Posted on: April 09, 2018

If you think wholesaling is something couples can’t work at together, then today’s special guests will prove you wrong.

Corrie and Carrie Reyment is a dynamic husband and wife tandem from Green Bay, Wisconsin. While they’ve explored several areas of real estate, they realized they love wholesaling more than anything else.

In an effort to take their wholesaling game to the next level, the awesome go-givers joined the tribe December of 2017. So far, they’ve already closed 3 deals and have a couple more in the pipeline.

If you’re looking to take over the wholesaling world with your significant other, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!

The Deal:

Prior to joining the tribe, the couple has done wholesaling and was able to close 6 deals. Their preferred marketing strategy has been to send yellow letters and a bunch of other marketing materials to prospects.

  • Since the couple believes in the potency of the techniques taught in the tribe, they sent direct mails and found an absentee landlord who owns a side-by-side duplex.
  • Upon closer scrutiny, they discovered they have been mailing the prospect consistently every 8 weeks for 14 straight months before they got to finally talk.
  • Even if the seller lives in another state, they were able to make the deal happen by building good rapport, setting expectations, and being honest with their intentions from the very start.
  • They were able to get the property under contract for $112, 000 and after working on the deal for approximately 10 hours, they walked away $28, 400 richer!


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Episode Transcription

Cody: Welcome to another episode here on Wholesaling Inc. my name is Cody Hofheinz and today we’ve got some rock star rhinos that just barely joined the tribe. They’ve been doing it a little bit beforehand. They’d been wholesaling for about a year and they’ve been with the tribe for about three months now. They joined in December of 2017 and they’re already doing big deals. We’re excited to have them with us. This is a powerhouse couple. So many people out there work together as husband and wife. Some people don’t because it just doesn’t work. But for this couple, it really does. You can already hear them laughing in the background. These two literally are a powerhouse. They do well and compliment each other on this. So we’re going to be really tapping into what they do and how are they’re able to do it as a couple and just learn from the wisdom and the gold nuggets that they’re going to share with you today.
So for those that are new on the podcast, new to rhino nation, new to the Wholesaling Inc podcast, I want to tell you, get ready, get a pen and a piece of paper. There’s going to be so much value given in this podcast. And so get ready to write down the information that you’re going to receive. Also, for those that are new and they don’t know what we’re talking about, wholesaling is just simply the art of finding deeply discounted properties. So we’re just going to teach you how you can find deeply discounted properties in your market so that you can then make huge profits. So today we have Corey and Carrie Raymond and they are from Green Bay, Wisconsin. They have two kids. Like I said, they’ve been with us for about three months in the tribe. They’ve already done three deals sets joining and we are going to deep dive one of those deals right now.
So Corey and Carrie, how in the heck are you two doing?

Corey Raymond: Doing great Tony.

Carrie Raymond: Doing good. Thank you.

Corey Raymond: Thank you for the kind words and no pressure.

Cody: No pressure at all. You don’t buck it under pressure. In fact, I wish we were doing a video Skype today cause I was going to bring up our joke. The fact that we have Tom Cruz with us today. This guy’s like the young version of Tom Cruz. And it’s been awesome to own this couple. So we met back in person in our Orlando event in January. It was awesome meeting you both. We had a lunch together maybe a couple times. And since then you guys are just crushing it. You guys are doing good things. So let’s kind of give our rhino nation a little bit of a background about you guys and what really got you into wholesaling.

Corey Raymond: Yeah, well thanks again Cody for having us on.
I guess we started really with real estate was kind of our big idea. We wanted to get a bunch of cash flowing rental properties so I could leave corporate America and, and we could just work, you know, for our own business and not for anybody else. And we read Rich Dad Pour Dad like 99% of other real estate investors out there that kick started us into just learning and deep diving into the real estate world. And we started finding out about wholesaling and there’s a couple of people in our area that wholesaled and were willing to, you know, start kind of mentor us and get us going. And we did that. And it was great. And we got, I think we did six deals wholesaling. We also picked up a few of our own rental properties during that time period. We’ve a few properties on top of the wholesale and then we joint venture a couple of deals where we did some seller financing stuff, which I don’t really understand, which is why we joint venture.
And then through that time period as we had had some experience kind of in a lot of different areas of real estate, we really just decided we love wholesaling. And so we said, how can we take our wholesaling game to the next level? And that’s when we found Wholesale Inc. In December. And we just, we ball in loving it every second since joining in December.

