Episode 153: How Building Rapport Helped a New Rhino Earn $62, 000 in Assignment Fee

In the wholesaling business, the importance of building rapport cannot be overemphasized. Those who prioritize establishing rapport know all too well it can pay off big-time in terms of ROI. And the experience of today’s guest is solid proof of its amazing power.

Stephanie Caicedo is a new tribe member but she has already accomplished something truly impressive—she has done 7 deals and has earned an accumulated $145, 000 in assignment fees. What’s even more astonishing is she has only been wholesaling for 4 months!

If you are looking for tips, insights, and wisdom that can kick-start your wholesaling business, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!

The Deal:

While part of her success can be credited to her religiously following the tribe’s teachings, she also acknowledges the massive contribution building rapport has played in her success.

  • She found a seller through a personalized and handwritten letter she sent out to the probate list.
  • Rather than rushing to close the deal, she prioritized connecting and establishing rapport with the seller first.
  • From the very start, she was transparent and honest and showed seller she wanted to help and be of service more than anything.
  • After all was said and done, she was able to put the property under contract for $138, 000 and sold it for $200, 000. That’s a $62, 000 reward for the help and invaluable service she provided!

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