Episode 14: How to Make a Fortune with Probates – Part 1

How to Make a Fortune with Probates!

Have you ever met a real estate investor who’s just nailing it deal after deal? Today, you will meet a guy who’s doing exactly that!

And he shares his “secret strategy” on how he’s KILLING it in a little known Real Estate niche (within a niche).

Rick Ginn’s biggest regret is that he didn’t get into Probates 10 years ago. He’s certainly glad he (finally) found Probates because they typically generate him 3x to 4x as much as a typical Wholesale deal!!

Today, Tom gets him to spill his guts on this “ninja” strategy that generates him close to $30,000 per deal, on average. You absolutely can’t afford to miss this episode!!

Call yourself lucky because Rick shares all of his secrets on part one of a two part series on how to make a FORTUNE with probates.

Are you ready to triple or quadruple your profits? Don’t miss this fantastic episode!


  • How Rick Ginn got started
  • Discover his motto of figuring things out and making it all work
  • What does he do as a full time investor?
  • Why is it all about the marketing?
  • Why did it take Rick almost 10 years before he had the guts to touch probates?
  • What are probates and 3 secrets to making an absolute FORTUNE in your Real Estate investing business
  • What is his biggest regret when he was first starting out?
  • What led him to this “breakthrough” discovery?
  • and so much more…


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