Episode 148: How a Rockstar Rhino Earned $15, 500 Just Doing 10 Hours of Work

Can you imagine doing 10 hours of work and earning $15, 500 for your efforts? In the wholesaling world, it is possible! And the story of today’s guest is a testament to that.

CJ Love joined the tribe November of 2017 but he’s been wholesaling for over a year now. So far, he has already closed 5 deals and earned a total of $50, 000 in assignment fees.

The rockstar rhino from Dallas, Texas shared so many gold nuggets in today’s podcast so be prepared to list them all down. More importantly, don’t hesitate to implement the tips and techniques he shared so you can duplicate his success!

The Deal:

Following the TTP (Talk to People) program, CJ and his team has been actively making cold calls to a bunch of different lead sources.

  • One of his outbound callers found a motivated seller from the absentee owner equity list.
  • Seller is very motivated since tenant left the property trashed and he was overwhelmed by the amount of work the property needed.
  • CJ’s acquisitions guy set an appointment and went to see the property the next morning. However, they didn’t strike a deal since seller was being unrealistic with the price he wanted.
  • CJ waited for 2 weeks before making a follow-up. By then, they were able to agree on a price.
  • He was able to put the property under contract for $78, 000 and marketed the property as a rental for $91, 000. After all was said and done, he walked away with $15, 500 in assignment fee!


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