Cody: Well you guys got to get yourself a credit as well with that because you guys are crushing it. You guys are doing it right. You just get in there and you take action. When instructions given, it’s like, I don’t even have to question, will the Raymond’s do it? The Raymond’s do it. They just, they know how to take action. So I love it. So Carrie, give us a background. Is this something that you do full time right along? You do this together, like multiple hours a day or is this I get a good balance because I’m able to be mom and then I can help a couple of hours? What does that look like? So people can start to see what does it look like with a husband, wife duo in wholesaling?

Carrie Raymond: Right. So I think initially I was a little bit skeptical and kind of like I am with everything else. But as we started to do a couple of wholesales and now that we’re really all in on wholesaling, I guess our regular schedule looks like I do more of like the operational stuff. So I do a lot of the lists and sending the mail and kind of just organizing the whole business in general. And Corey does more of the motivated seller calls, the cash buyer calls. He is really good on the phone and I am terrified of being on the phone. So we work really well in that capacity together.
So I work probably like three to five hours a day when the kids are at school or have a sitter. And then the nice thing is with this business is I don’t have to leave the house really besides doing our inspection periods and that kind of stuff. I do most of my work from my home office, so if I do have to do work when the kids are home, you know, it’s one of those things where they’re three years old and five years old. So they play together and I can, you know, shoot out a couple of messages or whatever from my home office, which is really, really nice with has afforded us the flexibility of both really working from home as a team but in different capacities, if that makes sense.

Cody: It does. There’s so many people that want to hear this cause I know there’s a ton of people listening right now there. How do they make this work? Is it possible? Is it possible that both of us could be doing this full time? And for some people they have to start maybe with working a nine to five job and they’re kind of slowly transition into this. But what you’re doing is you’re allowing people to realize, yes, you can do what you really love to do and take care of the kids and be a mom. But then the times when they’re maybe at preschool or school or things like that, you’re able to really jump in for a few hours a day and help out and make this business skyrocket as well as you guys have. So kudos to you guys cause you guys have found a unique way to make this work.
Okay, so let’s go right into this. This is the no fluff, no BS zone is Tom would say, and we’re going to hop right into our deal. So we’re going to be talking about wholesaling real estate again, finding deeply discounted properties. And Corey and Carrie are going to explain what other deals the first deal they did after joining the tribe. They’re going to break this down step by step. So if you guys want to know how to do deals, this is it right here. They’re going to share you step by step how they got this deal. So let’s take it right from the beginning and let’s break it down granular. Tell them what kind of marketing channel you are using, what kind of lists you are using. And let’s start right from the get go. So whoever wants to fire off, let’s go for it.

Carrie Raymond: So right now our business is driven by direct mail and we have been doing direct mail since we started wholesaling. Originally ,we were sending yellow letters in different marketing materials before we joined the tribe. So I think one of the most important lessons from this deal is that we had been mailing this, he was an absentee landlord, so he lived in Florida, owned a property here in Green Bay, my side-by-side duplex. And we had actually, when I looked back at the lead, we had been mailing him for like 14 months. And so every other month, every eight weeks he was getting a letter or some kind of marketing from us and he hadn’t called at all in those 14 months. But I think the important lesson is consistency and mailing because we do know a lot of people that start mailing and then they give up. And so this was our biggest deal, dollar amount to date and it took 14 months for him to call. So he called I think originally right after we had joined the tribe and sent our first mail with the tribe. And I guess I’ll let Corey take it from here because he answered the call.

Cody: Yeah, hold on one sec. This is a quality, quality stuff that you just shared. Carrie, staying consistent. This is absolutely crucial. Someone that has received mail from you over the last 14 months in every eight week consistency and didn’t even reach out, but you stay consistent, kept them on the list, mailed out here. He is reaching out to you. So already guys, there’s the biggest secret sauce I can tell you. Stay consistent in your marketing. So Corey, tell us now when he calls in, what does that look like?

Corey Raymond: Yeah, so we followed the process that you guys taught us, which was completely different from what we were doing previous saw instantly. Like a weekend and validated joining the tribe because just the process of how we took the incoming phone call and then let it go to voicemail and then call them back was just huge. It was like, wow, this is awesome. And the script for me, I’ve always done inside sales over the phone and so this script just made it so easy. It was just unbelievable to see like I was like smiling as we were going through the script because I was just envisioning Tom just giving me a big BAM or something like that as I was going to.

