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Posted on: February 01, 2018

Today’s special guest is a husband and wife tandem who are currently making a killing in wholesaling—Paul and Rita Grimes. The doting new parents live in Georgia and became a member of the tribe just last August. However, even if they have only been doing wholesaling for barely a year, they have already successfully closed 5 deals!

In today’s episode, you will learn how the couple managed to score deals even if they have zero real estate background (he’s a quail biologist and she’s an NICU nurse). You will also discover the marketing strategy that has given them a massive $17,000 ROI.

If you have yet to close your first deal or you are itching to close your next one, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss.

The Deal:

The birth of Paul and Rita’s daughter in March inspired them to look for another source of income aside from their jobs. Reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” awakened their interest in real estate and that’s where their wholesaling journey started.

  •  From the tribe, they learned about the use of bandit signs to find potential sellers. So they invested $300 to have 100 bandit signs created.
  • A Japanese woman gave them a call because she knows a friend who wants to sell a house she inherited.
  • They are just waiting for some closing documents to be signed and they will get their $17,000 assignment fee. Undoubtedly, an impressive ROI for a $300 marketing investment!
  • Other key takeaways from this episode
    • Why you shouldn’t think twice about making follow-ups
    • Why you should never stop sending mails no matter what
    • The KPIs you need to track
    •  The amazing power of tithing
    • Advice to those who are starting out

While a lot of factors have to be taken into account to achieve wholesaling success, marketing should rank high in your list. Always make marketing a priority and the returns might just blow you away!


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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: All right guys. Welcome to another awesome episode of Wholesaling, Inc., the podcast where we are going to focus on getting your results. But stop right there because we pour ourselves, our team. There are a lot of people behind this podcast. Our team pours ourselves into this podcast and giving you guys up-to-date information, usable information, no fluff, no BS, just stuff that you can implement to get revenue right now.
So what we want to ask you to do is be a go-giver and leave this podcast a review. Now I know some of you guys are kind of listening to this and you might be driving, you think you’re going to do it later, but here is the deal. It all starts with being a go-giver. We need to get more reviews. I think we have less than 200 reviews, which compared to our download list is insane. So we got to get more reviews. So everyone listening right now, if you haven’t subscribed, if you haven’t left a review, I am asking you to please do that either right now, if you’re not driving, or if you’re driving, as soon as you get back to the office or back to your house, to go into iTunes, leave us a review, subscribe to the podcast.
We are, I think as the last time I checked, we were number 38 in the business category, which is a total blessing. So I’m asking you guys to please do that and if you’re not convinced that you should leave a review, you certainly are going to be convinced at the end of this podcast today.
So let’s get started. Let’s deep dive. Some of these deals that you’ve been doing. Paul and Rita, you guys have had an awesome run, five deals in 45 days. And the biggest one here, is the fifth deal, is coming up here around the block. It’s awesome. So I want to ask you guys a little bit about those deals. Are you guys there with me? Can you hear me? Okay?

Paul Grimes: We gotcha.

Rita Grimes: Yeah.

Tom Krol: All right, so let’s do a quick intro. Let’s get that out of the way. Nobody really cares about you guys, right? They only wanted to do this for themselves, so they want to have the same kind of results you’re having. So, but before we do that, just tell us a little bit about yourselves. Who are you? Where are you? And, kind of what’ve you been up to with wholesaling?

Paul Grimes: Okay. So our names are Paul and Rita Grimes. We live in Augusta, Georgia. So, we’ve been a part of the tribe since August, and we had a little bit of a slow start trying to build our cash buyer list. But we’re moving forward now.

Tom Krol: Awesome. Okay. And do you have a lot of real estate experience or not really? Or did you guys come in kind of doing a lot of deals? Are these your first deals or what did that look like?

Rita Grimes: Well, our daughter was born in March, so that kind of kick- started our interest in the real estate business. We read Rich Dad, Poor Dad-

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Rita Grimes: Highly recommended and it kind of got us started with thinking about ways to make money in different, in our non-traditional ways of going to a job every day. So that’s kind of what kick started it, Paul, you tell-

Paul Grimes: Yeah. Before that we had zero real estate experience.

