. I’m a failure, and I’m going to go on being poor for the rest of my life.” I looked at it, and I swallowed my pride after some great advice from a coach of mine, a childhood coach, and I said, “No, this isn’t it.” I chose to be a student as opposed to continuing to fake being a leader, and I went on.

Tom Krol: I love it. We kind of let the cat out of the bag a little bit about social media for leads. I want to get into that. But, Grant, what you do is so entirely unique and different, and there’s a reason why, guys, Grant is able to put your business in the stratosphere of results. There’s a reason why. We’re going to get into that because when you say social media, everybody just thinks, “Oh, social media. It’s a Facebook ad.” No, it’s so much more than that. Actually, it’s so much less than that, and that’s what I love about it. It’s sleek and slick, and it’s just powerful. It’s like the laser.
Just so you guys know, we implemented this, Cody and I, and leads are pouring in. Cody, $30K deal right out of the gate. I mean, amazing.
Let’s talk a little bit more. When you say social media, what does that mean, and why is this such a powerful tool? And how are you using it in a unique way to find these motivated sellers? If somebody wants to copy you, what’s a good way, too? I want to talk about that. If somebody says, “Hey, I don’t need Grant. I want to do this on my own.” Let’s kind of get into that a little bit.

Grant Wise: Yeah, I would love to, would love to. Started to segue a little prematurely, but, yes, I would love to jump into this. We were pumped, Cody got a deal. I think it was less than four to six weeks he had landed a $30,000 profit deal. It was amazing.
It isn’t just social media, right? Let’s forget about the word social media. Let’s focus on the word Facebook. Facebook advertising is an unbelievable way to grow our business, and if you look back at the history of real estate investing, and the real estate industry as a whole, one of the most important things that you can understand how to do is market and be a marketer, or have good marketing within your company. Because if you don’t have opportunity every day, it’s a struggle, or at least can be. When we look at Facebook advertising, and we look at real estate investing, one of the things that I understood way back in the day is that the ROI opportunities that existed were just unbelievable.
If you could spend a couple of hundred dollars on Facebook advertising, and you could do a deal, you could take your business to the moon. That’s what we really started helping agents do, and a little over a year ago started helping investors do. We did it with a really, really, really simple formula. We put out a Facebook ad that had a really simple call to action. For instance, if you guys want to take this, and run with it, one of the greatest strategies we use is a homes list. Basically, it’s a list of homes that I buy, so from an investment standpoint, that could be any type of home. But if you’re looking at wholesaling a deal, click here to download a free list of the types of homes I buy in NWA, and whatever your market is. That’s going to get you some really, really inexpensive leads. We’re noticing motivated seller leads-

Tom Krol: Well, I just want to be crystal clear here, so in case somebody wants to do this themselves. You’re saying you buy a list of homes. When you say you buy lists of homes, do you mean from ListSource? Or are you buying this from Facebook? I’m not sure I understand.

Grant Wise: No, sorry about that. That is your offer. If you would put out a Facebook ad, the ad would say… if we’re marketing to distressed sellers, “Click here to get a complete list of homes that I buy.” The distressed seller is opting into your marketing, and you’re providing a list, and it’s basically just a description list. We buy homes that are in probate, or we buy distressed homes that have all the windows broken out. That’s just, obviously, an example-

Tom Krol: Oh, so it’s like a criteria?

Grant Wise: It’s like a criteria. Exactly, it’s just like a criteria of homes that you as an investor would purchase if somebody was looking to sell.

Tom Krol: Got it.

Grant Wise: Yes.

Tom Krol: Okay, and you put that on the ad.