Cody: Pick a little victory bell BAM.

Corey Raymond: and he’s just given me the, and I could tell like right away, this was a motivated seller.

Cody: What was it that motivated well.

Corey Raymond: actions?

Cody: When you say motivation, you say this was a motivated seller. There’s a lot of people on here that like, I’ve never talked to anyone on the phone that’s called in off of a postcard that I’ve sent out. What was it about him that you said, wow, this is motivation right here.

Corey Raymond: What was this third question? You know, first of all, like when you say, it sounds like I caught you in the middle of something, it’s like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Right away you know, right away like, Oh, okay. Like he wants to talk, he wants to sell this property and as you’re going through these questions, it’s just, he just was so willing to give any information to me that I would ask him on the script, which I could tell there was other people who had called in and had used the script and right away you can tell them the first three minutes of the call that this is not going good and that they’re not going to be a motivated seller. There’s not a good fit for a wholesale. This guy, you could tell he wanted to sell. He was motivated and I think getting all the way through the script, that was the first guy in the week that we had that made it all the way through the script. So that was to me, a sign, okay, this guy’s serious and he’s ready to rock and roll.

Cody: What ended up being the why behind it? So when you ask them like, my favorite question is, it looks like a great home. Why are you considering selling it? What was the why behind it?

Speaker 1: Yeah, so his motivation was they’ve lived in Florida and the winters now, and they’re looking to stay down there more than they have in the past. And they own a property like a summer home up here. And then they have a property they stay in most of the time in Florida. And then he just had this duplex that he’s had for like 15 years. And his tenants, you know, there were stuff’s starting to break down and things like that. So he’s getting phone calls from his tenants. And for a while he had his, I think it was a son or a son in law or something like that, was taken care of, fixing some of the stuff. But then he has his own business and he was getting really kind of tired of going and fixing stuff at this duplex every time a tenant would call.
And so I think it was just kind of more of an annoyance for them. And I think they didn’t need the property as far as an income, you know for them I think they were doing okay that way. So for them it was more or less, I just want to get rid of this thing as easily as possible and as quickly as I can without having showings and realtors coming in and out all the time and things like that. So I think it was more than just the convenience factor of being able to just get rid of it, be done.

Cody: So there’s a trick to this though, cause you’re saying it’s an absentee owner. Here you are in Green Bay and you have someone living in Florida. How do you deal with something like that? How do you make this all come together?

Corey Raymond: Yeah, that’s a good question.
I guess we haven’t really even thought about that, how it all actually came together that way. I mean we had a pretty strong relationship. I think we built a good rapport going back and forth and just being honest with them about what our intentions were with the property right away and kind of setting the ground rules and the expectations upfront. And what we did is we, we let them know, Hey, we have to go do a walk through of this place just to take a look at it, but we think we’re on the, in the ballpark price wise. Let’s get a contract in place. If you’re agreeing on the price that you’re agreeing to and then we’ll go do a walkthrough. And as long as there’s nothing crazy that you guys, you know, didn’t tell us about, then we should be okay to proceed to the next step.
And so they were cool with that. They gave us the tenant’s contact information, we set up a time to go, you know, walk through the property together and did our own little separate walkthrough and then report it back. Then everything looked on par and everything was good to go and that we just needed a two hour window to bring our partners and buyers through and then everything should have been, would be closed up pretty quickly thereafter. And so they were cool with that. We just use DocuSign to sign the contract. Okay. And they just click to signed it and we got an email backstage. They completed their signature piece on the transaction and then from there we got it over to the title company here in Green Bay.

Cody: What did you [inaudible 00:13:38] under contract for? So if you were looking at this home?
Was there a value already in your head like, Hey, if this was fixed up it would be worth this. And then ultimately what did you put under contract for?

Corey Raymond: Yeah, it was funny because this was the first time we had had a motivated seller just in the script. And so I get done with the call, and I’m looking at what side-by-side duplexes here in green Bay go forward. Typically, like they’re usually in the 160 to like 190 range. And he told me he didn’t really know what it was worth, but he thought maybe about the assessed value, which the assessments here on those are lower. It was like 120 or something. And then by the time we got done going back and forth using the script, he was down to like 112 and I was like, okay, I got off the phone and I’m like, am I missing something?

