Episode 16: How Imperfect Action Leads to Success in Wholesaling

How Imperfect Action Leads to Success in Wholesaling!

Nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy. In our quest for success, many times we are often our own worst enemies. We usually talk ourselves out of doing what’s right (and important) most of the times.

You probably already know MORE than you need to, so why aren’t you successful? Do you just have bad luck?

Well, either our guest today is very lucky or a genius! Today we speak with Hilary Graham who only started wholesaling a few months ago. She has a classic story where luck finds those who prepare and take MASSIVE (yet imperfect) action!

She hails from the Dallas area and after only wholesaling for a couple of months, has already generated $20,000! Today she talks about one deal that just made her $17,000 dollars richer!

Learn her direct mail strategies, how she closed a deal without even making an appointment, and had tons of deals lined up in just her first few months!


  • What got Hilary into Wholesaling
  • Jumping off a cliff without really knowing…anything!
  • Why taking imperfect action is better than NO ACTION!
  • Being a rhino and lining up 4-5 deals in the next month!
  • Details on her $17,000 deal
  • Her direct mail strategies: Including how much and how often
  • Making a deal without ever meeting the seller
  • What it REALLY takes to find success in Wholesaling
  • Doing real estate…anywhere you like
  • What is her why?
  • and so much more…

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