Grant Wise: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Grant Wise: You write a really simple Facebook post that says, “Click here to get this free list of homes that I buy in X market.” And a Facebook user, they would click that post, and they would opt in, give you their name, email, phone number, and you then have a lead that you now have the opportunity to work, where-

Tom Krol: Well, I just want to, just if I could, because there’s something, you guys, that Grant just said that I really want to just dig into here because it is absolutely the key to this whole thing and totally unique. Everyone who’s always approached us, or that we’ve worked with in the past when it comes to Facebook, what they do is they produce ads that drive to your website. But the problem, especially from a coaching standpoint, is that when you have students around the country, and they have different websites, right? Some use OnCarrot, and some use other services, and some develop their own websites, and some SEO well, and some don’t, some use some verbiage, and some don’t.
What happens is there’s so many variables, it’s very difficult to track the ROI on the Facebook ads, so what Grant has done is he’s cut all of that fat out of the process, and goes directly from the ad to the lead. Which I just wanted to take a minute to say is totally unique. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard about it, or anyone at Wholesaling Inc. Has heard of it, so we tried it, and it works. So we’re super, super excited about that because less variables, less confusion, better results.

Grant Wise: 100%, and it has to be simple, and I think that’s probably why it might be so unique is because it is so incredibly simple, but you don’t want to ever send traffic to a website. Just a tip, if you take anything from this, do not send traffic to a website because we live in a society that they crave the options, but they hate making decisions. When you send somebody to a website that has multiple options, you’re basically giving them an out. “I don’t know what decision I’m going to make here, so I’m just going to leave.” Always remember one page, one purpose, one ad, one purpose.

Tom Krol: Oh, man. You guys, there is so much liquid gold at what Grant is saying right now, so I just want everybody to just take a deep breath, and just re-listen to the last 30 seconds of this podcast. What did you say? One page, one purpose?

Grant Wise: One page, one purpose.

Tom Krol: I love it, and never link from a Facebook ad to a website. I love it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Very, very cool brother. I love it. All right, cool, cool. Go ahead I didn’t mean to keep interrupting you.

Grant Wise: No, no, you’re fine, you’re fine, 100%. So, you’ve put out your little Facebook ad, and you’ve now gotten them to opt in. So now you have a lead. It can happen really simply, and if you keep your marketing simple, if you keep your message simple, just be about one thing, you will generate an army of leads. Don’t try to be the thing for everybody. I always say the person that tries to work with everyone works with no one. You guys really be clear about the types of homes you want to wholesale, and focus on going after that person, that prospect, and you will quickly be seeing that works.

Tom Krol: I’m sorry, Grant, I didn’t mean to cut you off. What did you say the… So somebody out there listening and they’re taking notes, and they’re saying, “Okay, I want to do this. I want to get advertised Facebook ads to motivated sellers.” What are you saying? Would you ever recommend this?” You say, “Hey, listen guys, of all the different types of houses that we see out there, the highest conversion or the highest responses are on these one, two, or three.”?

Grant Wise: Honestly, it’s distressed sellers as a whole, the way that we market. For instance, if we’re doing a homes list, okay, well I buy probate homes, homes that are in probate, or I buy homes with people that are going through divorce. The way that we target it is very specific on Facebook. You’re able to market to people that might be going through a divorce, or might be going through a bankruptcy, or might be going through pre-foreclosure, or might be going through probate, whatever that looks like. We kind of package that up in our homes list so that they know that whatever situation speaks to them, it pops out and they say, “Okay, great. They would be the type of person that would buy my home for cash, so I need to reach out to this person.”

Tom Krol: So just so I can just get to a little bit of this. I just want to make sure we understand each other. What you’re saying is once we give you the criteria of who we’re marketing to, which types of homeowners, which type of distressed sellers, you then specifically target those sellers on Facebook. Is that accurate?

Grant Wise: That’s exactly right.

Tom Krol: You guys, that is so key. I mean this is why it works, right? This is why. This is the reason. Okay, go ahead. I’m sorry.