Carrie Raymond: So I think that’s another important part of our business though to run, you know, comps. It’s like for some reason it really helps to have a second set of eyes, at least for us. So like he got off the phone and like shouted over to me to run comps on cause he’s like, this can’t be right. And so I, I think I did comps on it and I, I sent him a message back that was like get it under contract right now. It was like all capitals because I think it was worth like 180.

Corey Raymond: Yeah, probably that much.

Carrie Raymond: 180 all fixed up. So it was really exciting though for us.

Cody: This is good. So you’re hear from a motivated seller. The prices already sounded right. You go look at it, you get under contract and you said it got to at 112.

Carrie Raymond: Yeah, 112.

Corey Raymond: 112.

Cody: 112 so you get this under contract, he signs it DocuSign. And for those of you out there, DocuSign is a great way to do it. Other ways of doing it. Some people use like a mobile notary where you pay anywhere from 25 to 50 bucks for a mobile notary to drive out and get the signatures and then send it back. But this work you got DocuSign, you got it going. And from there did you just start, is this like a traditional assignment from there where you are now marketing the contract to your cash buyers list or how did it look on the disposition side of it?

Corey Raymond: Yeah, so that was another big revelation for us too is like we used to before, you know, going through the training with you guys, we had our handful of buyers that we knew were like just go to buyers. But it was like literally like five to 10.

Cody: You were a cash buyers employee. [crosstalk 00:15:47]

Corey Raymond: and so just from that whole piece of it, like everything for us was like perfect timing with Wholesale Inc. I think because we found a motivated seller and that forced us to build our cash buyer list like as quickly as possible. And so I think we added like 150 buyers in a couple of weeks to the buyer list.
And then when we did our first inspection period, it was awesome. We had so much fun. Like there was like 20 or 30 buyers that came through and like we’ve never met before. And we used to like tell everybody like what we thought would have to get fixed on the property as we were going like, well it’s going to need this and this and this. Everybody valued things differently and they had different opinions of what the after repair value would be on it and the different opinions of what needed to be updated or fixed or whatever. And so for us there was like no pressure to like try to come up and be like experts of real estate. It was like nope here it is. It is just come do your own assessment and you make your own decisions.

Speaker 3: So, so, so key. So how many people ended up showing up to this property?

Carrie Raymond: I think we had 30 [crosstalk 00:16:41] if not more. Yeah, I think we had at least 30.

Cody: Good gravy. And so at the end of the 30 going through how many people were like, Hey I want to move forward with this.

Corey Raymond: I think we had five offers on it.

Carrie Raymond: Right. So our minimum suggested offer that we kind of put out there was.

Corey Raymond: 132.

Carrie Raymond: 132

Cody: So that was in a 20,000 right? Because you got at 112.

Carrie Raymond: Right. And so we put it out there for that. And that was also what we did was what do you guys teach is the three lowest Zillow comps and then 80% I think that’s where we came up with that. And it ended up being a $20,000 profit. But we got one that was under that minimum suggested and we were like no.

Cody: Thank you, Bye Bye.

Carrie Raymond: Thank you, but no. And then we got a couple that were right at and then we got two that were well above. So.

Cody: Okay. So let’s go down to like the nitty gritty, what everyone’s waiting to hear. What did you ultimately, when someone said here’s well above and you accept the offer, what was the offer you accepted on this contract?

Corey Raymond: I believe it was like 145 four or something like that. We ended up having one of our, we have a real estate agent in town that’s very investor-friendly and he brought a buyer through and so you know, to keep it clean, we usually, we tell the agents to add their fee on up to keep it clean. His buyer didn’t quite understand the whole wholesaling process. It’s like you’re just, here’s what he’s willing to offer. If that’s the best offer, you know, if you guys can pay me whatever out of yours, that’s cool. So that was like 6,000 or 7,000 higher than the next offer. So we paid him a fee out of it. So he made some money and we got the highest offer possible and got a new buyer out of it and.

Carrie Raymond: Right, so at the end of the day we ended up profiting 28,400.

Cody: Oh my goodness. Hold on one second.

