Episode 141: How Knowing His Why and Taking Action Helped a Rhino Score His First Deal

If you are a wholesaler struggling to land your first deal, the powerful story you will hear on this episode will surely provide the motivation and stimulus you need to get going. Today’s special guest is Alex Jandick, a determined and inspirational rhino from Tampa, Florida.

While he’s been a member of the tribe since November of 2016, he has only been doing wholesaling on the side. Thirteen months in and a $12, 000 credit card debt to boot, he finally reached his breaking point, realized his why, and took action.

If you are starting to doubt if wholesaling is for you, today’s episode might just change your mind. Alex maintains he’s a living, walking, and talking proof that it can be done.

The Deal:

  • After reaching a breaking point in his wholesaling journey, Alex searched for his why and took action. He got the ball rolling by reviewing his tax delinquent list.
  • Upon inspection, he realized he made a fatal error—he sent mails to the property address and not the owner’s address.
  • After correcting the blunder, he finally got a good lead. Initially, he got the house for $115, 000 but eventually put it under contract for $85, 000 because it needed some repairs.
  • While he was not able to sell the property right away, with the help of someone, he was finally able to do so and walked away $15, 000 richer!

Other Key Takeaways

  • Discover how he financed his wholesaling business
  • Why it’s important to follow the tribe’s courses to a T
  • What he did when he couldn’t find cash buyers for the property
  • The book he considers a game-changer

Alex did not only successfully close his first deal, he already has another one in the pipeline. Know your why and take action and just like Alex, you just might find yourself closing one deal after the other.


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