Episode 147: How a Wholesaling Newbie Closed 2 Deals and Earned $22, 000 in Just 2 Months

Sean Cobelli has only been actively wholesaling for 2 months but he has already done something really impressive—he has closed 2 deals and earned a total of $22, 000 in assignment fees.

While he joined the tribe many months ago, he found himself constantly making excuses and not pursuing wholesaling. Things changed after he joined the Salt Lake wholesaling event. It was then that he decided to really give wholesaling a go.

If you are still unsure if wholesaling is something you can do and succeed at, this episode might just change your mind!

The Deal:

While his first deal has been challenging, it has also been very rewarding for Sean. More than anything though, it has shown him than wholesaling is something he can really do.

  • He got a lead from the direct mails he sent to his absentee with equity list.
  • He got in touch with the administrator of the property and was able to put the property under contract for $11, 500.
  •  A buyer bought the property for $16, 000 and Sean earned $4, 500 from the deal.

Sean believes in the power of consistent marketing and has since put some of the money he earned in marketing. He has another deal in the pipeline that will net him another $17, 500. With determination and consistency, we expect him to become a rockstar rhino in no time!


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