Speaker 3: so we’ve got the victory bell for the Raymonds. I was sitting here doing math and then I didn’t even do, do math. You brought it to me. So $28,400 now here’s something for everyone listening right now. Maybe not every single deal is going to be this big. Maybe not every single assignment is going to be this big, but I always say this all of the time, me and I have a business partner named Mark, we always talk that it doesn’t happen always, but it happens often enough where you pull in these big assignments of 28,400 or sometimes 50,000 or sometimes 70,000 and sometimes it might be a couple at the 10,000 range, but $28,400 how many hours so that people can start to see what this looks like and what wholesaling can be and if it’s something that they would be interested in doing. How many hours were involved in putting this deal from start to finish to close to get 28,000

Corey Raymond: I mean it’s hard to say. I would say maybe like, cause there’s two of us, so like when we’re at the inspection period where they’re two hours, four hours, I would say maybe like 10 to 15 hours, probably.

Carrie Raymond: Right. Yeah.

Cody: 10 to 15 hours. So who has a faster calculator. Carrie, assuming you’re going to be faster than this, I mean, but I’m going to try and beat you. So we’ve got 28,400 divided by 10 hours is $2,840 an hour, $2,840 an hour. One more time, $2,840 an hour. This is what is so nice about wholesaling is there’s very little from start to finish time involved in what type of money you can make in this business. And it’s all based off of [inaudible]. And I’ve met you guys in person. A lot of people don’t know you guys from Adam, but the two of you are such go givers. You’re out there to help people, you’re out there to serve people and people end up doing business with you and you’re going to do, you’ve done three deals since December since joining. But my gut tells me you probably have quite a few deals sitting in the hopper as well.
Is this true?

Carrie Raymond: Yeah.

Corey Raymond: Actually Wednesday we have another inspection period set up.

Carrie Raymond: and then we should have on Thursday too. [crosstalk 00:20:58]

Cody: So you have two coming up this week. [inaudible 00:21:00] inspection period. And just to kind of give people an understanding, what do you think you could make on those next two deals?

Corey Raymond: I think 10 to 15 probably is realistic.

Cody: Both of [crosstalk 00:21:13] them combined or on each one.

Carrie Raymond: On each one probably.

Cody: So a minimum of 20,000 all the way up to 30,000 that’s going to happen this week in these two deals. This is what you can do. So those listening right now, it is real. This is real stuff that you could do. It’s called wholesaling. Keep listening, keep looking up to it. But Corey, Carrie, can anyone do this?

Carrie Raymond: Yes.

Cody: Why can anyone do this?

Carrie Raymond: If we can do it? Anyone can do it.

Cody: It sounds so cliche, right? Just say that.

Carrie Raymond: Right.

Corey Raymond: Well, I think what’s important is getting hooked up with a good coach or a good mentor or like Wholesaling Inc was just a total life changer for us because we were doing it on our own for so long. And I mean I’m going full time with it now at the end of the month, which we had planned to do it at the end of 2018 was like our big goal and just from joining the tribe in the last three and a half months. And like the consistency of the deals that are starting to happen on the size of the assignments where like why not just do full time and just spend all my time and energy on Wholesaling Inc. and when we have the tools, we have the coaches like you guys and the mentorship in the systems. I think that was the biggest thing for us is like a simple easy to follow system that works. And if you just stay consistent following the system it produces massive results quickly. So it like shortened our curve drastically. And now like our biggest regret is probably that we had find it.

Carrie Raymond: Sooner. [crosstalk 00:22:33]

Cody: Well the thing that between the two of you, this is what’s nice. There’s a cost. You’re at that point where there’s a cost now. Essentially you’re telling yourself like, I can’t afford not to quit my full time job. What is it that you were currently doing Corey?

Corey Raymond: I do athletic recruiting, so I sell athletic recruiting, like marketing packages to high school athletes, interested in college scholarships for sports.

Cody: And now that company is just going to be heartbroken when they lose Mr. Tom Cruz selling their [inaudible 00:23:00] forefront. So you’re going, you said at the end of this month it’s full time wholesaling, rock and rolling.