Tom Krol: Awesome. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I love it. Robert Kiyosaki. Ah, everybody who listens to this show knows that I just had lunch with that amazing individual. So he is a game changer. And you guys both work, right? So Rita, you work at a night shift, right? And then Paul, you do something really interesting. Right? Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Paul Grimes: Yeah, sure. So I’m a quail biologist and I work across the Southeast toward quail restoration.

Tom Krol: Bam. All right. A quail biologist. I have never heard that one before. That is- briefly, what does that entail? What do you actually do there?

Paul Grimes: Yeah, so the main thing I do is go and meet with land owners that have an interest, like I do, in restoring quail populations, which are down almost 85% since the 1960s. And so I’ll meet with a land owner that has a sizable piece of property and advise them on how to manage the habitat to restore quail and other species to that property.

Tom Krol: That is- why is it down? Is that like all the pesticides and fertilizers are just- over-hunting?

Paul Grimes: No, actually. So hunting is one of the things that’s bringing quail populations back. And hunting did not contribute to the decline. It’s been a whole guild of things that have contributed, mostly it’s been habitat change through the decades. So land use changes. In other words, our agricultural practices have gotten increased in technology and more efficient. That’s hurt the habitat overall across the Southeast.

Tom Krol: Got it. Wow. That is a new one for this show. I love it. There you go. Very, very interesting and Rita, I know you work nights. What do you do?

Rita Grimes: I’m a nurse in the NICU, so I work with babies.

Tom Krol: I love it. I just had that experience with you guys. We had our little Levi was born in- Oh man, don’t put me on the spot. I know I’m supposed to know all five kids’ birthdays, but it was, he was due in December, but he was born a little early. He was born at 35 weeks in November and we were in the NICU at one hospital, and then that hospital wasn’t quite equipped to deal with Levi, so they had a transport team come and they brought him to another NICU. Oh man. It was a great adventure. Yeah, a little bit of… A little crazy, but so we, appreciate-

Rita Grimes: Congratulations-

Tom Krol: Thank you and congratulations to you as well. I hope we sent you a baby rhino when your little one was born, did we?

Paul Grimes: No, actually it was before we joined the tribe. So…

Tom Krol: Oh well.

Rita Grimes: You sent a bell.

Tom Krol: I am sending a baby rhino right away for our friends. Scott Alexander, whose book Rhinoceros Success absolutely influenced this tribe in a great way, so one is on the way, 100%. So what I want to do guys, is you guys have, in the past 45 days, have had a lot of success. You’ve done a lot of deals and I want to hear about some of those deals. The first one that we kind of, before the show, were talking about just briefly, which is interesting because I don’t know if I’ve heard this before. Ah, there’s going to be a lot of first times on this show. Is you said you had a deal where you made $7,500 and it came from the cash buyer postcard. Can you guys tell me a little bit more about that and how it came to be?

Rita Grimes: Sure. So we started marketing in October, but before then we were trying to build up our cash buyer list. It took a while because I guess it’s a little bit of a smaller area, but we sent out the pink cash buyer postcard that y’all recommend. Someone called back and left a message, said, “Actually I have a house I want to get rid of.” He was somebody flipping it and he was out of Atlanta and he just didn’t have the contacts in Augusta to finish it.
So he just wanted to get rid of it. And the price we initially offered was not good enough. So we kind of just dropped it. And I followed up with him maybe in the beginning of December and he was just unique to me because he was my first person interested in selling their house. So I didn’t even have a good followup system then. But he just all of a sudden popped in my mind and I was like, “I’m going to call him.” So I called him and he said, “Actually, I’m so glad you called. I do want to sell it.” And he ended up agreeing to our initial price. So that’s the power of followup and-

Tom Krol: Absolutely. Yes, I am ringing the victory bell for that one. Here we go. Woo! I love it. That is so awesome. You know you guys, I want everyone to hear that because it is, the money is in the followup. I’m going to say that again. The money is in the followup. That is awesome. So our listeners, you guys, that is so key and Rita, you kind of said that quickly but I just want to make sure. So basically it is a guy who bought a home. He was fixing it up and then what happened? Did he run out of money or was he local or not local? What happened there?

