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Posted on: February 05, 2018

In today’s short but super awesome episode, Tom will remind listeners of two very crucial things—wholesaling is not only real, it is also very easy! In a nutshell, wholesaling is the art of consistently finding discounted properties. And yes, it is as simple and straightforward as it sounds!

Aside from knowing wholesaling is a possibility for you, you will also pick so many gold nuggets from this episode. You better have a pen and paper ready!

  • Why you should be a deal finder instead of a deal creator
  • Who should give the price of the property first
  • What to do when the seller gives the first offer
  • Why time management is a fallacy
  • The importance of getting a good real estate attorney
  • Why you need to talk to people and tell them what you do
  • The importance of reading books when you are in the wholesaling industry
  • Recommended books you should get your hands on

So many valuable wholesaling information delivered in just 7 short minutes! Truly, this is one episode you better not miss!


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Episode Transcription

Speaker 2: We are going to crush it today. So I just want to give everybody a quick reminder that wholesaling is possible. Remember this, you only make money when you are in front of the sellers, right? So when you’re in front of the sellers, that’s when you’re going to make your money. So make sure today that you guys get in front of the sellers, have a lot of appointments. If you’re just starting off, make sure that they’re premature. If you have acquisition managers working for you already, that’s awesome. But the Roll household is still kind of getting up and running at eight forty-five because we have a lot of little rugrats to take care of. So I just want to encourage everybody today. You guys, wholesaling is possible. We just ran some numbers. We’re figuring out how many deals we had to do in order to make our last $1 million and now how many deals we’re going to have to do in the future to do our next million dollars and how can we lessen the amount of deals.

Speaker 2: And I want to tell you guys that if I can do it, you can do it. This is super, super easy. Remember every single good real estate deal, it starts with a discounted property and that’s all wholesaling is. It’s the art of finding consistently finding discounted properties in your neighborhood. That’s all. That’s all wholesaling is. It’s super easy. If you speak to a hundred people, they’re all going to tell you to get out of here. And then the person, the rhino who picks up the phone and calls at a hundred and first person, that’s the one who’s going to find the seller, who’s going to say, Hey, I’m a landlord. The tenants are giving me problems. I’m old, I’m out of state. I don’t want to deal with it. Just take the stupid house. Always remember this guys, wholesaling is, there are three things that people get to choose from when they’re selling a house.

Speaker 2: Their speed, convenience and price. Speed, convenience and price. All across the country, every single day. That’s the Lilly whining in the background. Every single day people are selling their homes. Are we looking for the people who want the highest price and the most convenience? No. Are we looking for people who want the highest priced and the fastest speed? No. We are looking for people who want the most convenience, right? And we want people who are looking for speed at the sacrifice of price, right? When you sell your home, you can only always get two of the three. You can’t get all three. So we’re looking for that latter category. The people who are looking to sell fast and conveniently, and they’re willing to give us a good price. Remember today, be a deal finder, not a deal creator. You’re not going to convince anybody to sell their home at a discount.

Speaker 2: Just find those people. They’re already out there. It’s happening right now. So here’s the deal. Go out today. Make offers. Remember some of the golden rules of our tribe always allow the seller to give the price first. Always remember that the seller give the price first no matter what. When the seller gives you a price, reject the first offer every single time, 100% of the time, will I want $146,000 Nope. Can’t do that. Don’t say anything. Let them speak next, reject the first offer, and then be quiet, right? This is very, very simple guys, right? If I can do this, you can most certainly do this, right? You guys, if I can do it, I guarantee you that you can do it. So I want you to go out and make it happen today. Get in front of the seller, make it happen today. Remember what Tony Robbins says, we don’t get what we want in this life.

Speaker 2: We only get what we have to have. So just make it happen today. Do not have any excuses. Don’t worry about time management. If you’re worried about your time, just remember in this life there is no time management. Time management is a fallacy. It doesn’t exist. You cannot manage something that moves at a measured pace without you. So there is no time management. There’s only priority management. So there is no, that’s Lucas by the way, in the background. So remember there is no time management. There’s only priority management if you don’t know where to start, get back into the modules. If you don’t have 150 cash buyers yet, stop worrying about sellers. Focus on your buyers. If you already doing deals and you’re making a small amount of profit of, you know, eight nine $10,000 per deal, and you don’t know why, you probably have too few cash buyers, right?

Speaker 2: Or you either have too few cash buyers or you’re only calling one or two people to assign the contract to or after you buy the house to sell it. So I just want to encourage you, these are the common things that we see. Know that you can do it. Believe that you can do it. Believe that it’s a numbers game. Make it happen. Go out and do it. Every single person you speak to today in town, if you go to the grocery store, if you go to the movie theater, if you go to wherever you go, Hey, are you selling your house? I’m a cash buyer. I can close quickly, I’ll pay all the closing costs, but I’m looking for a good deal. Are you selling your home? No. Okay. Well, do you know anybody who’s selling your home, right? Don’t stop at the first stop sign, right?

Speaker 2: Or do you know anybody who’s selling your home? I can pay all cash. I can close immediately, but I’m looking for a good deal. Do you know anybody? Oh lady line behind me. Are you selling your home? Do you know anybody who might be selling their home? Just make it happen. It’s a numbers game. Get through all the nos to get to the yes. Make sure that you have a really, really good real estate attorney in this tribe. We love attorneys. We love regulators. Regulators are our friends. They tell us what we can do and what we can’t do, what we shouldn’t do and what to do differently. So if you don’t have a real estate attorney, stop everything and get a good real estate attorney so that they can update your contracts, your policies, your procedures, how you’re marketing the contractor sale or whatever you’re doing as far as an exit strategy is concerned.

Speaker 2: Make sure your attorney knows everything you’re doing. You guys, this business is simple. Go out and make it happen. Today. I’m leaving right now. It’s eight 51 I’m going to go pick up Dan and we’re going to go look at a property that I just bought and we paid $216,000 for it, I believe, and we are going to list it just over 300 which is buying it, putting it right back on MLS. It’s an awesome deal. Going to make a fortune on it. Probably going to make more on that deal than most Americans make. I think it’s combined income in a year is like 56,000 so you guys, if I can do this, you can do, this is so easy. Don’t get caught up in the details. Progress not perfection. Make sure you understand what that means. If you’re not reading books, make sure you’re reading books.

Speaker 2: Start with the four spiritual laws of prosperity. If you’re in the tribe and I call you and I say, what are the four spiritual laws of prosperity? You better know them. Read rhinoceros success by Scott Alexander. You guys read books, Darren Hardy, the compound effects grant Cardone, 10 X, the surrender experiment by Michael singers and awesome book, good to great tribes. Seth Goden. The dip is a great book. If you’re just starting out, read the dip by Seth Goden and make sure you read that book. All right guys, I just wanted to encourage everybody today. The bell rings. Here we go. The victory bell is going to be ringing in seven minutes. Your day starts, so let’s make it happen today. All right guys, God bless and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.

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