Posted on: March 08, 2018

Today’s special guest is William Mueller, a husband and doting father of 4 from Lafayette, Louisiana. Even while working full-time, he managed to do something truly exceptional—he was able to close 20 deals in just 12 months! That translates to $70, 000 in extra income. Not bad for a 15 to 20-hour per week hustle!

If you are also doing wholesaling on the side and struggling to find deals, this is one episode you just can’t miss.

The Deal:

In an effort to provide a quality life for himself and his family, William decided to give wholesaling a try. While juggling a full-time job and wholesaling has not been easy, with hard work, courage, and creativity, he was able to make things happen.

  • To maximize his marketing budget while trying to get deals, he took advantage of free Facebook marketing. He posted ads on a consistent basis and shared live videos to numerous buy and sell groups in his area.
  • After getting a lead from his Facebook marketing efforts, he started to build rapport with the prospect over the phone and provided value by helping the seller out the best way he can.
  • He was able to buy the contract for $75, 000 and was able to sell it to a retail buyer for $95, 000. That’s a $20, 000 reward for the service and value he provided!

Doing wholesaling on the side is never easy. But William’s story is a testament that it can be done. Throw creativity, hard work, and the willingness to serve in the mix and just like William, you can look forward to a truly profitable pay day!


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Episode Transcription

Cody Hofhine: Welcome to another episode here on Wholesaling Inc. My name is Cody Hofhine and I will be hosting today’s podcast and I’m super excited as I am every podcast. Each podcast has its own unique gold nuggets, value bombs that you can go out and implement. So for those that are maybe new to the podcast, and maybe if this is their first time listening, what we do is we deep dive wholesaling. Wholesaling, specifically, real estate. And wholesaling is strictly just the art of finding deeply discounted properties. And there’s kind of a multiple ways of how to exit to make your profit and make your money in this game, which is super fun. So we’re going to talk about one of those strategies today as we have a special guest with us that you will be able to jot down a lot of gold nuggets. So for everyone listening, please, please, please remember the power behind this podcast is having, whether it’s a pen and paper, whether it’s your computer, something where you can jot down some gold nuggets that you can then in turn implement today, not tomorrow, but today.
Take massive imperfect action and get to your first deal or maybe second deal or however many deals you are in life. If you’re just getting new to this, get ready. This is some fun stuff. So we have with us today, William Mueller. He’s married, has four kids. He’s from Lafayette, Louisiana, and he joined the Tribe about September of 2016 and since then he has done 20 deals. Now the 20 deals to be more specific, has taken place in the last 12 months. Those 20 deals you’re ready for this guys has made him $70,000 and we are going to deep dive one of those deals today on this show. So Mr. William Mueller, how in the heck are you brother?

William Mueller: I’m doing great. Cody, how are you doing today, brother?

Cody Hofhine: Doing, doing super, super, super well. I remember the first time meeting you, it was about September, October of 2016 when we had a little event, a little get together in Memphis, Tennessee. So I remember the first time we met. How was that for you?

William Mueller: Man, that was amazing. Yeah, I’d just joined the Tribe and there just happened to be a meetup in Memphis, so I packed my stuff and drove from Lafayette, Louisiana. Made the drive, I think is about eight hours to meet you guys over there. Yeah, man, I was getting it. It was great. It was great. It might’ve been that little room up there. No nonsense. Just straight up business.

Cody Hofhine: That’s right. And it was a little room. I remember sweating like crazy. It was like no AC, but we got it done. That’s the best part about the Tribe. It’s like, we just pushed forward. No fluff, no BS. We just go to it. So cool stuff.

William Mueller: Yeah, it was. It was great.

Cody Hofhine: Well, let’s kind of deep dive some stuff. So you’ve been doing this now for a little over a year, but really what took place is over the last 12 months is when you’ve actually just started to really just take traction and just go to work 20 deals. That is nothing to be afraid of shy of, or just embarrassed that like that is awesome stuff. 20 deals in the last 12 months, that’s a little over a deal, a month and $70,000 this is what people are listening to right now, thinking, “Holy smokes. How do I get involved with this?” So let’s kind of go right to the meat and potatoes and let’s deep dive your most recent deal and let’s go right granular. I mean, let’s go right to the beginning where it came from marketing wise and talk about how you got in contact with this individual. And let’s go right from the beginning. So talk to me.