Rita Grimes: He was not local. He was based out of Atlanta.

Paul Grimes: Just about two hours away.

Rita Grimes: Right.

Tom Krol: Okay. Yeah that was my next question. Okay, cool.

Rita Grimes: Right. So I’m not quite sure what the whole background is because we actually never met him.

Tom Krol: Oh really?

Paul Grimes: Yeah, we’ve never met him face-to-face.

Rita Grimes: Which obviously we don’t recommend that, but it was a unique situation. We met with his sister and I think what was happening was she was in charge of finishing it. She had a baby and they just couldn’t get around to it. And so they were like, “We just need to get rid of it.” And so that’s kind of how he ran into us, so-

Tom Krol: I love it. So that is so key. Rehabbers who run out of money, especially when they’re not local, huge source of deals. So you guys keep your ears open when you’re talking to these sellers, even it sounds like the cash buyers. So one of the things we have you do is when you first come into the tribe, we go and collect some real estate investors who have a lot of cash. And it sounds like that came from that list. And those people can be motivated sales. Anybody can be a motivated seller. So, that is amazing. So I love it. All right, so awesome story. So now I also want to talk about your fifth deal about how you found it because that was a unique story as well. Or something that I should say doesn’t cost really a whole heck of a lot of money to find.
So can you tell us a little bit more about that fifth deal and all of that good stuff? Because there’s a two or three little unique- Actually this is going to be the third story that we tell that this is totally unique to the show, which is the seller was in Japan, which I’ve never heard of before and I don’t think we’ve ever spoken about before. So can you guys tell us a little bit about how you found the deal and how it came to be and then how that kind of all got put together?

Rita Grimes: Sure. So we, towards the beginning of our marketing journey, we heard about bandit signs and some people in the tribe and you strongly recommended them. So we went ahead and got those. And honestly we haven’t been fully committed to them. We need to do more. But we put out a few here and there whenever we were out and about and this elderly Japanese woman called us.

Tom Krol: So let me ask you a few questions. Number one, was what did the bandit sign say?

Rita Grimes: It says, it’s neither one of our names because we didn’t want to get in trouble. Mike buys houses for cash and we have our phone number. We did it with a yellow sign and handwritten.

Tom Krol: Okay, got it. And so it says basically name buys houses with and it was, what color was it?

Paul Grimes: Yellow.

Tom Krol: It’s yellow. And it’s handwritten.

Paul Grimes: Well, so it’s printed to look handwritten.

Tom Krol: Oh, so you guys actually printed them out and then, so it’s not actually handwritten? It’s a handwritten font.

Paul Grimes: That’s right.

Rita Grimes: Right.

Tom Krol: And it’s, did you use a CallRail phone number or CallFire number or your own cell phone or what did that look like?

Paul Grimes: CallRail number.

Tom Krol: Got it. Okay. So how many of those did you guys put out?

Paul Grimes: 12. We ordered 100 and we’ve put 12 out, just kind of testing the waters with it and yeah.

Rita Grimes: And that [crosstalk 00:11:15].

Tom Krol: That is so fun. Are the rest of them out now?

Paul Grimes: They will be at the end of this week.

Tom Krol: Oh, baby. All right, come on. They better be for $17,000! That’s awesome. All right, so now, so it says, all right, name buys houses and no, nothing else on the sign besides that?

VO Narrator: Name buys houses for cash.

Tom Krol: For cash. Okay. And the phone number and so no website, nothing else? And they were printed. Oh, that’s what I was going to ask you guys is who did you use to buy those signs from?

VO Narrator: Dirt cheap signs.

