Episode 152: Business Wisdom and Insights From the Exceptional Bob Burg

Today’s special guest is a phenomenal motivational speaker, expert consultant, and prolific author—Bob Burg. He has written a lot of bestsellers including a book many tribe members are familiar with—The Go-Giver.

If you are currently in need of motivation and inspiration, you’ve definitely stumbled upon an exceptional episode. This is one you’ll surely listen to over and over again.

So sit down and give this episode your undivided attention. Take in all the amazing wisdom and insights only this truly remarkable man can dish out!

Key Takeaways

  • Why one should be a go-giver
  • What a system is
  • What it means to be a go-giver
  • What the most financially profitable way of conducting business is
  • Why being a go-taker won’t work
  • What free market capitalism is all about
  • What the Law of Compensation is
  • What is one of the best ways to build rapport
  • Why building rapport is key
  • The importance of being one’s authentic self in the market place
  • What market value is
  • The importance of knowing and understanding one’s strength
  • What the Law of Receptivity is
  • Why is the Law of Receptivity difficult for some people to grasp
  • What great influence is all about
  • Why it’s important to study prosperity


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