Episode 132: Wholesaling is Real

In today’s short but super awesome episode, Tom will remind listeners of two very crucial things—wholesaling is not only real, it is also very easy! In a nutshell, wholesaling is the art of consistently finding discounted properties. And yes, it is as simple and straightforward as it sounds!

Aside from knowing wholesaling is a possibility for you, you will also pick so many gold nuggets from this episode. You better have a pen and paper ready!

  • Why you should be a deal finder instead of a deal creator
  • Who should give the price of the property first
  • What to do when the seller gives the first offer
  • Why time management is a fallacy
  • The importance of getting a good real estate attorney
  • Why you need to talk to people and tell them what you do
  • The importance of reading books when you are in the wholesaling industry
  • Recommended books you should get your hands on

So many valuable wholesaling information delivered in just 7 short minutes! Truly, this is one episode you better not miss!


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