Grant Wise: You put that specific message out, and then you target it. The targeting is probably the most important part of this entire marketing scheme, because Facebook ads… The power of Facebook isn’t in its two billion users, it’s in its data that we get to access, you guys. When you’re looking at targeting a Facebook advertisement, you can be as specific as you want.
If we were driving down the street and you said, “Okay, there’s a house right there.” We can literally market a Facebook ad to that distressed sellers house, and say, “Hey, I was driving by today, and I noticed that your house was one that I would buy.” That’s how specific you can be with Facebook advertising, and that’s how incredibly awesome the opportunities are because you can market to any distress all you want.
How powerful is it if you’re driving on a street, knock on a door… maybe I don’t recommend it necessarily, but then you send a piece of mail, and then they see a Facebook ad? All three of these, this omnipresent feel that they get when they’re seeing you everywhere, about buying their house. That’s really how you can attack one specific home. We don’t necessarily do that in all of our marketing, but I want to overemphasize how specific you can be engineering the type of distress seller leads that you want from Facebook advertising.

Tom Krol: Now what about the people who were saying, “Yeah, Grant, that probably worked before, but now Zuckerberg went in front of Congress, and there’s going to be all these changes.” Have you noticed any changes? Is it affecting your business, or is it kind of like, “Hey, things are where they were, or better or the same.”? Or where do we stand on some of the recent Facebook changes?

Grant Wise: Over the last three to six months, Facebook’s rolled out more algorithmic changes than they have in a long time trying to refine their advertising process. Over the last six to eight months, we have noticed our numbers get better and better and better and better and better. When people look at these changes, it’s like, “Oh, Facebook, doom and gloom.” I can almost guarantee you Facebook’s going to do what’s in the best interest of their user. Right? But that’s what’s made them the platform that they are today. They’re working to craft the most dynamic user experience so that the general consumer only sees what they have an interest in. They do that through a number of ways, which is incredible.
But I think this change is better because it’s going to ensure that the people that are opting into our campaigns are serious, because Facebook is working to make sure that the user experience is so incredible unique per user. So these changes, they’re incredible, yes. There are changes and adjustments in the terms of service. There are changes and adjustments you need to have in your privacy policies and your cookie policies and all of these things that weren’t necessarily that top of mind maybe a month ago. Especially specific to the cookie policies, and new things that they’ve rolled out. But these changes are always for the better because they’re only going to force Facebook to create a better experience for the user, which means they’re going to make their algorithms stronger in only delivering the type of content they feel that our user wants to see.

Tom Krol: Okay, so totally makes sense, and I have seen the results myself. But let me ask you this question. Okay, somebody’s listening to this, they’re like, “Hey, forget Grant Wise. I don’t need him. I could do it without him.” How do I, as just a brand new wholesaler, if I want to do it without you, what is the best way, once I create that ad, to then target those specific ways to target those people? Rather, is there a simple like one, two, three method? Like, oh, you just go here, and you do it? Or is it a little more complicated than that? What does that look like?

Grant Wise: It can be really easy, but in a lot of ways it’s not necessarily complicated, but it’s kind of like, it’s kind of like wholesaling, right? When you first get into it, you don’t know how to do it. Somebody teaches you, you learn, you master the skill, and then it becomes easy. So I have years, and years, and years to say it’s easy. So what I would say, if you don’t mind, can I break this down into four simple steps?

Tom Krol: Absolutely.

Grant Wise: That way they could do it. Okay, step one offer. Think of the offers that have worked since the beginning of time in wholesaling, and that could be offers you write on a junk card, junk postcard, or yellow letter, or bandit sign. What offers-

Tom Krol: I was just going to say like bandit signs is what I’m thinking. So that or a postcard. Okay, got it.

