Episode 142: How a Part-Time Wholesaler Earned $70, 000 in Just 12 Months

Today’s special guest is William Mueller, a husband and doting father of 4 from Lafayette, Louisiana. Even while working full-time, he managed to do something truly exceptional—he was able to close 20 deals in just 12 months! That translates to $70, 000 in extra income. Not bad for a 15 to 20-hour per week hustle!

If you are also doing wholesaling on the side and struggling to find deals, this is one episode you just can’t miss.

The Deal:

In an effort to provide a quality life for himself and his family, William decided to give wholesaling a try. While juggling a full-time job and wholesaling has not been easy, with hard work, courage, and creativity, he was able to make things happen.

  • To maximize his marketing budget while trying to get deals, he took advantage of free Facebook marketing. He posted ads on a consistent basis and shared live videos to numerous buy and sell groups in his area.
  • After getting a lead from his Facebook marketing efforts, he started to build rapport with the prospect over the phone and provided value by helping the seller out the best way he can.
  • He was able to buy the contract for $75, 000 and was able to sell it to a retail buyer for $95, 000. That’s a $20, 000 reward for the service and value he provided!

Doing wholesaling on the side is never easy. But William’s story is a testament that it can be done. Throw creativity, hard work, and the willingness to serve in the mix and just like William, you can look forward to a truly profitable pay day!


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