William Mueller: Sure, sure. People need to understand the $70,000, the 20 deals, I still have a full time job right now. I’ve had it since I started and so this is kind of been on a part time basis, kind of hustling, probably putting in 15 to 20 hours a week on the side. My goal is to get out of the J-O-B by the end of the year.

Cody Hofhine: What does J-O-B stand for, by the way? Do you know about this?

William Mueller: That four letter word called the job or the three letter word called the job.

Cody Hofhine: And we call it just over broke.

William Mueller: It’s true. So I’ve managed to double my salary over the last 12 months. So that’s been a huge blessing for me and my family. But man, we’re looking forward to an awesome and amazing 2018 to kind of set us on that path to financial freedom. So we’re all excited about that.

Cody Hofhine: You’re set up for it. That’s what I love hearing. Your traction is starting to just gain a lot of momentum. It’s like Darren Hardy, what he talks about in the compound effect. He talks when big mo starts to help you out or momentum starts to come and help you out.

William Mueller: Yeah, just read that book over the last a month and a half. I’ve been kind of following along with Mr. Brent Daniels on that one book per week. I’ve got to confess him only in about seven books since Thanksgiving, but awesome. It takes days. Sometimes I read a great book. It kind of slows it down.
Yeah, so this last deal I got the lead through Facebook marketing. It was actually free Facebook marketing. So yeah, I have my Louisiana sell now Facebook page and I post ads to the buy and sell groups and my wife kind of helps him with that when I’m working and we just post the ads. I post quite a few videos on my page, you know, on a consistent basis. And part of my key, which is a little secret that I have, it won’t be a secret anymore, but when I post a live video on my page, once it’s posted, I can share it to all of the buy and sell groups in Louisiana that I’m a part of in Southwest Louisiana. So there’s some groups on there that are about a hundred thousand members there. So I just share it to every group.
So when you’re operating on a marketing budget that I’ve been on, it’s nice to be able to create a presence in the market without spending a ton of money. So I know that’s a big issue with new people, wholesaling everything. It was for me. So how do I maximize my budget while trying to get deals?

Cody Hofhine: So what does the ad look like? When you say you go on Facebook, I mean, is it just a simple like, “I buy homes,” or what were you putting on these ads?

William Mueller: Well, yeah. Basically my wife puts the Louisiana sell now logo, you know we pay cash for homes, any situation, any condition. They’re pretty standard dine type lingo more creativity and pop to it obviously, than a yellow sign consistency, right? So we have six or seven different ones that she’ll do, but it doesn’t take a lot of time. Just continually post and repost just to kind of keep that flow out there. And we’d do the same thing with Craig’s List as well and all that’s free. So I got this lead from Facebook, they called me, they were getting relocated, they didn’t want to deal with it, the house at all. So basically I got it under contract. It’s probably about $140,000 property. They wanted 80, I got it for about 75. So the thing with this was-

Cody Hofhine: So tell me this, before we even go into this, is this something, instantly you knew when you were talking to someone that it was instantly like, “Man, there’s some motivation behind this,” or was it like you had to break barriers, you had to talk to him, you had to build rapport over. They just like right out of the gates, “Hey, I’m ready to sell and I’m ready to sell at a discount.”