Tom Krol: Dirtcheapsigns.com?

Rita Grimes: Yes, mm-hmm (affirmative).

Tom Krol: Okay. So I just want everybody to hear that guys. So it’s dirtcheapsigns.com I also will say one other thing, guys. If you guys are listening to this show and you’re wondering what a bandit sign or yard sign is, it’s those little signs that you see on the side of the yard. But here’s the deal, if they are illegal in your town, do not put them up because you do not want to be made an example of. You don’t want to get fined by the city or the county or whatever. So make sure that before you put them out, for instance, in some towns that are allowed in some areas that they’re not allowed in other areas. So find out the laws of bandit signs before you use them. But it sounds like that was an awesome marketing play. And, and how much did you spend for those 100 signs?

Paul Grimes: $300.

Tom Krol: $300, and you guys are going to make how much on that deal?

Paul Grimes: $17,000.

Tom Krol: $17,000, so that means that by the end of today, the rest of those 88 signs are going to be up guys. Just see I’m holding them accountable everybody. All right, so that is an incredible ROI on the side. Now let me ask you a question. If the homeowner, if the seller was in Japan, how the heck did she see a bandit sign? Unless you guys put one in Tokyo, what does that look like?

Rita Grimes: Well, the owner’s aunt passed away 10 years ago, and it’s been vacant since then. The aunt has a friend here who’s also Japanese. She saw the sign and she was just helping out her friend’s niece try and sell this house because she knew she needed help. So that’s how we got connected with her. She called the sign for her friend.

Tom Krol: Oh, okay. So that’s interesting, guys. So I want everybody to hear that. So that is a really key component of this that is not that typical, but this is not a typical podcast because everything we’re talking about is unique today. But that’s not typical. Sometimes when there’s like a middle person like that, they can use techniques like higher authority to not close or negotiate the price. So that is interesting. There is one other portion of this, Paul and Rita and I were having a conversation before the podcast, and we were talking about this deal and there is one part of this that I do want to discuss. So this deal is now in closing, it’s getting ready to close. But basically what had happened is, Georgia is, I guess, an attorney state guys, is that correct?

Paul Grimes: That’s correct.

Tom Krol: Okay. So what they did was their attorney, they got the purchase agreement, they signed it, and they got it back from the seller.
Did you guys do that via email?

Paul Grimes: We did.

Rita Grimes: DocuSign.

Tom Krol: DocuSign. Okay. And now they’re in the middle of closing and everything is closed on the deal. Except for now they’re just waiting for some closing documents back from the seller in order to pick up that assignment check.
But one thing I want to really stress is that, and Rita, and Paul and I had this conversation a minute ago, is make sure even in a foreign country that you use a mobile notary or that country’s version of a mobile notary.
In some instances when we’ve done deals that were overseas, there is… America will have an office there somewhere that someone can visit or something like that. Or you can send their country’s version of a mobile notary. So one thing I really wanted to stress is just make sure that if you do have an overseas seller, always, always, always use a mobile notary so that you can ensure that it is a signing event and not a deciding event. That the mobile notary goes there with the paperwork. It’s all marked off, they can read it and there’s places to sign and then it’s all done. So, and that’s kind of where you guys were right? Is that, is that an accurate description? Because I don’t want to over-

Paul Grimes: Yes.

Rita Grimes: Yes.

Tom Krol: Okay, awesome. So that’s basically the summary of that deal. So 17k, that’s amazing. So what are you guys going to do with that check?

Rita Grimes: Put it, 25% or more back into marketing.

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Rita Grimes: Is our plan.

Tom Krol: Okay. And what marketing are you guys using now?

Rita Grimes: Direct mail and bandit signs.

Tom Krol: Okay. What lists are you planning? Do you know?

Rita Grimes: We sent, our first list was tax delinquent and that got us our other deals. They were smaller, but that’s the-

Paul Grimes: Yeah, the first three.

