Episode 160: How a New Rhino Closed His First Deal and Earned $13, 353.50 in a Little Over 30 Days

If you’re a new wholesaler eager to close your first deal, you’ll surely love today’s episode. Our special guest has done something most wholesaling neophytes would love to accomplish—close a deal in a short amount of time.

Nate Hammond joined the tribe just this March. However, the Albany, Oregon native has already closed his first deal in just a little over 30 days.

So, how did he go about it? What challenges did he encounter and how did he resolve them? You’ll surely learn a lot of valuable wisdom and insights in today’s episode so make sure you tune in!

The Deal:

Nate is a real estate appraiser who’s doing wholesaling on the side. The husband and father of 2 wanted to be able to travel and spend more time with his family and figured out wholesaling can help him achieve said objective.

  • He found his seller through a postcard he sent to the high equity list.
  • The property has been in the market for 6 months already and seller is highly motivated.
  • He was able to get the property under contract for $140, 000 and walked away with $13, 353.50 in assignment fee. Definitely a massive reward for something he only spent 10 to 12 hours on!

Not every wholesaling deal is going to work out the way you would want it. However, you’ll be rewarded accordingly and it will be worth it. Just go ask Nate.


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