William Mueller: No, this gentleman was pretty low energy so it was a… Sometimes when you’re talking to sellers they’ll get, you can feel the emotion behind them. This took me some digging a little bit and just talking with them and building rapport over the phone, going into the house, meeting his family. So he was getting relocated for a job, he just didn’t want to deal with the house anymore. It was free and clear. So it wasn’t exactly like, he was so emotional about him having to get out of it because obviously it was free and clear they weren’t making any payments. But he just didn’t want to handle anything with it. So this was an interesting transaction for me because I basically took on the role of a consultant, a real estate type consultant, helping him on the buyer side because I wholesaled it.
But with this situation, I kind of wholesale it to a retail buyer. I don’t normally do this, and that’s not the fastest approach, but I had a lot more margin in it that way. And so I just, I just served. [crosstalk 00:08:21] Yeah. But I didn’t market it on the MLS or anything like that. I just marketed it on Facebook and I put it out there. It didn’t take me long, but in the process of that, their finance and all that stuff, I had to serve the buyer. I met with the inspector, I met with the appraiser, all that. I basically took on their role and did everything I can to create value for the seller because they were kind of out of pocket. So, I did what I could just to serve them and provide value to them and it ended up paying off.
So that’s a little bit of a lesson for me. Real estate is about creativity and providing value to the people that are selling their home. And that was a way that I could do that. It’s nice to have a quick flip to your cash buyers, which is the ideal way because it’s so nice and so smooth. Yeah, cash buyers are fighting over your deals and this one didn’t happen to be that one, but I find that when I provided so much value to the seller that it really paid off with a $20,000 check. And also, sorry did I blow that deal?

Cody Hofhine: No, I like it. I was just going to ask you, so before you got the number, I mean you’re going to hear a victory bell here in a second. So I say you buy something out there and you’re going to hear this victory bell, I promise you. But you tie something out there that is crucial that I want everyone to make sure that they heard. And that is, you brought value, you serve these individuals. And you know as well as I do, one of our favorite books in the Tribe is reading the Go-Giver. And it really is about going out there and serving individuals and helping individuals regardless if you’re the option or not, but that you’d go out there with a service mentality and that open heart that way to just help people. And because of that, the byproduct is you will be paid for it. So compensation is directly related to how well you serve people.
So people always talk about how do I become a millionaire? Well, serve a million people and get a dollar per person. You can become a millionaire, or up your game and service and serve fewer people at a very, very high quality and you can get to $1 million. So really when it comes to income, I want you to always ask the question of not, “How can I make $1 million?” It’s, “How can I better serve the people?” like William’s talking here, “How can I better serve people?” Because the more you serve people, the byproduct is you’ll be paid well for it. So keep going my man. So you kind of got to a point, you got the home under contract for $75,000, you ultimately were able to sell it to a retail buyer, and if I do my math right, cause you got the number out there, you sold it for $95,000 and were able to make $20,000?

William Mueller: Yeah, that’s correct. Yes.

Cody Hofhine: My man, hold on, let me hear the bell real quick. Hold on.

William Mueller: There you go.

Cody Hofhine: I know you are very familiar with the victory bell because we sent you a victory bell. And I love your Facebook video where you hung it up on your wall and you have your kids ring that victory bell when you did your first deal. And so I love the victory bell and I love that the victory bell means something to you. Because that video, me and Tom still talk about it saying, “Aw man, look at this. He hung it up on the wall and his kids are all involved ring in it.”
So $20,000 got you from just putting it back to sell it to a retail buyer, which is, that’s what’s beautiful about this game. It doesn’t always have to be an assignment. It doesn’t have to be a fix and flip. It doesn’t have to be kept as a rental. There’s so many ways to turn this into the profit that you’re looking for and you were able to find a unique situation where you lined a retail buyer up with this seller and we’re able to make $20,000 what is it that you plan on doing now with that $20,000 or what do you plan on…What does this look like for 2018 for consistency and how many deals you plan to do?

William Mueller: Yeah, definitely my plan to be at about $50,000 a month by the year’s end. That’s my goal. And obviously, to get out of the job, get some financial freedom. But yeah, it’s going back to $20,000 obviously 10% of that’s going to tithe. It’s sitting-

Cody Hofhine: Oh, I love it.

William Mueller: …there waiting on who God has put in my path to give it to. I don’t know who that is yet. So we’ll see. So that’s definitely going to that. About half of that’s going back into marketing and I’ve set up systems with my marketing, my follow up, it’s going back into the business. I’m a firm believer in reinvesting in yourself, whether that’s through education or building back your business. So definitely this is a huge deal for us and it’s a huge deal for our business.