Rita Grimes: That’s what got them. And now in the next couple of days, and we’ve sent that one twice or so, and we’ve sent tax delinquent in another county, which wasn’t as successful, but now we’re sending out the unknown equity list.

Tom Krol: I was just going to suggest that list, so that’s perfect. Okay, great.

Rita Grimes: We’re really excited about that one because it’s a lot of names. So we set up with the postcard company just to send out every week a certain amount.

Tom Krol: How much are you sending out per week?

Rita Grimes: We’re starting with a thousand a week and we might increase it just based on time and just to see what our response rate is with that particular list. Because with our tax delinquent it was only 200 or so and we had a ton of calls.

Tom Krol: Oh did you really? Okay, so you had a high response rate.

Paul Grimes: Yeah, yes.

Rita Grimes: We do.

Tom Krol: Okay, so you have basically when this 17K deal closes, that will be five deals total?

Rita Grimes: Yes.

Tom Krol: Okay. So the other four deals all came from the tax delinquent list?

Rita Grimes: The first three…

Paul Grimes: The fourth was from the… Remember we sent to the buyer list-

Rita Grimes: The cash buyer-

Paul Grimes: Potential cash buyers.

Tom Krol: Right. So you have four deals, right? So one of them came from the cash buyer list and then three of them came from the tax delinquent.

Rita Grimes: Yes.

Paul Grimes: That’s right.

Tom Krol: So you have a high response rate and a high conversion rate?

Rita Grimes: We do. At Augusta, we’ve noticed that we do have a ton of calls.

Tom Krol: So that is awesome guys. So one thing I would suggest is then a thousand is fine. Make sure you keep up that response rate. But essentially just get out to as many people. I mean when you have a nice high response rate like that, there’s not really a lot to talk about. Just keep mailing and get to as many properties as possible. You know, that’s really the ticket. It’s really, really super simple from there. And then the other one you’re going to want to hit is the code violation. If you guys taken a look at that list yet?

Rita Grimes: We have, and we couldn’t get it in the, our most popular counties. I called and called and called. It didn’t exist, which I’m super upset about. But we did do it in like the kind of like the higher class neighborhood area and we got a ton of calls, but we weren’t as successful with that one. But we’re going to mail it again and hopefully have more success.

Tom Krol: Okay. How many counties are you guys going after?

Paul Grimes: Four.

Tom Krol: Are you kind of like right in the middle of four? Is that how it works?

Paul Grimes: We are. Yes.

Tom Krol: Okay. Are all of those houses in those counties all within a 45 minute drive time of your house?

Paul Grimes: Pretty much.

Rita Grimes: Yeah, most of them. Some of them might be a little over an hour.

Tom Krol: Okay. Yeah. Just one thing that if you’re in multiple counties, sometimes the best thing to do is literally get a compass, put the needle on the roof of your house, on a map, do a 45 minute drive time and then do a circle where you get all 45 minute drive time all. Because you guys aren’t that close to the ocean, right? I don’t think. Right.

Rita Grimes: Nah.

Tom Krol: So yeah. So in every direction you have houses and then what you do is then collect all the zip codes that that line encompasses, that circle of that 45 minute drive time and then go after the target, those hot zip codes.

Rita Grimes: Okay. Yeah. We did do the hot zip codes with your advice with the known equity. So we’re excited about that.

Tom Krol: Okay. Yeah, because the only thing is you don’t want to… You can create your own territory. You don’t want to dilute it too much. Because if you’re have, for instance, if you have somebody who’s in one county and they’re 45 minutes, for instance, north of you, and then somebody is an hour and 10 minutes south of you and you have two appointments that could… Your whole day is then just driving. So and you don’t want to say, “Oh well you know, can I come tomorrow?” You really always want to have a quick response time.

Rita Grimes: Yeah.

