Episode 131: How a $300 Marketing Investment Earned New Rhinos $17,000 in ROI

Today’s special guest is a husband and wife tandem who are currently making a killing in wholesaling—Paul and Rita Grimes. The doting new parents live in Georgia and became a member of the tribe just last August. However, even if they have only been doing wholesaling for barely a year, they have already successfully closed 5 deals!

In today’s episode, you will learn how the couple managed to score deals even if they have zero real estate background (he’s a quail biologist and she’s an NICU nurse). You will also discover the marketing strategy that has given them a massive $17,000 ROI.

If you have yet to close your first deal or you are itching to close your next one, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss.

The Deal:

The birth of Paul and Rita’s daughter in March inspired them to look for another source of income aside from their jobs. Reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” awakened their interest in real estate and that’s where their wholesaling journey started.

  •  From the tribe, they learned about the use of bandit signs to find potential sellers. So they invested $300 to have 100 bandit signs created.
  • A Japanese woman gave them a call because she knows a friend who wants to sell a house she inherited.
  • They are just waiting for some closing documents to be signed and they will get their $17,000 assignment fee. Undoubtedly, an impressive ROI for a $300 marketing investment!
  • Other key takeaways from this episode
    • Why you shouldn’t think twice about making follow-ups
    • Why you should never stop sending mails no matter what
    • The KPIs you need to track
    •  The amazing power of tithing
    • Advice to those who are starting out

While a lot of factors have to be taken into account to achieve wholesaling success, marketing should rank high in your list. Always make marketing a priority and the returns might just blow you away!


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