Cody Hofhine: Love it. I love it. So you’re looking to ultimately, and I love that you already have goals. So when I asked that question is very quick to respond that by the end of year I’m looking to be at $50,000 a month. So all of you guys listening to this podcast, this is letting you know, what can you expect, what kind of goals can you set? These are perfect goals to be listening to. It is very real that you can make 30, 40, $50,000. There’s people that make over $100,000 but remember it’s directly tied to how well you serve the individuals. And so I love your goals. $50,000 by the end of the year doing $50,000 a month, this would be a huge, huge increase in just your life that you want to live. What are you trying to accomplish? I know money opens up different doors, but what is the why? What are you able to accomplish when you have that kind of money coming in during the month?

William Mueller: Man, the why for me is just to change my family tree from a success standpoint, honestly. And you know, I have four boys, all 10 and under and it’s very important to me that I become the success, and that I train my sons on becoming the success. So that when they get older they have someone to look up to show them that path honestly. And the financial freedom, of course, provides us the ability to travel. Like me and my wife, our hearts are really hard to do. We love traveling and we love blessing people. Mama’s heart is so beautiful. She wants to do all the charities and just the idea of just blessing people that we’ve come across, that’s the best part of being successful to us. And if you’re a mouth defeat and a handout, you can’t help anybody else. So that’s our hearts. So we believe we were created and designed to be successful, to help other people get successful, to bless other people and to be a value to those around us. You know? So

Cody Hofhine: I love it. I love it. That why is so powerful. Everyone listening, please, that’s what you’ve got to do. That’s what you’ve got to jot down. If you’re listening to this podcast right now, take a moment, push pause, pull out that pad of paper. Why are you doing what you do? What is your why? What gets you up everyday? What makes you tick? What makes you move? What makes you take action? And if you currently don’t feel like what you’re currently doing is making you take action or it’s just not the way you want life to be, it doesn’t have to be that way.
And I’m not saying wholesaling has to be the answer, but what I am saying is why not create a why tied around… I love what you said, William, you didn’t tie it to money. You tied it to being able to be a good example to my kids so they can grow up and learn how to lead and guide their families in the future. How to be successful in business. That we can go on vacation and go hang out more as a family so that we can bless other people’s lives.
I will tell you, from the successful people that Tom and I hang out with, from people that make way more money than we will ever imagine, those people are some of the most giving people we’ve ever met that continue to give back and bless people’s lives. So I love, love your answer about blessing people’s lives because it is all about being a good steward with the money that you’ve been blessed with.

William Mueller: Sure. I think a lot of people that haven’t achieved success in the world, I think the a lot of them consider being wealthy as somehow of a negative, and I find that kind of ironic that that’s the case. But you’re right. I mean, most of the people that I know, they’re really successful are the biggest, most generous givers ever. So it just says a lot about it, about what that means. So…

Cody Hofhine: I love it, brother. Well, I know you are a busy man. You’ve still got a full time job. You still got wholesaling on the side. You still have the awesome responsibility of being a dad and a husband. If you were to tell people starting from the very beginning, there’s so many listeners right now that are just beginning or haven’t even done their first deal, what would you say if you had to start all over again, what would you do differently? Or maybe what work that maybe you do the same?