Tom Krol: So sometimes that 45 minute compass and then the hot zip code out of that. That is sometimes a really good strategy for people who are kind of like in a situation where you are at. The other thing that you can do is you can also sort your lists by zip code and then this way as the mail’s hitting, it’s hitting particular zip codes. Now I will just as a side note tell you that doesn’t always work because the problem is some of the hottest deals will come in like six weeks after a campaign is over, and you’re still going to have mail hitting. So you’re still going to kind of be pulled in every direction, but the bulk of your calls in your face-to-face meetings can be all in kind of, a general area. Sometimes that would kind of like an 80/20 thing.

Rita Grimes: Right. That makes sense.

Tom Krol: But awesome. So good. So 25% in there. And then are you guys using profit first yet or no?

Rita Grimes: We plan to. We haven’t [crosstalk 00:19:45] yet.

Tom Krol: Okay. Yeah, you’re going to love it. It’s really super easy and yeah, but I would say right around this time is a good time. You know once you start doing these bigger checks. Do you have anything else in the pipeline that’s closing?

Rita Grimes: Not right now. We actually, that’s one of our mistakes we made. We heard it later on, on your podcast that you should not slow down during Christmas. We thought that logically, “Well, nobody’s going to be calling us about their home during Christmas,” and I completely pretty much stopped sending out just for the month of December and that was a big mistake. So now we’re trying to like get a running start and it’s harder than it was before. You know, once we had the-

Tom Krol: Absolutely, because you lose your momentum. So there are two lessons in there. The first one is yes, during the holidays or basically when the whole herd, like when you hear all the people saying, you know, “Oh it’s slowing down. It’s slowing down.” That’s exactly when you should speed up. Right? And to your point, absolutely it does not. I mean, you know, in December we did $141,000, which is awesome. So the other thing about marketing too guys is, and all the listeners, you know, pay attention to this. It’s like a train. So when you have the train going and then you intentionally stop the train, it takes a ton of energy to get that train going again. It’s just the nature of it. So the train, the takeaway is this. Double down during the holidays, but really never stop your mail no matter what. No matter what, even if you’re going to be out of town, I would be doing mail because you don’t want to ever stop your income.
If I want to know how much money you’re going to make today, all I need to know is how much mail you sent out before today and that’s how much money you’re going to make or how much marketing you did. So if I owned your business, the numbers I’m looking at is how much are you spending on marketing? How many phone calls are coming in? How many belly-to-belly meetings are you having? How many offers did you make? You know, the KPIs are very simple. They’ll tell me exactly how much I’m going to make if I own your business. So as owners of your business, you should be tracking the same numbers.

Rita Grimes: Right.

Tom Krol: But stopping the marketing that really could kill it.

Rita Grimes: Yeah, we definitely see that correlation now. We’ve learned our lesson for sure.

Tom Krol: No big deal. So that’s good. Because now next December it will be an even better Christmas than it was this, [inaudible 00:21:51] what do you call it? That’ll be good, plus there’ll be more that your daughter might remember that one. That we’ll know, probably not yet. Still it’ll be for sure. Yeah. Don’t spend too much on gifts for that one, but the one after that you-
So good. But that’s awesome guys. Well thank you very much for that information. That was super informative. I appreciate that.

Paul Grimes: Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, Tom.

Tom Krol: Absolutely. So let me ask you this. Any advice for anybody who is kind of just getting started in wholesaling or in real estate investing? Like I heard you guys, you read, you know Kiyosaki, the Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Anything else that you could think of or that you recommend, like a resource. And I know obviously you guys are tribe members so you don’t have to endorse the course, but anything outside of the course that you guys would recommend that newcomers should check out?

Paul Grimes: Yes, absolutely. And this is just kind of general is number one, fight through the doubt because I think that was one of my- Rita didn’t have the same trouble that I did, but there were three different occasions where the doubt was just so strong, I guess you could say that you consider pulling the plug on it and just stopping. And one resource that I would refer back to is, for sure, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and just reading what Kiyosaki says and I guess reading his examples and how his perseverance and drive, he just kept pushing through, and yeah, applying that I think is crucial. It’s critical because if you let the doubt win and let that take over, you just quit and give up. You never know.

