Episode 151: How a Powerhouse Husband and Wife are Making a Killing in Wholesaling

If you think wholesaling is something couples can’t work at together, then today’s special guests will prove you wrong.

Corrie and Carrie Reyment is a dynamic husband and wife tandem from Green Bay, Wisconsin. While they’ve explored several areas of real estate, they realized they love wholesaling more than anything else.

In an effort to take their wholesaling game to the next level, the awesome go-givers joined the tribe December of 2017. So far, they’ve already closed 3 deals and have a couple more in the pipeline.

If you’re looking to take over the wholesaling world with your significant other, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!

The Deal:

Prior to joining the tribe, the couple has done wholesaling and was able to close 6 deals. Their preferred marketing strategy has been to send yellow letters and a bunch of other marketing materials to prospects.

  • Since the couple believes in the potency of the techniques taught in the tribe, they sent direct mails and found an absentee landlord who owns a side-by-side duplex.
  • Upon closer scrutiny, they discovered they have been mailing the prospect consistently every 8 weeks for 14 straight months before they got to finally talk.
  • Even if the seller lives in another state, they were able to make the deal happen by building good rapport, setting expectations, and being honest with their intentions from the very start.
  • They were able to get the property under contract for $112, 000 and after working on the deal for approximately 10 hours, they walked away $28, 400 richer!


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