William Mueller: Whew. Good question. I think my biggest piece of advice to a new wholesaler would be the same that you give and that Tom gives, which is just take massive action and just get out there and do it. Like get out there and do it and face your fears. When you’re new to anything you feel a little bit like a little kid. You feel like everything’s new, you don’t know if you can quite do it. There’s doubts that may linger in your mind. But I would say get out there and do it. But if I were to add something to that, it would be, be in it for the long haul. It’s that balance of patience and action, right? It gets really easy.
I was talking to another wholesaler that I met in Lafayette. He actually just signed up with the Tribe and I was talking to him and he’s kind of been in it for a few months, hasn’t done any deals yet and I can see it in his eyes. I could see myself there in that moment and I really had empathy for him and I was just talking to him. And exhorting him, telling him, you know, just stick with it, but be in it for the long haul.
Have patience it will happen, but to go out there and make it happen. But you have to believe, you have to have the mindset as best you can, that you can do it. And you can do it, there’s no one stopping you. There’s no one out there that is extraordinarily more talented than anybody else. Although people are good in certain areas. So we’re all good at what we’re good at. Have weaknesses where we have weaknesses. So just go out and get it, believe you can do it, and yet settle down a little bit in your heart and just could be committed to the long haul and it will happen.
Everybody has their different journey. I’ve seen a guy that took a year to get his first deal, and I almost respect him more than I respect the guy that got it in his first month. You know? It’s like it’s all relative. So that was what I was saying to him. I think it’s more of the approach because techniques and things, you can get deals without any marketing from a money standpoint, but it does help. Consistent marketing is the key to get consistent leads. Just settle in for the long haul, take massive action, do both and have fun.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. I love it. I love it. What about if you were to throw out a book, if you said, Hey, currently on my top three books shared, maybe just one, like what would be the book you would say, “Hey, this is a game changer. Read this book.”

William Mueller: Man, I just read it and that’s kind of what slowed me down on my reading cause I really loved and I like to, kind of, really cherish it, but The Slight Edge by-

Cody Hofhine: Ooh, Jeff Olson-

William Mueller: …Jeff Olson.

Cody Hofhine: …such a good book.

William Mueller: I love that book and it’s a lot like Compound Effect, but a little bit, just a little bit different and a little bit of a different approach to it. But it’s basically, success comes with not with the, overnight success. It doesn’t come through that way. Normally success is through constant, consistent, small actions, focused actions every single day. And I’m really, really trying to settle myself down and train myself because even me in this point, you know, it can be easy to start to strive and to start to, you know, I remember when you and I talked at the Memphis meeting and I remember I asked you this question saying, “When you have these guys making $40,000 a month, they still feel like they’re ‘floundering.'”
I remember asking you that going, “How is that possible?” Well, it’s possible I think, it’s just not taking consistent focused action to where they can see themselves in measurable things that they’re doing consistently to build our business, even though they’re still doing deals. So this book is, I think it’s great for young people and I think it’s great for anyone getting into this in any kind of business because you don’t see results necessarily right away, right? It’s like going on a diet or working out, right? You’re not going to look in the mirror the [inaudible 00:19:31] day and go, well, this workout plan didn’t work. You have to be settled in, do the small things, focus in and do them consistently, and you will be successful if you just can stick to that plan. So I do recommend The Slight Edge it really changed my mindset.

Cody Hofhine: Awesome. Awesome. William, my man, I want to thank you for being on our podcast today. I know there’s going to be a lot of people listening to this that this will connect with. They’re thinking, “How do I do this? I have a full time job.” And this is a good, perfect podcast to listen to because you have a full time job and you found ways to do it. Yes, it may feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends. That is okay. So William, thank you so much for all the gold nuggets and wisdom that you have learned over these last year, year and a half and to share this with our great Rhino Nation. Appreciate it.

William Mueller: Yeah, I appreciate you. Appreciate Tom and the entire team there. You guys are awesome and you guys make it make a huge difference with people. So I encourage everybody that’s getting new into wholesale and to jump on with the Rhino Nation and get that thing going.

Cody Hofhine: Love it. I love it guys. This has been awesome. Rhino Nation, I’m telling you, you can do it. Maybe it is wholesaling, maybe it’s not, but I will tell you if you have a dream to do something bigger to have a different income or to be able to see your family more or to go on more vacations, you can do it and I have found out that wholesaling has been an amazing vehicle to do so. If it’s something that you want to learn more about it, please go over to our website and listen to great stories just like William’s story, where people are doing this all across this great nation.
You can go to wholesaling inc com that’s wholesaling, where you can then click on all the different stories out there of people doing this nationwide and you can also book a call if it’s something that you are looking to just find out what is it you want to do, what your goals are, book a free strategy call with our team and if it’s something you want our help and we like what you have to say, we might even invite you to be our next student to be in Rhino Nation with the Tribe so that you can move on to the dream and the life that you really want.
Take care guys and we will see you on the next episode.

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