Corey Raymond: Yeah, and I mean it’s like when we have another local mentor that has been awesome for us just on business systems and stuff outside of wholesale. I didn’t, so I made well over six figures at my job working from home, which is for most people they’d be like, Oh my gosh, you’re an idiot for leaving, but I’m an idiot for not leaving because we can make so much more doing wholesaling and have freedom. I think that’s the biggest thing we’ve been chasing for years is the freedom to be able to be our own boss and make our own schedules and be doing this from wherever we want to be doing this from. And scaling is a big goal for us this year to get people in place so we don’t have to be necessarily doing the calls and doing those things. But I mean we’re just betting, I mean we’re just looking at the numbers and what we have in the pipeline and we’re like, well, we’ll exceed this thing on my yearly income in the next couple of months. So

Cody: Unreal when you guys are absolutely rock stars. So glad you guys were able to be on the podcast with us today in ending, we always do this a couple of ways. Two things. First and foremost, if you were to give advice, what would be knowing what you know now, those that are just beginning, that are just at the beginning stages, knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently? If you could go back to day one.

Speaker 1: Find Wholesaling Inc and start just do it. I think for us, you know, there’s obviously a cost to doing the program, but it’s just like it gets catapulted us so much in any one deal. You may get back instantly. So.

Cody: Awesome.

Carrie Raymond: It’s like [crosstalk 00:24:31] joining the tribe. Yep.

Cody: Well kind words. I appreciate that. That’s super, super kind. Tom would be here yelling bam in the back ground. Yeah. Secondly, if you were to go with a book, something that’s been a huge in your life, do you have the right mindset and just to push you forward, what would be a good book you’d recommend to all of our listeners?

Carrie Raymond: I think Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines.

Cody: Such a good book. What did you like about it, Carrie? Give us a breakdown of one of the principles, especially that you loved about it.

Carrie Raymond: Oh, tithing like we, Oh my gosh. Started tithing before Wholesale Inc, so that just like really hit home to us. We’re just, we’re very action oriented. If you can’t tell and we don’t just like float around, we like to have steps, we like to have action and the book gives you, it says do this and like do it now it’s just like wholesale Inc. that she tells you exactly what to do if you want to be prosperous and like we just did what she said and it is insane and so tithing has changed our life completely and we tie it on every wholesale deal. What we do, we tithe on every the to our household and that for people who don’t tithe that, I mean that one thing could just completely change your whole world.

Cody: Love it, love it. Well you guys are complete rock stars. Thank you again for being on the podcast. There’s so many people out there that are looking for a new option. Maybe nine to five is getting so frustrating or maybe they want this freedom that you’re talking about. They want to have more time together as a couple. They want to have more time together with their kids and I know this podcast specifically is going to be one that people can listen to over and over again and realize that that dream is not so far away. It wasn’t long ago that you were still just thinking, how much longer am I going to have to do this? Nine to five and originally you thought till the end of 2018 now you’re cutting it off right here at the end of March in 2018 and you’re ready to go move full time with wholesaling and so this is going to help a lot of people understand they can do it and you can do it.
That’s the power behind this podcast is letting you know you can’t do it. Every podcast is to let you know you can do it. That is the words that I would say each and every day. You can do this. If these guys can do it, if everyone on podcast can do it, you can do it. We all put on our pants one leg at a time. You just got to commit yourself. You’ve got to take action. Your dreams are worth it. You’ve got to make the difference. So thank you guys for joining us today and I know there’s going to be a lot of people that are going to love you guys.

Corey Raymond: Thank you. [crosstalk 00:27:01].

Cody: Okay rhino nation. This has been an amazing, amazing podcast. Good stuff that just went on here. A lot of gold nuggets. Please take action. This podcast will do absolutely nothing for you unless you take action. So the things that you heard today, if you are currently not doing those things in your business, get out there and do them today.
That’s where the power is behind this. It’s not knowledge. Knowledge isn’t power. Whoever made that up, I know I’m probably rude to this person, but do not. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is power only when it’s acted upon. So go take massive imperfect action and if you’d like some help in doing so, go over to wholesaling inc com that’s wholesaling inc com where you can go scroll around and hear more stories of successful people doing this around this great nation. By clicking on the testimonials tab, you will see that you will be just like one of these rock stars that are in there leaving their stories of how wholesaling has changed their lives. And if you want some help, you can book a call with our team and if we end up being a good fit, we just might invite you to be part of the tribe so we can rock and roll and get your 2018 up and going. Until next time, thanks for joining us rhino nation, and we’ll see you on the next episode.

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