Episode 156: How Removing His Safety Net Motivated a Rhino to Close 14 Deals in 2017

Most people who do wholesaling on the side exert half-hearted efforts because they have their 9 to 5 jobs to rely on. However, David Pupo is unlike most people.

The rockstar rhino from Orlando, Florida did something not many people had the guts to do—he quit his corporate job and went into wholesaling full-time. Even if he failed miserably during his first attempts, that didn’t stop him from giving wholesaling another go.

While not having a regular pay check coming in can be daunting, it has also given David the motivation to work harder and be more creative. And his efforts paid off big-time. To date, he was already able to close 17 deals and evidently has no plans of slowing down.

If you are torn between quitting your job to go into wholesaling full-time or staying in your comfort zone, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!

Key Takeaways

  • The free marketing methods he used to find deals
  • How he successfully closed a land deal
  • What an eviction list is
  • Why offering a lower amount is crucial
  • What seller’s remorse is and how you can prevent it
  • The average number of mails he sends out every week to get results
  • The books he considers game-changers


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