Episode 145: How a 21-Year-Old Closed 13 Deals and Earned $80, 000 in Assignment Fees

Dan Grishko is a phenomenal 21-year-old from Spokane, Washington. Initially, he wanted to do house flips until he discovered wholesaling by chance. After closing his first deal, he has never looked back. He’s been wholesaling for over a year now and has closed an impressive 13 deals.

Albeit young and inexperienced, Dan was not afraid to take massive imperfect actions. And it has rewarded him in more ways than he could possibly imagine. If you are looking for inspiration to get out there and start your wholesaling journey, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!

The Deal:

  • While researching a property he saw in one of his lists, Dan discovered the taxes for the property were delayed. Wanting to help, he got in touch with the owner and scheduled an appointment.
  • Although he was not able to close the deal with the owner, he found another lead—a 10-unit apartment situated just next door.
  • He looked up the property in the county assessment site and reached out to the owner.
  • He was able to put the property under contract and walked away $30, 000 richer. Not bad for a deal he only spent a total of 7 hours closing!

Other Key Takeaways

  • What he considers his biggest marketing mistake
  • What he would do differently
  • What Customer Relations Manager (CRM) is
  • Why the gold is in the follow-up
  • Books he recommends


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