Episode 130: The Most Important Thing I Learned From Sean Terry

If you are a wholesaling newbie, it is likely that you are currently bombarded with so many information (tips, tricks, techniques, and what have yous) about the business that you probably don’t know which one to act on and implement first.

If you are a neophyte experiencing the same dilemma, consider today’s show a must listen! In this episode, Cody shared the most important thing about the wholesaling business that he learned from Sean Terry—knowing your WHY.

Why is knowing your why a game changer? Because when you know your why:

  • Your priorities will become crystal clear to you
  • You will develop a sense of urgency
  • You will get rid of distractions
  • You will be willing to do uncomfortable things to get the job done
  • You will become a person on a mission
  • You will develop laser-like focus

You can’t afford to miss this episode! This might just be the inspiration you need to close your very first deal!


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