Grant Wise: Now that you have your offer in mind, the next thing is you want to create a landing page. The landing page is simply a reflection of the offer. That’s it. That’s what you want your landing page to be about. Really, really simple. Step three, is the Facebook ad itself. You write the post. You maybe put out a little video or a picture that describes what it is that you’re doing, and then you begin to run advertisements to it. Okay?
When you go into target the Facebook posts, you really simply just want to think about terms or scenarios people have whenever it comes to wanting to sell their home. Okay? So bankruptcy’s one, pre-foreclosure’s one, divorce, probate, those are all interests that somebody would have in looking to sell their property. Those are very simply the things that you would type in.
Now here’s what’s also something to look out for, appraisal terms. Okay? When somebody is thinking about selling their home, the first thing that they do is they go to a Zillow, or they go to a Trulia, or they go to appraisal searches, and they start looking, trying to figure out how much their home is worth. Okay? Those are the same types of things we would still want to target from an interest standpoint.

Tom Krol: Easy.

Grant Wise: Who would want to make sure and point that stuff out.

Tom Krol: Totally get it.

Grant Wise: That’s just the general rules of thumb from a targeting standpoint. Then last is conversion, stuff for conversion, the most, the single most important part of this entire process.

Tom Krol: The most. Listen, guys, I never like to talk about complicated jargon or terms or key acronyms, but KPI is an acronym that stands for key performance indicator, and at the end of the day, everybody who’s listening to this podcast, you better be tracking your KPI on conversion. That’s the most important. Grant, I totally agree. So, go ahead, how do you track that on the ad?

Grant Wise: It’s really very simple. It’s how much did I spend, and how many homes did I sell? How much did I spend divided by how many homes did I sell. Now I, for example, Tom, I never wholesaled a house in my entire life up until recently. I think I even told you this story. But I think there was some feedback on whether or not people thought Facebook ads worked. I said, “You know what? I’m going to implement my own marketing strategies. I’ve never done a deal in my whole life. I’m going to go buy a house, sell it, and profit from it,” and so I did that.
I put out a simple offer. I put up directing them to a landing page. They opted in. I followed up with them. I went out, I purchased this home for $40,000. I sold it, or assigned it, I’m sorry, assigned it rather over for… I think it was $52,000, and we ended up netting $10,800 on the transaction. I got that deal for just under $150 in Facebook ads.

Tom Krol: Beautiful, beautiful.

Grant Wise: I don’t know anywhere in the country right now that you can get ROI for less than that, and that’s been replicated time, and time, and time again with a lot of the people that we’ve worked with. It’s just been unbelievable.

Tom Krol: Cody’s business included.

Grant Wise: Cody was able to do a deal for $30,000. It’s just unbelievably, unbelievably cool. But track that KPI because that’s really going to become your scaling meters, so to speak. It just becomes a source of, “Okay, how many homes do I want to sell?” Well, if I know I can buy a home for $150 in Facebook ads, I’m going to spend $1,500 a month if I want to buy 10 homes a month, and it really becomes routine.
But you have, have, have, have to be able to convert leads. I think that, if you don’t mind, I would love to add just three minutes of value here because so many people get it wrong on social media when they’re trying to convert leads. I’ve heard so many ISAs make mistakes, so many investors make mistakes, I don’t want it to happen to you.

Tom Krol: Let’s hear it.

Grant Wise: Just write this down, people like people, people love people. You must focus only on building a relationship with this lead. If you can do that, you will do a deal. Do not start a conversation and say, “Hey, just wanted to check in and see if you’re going to let me buy your house.” Okay? Because if you look at the reasons people are wholesaling or needing to sell to, they’re in a distressed situation. They’re going through bankruptcy. Their parents just died. They’re going through pre-foreclosure. Their life’s in shambles. Okay?
What you are forcing this person to do by bringing on a hot question like that, is admit the reality of their situation. I have to admit that I’m going through bankruptcy and sell my home. I have to admit that I just lost my job and sold my home. I have to admit that I am going through a divorce with this complete and total stranger I’ve never met in my entire life, and I have to sell my home.
This is why we see so many people opt into a campaign, but they will not buy a home, or they won’t sell for 30 or 45 days once they’ve made their peace with that reality. This is such a valuable lesson here, guys. If you get to lead, the only thing that you want to do is build a relationship with that person. The process of wholesaling is irrelevant. If you can’t win this friend over in less than 10 to 15 to 20 minutes, and that’s what your focus should be. Stop trying to sell, sell, sell, close deals, close deals, close deals. I know it’s very sexy. I close more deals than anybody, but I’m very, very pumped if I talk to my sales team that I build more relationships than anybody.

