Episode 163: How Taking Massive Imperfect Actions Helped a Rockstar Couple Make a Killing in Wholesaling

Today’s special guests joined the tribe just November of 2017 but they are already closing one deal after another. Since becoming tribe members, Fernando and Perscilla has already closed 6 deals.

How did they manage to pull a feat as awesome? The rockstar rhinos from Palm Bay, Florida don’t mess around when it comes to wholesaling—they are not afraid to take massive imperfect actions!

If you think you need to be an expert at wholesaling to succeed, think again. Today’s guests will surely change your mind. Listen in, pay close attention, and have a pen and paper handy. The couple dished plenty of insights and wisdom you need to take note of so you can steer your wholesaling business in the right direction.

The Deal:

  • Aside from taking massive imperfect actions, the couple is consistent when it comes to marketing. They sent out postcards and from the second batch they sent to the high equity owner occupants list, they found their seller.
  • After building a rapport with seller on the phone, they scheduled an appointment.
  • They were able to purchase the contract for $116, 000, was able to sell it for $131, 000 and walked away with $15, 000. Definitely, a massive ROI for staying consistent and taking massive imperfect actions!


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