Episode 143: Breaking Down the First Quarter of 2018 with Brent Daniels and Cody Hofhine

In today’s special episode, Cody and Brent dissected the first quarter of 2018—the figures, the marketing channels they’ve used, and their advice to people who would like to duplicate their success.

If you want to escape the 9 to 5 rat race and enjoy financial freedom, consider today’s show a must-listen. So many valuable information, superb wisdom, and actionable tips packed in this half an hour podcast; it just might provide the inspiration you need to give wholesaling a try!

Key Takeaways

  • The top 2 marketing channels they swear by
  • Their first quarter goals and results
  • The marketing channels they credit their first quarter success to
  • The benefits of cold calling
  • What probate is
  • The life skill that never goes away
  • The marketing channel that costs significantly lower but provides great ROI
  • The cost-effective lists you should take note of
  • The importance of knowing people’s different personalities when doing marketing
  • The marketing channels that have given them the best assignment average
  • Why surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial
  • Their advice to people who are starting out


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