Tom Krol: All I’m going to say to that guys, is this right here. There is that beautiful victory bell because I totally, totally agree. Rapport building is the name of the game. People buy from people. We are not in the real estate business. Wholesaling has nothing to do with real estate. If anything, it’s more of a pawn shop business, but certainly has nothing to do with real estate. It’s about people.
All right, let’s get to the meat and potatoes, Grant. I know people are salivating to get with you to have this service. You also have a very unique way on how you charge with it. We don’t have to get into pricing right now, but can you tell us a little bit about why your pricing is a little bit different from everybody else who normally just charges this Facebook service fee? Can you tell us what that looks like?

Grant Wise: Yeah, I can. We found that the way that we package a lot of what we do is it’s an all-inclusive service fee, where you pay for the service and you pay for the ad spend. It’s all packaged up in one little fee that you pay on a weekly basis. For whatever packages that you choose, you get a specific number of motivated seller leads. It’s really rather simple.

Tom Krol: That’s the key guys. I hope everybody just heard that if you haven’t, I’m not going to have Grant repeat it. Go back, and hit the 15-second back button because that is the difference. Where everybody else is like, “Hey, pay me now.” And promises, promises, promises. Grant’s is a little bit different, so super, super key.
I’m a huge fan. A lot of my buddies are huge fans. I’m honored to have you on the show, Grant. I know we have a link if people want to find out more about this. It is Facebook is just like Facebook, F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K. It’s, and you can find out more about Grant, about the offer, and what he’s going to do. He has a special deal. It’s set up only for our listeners, for the Rhinos, for you guys who are listening. There is a special deal that he put together just for us. It’s totally exclusive. It’s the best deal in the market for his service, and this service is phenomenal.
I would strongly encourage you guys to, if you are not on Facebook currently, to get on Facebook. Either start doing it on your own, or I’m a big fan of outsourcing, delegating, and automating, of course, so I use Grant, and I will continue to use Grant, and I’m super excited about that. So, Check that website out.
Grant, it’s been awesome having you on the show, man. Thank you for sharing all that knowledge about Facebook with us, and congratulations on your first wholesale deal. I love it.

Grant Wise: Yeah, thanks, brother. I appreciate it so much. It was a genuine honor.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome man. Thanks again. God bless. Enjoy the day, and we will talk to you soon.
All right, everybody, it’s Get over there as soon as you can.
Grant, do you do territories or no? Is it not… we don’t have to worry about that.

Grant Wise: We do have territories as well. So you definitely want to make sure that you take action because these territories are going up quick, for sure.

Tom Krol: I did not know that, you guys. I would get there today. Do that today. If you’re in the car, pull over, and I don’t know if it’s… Do you book a call with you guys, or how does that work?

Grant Wise: Yeah. Whenever you guys go to the website you’ll see, you’ll learn all about service, how it works, and what’s entailed. If you don’t have any questions you need answered, you can just sign right up. If you do have questions you need answers, you can book a call with our bizdev guy, or bizdev girl, sorry, and she will jump on. She will answer every single question you have so you understand completely what you’re doing. Very, very simple.

Tom Krol: I love it. All right, brother. Well, thank you again for coming on, and it’s going to be a great adventure. I’m looking forward to it. That’s really good stuff. Thanks again, Grant.

Grant Wise: Absolutely, brother. You too, thank you.

Tom Krol: All right, guys, talk to you on the next show. Talk to you soon. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

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