Episode 168: How a Tenacious Wholesaler Earned Close to $150, 000 in Her First 5 Months

While the wholesaling business has proven challenging for some, it has been quite easy for Stephanie Polydoroff. Sure, one can assume she’s just lucky but for Stephanie, her wholesaling success can be credited to two things—tenacity and consistency.

Although Stephanie got her real estate license way back in 2016, it wasn’t until February of 2017 when she decided to get into wholesaling full-time. And she has not looked back since then! After cutting off her safety net, she closed 5 deals within the first 2 months using the proactive approach which is talking to people (TTP).

If you’re still in the process of finding your first wholesaling deal, you just might find the inspiration to push forward in this episode so don’t miss it!

The Deal:

While Stephanie has been very consistent in using and sending out direct mails, she has found majority of her deals through cold calling.

  • She found a motivated seller by calling people on the tired landlord list. Seller owned a rental property, lived out of town, and is tired of being a landlord.
  • After talking to the seller over the phone and building rapport, she was able to gain the seller’s trust.
  • Eventually, she was able to buy the contract and earned $10, 000 in assignment fee. That’s more more money than what she used to earn in a whole year while working full-time and she earned it just by taking action and staying consistent.

For Stephanie, her focus, determination, and consistency has worked like magic. Follow Stephanie’s lead—her results have been nothing less than phenomenal so there’s no doubt she knows what she’s talking about!


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