Tom Krol: I love that. So Paul, I want like a real live example. So you guys had gotten started and I know you had a slow start, right? So what was like the moment of doubt for you and then more importantly too, because this is what everybody, I can guarantee you who’s listening is wondering. How did you overcome it? What did you do? Like, how did you get through that tough part?

Paul Grimes: Yeah. So I’ll mention one, one of the, I guess the largest doubt that popped into my mind, and again, I’ll just want to commend Rita for staying strong through the whole time. I mean she’s what us in it, but so we had just done our first deal that, and I know that’s a weird time to have doubt, but we essentially just help the seller. And our assignment fee was zero long story. But yeah, we wound up coming at zero. And so looking at that and then looking at what we’ve spent already toward doing this and toward marketing. And it just kind of got bleak I guess in my mind. And so you’re looking at it and you’re like, this is not working. You know? And I guess just going back and Rita had faith. And, I don’t know if this has anything directly to do with it, but we also started taking tithing serious and we read Edwene Gaines book and we’re Christians. We go to church. We’ve tithed before but never like we should.
Now, we tithe like we should. We tithe on our gross. 10% every dime we receive, we tithe 10%. And so, after that, I mean call it coincidence if you want, but that’s when it started flowing.

Rita Grimes: And the guy that actually did the deal with us to our next one and is also helping us get another one.

Paul Grimes: Yeah, the deal for zero has turned into money. So…

Tom Krol: There you go. And so first of all, I commend you guys. I mean that is an incredible story and I feel it in my belly when you talk about it cause I know exactly, I’ve been there. So I know what it’s like. And I know there’s listeners who know what it’s like. So you know, just keep moving forward. But you guys, one thing it takes in order to be successful is you have to have faith in whoever is teaching you the program. You got to have faith in the wholesaling itself. That people do sell their home for super, super discounts and you’ve got to have faith in yourself that you deserve it or that you can do it, that you’re capable. So I love that. That’s so profound. And honest and it’s correct. And the tithing is an absolute no-brainer. You know guys, this is not, we recommend a, this is not a religious show.
So I am also a Christian, but it’s not a religious show. That’s why we recommend the Edwene Gaines book because it’s kind of like a nondenominational book, but the tithing works and, as a Christian, I will tell you, you just read it. Malachi Chapter three, I think it’s Verse eight. You know, this is the one place, I mean, no doubt, no doubt tithing works. You can do everything that we talk about that’s in my course. You can do everything that we talk about on this podcast and you could have no success. I cannot guarantee anything except tithing because that guarantee comes from the Bible and it does work. I attribute the majority of my success to it, no doubt about that. So, and the fact that you guys do it on gross I think is incredible and really, really, really cool. I love to hear that. That’s amazing.

Paul Grimes: Thanks.

Rita Grimes: Thank you.

Tom Krol: Absolutely. So great. So guys, thank you for an awesome show today. All of our listeners. Thank you. Now that they know where you guys are in Augusta, I’m sure you’re going to, somebody locally is going to try to reach out to you, which is great. So you could be a go-giver in that way. So awesome. And I know you’re not going to be able to make it to Orlando, but we have another event. It’s coming up in July at the end of July in Asheville, North Carolina. So I hope you guys can make it there. We’ll spend some time together. That would be awesome. And I want to pick your brain about the quail farm. That sounds like an awesome hobby. I might get into that myself. I like it.

Rita Grimes: Hey, that’s great. We need more.

Tom Krol: I’ve all bought about a quarter acre, so I don’t know how much I’m going to be able to contribute to the cause. [crosstalk 00:26:59] We’ll make it work. That’s it. So guys, thanks very much. It was awesome getting to know you guys better and hopefully I get to meet you very, very soon in person and we’ll do a followup call soon.

Paul Grimes: That sounds great, Tom.

Rita Grimes: Thank y’all so much.

Tom Krol: All right. God bless Paul. God bless, Rita. Thanks again. Talk to you guys soon. Bye-bye.

Rita Grimes: Okay, bye.

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